Master the art of zone offense with our specialized collection of Zone Offense Videos. Delve into various strategies and tactics designed to dismantle zone defenses and create scoring opportunities for your team. Whether facing a 2-3 zone, a 3-2 zone, or any other variation, our expert-led tutorials offer comprehensive breakdowns of zone offense principles, including spacing, ball movement, and player positioning. Learn how to exploit gaps in the defense, find open shooters, and attack the basket with precision. With clear demonstrations, strategic analysis, and practical drills, you'll develop the skills and basketball IQ needed to excel against zone defenses. Whether you're a coach looking to implement effective zone offense sets or a player seeking to thrive in zone attack situations, our curated selection of videos provides invaluable insights and strategies to help you succeed. Elevate your game and become a master of zone offense with our Zone Offense Videos. Start dissecting defenses and scoring at will today.

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Kermit Davis: The Ultimate Package For Zone by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kermit Davis (Rental)-Kermit Davis: The Ultimate Package For Zone $15.99
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25 Continuity Zone Offenses by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Krzyzewski (Rental)-25 Continuity Zone Offenses $17.99 presents: 25 Continuity Zone Offenses The best coaching minds in the country are featured in this presentation on defeating zone defenses. Coach legends like Bob Knight and Mike Krzyzewski are joined by many more and each offers up his favorite and most effective zone offense. Whether it is a traditional passing offense or one that uses dribble penetration, you will find plenty of choices that fit your personnel. Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) HS head coach Coach Showalter believes in giving his players freedom against zone defenses. His continuity offense does that and he demonstrates examples of how the offense works. You will see the pick-and-roll with a re-screen, zone shift, lob, and counters. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke head coach Coach K discusses how to attack a zone defense giving you his five principles first. Two of the ones that stand out are the idea of keeping your bigs behind the defense and using screens against a zone. You will also see how to take advantage of gaps against a 2-1-2 zone. Bob Knight, former Indiana and Texas Tech head coach Coach Knight is one that prefers to attack zone defenses with the dribble. The result is usually two defenders covering one man. That frees up someone. Knight gives you 3-on-4 and 4-on-4 breakdown drills and shows you how to attack the 3-2 zone. Geno Auriemma, Connecticut women’s head coach Coach Auriemma shows you how to beat the 2-3 zone with quick passes. He shares some of his best looks versus zones and then offers a virtually unstoppable zone offense that he borrowed from the Russian National team. Jim Larranaga, Miami head coach In 2006, Larranaga took George Mason to the Final Four using what he calls the “Slice and Dice” offense. He shows it to you in his portion of the video. It’s a unique look against a zone defense and it is what propelled his George Mason team to a deep NCAA tournament run. Bill Self, Kansas head coach Coach Self shares how his Jayhawks attack both the 2-3 and 3-2 zone defenses. He breaks down the actions Kansas uses. Other coaches offer up even more ways to attack zone defenses. Jim Boeheim, Kermit Davis, Brad Brownell, Sean Miller and Jerry Petitgoue all show you something that you can use in your own program. The video is full of some of the best offensive plays against zone defenses from some of the best basketball coaches in the entire world.
50 Set Plays For Attacking Zone Defense by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran McCaffery (Rental)-50 Set Plays For Attacking Zone Defense $17.99
50 Set Plays vs Zone Defense Seventeen of the best coaches in the game offer up 50 set plays vs Zone Defense designed to tear apart any zone defense. Master the art of out-scheming the most common zone defenses you will face like the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-3-1. Get the shots you want, not the ones the defense wants you to take. Geno Auriemma Series: The Connecticut women’s coach shows you four plays that attack both the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. Two plays attack through the high post while the other start from different stack alignments and then use screens to free up shooters. Fran McCaffery Series: Coach McCaffery shows you three set plays that can be used to score inside the zone or from the outside. You will learn how to create opportunities for lobs, post feeds, and perimeter jumpers. Coach McCaffery also shows you counters for when the defense takes away the primary scoring option. Kermit Davis Series: The Ole Miss coach demonstrates three plays for screening the defenders at the bottom of a zone defense in an effort to create inside scoring opportunities via post feeds or lob passes. Brad Brownell Series: The Clemson coach attacks a 2-3 zone with ball screens forcing the defense give up shots in the paint off of duck-ins or allow 3-point shots from the corner. Bill Self Set Plays vs Zone Defense Bill Self Series: The Kansas head coach shows five plays in total. Two deliver lob passes to a post or perimeter player. Three more, which includes Coach Self’s favorite play ever, allow for a strategically set screen to open up inside and outside shots. Bob Huggins Series: Coach Huggins takes you through a play in which players must read the defense. The play uses a double screen and misdirection to score from inside the zone. Kevin Boyle Series: A four-time national high school coach of the year, Coach Boyle shares four plays that use high ball screens, baseline screens, and overloads to get open outside shots for your best shooter or feed the ball inside to your posts. Tony Bergeron Series: To beat the 3-2 zone, the UMass head coach shows you how to use baseline and pin screens. You will also learn ways to score when the offense takes away the first option. Tom Izzo Series: Coach Izzo shows you five plays his Michigan State Spartans use to dismantle zone defenses. The options shown use high ball screens, fake hand offs, and more. Sean Miller Series: The Arizona head coach shows you Eagle, which creates a lob opportunity for a high-flying perimeter player. This video can help you load your playbook against zone defenses with some of the best plays from some of the best coaches in the world. Rent Set Plays vs Zone Defense DVD today.
