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Toughness Training Pad - dribble Toughness Training Pad
HoopsKing HoopsKing Basketball Toughness Training Pad $69.99
The HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad is a light weight pad worn on the forearm that allows coaches, trainers, and players to easily add contact to drills.  Unlike big, blocky pads, this basketball training equipment is light enough to run up and down the court with.  Use the pad in the following ways and more: Finishing Moves -  contact at the rim Dribbling - body up and get into dribblers and bump them. Shooting - easily remove the pad from your forearm and hold it up to make shooters work on shooting over longer and taller defenders. Rebounding - use the pad in rebounding drills to force the rebounder to be strong with the ball and land on balance. and More! - any drill you want to add contact to this is the pefect pad to use.  Gives you all the contact of big bulky pads but smaller and lighter. What the Boss Says Chris Hungerford HoopsKing.com CEO   I have used the Toughness Training pad for many years. As a coach you can quickly find out who can handle contact and who can't.  The majority of kids I've coached don't like contact.  I used the pad during layups and just tap the kids with the pad to get them used to being hit and putting their focus on making the layup instead of the contact. The goal of using this pad is to get players used to contact so that it doesn't bother them in games. They will also learn to lower their center of gravity and become more explosive because when someone is pushing on you you can't stand up.  There was a funny instance when I was using the pad with a player who had not practice vs. contact before and the first time I bumped her with the pad she went down.  We both laughed but after that she didn't go down again.  She learned quickly to get lower and be on balance. Here is how I have used the Toughness Training Pad over the years: Stationary Dribbling - Pushing on kids to get them lower in their stance and lock in their core Full Court Dribbling - Bodying up the ball handler to get them to protect the ball Post Play - Bodying up an offensive post player to get them to really learn to get the ball down low Shooting - holding up the pad to make kids shoot over a defender and create a higher arc This pad is much better than the big blocky pads out there because you can move up and down court with this pad easily since you wear it on your forearm. You can keep one hand free.  There have been many times I've been wearing the pad and will call for the ball and demonstrate something  while still wearing the pad.  I don't have to put a pad down and then pick it back up.  I don't miss a beat when I wear the Toughness Training pad.
Custom Pro Basketball Whiteboard /w Handle | 2 Sided Custom Pro Basketball Whiteboard /w Handle | 2 Sided
HoopsKing Custom Pro Basketball Whiteboard /w Handle | 2 Sided $99.99
Custom Framed Double Sided Basketball Coaching Whiteboard...Includes Handle & Marker Placeholder Design your custom basketball coaching board now - just click the Personalize Now button! Designs Available for Custom Basketball Coaching Whiteboard Here's what you will get: Custom double sided coaching board with full color Black frame with built in carry handle and marker placeholder 1 black marker included How do I design my custom basketball board? Click the Red Personalize Now button to get started. Follow our easy workflow step by step and it's easy! How long does it take to receive my custom basketball coaching board? From the time you place the order to delivery is about 10 days - that is an estimate and not a guarantee. If you have a specific time frame you need your order delivered by please contact us before ordering to see if we can meet your timeframe. Recent Customer Created Pro Boards Makes a Perfect Basketball Coach Gift! Any basketball coach is going to love receiving this coaching board as a gift. Bright and colorful with your team's colors and logo how can you go wrong? This is a basketball coaching gift that will get used for years and your favorite coach will always remember who gave it to them. Bulk Pricing Order 3 or more Custom Pro Basketball whiteboard and get a $10 discount per board. Order 10 or more get a $15 discount per board. Applies to product on this page only. Purchase Orders We do accept school purchase orders and Athletic Directors can combine different sports to reach the discounts listed above. For example, order 3 Basketball, 3 Football, 3 Volleyball, and 1 Baseball custom coaching board and you'll get a $15 discount per board. So check with your schools coaches to see if they would like a great looking and functional coaching board and save big.
