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Looking for basketball coaching equipment? We have something for every coach and then some.  A couple of things you shouldn't miss on our site:

  • Rental DVDs through the Mail - available in the USA choose from over 900 titles
  • Custom coaching boards - get your team colors & logo on the board
  • Training Pads - Best selling Defender Extender & Toughness Training pads help your players learn to play against contact

We have over 900 DVDs to rent through the mail.  You can save a ton of money by renting and watch many more videos vs buying them.  This means you are going to learn a lot more and you are going to learn it quicker.  You can learn so much from watching these great coaches teach the game.  Don't miss out.

We also offer custom and non-custom coaching boards.  You can get your school colors and logo on your own board and we have them in various sizes.

Other Basketball Coaching Equipment

Our Basketball Training Pads are some of our most popular basketball coaching equipment and will help your players develop faster and learn to play the game with more confidence and toughness.  The Defender Extender training pads simulate playing against longer, taller, and more athletic players.  The Toughness Training pad is great for dribbling drills, shooting drills, post play, and more.

We do accept purchase orders for our basketball coaching equipment.

Toughness Training Pad - dribble Toughness Training Pad
HoopsKing HoopsKing Basketball Toughness Training Pad $69.99
Transform Your Training with the HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad Unlock unparalleled training efficiency and performance with the HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad. Designed for basketball coaches, trainers, and players, this innovative tool revolutionizes how you engage with contact drills, enhancing player toughness and resilience on the court. Revolutionize your basketball training with the HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad - your essential tool for integrating realistic contact in every drill. Lightweight and versatile, the Toughness Training Pad allows for dynamic use across various basketball drills, from finishing moves at the rim to aggressive defense and rebounding tactics. It's the perfect blend of functionality and convenience. Enhanced Skill Development: Elevate player performance under pressure by simulating game-like contact in drills. Versatility in Use: From dribbling to shooting and rebounding, this pad adds a physicality aspect, preparing players for real-game intensity. Lightweight Design: Unlike traditional bulky pads, its lightweight design ensures mobility, making it easy to incorporate into any drill without hindering movement. Take your team's training to the next level. Introduce the HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad into your regimen and witness a transformation in player toughness and game performance. Key Features and Benefits Finishing Moves: Enhances players' ability to maintain focus and control when facing contact at the rim. Dribbling Drills: Simulates defensive pressure, improving ball handling and protection under physical play. Shooting Practice: Trains players to adjust their shots over taller defenders, encouraging a higher shot arc. Rebounding Drills: Builds strength and balance in securing rebounds under pressure. Post Play Mastery: Significantly benefits offensive and defensive post players by simulating body contact, teaching them to secure their position, utilize their body efficiently, and execute plays with higher physical confidence. This focused training ensures players become adept at holding their ground and making strategic plays under pressure. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q: How does the Toughness Training Pad differ from traditional training pads? A: The HoopsKing Pad is uniquely lightweight and wearable, offering ease of movement and the ability to participate actively in drills, unlike larger, more cumbersome training pads. Q: Can the pad be used in drills for all player positions? A: Absolutely. The pad's versatility makes it suitable for players of all positions, enhancing dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defensive skills across the board. Q: Is the Toughness Training Pad suitable for all ages and skill levels? A: Yes, the pad is designed to benefit players at any stage of their basketball journey, from beginners getting accustomed to contact to advanced players refining their in-game resilience. Transform your training sessions, instill confidence in your players, and elevate their performance under pressure with the HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad. Experience the game-changing benefits of integrated contact drills and propel your team to success.