Attacking The 1--3--1, 2--3 And Box--in--1 by Jerry Petitgoue Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jerry Petitgoue (Rental)-Attacking The 1--3--1, 2--3 And Box--in--1 $15.99
To beat the 2-3-1 and 1-3-1 zones, run simple offenses Your star player can still be in the game against a Box-and-1 High school students have found it to be effective Petitgoue is the most successful coach in Wisconsin High School History. He shows you how to defeat junk defenses using different offensive looks. Petitgoue's demonstration on the court shows you how to attack trapping 1-3-1, the 2-3 zone and the Box-and-1. Petitgoue shows how to make space and use screening when facing a Box and 1. Petitgoue offers options like skip passes, penetration, and slip screens to help create baskets. Petitgoue's "Detroit," which exploits weaknesses in defense, is used to defeat the 2-3 defense. Petitgoue also shows his "Miami", and "Special," offenses which counter the 1-3-1 defense through skip passes, penetration, and post looks. Petitgoue is a master at beating a zone, with over 700 wins! 41 minutes. 2009.
Cutters Basketball Zone Offense by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan Odom (Rental)-Cutters Basketball Zone Offense $18.99
Cutters Zone Offense The trend in modern basketball is to spread the floor and beat zone defenses with skilled players that can shoot. UMBC head coach Ryan Odom has proven his teams can beat anybody when his team became the first No. 16 seed in the NCAA tournament to beat a No. 1 in 2018. Odom led UMBC to a 25-11 overall record including an America East Conference Tournament title and a victory over Virginia in the opening round of the 2018 NCAA tournament. In this video, Odom shows you how to develop a zone offense that uses more skilled players to create opportunities with weak side flashes, drive and kicks, and natural overloads. Whether you want to capitalize on a number of skilled players or simply don’t have any size inside, Coach Odom shows you how to carve up a zone defense. Cutters Offense Coach Odom’s zone offense is extremely versatile and even when using extra shooters in the lineup it allows teams to play inside-out through ball and player movement. You will see how you can attack the rim using overloads, shifting the post player to open up logo touches, and dribble penetration. There are also ways to vary the attack by allowing the post player and the baseline runner some freedom. This can help distort and overwhelm a zone defense resulting in drives, jump shots, and post feeds. You can even use screens to pin down defenders. 1-3-1 Offense Using a more traditional zone look, Coach Odom shows you how perimeter players can penetrate the defense. This is huge especially for teams that try to play a non-shooting guard against a zone. Coach Odom will also show you how to use ball screens to open up driving lanes. This can serve to collapse a defense and open up perimeter shots. Additional Strategies In addition, Coach Odom offers up a few set plays to use in transition and in short clock situations. You will see how to attack a zone defense using the popular Horns set or the “Angie” ball screen as the clock winds down. There is also a segment on flowing into the zone offense using actions primarily seen in the Blocker-Mover offense. These can create early scoring opportunities. Coach Odom’s presentation is perfect for any coach looking to modernize the zone offense attack. Rent this zone offense DVD today.