Custom Basketball Board (2 Sided) | Coach Gifts Custom Basketball Board (2 Sided) | Coach Gifts
HoopsKing Custom Basketball Board (2 Sided) | Coach Gifts from $69.99
Show Your School's Spirit with a Customized Basketball Coaching Dry Erase Board...and Look Like a Pro on the Sidelines too! Design Your Own Custom Coaching Board in Just Minutes - Here's How Design a customized basketball dry erase board in just minutes with your team's colors and logos. Choose the size of your custom basketball dry erase board. We offer 9.5" x 15" ($59.99) or 12" x 18" ($69.99). Click the Big Red Personalize Now button to start desiging your custom dry erase board. STEP 1: Background Color Choose the background color for your board. We also have a plain white board in addition to the woods for your custom basketball dry erase board. STEP 2: Court Lines Choose your 3 point line for your level and then scroll down to change the line colors to your choice. Creating a custom basketball coaching board is a great gift for any basketball coach. STEP 3: Border Color Choose a border color for your custom basketball dry erase board. Give one to your coach(es)! STEP 4: Add Your Logo Logo Tips: Upload the highest quality image you have To make the court background show through you must upload a transparent .png file. Use the adjustment tool to make sure your logo fits inside the circle. You can Zoom in on the board by moving your mouse wheel on a desktop to get a close up view. Your image will automatically appear on the back of your custom dry erase board in the upper left corner. STEP 5,6, & 7: Add Your Text Text Tips: Scroll down for various fonts and preview them live. Scroll down below fonts to change the color of your text. All 3 text areas are independent so you can choose any font and/or color for any of the three areas. CONFIRM and ADD TO CART Here are the details of our custom basketball dry erase boards: Size: 9" x 15.5" or 12" x 18"Front side with basketball full courtBack side with large 1/2 basketball courtBoth sides are dry-erasable.Comes with clipCourt surface - white or hardwoodLogos: Customize with your school logo What is production time?  From the time you place your order to delivery is around 7 to 10 days at this time.
custom Custom Sublimated Sports Backpacks
HoopsKing Custom Sublimated Sports Backpacks $69.99
Go Beyond the Ordinary with Custom Sports Sublimated Backpacks! Choose from multiple designs and customize with your colors, logo, name, and number! Looking for a backpack that's truly one-of-a-kind? Our custom sports sublimated backpack is perfect for athletes who want to show off their personality and style. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, you can create a backpack that's as unique as you are. Checkout our 11 Custom Backpack Designs Can I design a custom backpack online? Yes, you can design your custom sublimated backpack on our site in about 2 minutes. Just follow the easy step-by-step workflow to add your colors, logo, names, and numbers. Click the red Personalize Now button to get started designing. How long does it take to receive the custom sublimated backpacks? The standard delivery time is 4-5 weeks. You can pay extra to get them in 3 weeks. We will send a final proof for your approval and this time frame is from the approval of the final proof. How big are the backpacks and what material are they made of? Backpack sizing is 22" (L) X 13" (W) X 20" and they are made from Duraflex Polyester Is there a minimum order? Yes, with a first-time order the minimum # of backpacks that must be ordered is 8. After this initial order, you can order as few as 1 in the future (as long as the design stays the same). So for the next season, you could use the same design and order new backpacks for the new players. Do you accept school purchase orders? Yes, we accept school purchase orders for all items on our site. HoopsKing is very excited to present to you the Player Select custom backpack with fully sublimated customization! This bag is great for any team or coach in the gym or on the road!Our new Select sublimated backpack has plenty of size with Dimensions at 22″ (L) X 13″ (W) X 20″ H. There is a custom space to store your shoes as well! Our customization will highlight the bag and have your organization standing out from the competition!Includes team name, numbers & logo.Player names can be added for an extra charge.Fully customized design (custom art and logos can be made upon request).Delivery Time. Please allow 4 - 5 weeks delivery from artwork approval Backpack Color Chart
vertical jump resistance bands trainer Increase vertical jump with resistance bands
HoopsKing HoopsKing Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands $59.99
How to Jump Higher & Blast Through Plateaus to Get the Inches You Need to Dunk a Basketball or Spike the Volleyball w/ a Vertical Jump Trainer Without Changing Your Training Program... Better Results Easily add resistance to your jumping drills to build stronger & more powerful muscles that will help you jump higher without changing your program. Minimal Equipment The Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands take up minimial space & can easily be thrown in a bag and taken anywhere to do workouts - at home or in the gym. Enhance Weight Workouts Add the bands to your weight training excercises to bust through plateaus & get even bigger gains in your vertical jump training. MVP Vertical Jump Trainer Pro Resistance Bands These Jump Trainer resistance bands go from your waist to your heels with the ankle straps. The Pro Jump Trainer bands come with 200 lbs of resistance when you put all four bands on at the same time. These bands are not as effective for someone under 5'6" because they won't engage right away and there will be some slack at the start of a movement. You can keep the Pro Trainer bands on during your entire workout as they are comfortable since they are worn around the waist. How do Vertical Jump Trainer Resistance Bands Work? Improving your Vertical Leap and jumping higher with vertical jump trainer resistance bands is simple. They provide resistance as you jump. Resistance means that your muscles are going to have to do more work to overcome the resistance therefore your muscles become stronger and can produce more force. The more force your muscles produce the higher you will be able to jump. Isn't Body Weight Enough? No. Body Weight exercises will only take you so far. At some point (sooner than later) you will hit a vertical jump plateau with