Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon with Speed Chutes

Take your sprinting and agility training to the next level with our high-performance speed chutes! Designed to add wind resistance as you run, these training parachutes create a drag effect that forces you to push harder, building explosive power, acceleration, and top-end speed.

Here's what you'll get with our Speed Chutes:

  • Increased Speed and Power: Fight against the resistance and develop stronger, faster leg muscles.
  • Improved Acceleration: Train your body to overcome inertia and explode off the starting line.
  • Enhanced Agility: Maintain proper form while running with resistance, leading to better overall agility.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Choose a chute size and harness that fits your fitness level for a personalized workout.

Our Speed Chutes are perfect for athletes of all levels, from seasoned runners to those just starting their speed training journey. Lightweight and portable, they're easy to integrate into your workout routine anywhere, anytime.

Shop our Speed Chute collection today and outrun your competition!

Reaction Ball is Baseball Size. Reaction Ball is Baseball Size.
HoopsKing Reaction Ball is Baseball Size. from $11.99
Unleash Your Inner Pro with the Revolutionary Reaction Ball! Ever dream of making those impossible catches look effortless? Take your hand-eye coordination to the next level with the Reaction Ball, the ultimate training tool for athletes of all calibers. This innovative training aid is designed to mimic the erratic movements of a fly ball, grounder, or a changeup, forcing you to react quickly and precisely. Whether you're a seasoned baseball player or just looking to improve your reflexes, the Reaction Ball is the perfect way to elevate your game. Key Features and Benefits: Improves Hand-Eye Coordination: The unpredictable bouncing motion of the Reaction Ball challenges your reflexes and hones your ability to track moving objects, making those game-time catches a breeze. Enhances Reaction Time: Sharpen your reflexes and react lightning-fast to any play with the Reaction Ball's dynamic movements. Durable Construction: Built with solid rubber, the Reaction Ball can withstand even the most intense training sessions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Available in Two Sizes: Choose between the 10-inch RXB10 or the 7-inch RXB7 to find the perfect fit for your training needs and preferences. Portable and Convenient: Take your training anywhere with the Reaction Ball's compact size and lightweight design. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How does the Reaction Ball work? A: The Reaction Ball's unique design creates an erratic bouncing motion that simulates the unpredictable movements of a baseball in real gameplay scenarios. This challenges your reflexes and hones your hand-eye coordination. Q: Is the Reaction Ball right for me? A: Absolutely! The Reaction Ball is perfect for baseball players of all skill levels, from beginners looking to improve their fundamentals to seasoned athletes seeking to take their game to the next level. It's also a great training tool for anyone who wants to enhance their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Q: Which size Reaction Ball should I choose? A: The 10-inch RXB10 is a great choice for those looking for a more challenging workout, while the 7-inch RXB7 is ideal for beginners or those with smaller hands. Ready to take your game to the next level? Order your Reaction Ball today and experience the difference!
Lateral Resistor
HoopsKing Lateral Resistor $49.99
Boost Your Agility and Explode Off the Starting Line: Introducing the Lateral Resistor Do you ever feel sluggish during your workouts? Stuck in a rut of straight-line exercises that leave you wanting more? If you're looking to take your training to the next level and develop lightning-fast agility, the Lateral Resistor is the perfect tool for you. This innovative training device adds an explosive element to your workouts, helping you develop: First-Step Quickness: React faster and leave your competition in the dust with improved explosiveness out of the starting blocks. Enhanced Lateral Speed: Change directions with razor-sharp precision, allowing you to weave through defenders or dominate the court. Superior Stability and Core Strength: Engage your core and improve overall stability as you resist the lateral forces generated by the bands. Key Features and Benefits: Adjustable Resistance Bands: Tailor the difficulty to your fitness level and gradually increase resistance as you progress. Padded Ankle Straps: Ensure maximum comfort during your workouts, allowing you to focus on maximizing your performance. Versatile Exercises: Perform a variety of drills including lateral walks, runs, shuffles, and more to target different muscle groups and movement patterns. Durable Construction: Built to last through even the most intense workouts. The Lateral Resistor is a game-changer for athletes of all levels looking to elevate their agility and explosiveness. It's the perfect addition to your training regimen, whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out. Ready to unlock your full potential and dominate the field? Add the Lateral Resistor to your cart today! Frequently Asked Questions: What exercises can I do with the Lateral Resistor? The Lateral Resistor is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises including lateral walks, runs, shuffles, lunges, and more. How do I adjust the resistance? The Lateral Resistor comes with adjustable resistance bands. Simply loop the bands around the D-rings on the ankle straps and adjust the length to increase or decrease resistance. Is the Lateral Resistor comfortable to wear? Absolutely! The Lateral Resistor features padded ankle straps for maximum comfort during your workouts.
Speed Chute
HoopsKing Speed Chute from $104.99
Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: Train Faster and Harder with the Speed Chute Do you crave an extra edge on the field? Want to shave seconds off your sprint time and leave the competition in the dust? Look no further than the Speed Chute, the ultimate training tool for athletes of all levels. Ignite Your Speed and Power The Speed Chute utilizes resistance training to propel your performance to new heights. As you sprint, the lightweight parachute creates wind resistance, forcing your body to work harder. This translates to: Explosive Acceleration: The Speed Chute trains your fast-twitch muscle fibers, the key to explosive starts and quicker bursts of speed. Enhanced Running Mechanics: By overcoming resistance, you'll develop stronger legs, a powerful core, and improved running form. Increased Speed and Stamina: Regular training with the Speed Chute will leave you feeling lighter on your feet and ready to dominate the competition. Built for Performance, Built to Last The Speed Chute isn't just about results, it's about making those results attainable. Here's what sets it apart: Universal Fit: The adjustable waistband comfortably accommodates waists from 20" to 42". Streamlined Design: Built with rip-stop nylon fabric, the Speed Chute is lightweight and durable, withstanding even the most intense workouts. Unmatched Convenience: Storage pockets keep your belongings secure, and the quick release strap allows for easy on-and-off. Minimize Tangles: Four strategically placed shroud lines ensure smooth operation and minimize frustrating tangles. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: How much resistance does the Speed Chute offer? A: The Speed Chute provides approximately 30 lbs of resistance. Q: What size is the Speed Chute? A: The Speed Chute comes in two sizes: 56" x 56" and 48" x 48". Q: Is the Speed Chute easy to use? A: Absolutely! The Speed Chute attaches securely to your waist with an adjustable waistband and a quick-release strap. Ready to outrun the competition? Order your Speed Chute today!