Continuity Zone Offense & Concepts To Beat Any Zone Defense by Don Kelbick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Kelbick (Rental)-Continuity Zone Offense & Concepts To Beat Any Zone Defense $17.99
Unleashing the Power of the Kelbick Zone Offense: A Tactical Guide Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Kelbick Zone Offense, a strategic approach that will revolutionize your basketball game. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the Kelbick Zone Offense, providing you with expert insights, advanced techniques, and detailed breakdowns to help you outperform your opponents on the court. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to basketball, this guide is your key to unlocking offensive excellence. Understanding the Kelbick Zone Offense The Kelbick Zone Offense, developed by renowned basketball coach Coach Kelbick, is a highly effective offensive strategy designed to exploit and dismantle zone defenses. This tactical approach emphasizes ball movement, player spacing, and strategic positioning to create scoring opportunities and break down even the most resilient zone defenses. Key Principles of the Kelbick Zone Offense 1. Ball Movement and Player Spacing One of the fundamental principles of the Kelbick Zone Offense is the emphasis on ball movement and player spacing. By constantly moving the ball from one side of the court to the other and maintaining proper spacing between players, you create openings in the zone defense, forcing defenders to make difficult decisions and openings for your team to exploit. 2. High-Percentage Shots The Kelbick Zone Offense aims to generate high-percentage shots by taking advantage of defensive gaps and mismatches. By executing precise passes, utilizing dribble penetration, and making intelligent cuts to the basket, you can create scoring opportunities near the rim or open up perimeter shots. This focus on high-percentage shots increases your team's efficiency and maximizes scoring potential. 3. Reading and Reacting to the Defense A key aspect of the Kelbick Zone Offense is the ability to read and react to the defense. Instead of relying on set plays, this offensive strategy encourages players to make quick decisions based on the movements and positioning of the defenders. By developing strong basketball IQ, recognizing defensive rotations, and exploiting weak spots in the zone, you can keep the defense off balance and consistently find open scoring opportunities. Implementing the Kelbick Zone Offense To successfully implement the Kelbick Zone Offense, you need to focus on key strategies and techniques. Let's explore some of the essential elements that will enhance your offensive prowess: 1. Establishing Proper Alignment Proper alignment is crucial in the Kelbick Zone Offense. Players should be positioned strategically to create passing angles and exploit defensive gaps. This includes having players in the high post, low post, and along the perimeter to stretch the defense and create multiple scoring options. 2. Utilizing the Flash Post The flash post is a fundamental movement in the Kelbick Zone Offense. It involves the player positioned in the high post quickly cutting towards the basket, creating a scoring opportunity near the rim or drawing defensive attention, which opens up passing lanes for teammates. The flash post requires precise timing, coordination, and the ability to read the defense effectively. 3. Screening and Cutting Screening and cutting play a vital role in the Kelbick Zone Offense. By setting screens on defenders, you create confusion in the defense and open up opportunities for your teammates. Simultaneously, players without the ball should constantly be moving, making cuts to the basket or relocating to open areas, forcing defenders to make difficult choices and creating scoring chances. The Benefits of the Kelbick Zone Offense Mastering the Kelbick Zone Offense  offers a myriad of benefits that can elevate your team's offensive capabilities and lead to victory on the court. Here are some key advantages of implementing the Kelbick Zone Offense: 1. Breaking Down Zone Defenses The Kelbick Zone Offense is specifically designed to exploit and dismantle zone defenses. By employing proper ball movement, player spacing, and strategic positioning, you can create openings in the defense and force defenders to make difficult choices. This offensive strategy puts constant pressure on the zone defense, leading to breakdowns, mismatches, and scoring opportunities. 2. Increased Scoring Efficiency One of the primary objectives of the Kelbick Zone Offense is to generate high-percentage shots. Through intelligent movement, precise passing, and smart decision-making, you can create scoring opportunities near the basket or open perimeter shots. By focusing on high-percentage shots, your team's overall scoring efficiency will improve, leading to higher point production and a greater chance of success. 3. Improved Offensive Flow The Kelbick Zone Offense promotes continuous ball movement and player involvement. With its emphasis on reading and reacting to the defense, this offensive strategy encourages players to make quick decisions based on the movements of defenders. This fluid style of play keeps the defense on their toes, disrupts their rotations, and creates a cohesive offensive flow that can lead to seamless scoring opportunities. 4. Enhanced Player Development Implementing the Kelbick Zone Offense allows players to develop various skills that are crucial to their overall basketball growth. The emphasis on reading the defense, making intelligent cuts, and executing precise passes enhances players' basketball IQ and decision-making abilities. Additionally, the offensive principles of the Kelbick Zone Offense promote teamwork, communication, and awareness on the court, fostering a positive team dynamic and individual player development. 5. Strategic Flexibility The Kelbick Zone Offense provides strategic flexibility, allowing teams to adapt to different defensive schemes and make in-game adjustments. By reading the defense and exploiting its weaknesses, you can modify your offensive approach to counter specific zone formations and defensive strategies. This adaptability gives your team a competitive advantage, as you can respond effectively to changing game situations and exploit defensive vulnerabilities. Conclusion The Kelbick Zone Offense is a game-changing strategy that can take your team's offensive performance to new heights. By implementing the key principles, techniques, and strategies outlined in this guide, you will have the tools to outperform opponents and unlock the full potential of your offensive capabilities. Remember, mastering the Kelbick Zone Offense requires practice, teamwork, and a commitment to constant improvement. So, step onto the court, study the Kelbick Zone Offense, and dominate your opponents with strategic precision. The path to offensive excellence starts here!
Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity by Eric Flannery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Flannery (Rental)-Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity $17.99
Eric Flannery: Zone Offense Sets and Ball Screen Continuity Eric Flannery has built a powerhouse at St. Edward High School in Ohio. He has won two Division I state championships and numerous other awards adhering to an offensive philosophy that can take apart any defense. In this video, Coach Flannery focuses on the principles of dismantling the zone defense. You will see an array of set plays and inbound plays you can integrate into your program. The session begins with insights on practice planning as well as working with players on the court. Coach Flannery has worked with some of the game’s premier coaches as part of USA basketball. He uses that experience to begin explaining the seven principles common to attack zone defenses. Coach Flannery then takes the presentation to the court where he breaks down these seven principles. The big idea is the concept of attacking the zone with smart passes, screens, and drives. Flannery shows you how to get the ball inside, attack gaps, and play behind the zone in an effort to beat it. The ball screen continuity offense is then introduced by Coach Flannery. This is the same offense used by the USA men’s developmental team that participated in the FIBA World Cup. Most ball screen offenses rely on multiple passes to good looks at the basket. This system relies more on spacing the floor to set up quick strikes. The 1-4 high motion offense is easy to implement and is effective against both man and zone defenses. Coach Flannery also shows you two drills that help players understand the offense and improve their skill sets. No offense is complete without a series of baseline and sideline out of bounds plays. Coach Flannery and his assistants share four baseline plays and two sideline plays. All are simple and effective and they all work to put zone defenders in an indecisive state of who to guard. This can open up a layup or an open 3-point attempt. If you have been searching for effective ways to score against a zone defense, this is the presentation for you. Coach Flannery and his staff give you the tools needed to have success against any zone defense.
How to Beat Zone Defense in Basketball with Bill Self
Bill Self (Rental)-Bill Self Open Practice: Zone Offense $19.99
How to Beat Zone Defense in Basketball with Bill Self Learn how to beat the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-3-1 zones as well as zone presses in this video from one of college basketball’s great coaches, Bill Self of Kansas. Self has over 650 wins and has won 14 straight Big 12 regular season championships at Kansas. His 2008 team won the national title and Self has already been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In this video, Self provides you with proven strategies to defeat zone defenses and zone presses. Coach Self shares two zone offenses that are designed to create scoring opportunities. He also provides several counters that can help make the offenses unstoppable. Self’s philosophy is to force defenses to play four defenders on three offensive players. This creates confusion and can result in open shots for the offense. How to Beat Zone Defense in Basketball with “Stationary” Zone Offense This zone offense is based on the idea of quick movement. Coach Self emphasizes movement to open up scoring opportunities in the post as well as utilizing the short corner to stretch the defense. Coach Self introduces the idea of “hot potato” to demonstrate how to move the ball quickly against a 2-3 zone. In “Stationary” Coach Self shows you how to find gaps within the zone so your players can score around the rim or take a quick 3-point shot. “Slash” Zone Offense “Slash” is Coach Self’s answer to odd front defenses like the 1-3-1 and 3-2. It is a more intricate offensive strategy that uses three cutters to fill four open spots along the perimeter. There are primary cutters and secondary cutters that both use the lane to create an element of surprise against the defense. You will see 5-on-5 demonstrations to learn how to expose the weaknesses of all zone defenses. Press Break vs Zone Defense In the final segment of the how to beat zone defense in basketball video, Coach Self shows you how his teams break a zone press. It is simple enough that any team can use it against any form of zone press. The press break begins with dissecting the opponent’s pressure by taking advantage of the middle of the floor. Doing so successfully can lead to layup after layup in the open court. This 94-minute DVD is a great addition to any collection especially those looking for a zone offense that takes advantage of an opponent’s weaknesses. Rent this How to Beat Zone Defense in Basketball DVD today.