body weight exercises because the amount of resistance is limited (your body) and you will stop making gains. What do you do then? You have to add resistance somehow to overload your muscles so that they can produce more force. With our vertical jump resistance bands you can easily add various levels of resistance so you can continue to make gains overloading your muscles and developing fast twitch muscle fibers that will help you jump higher. Think of Jumping with body-weight only the same as push ups. Pushups become more of an endurance exercise instead of a strength and explosiveness exercise. Pushups will tone and strengthen to a point but once you peak how do you get stronger? You have to add resistance exercises or you won't get stronger and produce more force. That's where the MVP Vertical Jump Trainer comes in. Resistance Bands Work with ANY Vertical Jump Program You can use our vertical jump resistance bands with any program you want. Simply wear the bands while doing jumping exercises to add resistance. It's that simple to get bigger results from your vertical jump program. VeRT MAX Training The Next Level of Vertical Jump Training Train Like the Pros & Blow Through Plateaus VeRT Max Jump Training is the next level in vertical jump training. When you are ready to train like the Pros this is for you. VeRT MAX training aka Linear Variable Resistance (Scientific Name) will help you Max Out your Vertical Jump Potential. How does that happen? By combining our Vertical Jump Trainer Bands with weight training - yes at the same time - you are going to build more fast twitch muscle fibers which are crucial to jumping higher. Here's how it works: Let's look at the Squat and VeRT MAX Training. Performing a Squat is hardest at the bottom of the movement. When the weights are at the top of the movement they are easy to lift. It's the exact opposite of the resistance bands. At the bottom the bands have the least resistance. As you move up in the Squat the bands stretch providing more resistance as you finish the Squat. So when doing the squat the bands are kicking in the maximum resistance level as the weights are getting easier. This means that you are using more muscle fibers throughout the ENTIRE movement and the ENTIRE movement is more productive to help your muscles produce more force to jump higher. Seriously You Have Nothing to Lose Coach Chris' 100% Guarantee Try the jump trainer resistance bands for 60 days and if you aren't happy with the results return them for a refund. What Our Customers Say...
P.R.O. Basketball Resistance Band - side - product up close P.R.O. Basketball Resistance Band - side - child & adult
HoopsKing P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) | 41 Inch Loop Bands from $14.99
How to Get Stronger, Faster, Quicker, & Jump Higher with the Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool...Like the Pros Use! Build More Explosiveness on the Court with P.R.O. Resistance Bands! Dear Baller, Are you a basketball player or know a basketball player that would like to increase their athleticism quickly? Do you hope to play high school or college basketball but need to jump higher, get stronger, and become quicker? Or maybe you need more strength to finish around the basket and stop getting pushed around under the basket on rebounds? If any of these situations sound familiar then listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you. Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about the importance of athleticism in basketball! Players that run faster, jump higher, have a quick first step, and can move laterally quickly have a big advantage over other players! No matter how skilled you are, athleticism will be very important in how high of a level of basketball you play. Skills being equal the more athletic player ALWAYS wins. NBA Players Using Resistance Bands like the P.R.O. Bands... Here's Your Big Problem In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now. It's time. I'm sure you thinking I don't have time to do "more", I am already so busy... and I get it. Everyone is busy running from game to game, practice to practice! So how can you jump higher, get to the hoop quicker, and get stronger without doing extra workouts? I'd like to introduce you to P.R.O. (Progressive Resistance Overload) Resistance Bands help you jump higher, get a stronger lower and upper body, and build explosiveness without doing a bunch of additional workouts. P.R.O. Bands are the most versatile training tool a basketball player can have to Jump Higher, Get to the Basket Quicker, Lockdown Opponents on Defense, and Improve overall Athleticism. Used by the Pros, these bands are a great tool for unlocking explosiveness hidden away in your muscle fibers that you just need to bring out to take your game and athleticism up another level. JUMP HIGHER The P.R.O. Bands can used with our without weights to increase your vertical jump so you get those inches you need to dunk and grab more rebounds. DEVELOP STRENGTH Build Strength that will give you an advantage over other players at your level allowing you to dominate and prepare yourself for the next level by getting a stronger upper and lower body. INCREASE QUICKNESS While every player wants to dunk - quickness is the most important piece of athleticism you can have as a basketball player because you use it all the time on offense and defense. Whether you are trying to beat a defender off the dribble or you are trying not to get beat off the dribble - the quicker player will usually win. ACHIEVE ELITE ATHLETCISM All players have Fast Twitch Muscle fibers that give you your explosiveness on the court. The good thing is these can be developed through training so you can increase the amount of Fast Twitch Mucles fibers that you have! This means you haven't tapped your potential as an athlete and can greatly improve your explosiveness on the court. EASY TO USE ANYWEHRE The P.R.O. Bands are easy to take in any bag and don't require extra equipment to use. Take the bands to the court, use them in your house, outside, or wherever. Building explosive couldn't be any more convenient. WHY P.R.O. BANDS WILL WORK FOR YOU P.R.O. Bands are the Most Versatile training tool you can add to your training that will set you apart from other players. THE P.R.O. BANDS WILL HELP YOU GET TO THE BASKET QUICKER Wear the PRO Bands around your waist to add resistance to all of your dribble moves. This will do Two Big Things for your game... 1. The added resistance will force more