Custom basketball coaching boards dry erase lineup custom basketball clipboard with lineup on back
HoopsKing Custom Basketball Lineup Clipboard | Coach Gifts from $69.99
Elevate Your Coaching with Interactive Custom Basketball Boards Step into a new era of coaching strategy and team spirit with our interactive custom basketball boards. Designed for the modern coach, these boards offer a hands-on approach to showcasing your team's identity and strategic prowess. Revolutionize your coaching approach with our interactive custom basketball boards, designed for ultimate personalization and strategy planning. Bring your team's spirit to life with a board that reflects your identity. Our online design tool allows you to add your team's logo, colors, and even coaches names with ease, ensuring your strategy board is as unique as your team. Interactive Customization: Use our user-friendly online design tool to create your board in real time, seeing your customizations come to life. Dual-Sided Functionality: Features a detailed full basketball court on one side and a tactical half-court with lineup area on the other. Dry-Erase Durability: Designed for endless use and adjustments with a dry-erase surface, perfect for dynamic coaching. Choice of Court Surfaces: Select from a traditional white or authentic hardwood court surface to match your team's style. Design Your Board Online in Less than 1 Minute Dive into the future of coaching by designing your custom basketball board today. Perfect for planning, strategizing, and engaging your team, this essential tool is just a few clicks away from being yours. Key Features and Benefits Direct Customization: Design your board online, adding logos, team colors, and coaches names directly through our design tool. Visual Strategy Aids: With both full and half-court diagrams, plan and execute plays with clarity. Reusable and Eco-Friendly: The dry-erase feature not only allows for repeated use but also supports an eco-friendly approach to coaching materials. Personal Touch: The option to add coaches names directly on the board brings a personalized aspect to your coaching strategy. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q: How can I design my custom basketball board? A: Design your board effortlessly using our online design tool, which guides you through each customization step for a seamless experience. Q: What file types are supported for uploading logos? A: For the best quality, we recommend using vector files (SVG) or high-resolution JPEG or PNG files when uploading your team logo. Q: Is it possible to update the design after creating it? A: Yes, you can adjust your design as needed before finalizing your order, ensuring your custom board is exactly how you want it.   After your board is added to the cart, you can click the Edit button to change the design if you wish. Create a lasting impression and boost your coaching game with our interactive custom basketball boards. Tailored to meet the demands of dynamic coaching strategies, this board is your go-to for engaging and effective team management. Design yours today and take the first step towards unparalleled coaching success.
Custom round sweat mop Custom Round Sweat Mop
HoopsKing Custom Round Sweat Mop from $199.99
Elevate Gym Cleanliness and Spirit with Our Round Custom Sweat Mop Keep your gym floor in pristine condition and showcase your team or school pride with our innovative Round Custom Sweat Mop. Designed for performance and style, this mop is the ultimate addition to any gym, school, or sports facility. Capture Attention with a Spotless Floor and Spirited Design Our Round Custom Sweat Mop is not just a cleaning tool; it's a statement of pride and professionalism. With its superior absorbency and customizable design, it represents your commitment to safety, cleanliness, and team spirit. Whether for a school gym or a professional sports facility, this mop combines practicality with the spirit of competition. Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency The mop features a highly absorbent microfiber head, perfect for tackling sweat and spills on any gym floor. Designed for durability and repeated use, the mop head is machine washable, ensuring a fresh start for every clean-up. Its easy-to-use design, complete with an adjustable handle and a 360-degree swivel head, offers maximum coverage and accessibility, making it a favorite among maintenance staff and coaches alike. Customization and Branding What sets our mop apart is the ability to customize it to reflect your team or school's identity. Choose from a variety of colors and add your logo to turn this essential cleaning tool into a powerful branding instrument. It's an excellent way to show team spirit or to attract sponsorship opportunities, enhancing visibility while keeping your floors safe and clean. Simplify Your Cleaning Routine Included with your purchase is one mop and one microfiber pad, setting you up for immediate use. Our specially designed microfiber pads are not only highly absorbent but also quick to dry, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Cleaning the pads is a breeze—simply machine wash with ordinary laundry detergent and tumble dry on low. No bleach or fabric softeners are needed, maintaining the integrity and absorption capacity of the microfiber material. Elevate your gym's cleanliness and showcase your pride with our Round Custom Sweat Mop. It's more than just a mop; it's a tool for enhancing safety, efficiency, and team spirit all in one. Clean on the go and play like a pro with our customizable mop, designed for those who demand the best in performance and presentation.