Duke Basketball Attacking The Zone by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Krzyzewski (Rental)-Duke Basketball Attacking The Zone $17.99
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Rotation Continuity Zone Offense by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran McCaffery (Rental)-Rotation Continuity Zone Offense $17.99
Fran McCaffery: The Rotation Continuity Zone Offense Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery has taken four different programs to the NCAA tournament. Much of his success is based upon his ability to break down defenses, which he does in this video. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach McCaffery shows you his Rotation Zone Continuity offense. It’s an offense that features detailed cuts, actions, and movements that result in quality shots for your best shooters. Coach McCaffery begins with the basic setup to initiate the offense. Players can also morph their set into a more traditional zone offense to beat any 2-3 zone. McCaffery then goes through each pass and shows you where players have to move in order to create the best scoring opportunities for themselves and for their teammates. Coach McCaffery continues breaking down the 2-3 zone showing you different entry angles including the high post, wing, wing reversal, and dribble penetration. He shows you how to stretch the 2-3 zone using each different entry and then attacking it from the baseline to produce layups. You’ll see each player’s responsibility as they move the ball from side to side. The defense shifts which opens up shots in the high post, baseline, or perimeter jumpers. With the basics mastered, Coach McCaffery outlines four different looks within the offense that can confuse the defense and produce points in special situations – coming out of a timeout, free throw, and end-of-game. Using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 demonstrations, you will see how you can master the Rotation Zone offense and install it in your program. Opponents will have a tough time defending you and you will soon be breaking down 2-3 zones with the best of them.
Bill Self (Rental)-"basic" And "motion" 3--out 2--in Zone $15.99
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Getting Inside Against a Zone Defense Greg Kampe
Greg Kampe (Rental)-Getting Inside Against a Zone Defense $18.99
How to Score Against a Zone Defense by Getting the Ball Inside Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe has been at the school for over 20 years and has led the program to over 600 career wins. He is a four-time Summit League Coach of the Year and was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2017. In this video, Kampe shares how his teams beat zone defenses. You will see how he gets his players to understand the why behind attacking zones as well as a few quick hitters he likes to use against zone defenses. How to Score Against a Zone Defense with Quick Hitters Kampe emphasizes using false motion in his quick hitters against a zone. False motion creates some deception and allows for the attacking of the middle of the zone. Continually attacking the middle wears your opponents down leading to easy layups and close-range shots. Kampe uses high-ball screen sets to force defenses to act. The result is a 2-on-1 situation which allows the offense to control tempo and pace. Incorporating high-ball screens also creates lanes for your best passer to find open teammates. Attacking a Matchup Zone Teams that play the matchup zone well are tough to beat. Players have a hard time understanding matchup zone and how to beat it. Coach Kampe uses a double post set to create a mismatch for a slashing guard to score in the paint. Dribble Drive vs. Zone Coach Kampe likes the dribble handoff in order to create a false action and set up his team’s best penetrator for a ball screen to attack the basket. If the defense stops the dribble penetration, a team’s best shooter is left open for a 3-point attempt. Kampe likes to create these 2-on-1 opportunities to exploit zone defenses. Favorite Drills Kampe’s presentation closes with some of his favorite drills. The Closeout Drill teaches players to closeout with high hands using short choppy steps to complete the closeout. The ball is passed around the perimeter while players complete the closeouts. Coach Kampe has been around the game for a long time and has built a solid program at Oakland. His teams are known for their dominating offenses and it is his false action sets that will be able to provide your team with the fuel it needs to score against your best opponents. Learn How to Score Against a Zone Defense with this DVD today.