muscle fibers to be used building more strength and speed. And since these are quick explosive moves to the basket that means fast twitch muscle fibers are being activated and developed that will make you faster and quicker to the hoop. 2. You can really lean into the bands and get lower like the Pros do. Most high school players and below play standing up and don't get low enough. Getting lower means you will naturally be quicker and faster because you'll be able to cover more ground than you will standing up. It's just simple physics and the PRO Bands will really help you lean into the move and get low. Don't Have Weights? No Problem! Don't have a set of weights sitting around the house or is the weight room often locked at your school? You can do strength training exercises to increase your vertical jump right at home. Squats, Lunges, and more are easily done anywhere with the PRO Bands. With multiple levels of resistance available the bands are a great way to increase your upper and lower body strength which will make you a better athlete and basketball player. The P.R.O. Bands are a great and safe way to introduce players as young as elementary school how to properly and safely start to lift weights. You can use the bands to do just about any weight lifting move without the fear of injury or an accident. FAST TWITCH EXPLOSION TRAINING Here's where you can blast your gains to another level. Add the bands to a barbell and you'll recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the movement. At the top of movements is when the bands kick in to their maximum resistance which means you have more resistance through the entire movement. IMPROVE FLEXIBILTY with Deeper & Fuller Stretches WHICH LEADS TO BEING MORE EXPLOSIVE Many players look over the role flexibility plays in their explosiveness on the court. The further you can move a muscle the more force you can produce. It's that simple. Increase the range of motion of your muscles through flexibility training with the P.R.O. Bands and you'll produce more force in your vertical jump, drives to the basket, and your lateral quickness. Increased flexibility will help you get lower and stay lower which will make you more explosive on the court. EVEN MORE BENEFITS OF THE P.R.O. BANDS Using the bands to build strength has the following advantages: Can be done right on the court without the need for a weight room or a bunch of equipment You can feel a greater and deeper burn in your muscles with resistance bands than you can with weights. You can't cheat with momentum when using bands like you can with weights. Resistance bands aren't hard on the joints like free weights can be. Bands are perfect for in-season strength training so you don't wear down already tired athletes. FAST RESULTS IN A SHORT TIME In as little as 10 minutes or less, you can get in strength training with the P.R.O. Basketball resistance bands right on the court. Easy to store and easy to bring out to the court. Resistance bands are also much less expensive than free weights. You can outfit your entire team with several or more bands for what you would pay for a handful of dumbbells. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZED P.R.O. BANDS Black Band - Small Size: 41" Length x 3/4" width (10-30 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: Elementary to Junior High The small P.R.O. Bands are best for younger players but even high school students can use the small band for some of the upper body strength training exercises such as Thrusters and Push Ups. Purple Band - Medium Size: 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: Junior High to High School, & College female The medium P.R.O. Bands are best for Junior High and up. They offer enough resistance for just about anything you can use them for. Upper Body exercises incorporating the shoulders and chest would likely be good resistance for many college male players. Green Band - Large Size: 41" Length x 2 1/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: High School & Up The Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with older athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the green bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger high school and up athletes. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters. Blue Band - X-Large Size: 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (100-150 lbs. resistance) Recommended for: College & Up The X-Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with big, strong athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the X-Large bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger College & Pro players. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a very strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters and others. The Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool to Improve Athleticism It's so easy to get a great strength building, flexibiltiy, or quickness workout with the PRO Bands as they fit easily into any bag and can be used with or without weights. Can't get to the weight room? Just pull out the PRO Bands and get your workout in right at home or wherever you are. Don't wait. Start training with the PRO Bands today so you an become faster, stronger, quicker, and jump higher and take your athleticism to another level in just a few weeks. What size resistance loop bands? Resistance loop bands come in different sizes and strengths, typically ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The size you need will depend on your fitness level, the exercises you plan to do, and your personal preferences. What size Resistance Loops do I need? The size of resistance loops you need depends on the exercises you plan to do and your personal preferences. It's recommended to start with a set of different sizes and strengths to find the ones that work best for you. What is the best length for resistance bands? The length of resistance bands can vary, but it's recommended to choose a length that allows you to perform a variety of exercises with proper form. Typically, a length of 41 inches or longer is suitable for most exercises. Are loop resistance bands better? Loop resistance bands are a popular choice for many people as they can be used for a variety of exercises and provide a constant level of tension throughout the movement. However, the best type of resistance band for you will depend on your personal preferences and the exercises you plan to do. What Our Customers Say About the P.R.O. Bands...
