Gerimisept Alcohol Wipes to Kill Covid-19 Alcohl disinfecting wipes
Germisept Germisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes Case (1200 Wipes) $99.99
Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes: 1 Case, 24 Packs in a Case, 50 Wipes in a Pack.  1200 total wipes.  Ship in Continental USA only. FREE SHIPPING. Sheet Size: 5.9” x 7.8” 50ct, Embossed Spunlace, 24pkper Case Pallet Dims: 72cs / 1728units per plt / 1230# Ingredients 75% Ethanol Alcohol, Aqua, Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerin, Aloe Barbendis Leaf Extract 2019-nCov(Coronavirus) The CDCTrusted Source states, “alcohol-based sanitizers/wipes can reduce the number of microbes on hands in some situations, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs.” Ethanol Alcohol is a known antimicrobial agent for treatment of hands. The highest antimicrobial efficacy can be achieved with ETHANOL ALCOHOL (60% to 85%)
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CourtClean PULASTIC BASIC CLEAN for Sports Flooring $69.99
Pulastic Basic Clean is a synthetic floor cleaning detergent used in the cleaning process, for Pulastic indoor sports floors finished with a solvent based Pulastic sports floor coating. Pulastic Mat Cleaner is high quality maintenance product for a high quality sports floor surface - the best way to keep your Pulastic surface looking like new. CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES Sports floor cleaning detergent supplied by a company certified according ISO 9001:2000 for quality control and ISO 14001 for environmental care Pulastic Basic Clean is the cleaning detergent of the cleaning process for Pulastic indoor surfaces to remove grease, dirt, grime and bacteria from the floor. Pulastic Basic Clean is excellent for use in walk behind floor scrubber machines Pulastic Basic Clean is a detergent made of a blend of natural and synthetic soaps. With a pleasant, fresh fragrance and nearly PH-neutral. Pulastic Basic Clean is a non toxic, non corrosive cleaner that will not leave a film or wax residue Pulastic Basic Clean will not discolour a Pulastic floor. User Instructions DO NOT use Pulastic Floor Cleaner on newly installed floor for first 7 days. DO NOT use a Walk Behind / Riding Auto Scrubber for first 28 days after installation. Always add PULASTIC BASIC CLEAN to lukewarm water, not the other way around. The use of lukewarm water increases the functioning. Cleaning Process 1. Floor should be Dust Mopped with a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOPfirst to remove the loose dirt. 2. Floor should be cleaned with a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOP with Looped Cleaning Pad and a cleaning solution consisting of 1 part PULASTIC BASIC CLEAN to 30 parts water. (The soap : water ratio of 1 : 30 is comparable to approx. 4 oz. of soap to 1 Gallon of water) 3. Saturate Cleaning Pad in the bucket of cleaning solution. Wring out and lay pad flat on the ground. Press Aluminum Mop head firmly against Cleaning Pad to re-attach pad back to the bottom of the mop. 4. Damp mop your floor by walking down and back the entire length of your floor. As the cleaning pad gets dirty remove the pad and rinse in the bucket of cleaning solution as needed. 5. Can be used with an auto scrubber. Use white pads only. For Deep Cleaning use a concentration of 1 : 10
Court Clean 6' Towels
CourtClean Court Clean Towels from $63.00
Our 6' towels are made of 100% high quality terry cloth. Our towels are custom cut to fit the Courtclean. Please note towels will shrink after first wash.
Court Clean Mop System Supplies PrepClean Start Up Kit for Hard Floor Surfaces
CourtClean PrepClean Start Up Kit for Hard Floor Surfaces from $204.99
Includes 4 specially designed towels and 1 gallon of Prepclean Hard Floor Surface Cleaner in a 5-gallon mixing pail with lid. Prepclean Hard Floor Surface Cleaner is a concentrated, neutral pH formula that won’t harm your floor finish. Perfect for cleaning resilient tile, asphalt tile, vinyl floors, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone and coated wood floors. Protective sheen helps preserve and protect. Excellent choice for damp mopping and auto scrubbing. Effective in hard or soft, hot or cold water. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. Courtclean Towels are made of 100% high quality terry cloth. Our towels are custom cut to fit the Courtclean. Please note towels will shrink after first wash.
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CourtClean Wrestling Mat Cleaning Kit $594.00
Clean Any Mat for Wrestling, Gymnastics, or Tumbling Quickly...While Disinfecting for Germs, Bacteria, & Covid-19 With a large surface area and low center of gravity, the Matclean™ Damp Mop System makes cleaning any mat quick and easy. The Matclean™ Damp Mop System is built to last and withstand daily use for years. It's easy to move the Matclean™ Damp Mop System around with the built-in carrying handle. Take it from room to room or wherever you need to clean a mat. Featuring sturdy metal strap fasteners help secure the towel in place. Helps You Quickly And Safely Clean A Mat Gets You More Confidence In Stopping The Spread Of Disease Effortlessly Clean Mats Between Matches See How this Wrestling Coach Quickly Cleans Mats & Prevents Diseases How Often Should You Clean Your Mats Wrestling Mats should be cleaned with approved disinfectant/cleaner before or after each use. If there are various sessions of practice like in many tumbling schools, the mats should be cleaned in between eac session. We suggest using Re-Juv-Nal Hospital grade disinfectant. Do you Accept Purchase Orders? Yes, we accept purchase orders. Please email your purchase order to Mat Cleaning Solution to Kill Voice 19, Bacteria, Germs & More so Your Mats are Safe & Clean We Recommend...
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CourtClean 6' Court Clean Gym Floor Cleaner $649.00
The #1 Tool to Keep Your Gym Floors Clean Quickly...and Without a Big Mess! Introducing the new and improved Courtclean® Damp Mop System. This basketball training equipment has a new sleek design with an increased surface area and lower center of gravity provides faster, more effective wide-area cleaning. Constructed of durable low-density polyethylene to withstand the daily rigors of hard surface cleaning. Features include: ·     Convenient built-in carrying handle for easy transportation ·     Sturdy metal pull strap fasteners designed for added strength and longer life ·     Hook and loop fasteners secure cleaning towel in place ·     20% larger surface cleaning area and 25% lighter than the original 8’ model ·     37% larger surface cleaning area and 35% lighter than the original 6' model ·     Rotationally-molded linear low-density polyethylene for increased durability ·     Low center of gravity maintains surface contact ·     Dimensions: 72" x 8" x 2-1/2 THE USES: Basketball/Volleyball Courts Health Clubs/Fitness Centers Racquetball/Squash Courts Dance floors Gymnasiums Wrestling/Martial Arts mats Office Buildings Industrial Warehouses Churches Hospitals Any large hard floor surface THE BENEFITS: Protects the floor finish Cleans in minutes Dries instantly Reduces maintenance costs Reduces labor hours Lifts dirt and debris off floor Helps avoid slip and fall injuries Helps increase performance for practice drills and game use