Ball Screen Continuity & Quick Hitters vs. Zone Defense by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Forbes (Rental)-Ball Screen Continuity & Quick Hitters vs. Zone Defense $18.99
Ball Screen Continuity Offense & Quick Hitters vs. Zone Defense Learn to execute a ball screen continuity offense filled with quick hitters that picks apart any zone defense. East Tennessee State head coach Steve Forbes is well-versed in continuity zone attacks and presents his ideas of attacking zone defenses in this video. A former junior college head coach at Northwest Florida State, Forbes has experienced success – consecutive NJCAA national runner-up finishes and a 2017 SoCon tournament championship – with his approach to zone offense and shares it with you in this on-court clinic presentation. Building the Zone Offense The primary emphasis in Forbes’ philosophy against zone defenses is ball movement. He discusses using shot and pass fakes to force the defense to move as well as getting into why he likes to attack the gaps of a zone defense using cuts. Forbes also talks about his desire to put pressure on the rim against zone defenses. He likes to do so using flashes from behind the zone and getting the ball into the post. Another shocker comes as Forbes talks about screening the zone. Screens cause two defenders to cover one player and are a big part of Forbes’ zone offense attack. Continuity Zone Offense When the transition offense fails to get a quick basket, Forbes reveals two continuity zone offenses. Both rely primarily on ball screens. Bounce: Starts from a 3-out/2-in look against a 2-3 zone and emphasizes post players setting screens for guards Follow Five: From a spread look, the 5-man sets all of the ball screens creating driving opportunities all over the court Coach Forbes emphasizes not letting zone defenders come underneath ball screens when running Bounce. Follow Five counts on driving opportunities and the ball reversals that it often forces. Set Plays Versus Zones In addition to his zone offenses, Coach Forbes takes the time to present some of his set plays. In the Bounce offense, Forbes shows you “Bounce Down” which has the screen come from the opposite side instead of the ball-side post player. “Bounce Overload” isolates the best shooter on the perimeter opposite the ball in a stack with a post player. For coaches looking to run a continuity offense, they can do so at all times. This video from Coach Forbes provides the answer for how to do it against any zone defense. Rent this ball screen continuity offense vs zone defense DVD today.
Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters by Lindsay Gottlieb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Lindsay Gottlieb (Rental)-Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters $17.99
Continuity Offense vs Zone Defense & Quick Hitters As zone defenses become more relevant at all levels of basketball, coaches need to have answers on offense. One of the big reasons more programs are running zone defenses is that coaches simply don’t have enough answers to beat them. California women’s head basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb took Cal to a Pac-12 conference championship and to the Final Four in 2013 by figuring out zone defenses. In this video, Coach Gottlieb offers you three unorthodox continuity offenses vs zone and five quick-hitters to create scoring opportunities in the paint versus a zone defense. Coach Gottlieb. Continuity Offense vs Zone Using on-court demonstration, Coach Gottlieb shows you Cal’s primary zone offense, “12.” This can be used against a 2-3 or 3-2 zone. This continuity offense vs zone uses a 1-4 flat alignment to overload the back of the zone and it picks on defenders with screens in an effort to create 2-on-1s. “12 Shooting” is an accompanying drill that Gottlieb uses to build confidence in passing and shooting in this continuity offense. Gaps 4 is another continuity offense that spreads the floor and leaves the high post open. The offense is based on using basket cuts, ball reversals, and defensive reads to find advantageous situations. Teams that have bigger guards as well as a strong post player excel in the use of Gaps 4. Gottlieb also shows you “13” which attacks the high post with perimeter players. Post players remain on the baseline in an attempt to open up the high post. The offense can create all sorts of opportunities to score with post-ups, high-low passes, and lobs. Quick Hitters to Attack Zone Defenses Gottlieb shares five of her favorite set plays for attacking the inside of zone defenses. West: designed to force a defense to decide whether to cover best shooter or best post Stack: attacks the rim by distorting the zone and opening up lobs and post flashes Wave: similar to Stack Flier: sets up best shooter for a 3-pointer and comes with a counter for an easy high post look Lakers Away: creates an advantage situation with quick ball reversal off of a pick and roll Secondary Break Against Zone Defense One of the best ways to beat a zone defense is to beat it down the floor. In this segment, Coach Gottlieb reviews how her “Blitz” transition offense flows right into 12 or Gaps 4. These principles allow you to continue to attack a zone without giving it a chance to get organized. From continuity offense to quick-hitters and transition offense, Coach Gottlieb has you covered. Her innovative strategies of offense can help catapult you to success against zone defenses. Rent this continuity offense vs zone defense DVD today.