large cones for soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball Tall sports cones that are collapsible
HoopsKing The Big Cone - Pop Up Sports Defender Cone $39.99
Make Training More Realistic with the Big Cone forBasketball,Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, & More!   BUY 8 or MORE BIG CONES & GETFREE SHIPPING IN THE LOWER 48 STATES See the Big Cone in Action! FEATURES & BENEFITS OF THE NEW BIG CONE Better Mimics a Real Defender The size (3.5' tall & 20" wide) of the Big Cone better mimics a real defender. Unlike small cones that players can just step over, the Big Cone forces players to learn how to get by defenders like they would in a real game. Setup is a Snap Setting up and taking down the Big Cone is LITERALLY a snap! Just use the snaps to collapse the cone on each side and unsap to use. Takes just seconds and you are training with the Big Cones right away. With the cone collapsed they are easy to transport if you need to take them on the go. Holds Regulation Basketball Place a basketball on the top of the Big Cone to simulate coming off a screen for a shot or getting the ball in the post. Our top fully encloses so basketballs won't slip through. Weighted Bottom & Storage The Big Cone comes with a 2 lb weighted bottom and plenty of room for storage. You can place extra shoes, basketballs, or equipment to store and give the Big Cone some extra weight if needed. Easy Carry Handles Our Extra re-inforced handles make lifting and moving the Big Cone around the gym easy. Indoor or Outdoor Use Want to use the Big Cone for soccer, football, or an outdoor sport? Just use the two stakes included to keep the Big Cone in place when outside. The Big Cone can withstand winds up to 20 mph. See How to Set Up the Big Cone in the Wind Customers Using the Big Cone & Reviews Click a picture below to enlarge image. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jordan Boyd | UGC Creator (@jordantreyboyd) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jordan Boyd | UGC Creator (@jordantreyboyd)
Standard bumper plate landmine attachment rack attach wall mount landmine attachment
Purmotion Renegade Landmine Attachments from $89.99
PurMotion didn’t invent the landmine. PurMotion invented the best landmine: the Renegade. We were the first to design a landmine that could be inserted into a bumper plate. The Renegade is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that combines gravitational and frictional forces to produce diagonal strength. Diagonal strength is a requirement for most ground-based movements commonly seen in sports, tactical maneuvers and even in every day physical activities like WALKING! Throwing, punching, dragging and sprinting also requires the combination of vertical and horizontal forces that results in diagonal force lines. The goal is to balance strength gains and leave no gaps. Gaps can lead to injuries. Color may vary — Standard Color: BLACK
-11% sale
Defender Extender Basketball Training Pads from HoopsKing Use the Defender Extender basketball training pads to teach players to shoot over a taller defender in basketball.