Court Clean 6' Towels
CourtClean 6' CourtClean Towel | Custom Fit for the CourtClean $38.99
🌟 Introducing Courtclean Towels 🌟 Your Perfect Cleaning Companion for 6' Courtclean 🎾 Elevate your cleaning game with Courtclean Towels for 6' Courtclean! 🌟 Our Courtclean Towels are meticulously crafted from 100% high-quality terry cloth, ensuring superior performance and durability. 🧼 These towels are custom cut to fit the Courtclean perfectly, making your cleaning routine effortless and efficient. 🧽 🔑 Key Features: 1️⃣ Premium Quality: These towels are made from the finest terry cloth, delivering excellent absorbency and cleaning power. 💦 2️⃣ Custom Fit: Designed specifically for the 6' Courtclean, these towels provide a snug fit, optimizing cleaning efficiency. 🧹 3️⃣ Easy Maintenance: While providing exceptional performance, please note that these towels will shrink after the first wash. Their high-quality construction ensures they remain durable even after multiple uses and washes. 🔄 Experience the difference of high-quality materials and perfect fit, ensuring a spotless and hygienic environment. Trust in these towels to deliver exceptional results and make cleaning a breeze. Choose Courtclean Towels for your 6' Courtclean and achieve outstanding cleanliness with every use. 🏆 Don't miss out on the chance to take your cleaning routine to the next level. Order your Courtclean Towels today! 🛒💫 Price is for 1 (One) Court Clean 6 Foot Towel.
Replacement HoopsKing Pro Microfiber Pads (Round or Rectangle) Replacement HoopsKing Pro Microfiber Pads (Round or Rectangle)
CourtClean Replacement HoopsKing Pro Microfiber Pads (Round or Rectangle) from $12.00
Replacement pads for your basketball court sweat mops.  Choose from a round microfiber pad or a rectangle pad depending on which Custom Mop you have. Rectangle Pads are sold in the sizing of 20"x5.5" and 26"x5.5".  So if you have a 20"x12" mop, you would order two 20" x 5.5" replacement pads. Here is a breakdown of mop sizes and how many pads you need to order to cover the bottom for a rectangular mop. 20"x12" - Two (2) 20" x 5.5" Pads 20"x17" - Three (3) 20" x 5.5" Pads 26"x 6" - One (1) 26" x 5.5" Pad 26"x 12" - Two (2)  26" x 5.5" Pads 26"x17" - Three (3) 26" x 5.5"Pads 48" x 6" - One (1) Pad Item: TKH252 Made from a mix of 70% Polyester/30% Polyamide, or microfiber pads are designed for maximum pickup and life. 18" Round HoopsKing Pro Microfiber Pads (Set of 2) Item: TKH266 Size: 18" Diameter How to Clean Pads: Machine wash gently in hot water with ordinary laundry detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry low.
-11% sale
Defender Extender Basketball Training Pads from HoopsKing Use the Defender Extender basketball training pads to teach players to shoot over a taller defender in basketball.
HoopsKing Defender Extender™ Basketball Training Pads $89.99 $99.99
Prepare Players to Face Longer, Taller, & more Athletic Players...Before they Get to the Next Level Teach players how to move the defense without taking a gazillion dribbles. Watch how good players in college and the pros use jabs, fakes, and straight line drives to score. The Defender Extender pads help players do this against simulated taller players so it's easy when they go against smaller players. Learn to shoot over a coach or trainer with the Defender Extender Training Pads will make it easy for you to shoot over taller players in real games. Learn exactly how much space you need to get your shot off or how high that floater has to be to become unstoppable in the paint. Simulate Practicing Against Players as Big as the Pros! Imagine if you could practice against Kevin Durant every day for a summer. How much better would you get? If you were a high schooler and worked on your offensive moves every day vs. Durant and then went back to your normal level of competition how easy would it be for you to dominate?  Practicing against someone so big and long would make your normal level easy. Introducing the Defender Extender training pads. The Defender Extender training pads allow a coach, trainer, or partner to simulate a much taller player than you would normally play against. As you move up levels in basketball, from junior high to high school, high school to college, college to the pros, your competition will get taller, longer, and more athletic. The Defender Extender training pads can simulate all 3 of these even though you don’t have Kevin Durant to practice against! With the Defender Extender training pads you will have to work that much harder to get your shot off, dribble the ball down the floor, drive to the basket, finish at the rim, make a pass, and more! The Defender Extender training pads are truly must have basketball training equipment for any team or individual serious about developing and becoming the best player they can be. Here are some great uses of the Defender Extender training pads: Dribbling – Have a partner use the Defender Extender training pads while you bring the ball down the floor. Your defender quickly has the wingspan and reach of an NBA guard. You will really learn to protect the basketball and utilize changing speeds & direction efficiently to overcome the increased reach and quickness of the defender. Offense Moves – Whether in the post or driving to the basket, playing against a taller, longer, and more athletic player will require you to outsmart the defense to beat them. Once you become inferior athletically, you must become superior mentally if you are going to compete at that level. The Defender Extender training pads are perfect for any age. Just adjust your hands on the sticks to change your wingspan. They are made of very soft material and it does not hurt to get hit with them so they are also good for contact drills. World Renowned Trainer Ganon Baker Loves the Defender Extender Pads... Help Players Score More at the Basket In driving to the basket, the Defender Extender sticks are useful in many ways. Reaching into knock the ball away Contesting the shot and the dribble. Driving at shoulder to hip level. Finishing over taller players Providing Contact Closeout Size: 27" X 6" X 6" (Pad is 16" in length and handle is 11" for a total of 27" in length) Steph Curry Training with the Defender Extender Pads! Pads appear at 6 seconds into the video. Here's What Coaches and Trainers are Saying...
Gerimisept Alcohol Wipes to Kill Covid-19 Alcohl disinfecting wipes
Germisept Germisept Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes Case (1200 Wipes) $99.99
Multi-Purpose Alcohol Wipes: 1 Case, 24 Packs in a Case, 50 Wipes in a Pack.  1200 total wipes.  Ship in Continental USA only. FREE SHIPPING. Sheet Size: 5.9” x 7.8” 50ct, Embossed Spunlace, 24pkper Case Pallet Dims: 72cs / 1728units per plt / 1230# Ingredients 75% Ethanol Alcohol, Aqua, Benzalkonium Chloride, Glycerin, Aloe Barbendis Leaf Extract 2019-nCov(Coronavirus) The CDCTrusted Source states, “alcohol-based sanitizers/wipes can reduce the number of microbes on hands in some situations, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs.” Ethanol Alcohol is a known antimicrobial agent for treatment of hands. The highest antimicrobial efficacy can be achieved with ETHANOL ALCOHOL (60% to 85%)
-21% sale
Rent basketball coaching dvds from Championship Productions
HoopsKing 9 Disc Rental Package $119.99 $149.99
Save with a Rental Package   Choose a rental package and you will get 9 DVD discs for only $119.99. You can see how many discs are in a Title in the Bullet points at the top of the product page. See below for exclusions to this offer.     9 Single Title Rentals (3 at a time) Shipping Cost Single Title Rental Package $119.99 $0.00 Purchased $359.91 $72.00   Save over $310 by renting vs buying!   Quick Facts: Purchase the rental package for 9 disc rentals for only $119.99 You email us your list of 9 DVDs you want at 3 will be mailed to you at a time for a 10 day viewing period. When the 10 day viewing period is up for the first 3 DVDs mail them back to us and we'll mail your next 3 choices. (3 in 3 out) If you want to wait for the next 3 to be sent out, just let us know when you want your next 3 and we'll mail them. Weeks, months, whenever you want the next 3 we'll send them. All 3 sets of the rentals have 10 day viewing periods. We are always adding more titles so our selection will grow after your initial purchase and you can update your list if you want to.    Exclusions:Read & React DVDs are excluded from this offer.     Package rentals are under the terms of the Rental Membership Terms and you must have a rental membership (free) to rent DVDs.  