HoopsKing Defender Extender™ Basketball Training Pads $89.99 $99.99
Prepare Players to Face Longer, Taller, & more Athletic Players...Before they Get to the Next Level Teach players how to move the defense without taking a gazillion dribbles. Watch how good players in college and the pros use jabs, fakes, and straight line drives to score. The Defender Extender pads help players do this against simulated taller players so it's easy when they go against smaller players. Learn to shoot over a coach or trainer with the Defender Extender Training Pads will make it easy for you to shoot over taller players in real games. Learn exactly how much space you need to get your shot off or how high that floater has to be to become unstoppable in the paint. Simulate Practicing Against Players as Big as the Pros! Imagine if you could practice against Kevin Durant every day for a summer. How much better would you get? If you were a high schooler and worked on your offensive moves every day vs. Durant and then went back to your normal level of competition how easy would it be for you to dominate?  Practicing against someone so big and long would make your normal level easy. Introducing the Defender Extender training pads. The Defender Extender training pads allow a coach, trainer, or partner to simulate a much taller player than you would normally play against. As you move up levels in basketball, from junior high to high school, high school to college, college to the pros, your competition will get taller, longer, and more athletic. The Defender Extender training pads can simulate all 3 of these even though you don’t have Kevin Durant to practice against! With the Defender Extender training pads you will have to work that much harder to get your shot off, dribble the ball down the floor, drive to the basket, finish at the rim, make a pass, and more! The Defender Extender training pads are truly must have basketball training equipment for any team or individual serious about developing and becoming the best player they can be. Here are some great uses of the Defender Extender training pads: Dribbling – Have a partner use the Defender Extender training pads while you bring the ball down the floor. Your defender quickly has the wingspan and reach of an NBA guard. You will really learn to protect the basketball and utilize changing speeds & direction efficiently to overcome the increased reach and quickness of the defender. Offense Moves – Whether in the post or driving to the basket, playing against a taller, longer, and more athletic player will require you to outsmart the defense to beat them. Once you become inferior athletically, you must become superior mentally if you are going to compete at that level. The Defender Extender training pads are perfect for any age. Just adjust your hands on the sticks to change your wingspan. They are made of very soft material and it does not hurt to get hit with them so they are also good for contact drills. World Renowned Trainer Ganon Baker Loves the Defender Extender Pads... Help Players Score More at the Basket In driving to the basket, the Defender Extender sticks are useful in many ways. Reaching into knock the ball away Contesting the shot and the dribble. Driving at shoulder to hip level. Finishing over taller players Providing Contact Closeout Size: 27" X 6" X 6" (Pad is 16" in length and handle is 11" for a total of 27" in length) Steph Curry Training with the Defender Extender Pads! Pads appear at 6 seconds into the video. Here's What Coaches and Trainers are Saying...
23 X 18 Custom Basketball Coaching Board 23 X 18 Custom Basketball Coaching Board
HoopsKing 23 X 18 Custom Basketball Coaching Board $119.99
Show Your Team Spirit with a Larger 23 X 18 Inch Custom Basketball Coaching Board...with a Handle to Make it Easy for Coaches to Transport Quickly create your own personalized coaching board. Makes a great gift for any basketball coach. Delivery Time for Custom Coaching Board After you submit your order it will take between 10 to 14 days to receive your custom coaching board. This is an estimate only. If you are needing a board by a specific date please contact us and we will see if we can accomodate you.
Basketball Strength Power Vertical Jump Equipment Landmine Athletic Power Station
Purmotion Athletic Power Station from $349.99
How to Easily Develop Incredible Power on the Basketball Court Without the Danger of Typical Olympic Weight Lifting Use the Athletic Power Station to Make Once Difficult Power Weightlifting Moves Easy to Learn & Do An Important Message for Basketball Players that Want to Be More Athletic & Powerful - Quickly...and Basketball Coaches that Want to Take Their Program to Another Level Attention Basketball Players, Coaches & even Parents... Are you looking to develop more Strength & Power? Would you like to be as dominant on the court as you can possibly be? Jump Higher, Be Stronger, Quicker, and really just take your whole game & athleticism to another level? Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about developing power that translates to the court! Every player wants to dunk, blow past defenders, finish and 1s, rip down boards, get faster & quicker, & OVERALL just be a Beast on the court. Every coach wants players like this too I'm sure of...Right coaches? But a big problem players (& coaches) face is developing that Power that is within you. How do you get that out and onto the court? Well, if you were in a top college program you would have a weight coach who could help you learn to do Powerful, Olympic weight lifting moves that would help you develop to your full potential and teach you these complex moves - SAFELY. But if you aren't at a high level college program (you probably want to get there right?) and are like most players in high school you just don't do these types of lifts because they are too dangerous and too hard to learn. Which means you (or your team) won't benefit from these type of lifts or if you try them you might