Pulastic Eco Clean Pulastic Eco Clean
HoopsKing Pulastic Eco Clean $99.99
🌟 Discover Pulastic Eco Clean: Your Ultimate Solution for Pristine Sports Floors! 🏟️ Are you in search of a top-tier synthetic floor cleaning detergent to maintain the brilliance of your Pulastic indoor sports floors? Look no further than Pulastic Eco Clean – the premier choice for cleaning and preserving your Pulastic surfaces. ✨ Characteristics and Advantages 🌿 Pulastic Eco Clean stands out as a sports floor cleaning detergent offered by a company certified for quality control (ISO 9001:2000) and environmental care (ISO 14001). Here's why it's the ideal choice: ✅ Removes grease, dirt, grime, and bacteria, ensuring a spotless floor. ✅ Perfect for use in walk-behind floor scrubber machines. ✅ Composed of a blend of natural and synthetic soaps. ✅ Boasts a pleasant, fresh fragrance and nearly pH-neutral formula. ✅ Non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaner that leaves no film or wax residue. ✅ Preserves the original color of your Pulastic floor. 🌈 User Instructions 📋 To maximize the effectiveness of Pulastic Eco Clean, please follow these guidelines: ❗ Avoid using Pulastic Floor Cleaner on newly installed floors for the first 7 days. ❗ Refrain from using a Walk-Behind or Riding Auto Scrubber for the initial 28 days post-installation. ❗ Always mix PULASTIC BASIC CLEAN into lukewarm water, not the other way around, for optimal results. Efficient Cleaning Process 🧼 Maintaining your sports floor is a breeze with Pulastic Eco Clean: 1️⃣ Begin by dust mopping the floor using a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOP to eliminate loose dirt. 2️⃣ Clean the floor using a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOP with Looped Cleaning Pad and a cleaning solution consisting of 1 part PULASTIC ECO CLEAN to 30 parts water. (This ratio is equivalent to approximately 4 oz. of soap to 1 gallon of water.) 3️⃣ Saturate the Cleaning Pad in the cleaning solution, wring it out, and lay it flat on the ground. Firmly press the Aluminum Mop head against the Cleaning Pad to reattach it to the mop. 4️⃣ Damp mop the entire floor by walking down and back its entire length. As the cleaning pad accumulates dirt, remove and rinse it in the cleaning solution as needed. 5️⃣ For auto scrubber use, opt for white pads only. For Deep Cleaning, dilute the solution to a concentration of 1:10. Invest in Pulastic Eco Clean today and witness the transformation of your sports floor maintenance. Experience the Pulastic difference! 🏆🌟
sweat mops for basketball courts microfiber
microfiber dust mops for gym floors
CourtClean HoopsKing Pro Court Sweat Mop Rectangle $265.00
HoopsKing Pro! - The Basketball Sweat Mop the Pros Use...Quick & Easy Cleanup Have you watched a basketball game on tv and as the action goes to the other end of the court you see someone running out on the court cleaning it? Now you can clean the court just like the Pros do without having to stop the game. Our rectangle basketball sweat mops make cleaning up sweat off the gym floor easy. Uniquely manufacturer microfiber pads quickly pickup the sweat and moisture reducing any chance for slips and falls that get players hurt. The HoopsKing Pro mop is the perfect companion to the Courtclean. Designed for quick pickup of moisture and dirt during basketball, volleyball, and any action on the court. Here's How HoopsKing Pro makes cleaning easier... Super Absorbent cleaning so you get all the sweat and moisture off the court reducing slips and falls Dries Quickly so game action on the court can continue without wasting time Lightweight so it's easy to carry onto the court and quickly mop up the sweat Compact which allows you to keep it right next to the court ready to mop up sweat Easily Adjustable so you can have young kids or adults use the sweat mop comfortably Lint Free so you don't add extra debris to the gym floor which takes away from the shine Cleans, polishes and buffs so your gym floor looks great all the time Eliminates germs, mites, fungus, mold and bacteria so your court lasts longer and is safe for players   Whey do they Mop the Floor in Basketball? The first main reason is for player safety so that players don't slip or fall. During a game players expect to have good traction and be able to plant their foot without slipping. Sweat or water on the court can easily cause a serious injury to a player and using the KeyPro Clean mop is a great way to prevent such injuries. The second reason would be to keep the floor looking good and to prevent damage. Water marks or stains could develop and cause water spots that you can't get out without replacing part of the court. Use the HoopsKing Pro sweat mops to wipe up sweat off all kinds of floors including... Our mops have a lot more uses than just sports. Besides sports you can use this product as a mop on all of these surfaces. Hardwood Floors Office Floors Store Aisles Hospitals Hallways Industrial Warehouses Fitness Centers Churches Racquetball Courts Basketball Courts Residential Floors And more… And more… How to Clean Pads: Machine wash gently in hot water with ordinary laundry detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry low.