injure yourself. But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!! So if you are a basketball player who really wants to develop the kind of strength and power only Olympic Weightlifting movements do, Or if you are a basketball coach, and want to transform your program forever...here's the solution you've been looking for... Introducing... the Athletic Power Station landmine attachment The Athletic Power Station Helps You: Develop your True Potential now by Unlocking Strength & Power you aren't tapping into currently... Do Olympic Weightlifting movements Safely & Easily... Train Like You are at Top College Basketball Program... Gain strength & power that other players won't & don't even know how to Develop... Add extra inches to your vertical, be quicker on defense, run the floor faster, and out muscle your opponents... Come back next season a completely different player and athlete... ... and much, MUCH more! And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Athletic Power Station" after your first workout and it costs Less than a gym membership or a personal trainer. So again, if you're a a basketball player who wants to jump higher, become quicker and be a better overall athlete, understand this: Using olympic lifts in your training will help you Jump Higher, Blow Past Defenders, Lockdown on Defense,Rebound with Authority, Run the Court Faster... You don't need to have a specialized weight coach to teach you these lifts You can get the benefit of Olympic Weightlifting movements Safely - without the Pain & Risk Develop more power for the court and dominate with Supreme Confidence... Act Now - Get a Big Advantage on Other Players (Teams) not utilizing Olympic Power Lifts. Get Onboard With Athletic Power Station from HoopsKing Now! Order Now! Why the Athletic Power Station Changes the Game... Neutral grip on all movements means the moves are done as our joints are meant to move - not putting force against them which causes pain and injury. It's safer than a free weight olympic bar or even dumbbells so you have confidence when you are lifting and can focus on lifting instead of worrying about getting injured. You can do all of the movements and continue to use heavier weights with weight plates all the while maintaining safety. Go Beyond Olympic Lifts with Basketball Movement Based Lifts Easily replicate movements you do on the basketball court all the time which means you'll be stronger in every aspect of the game. One Foot Jumps - Use the APS for finishing moves such as layups off of one foot. This will also help you improve your balance which is an often overlooked aspect of athleticism. Two Feet Jumps - Rebounding, Vertical Jump, Dunking Lateral Movements - Increase your speed, strength, & quickness laterally Cost Effective & Minimal Space Required If you already have an Olympic bar & weight plates, all you need to have your own APS is a landmine attachment like the Renegade & the ASP. AT HOME - Easily perform many lifts that would normally require a big rack right in the comfort of your home. SCHOOLS - Landmines take up limited space which makes it easy to have multiple players training at the same time. Run circuits where 5 players are lifting, 5 are resting, and just keep alternating.
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The LockDown Defender bands will help you increase your lateral quickness.  Comes with convenient carry bag and 5 pairs of resistance bands.  Also great for programs such as P90X, T25, Body Best, & Insanity.  Take your Beachbody workouts to another level. Resistance bands dribbling drills are easy to do with the LockDown bands.  Just wear them on your thighs and you can still dribble the ball anyway you like and get up and down the basketball court.
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Lockdown Lateral Resistance Bands...the Easy Way to Get Faster & Quicker on the Court...Without Doing Extra Workouts Basketball Lateral Resistance Bands that you Wear During Normal Workouts that Build Speed & Quickness Do you want to get more out of your basketball workouts? Do you want to Get in Better Shape? Would you like to become a better defender and really improve your lateral quickness? The LockDown lateral resistance bands are a training tool that you can use to increase your speed & quickness without having to do any extra speed and agility drills or workouts. Just put them on and do your normal workouts for added resistance that will build your speed and quickness the easy way. The versatile bands can be worn on your thighs or ankles so you can target the areas you want when you want. When worn on the thighs you can do any basketball movement (and any other sport for that matter) without the bands getting in the way. Want to dribble the ball between your legs with the bands on? Go ahead when the bands are worn on the thighs they don’t restrict any basketball movement you may do including shooting the ball. Wearing the LockDown lateral resistance bands will not only help you on defense but will help you get quicker and faster when driving to the basket. They will also improve your conditioning as the added resistance will make your muscles work harder. You will burn more calories, tone up, get quicker and faster by just wearing the bands during your workout. The lateral resistance bands are also great for a any exercise program that you want to burn more calories, tone up faster, and just get into even better shape with added resistance - that won’t get in the way. So if you want to take your workouts and your game to another level the easy way - just add the LockDown lateral resistance bands to your current workouts and you’ll develop your speed and quickness without having to do additional workouts. You’ll also burn more calories and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Start training with the LockDown bands and get quicker and faster on the court, field, or wherever you play. Here's What You Get... Do you want to be that LockDown defender