Court Clean Mop System Supplies PrepClean Start Up Kit for Hard Floor Surfaces
CourtClean PrepClean Start Up Kit for Hard Floor Surfaces from $204.99
Superior Floor Maintenance with Our Complete Cleaning Kit Elevate the cleanliness and longevity of your facility's floors with our comprehensive cleaning kit, designed specifically for hard surfaces. This kit is an essential tool for anyone looking to maintain pristine conditions in sports facilities, schools, health clubs, and more. Comprehensive Cleaning Solution Our cleaning kit includes everything you need to start maintaining your floors right away: 4 Specially Designed Towels: Made from 100% high-quality terry cloth, these towels are custom-cut to fit the Courtclean® system perfectly. They are designed for maximum absorbency and durability, ensuring your floors get the best possible clean. 1 Gallon of Prepclean Hard Floor Surface Cleaner: This concentrated cleaner is formulated with a neutral pH, ensuring it's safe for use on a wide range of floor types without harming the finish. Whether you're cleaning resilient tile, vinyl, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, or coated wood floors, Prepclean offers a deep clean without leaving residue. 5-Gallon Mixing Pail with Lid: To ensure ease of use and proper dilution, the kit includes a 5-gallon mixing pail with a lid, making it simple to mix the cleaning solution and water to the correct concentration. Features and Benefits Floor-Friendly Formula: The Prepclean Hard Floor Surface Cleaner is carefully balanced to ensure it cleans effectively without damaging your floor's finish. It's suitable for a variety of floor types, making it a versatile choice for many facilities. Protective Sheen: Not only does the cleaner remove dirt and grime, but it also leaves behind a protective sheen that helps preserve and protect the floor surface, extending its life and appearance. Efficient Cleaning: Whether you prefer damp mopping or auto scrubbing, this cleaner is effective in both hard and soft water, hot or cold, ensuring you can achieve optimal cleanliness regardless of your facility's conditions. Eco-Friendly: The formula is biodegradable and phosphate-free, aligning with environmental responsibilities and ensuring a safer cleaning process for users and facility occupants alike. Ideal for Various Facilities This cleaning kit is an excellent choice for maintaining floors in basketball and volleyball courts, dance floors, gymnasiums, and any other facility with hard floor surfaces. Its effective formula and custom-designed towels make it a go-to solution for those who prioritize the cleanliness and safety of their floors. Invest in our cleaning kit to ensure your floors not only look their best but are also preserved and protected for the long haul. With its specialized formula and tools, maintaining your facility's floors has never been easier or more effective.
HoopClean Basketball Backboard cleaning system clean basketball backboard system
How to Clean Basketball Backboard the Easy Way...and Without a Ladder! Don't you hate it when you look up at your basketball backboard and see how dirty it is? Maybe you think it's just the lighting so you move around and you can still see al the streaks, fingerprints, and whatever else is on there. You've gotten your gym floor shining and looking good so why not have the backboard looking good all the time too? It's hard isn't? Getting a ladder out, trying to hold on to your rag and bottle of spray and then not falling of the ladder. Then you're going to have to move the ladder to the other side and how are you going to reach above the basket in the middle of the backboard? No wonder glass backboards always look dirty. It's too much hassle and dangerous to clean them! Cleaning them is no fun! But there is a really easy way to clean a glass basketball backboard. Introducing the HoopClean Basketball Backboard system which allows you to clean your glass or acrylic backboard. Now cleaning the backboard is fun and easy! What is the Best Way to Clean an Acrylic Basketball Backboard? With an 8 foot extendable pole, you'll never have to use a ladder again putting anyone in danger of falling and you'll get the streaks, smudges, and fingerprints off that glass backboard so it looks as good as your gym floor! Easily Clean your acrylic basketball backboard with the highly sbosrbent microfiber pad then flip the pad over to use the squeegee to finish with a streak free acrylic or glass backboard. 100% high quality microfiber holds 7X it's weight in water so you can get every last drop of cleaner Fiber length of 16mm is soft and gentle on your hoop and won't cause damage Extra padding ensures high water retention so you have a dry finish Machine Washable so you don't have to replace the pad High tear and wear resistance which means you'll get years and years use out of the HoopClean 8' Extendable Pole means your backboard will be cleaner than ever from top to bottom Adaptable angle 10° - 25° - 40° makes it easy to hit any spot on your basketball hoop Super smooth swivel movement makes it easy to handle and won't feel like your doing a workout when cleaning Swivel lock button to keep the pad right where you want it to avoid constantly making adjustments So make your life easier and make your backboard cleaner than ever. You're floor and backboards will be shining when the fans pour in leaving them impressed with what a clean facility you have. Order your HoopClean Backboard cleaning system today.
how to clean a gym floor for volleyball How to clean a basketball court
CourtClean 6' Court Clean Gym Floor Cleaner $699.99
The #1 Tool to Keep Your Gym Floors Clean Quickly...and Without a Big Mess! Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your facility's cleaning routine with the newly designed Courtclean® Damp Mop System. This state-of-the-art basketball training equipment is not just for sports facilities but is a versatile solution for any large hard surface area needing pristine maintenance. Streamlined Design for Maximum Efficiency The new Courtclean® Damp Mop System introduces a sleek, improved design that significantly enhances cleaning performance. With an increased surface area and a lower center of gravity, it provides faster, wide-area cleaning to keep your floors spotless and safe. Constructed from durable low-density polyethylene, this system is built to withstand the daily challenges of hard surface cleaning, ensuring longevity and reliability. Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability This advanced mop system comes packed with features designed for convenience and effectiveness: Built-in Carrying Handle: Ensures easy transportation from one area to another. Sturdy Metal Pull Strap Fasteners: Offer added strength and a longer lifespan. Hook and Loop Fasteners: Keep the cleaning towel securely in place during use. Improved Cleaning Efficiency: Boasts a 20% larger surface cleaning area and is 25% lighter than its original 8’ model, alongside being 37% larger and 35% lighter than the original 6' model. Durability and Stability: Features rotationally-molded linear low-density polyethylene for increased durability, while its low center of gravity ensures consistent surface contact. Versatile Application Across Facilities The Courtclean® Damp Mop System is not limited to basketball or volleyball courts. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of facilities, including health clubs, fitness centers, dance floors, gymnasiums, wrestling or martial arts mats, office buildings, industrial warehouses, churches, and hospitals—truly any location with a large hard floor surface. Comprehensive Benefits for Optimal Performance Choosing the Courtclean® Damp Mop System offers numerous advantages for facility maintenance: Floor Finish Protection: Guards against damage to keep floors looking their best. Quick and Easy Cleaning: Cleans large areas within minutes and dries instantly. Cost and Labor Efficiency: Reduces maintenance costs and labor hours significantly. Enhanced Safety and Performance: Lifts dirt and debris effectively, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents and improving conditions for practice drills and game performance. The Courtclean® Damp Mop System is the ultimate solution for maintaining large hard surface areas. It not only simplifies the cleaning process but also elevates the safety and appearance of your facilities. Invest in the Courtclean® System today and witness a transformation in your maintenance routine, ensuring your floors remain in top condition for every use. THE USES:
Custom Soccer Coaching Clipboard gift Gift for Soccer Coach
HoopsKing Custom Soccer Coaching Board (2 Sided) | Gift for Coach from $69.99
Design a Custom Soccer Coaching Clipboard in less than 1 Minute...See exactly what it will look like in 3D! Make a Great Gift for any Soccer Coach and Staff!
Custom Ice Hockey Coaching Board Custom Ice Hockey Wall Locker Room
HoopsKing Custom Hockey Locker Room Whiteboard (Wall) | 36X24" | 24X18" | from $169.99
Design Your Custom Ice Hockey Dry Erase Wall Board in Less than 2 Minutes!...Without Any Design Knowledge Give Your Favorite Ice Hockey Coach a Gift They Will Actually Use...& Remember You! The Ice Hockey custom wall board is a great gift to give an Ice Hockey coach. Imagine the joy and excitement on their face when they open this up! And how proud they will be to put it in their office or locker room. They will forever remember you and your personalized gift. A Custom Ice Hockey Dry Erase Wall Mount Board is the perfect accessory for your locker room or coaches office. Ready to hang! Use for notes or to show your Ice Hockey team plays for game day. Custom Sport Dry Erase Boards... single side, dry erase marker board with custom graphics. Design with a ice hockey rink, team roster, statistics, team name, logo.... design it your way. Board is framed and ready to hang. Size: 24 X 36" ($169.99) or 24 X 18" ($199.99) Logos: Upload your custom logo in a high quality format Any questions? Email Custom Ice Hockey Dry Erase Coaching Board Production Time Production time is typically 3-5 business days. Typical complete turnaround time from order to delivery is approximately 10 to 14 days. Any Overnight or 2nd Day shipment method selected will ship once the board is ready to ship. Order your custom locker room whiteboard today.