that every player on the other team hopes you don’t guard them? Do you want to be a constant source of pressure and discomfort for the other team? Then you need to start training with this amazing basketball training equipment to improve your lateral quickness and strength. All you have to do is just wear the bands while you do basketball defense drills. That's it! Using the LockDown Defender bands will make you quicker on defense allowing you to dominate slower offensive players. Force turnovers, pick pockets, and wreak havoc on the court defensively. Remember, the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, was also a great defender. Be like Mike and get steals & breakaways by being a better defender. Hoops King knows kbands training will help you reach your goals! Basketball Resistance Bands for Ankles & Thighs Make Defensive Drills Fun! Who wants to work on their defense? Most players just go through the motions when doing basketball defense drills and can't wait to get back to having the ball in their hands. With the Lockdown Defender bands there is now a challenge to defensive training. First of all, the bands will make it more fun! They really have a way to measure improvement by the resistance bands. They can be challenged to increase resistance and move up. Now consider you team. You will have players at different levels and everyone will want to be able to use the highest resistance they can. As a coach, make a big deal out of the players who can use the highest resistance and keep good form while doing basketball defense drills and this will motiviate other players to work with the bands and become stronger and quicker defensively. Watch your defensive intensity go to another level! BUILT FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS The great thing about the LockDown Defender resistance bands for ankles & thighs is that you can adjust the resistance by changing the bands. A common problem in this sort of device is that the band is too long and then you don’t get any resistance until you are almost all the way through your movment. The shorter bands on the LockDown Defender bands ensure you have resistance from the START of your movement. It’s important in any resistance exercise that you are able to increase the resistance as you get stronger so you can keep getting quicker and stronger in your defensive movement.We offer various sizes of bands for players from youth to the pros. The LockDown Defender Resistance Bands for Ankles or Thighs can be worn on the ankles or the thighs. This is a huge advantage! By wearing the bands on your ankles you can really work those lateral resistance moves and engage your entire leg in the movement. If you are going to move in a medial plane (forward and backward) then the bands can be worn on the thighs. For example, wear the bands on your ankles to do defensive slides. Wear them on your thighs if you want resistance while dribbling the basketball up and down the court. Weight Training - You can wear the bands while doing weight training exercises for that extra resistance. This is call Linear Variable Resistance training and can help you get through plateaus when lifting weights. It’s important in any resistance exercise that you are able to increase the resistance as you get stronger so you can keep getting quicker and stronger in your defensive movement. RESISTANCE BAND LEVELS The great thing about the LockDown Defender bands is that you can adjust the resistance by changing the bands. A common problem in this sort of device is that the band is too long and then you don’t get any resistance until you are almost all the way through your movment. The shorter bands on the LockDown Defender bands ensure you have resistance from the START of your movement. The LockDown Defender bands come with 5 pairs of bands. Yellow Bands - 7 to 10 lbs. of resistance Green Bands - 10 to 15 lbs of resistance Blue Bands - 15 to 22 lbs of resistance Red Bands - 22 to 30 lbs of resistance Black Bands - 30 to 40 lbs of resistance  What the Boss Says Chris Hungerford HoopsKing.com CEO The LockDown Lateral Resistance Bands for Ankles & Thighs are very popular with our customers. When we set out to design the bands, we wanted something that was well made and more useful than most products like this on the market. You can buy lateral bands at the big box stores but you can't change the resistance on them. The one band they come with is built in. Once you can easily do that one band there is no use for the product. Also, with most of those you have to be about 6'5" to get any resistance as the bands are way too long on those products. So we wanted a product that you could change the resistance on and give you enough bands that the product is useful for a youth player to a pro player.  Our bands also have metal clips. Most of these types of products on the market are made with cheap plastic clips that you know will break if you really use them for very long. The next thing we wanted to do was make them useful beyond lateral movement so they had to fit on the thighs as well. This opens up many more possibilities of using the bands vs. just wearing them around your ankles. I personally like to use them when working out to make by BeachBody workouts like P90X, T25, Beast, and others more difficult. T25 with these bands are great. I tried some of those bands that do not have straps and those quickly ride up on you and don't work. With the straps, everything stays in place while working out. So the bands are functional in any sport and area of fitness you want to use them. Make basketball defense drills fun by adding the Lockdown Lateral Resistance Bands for Ankles & Thighs to your workouts. What are lateral resistance bands? Lateral resistance bands are elastic bands that are designed to provide resistance during lateral movements, such as side steps and lateral lunges. They help to improve your hip stability, strengthen your leg muscles, and prevent injury. How do you use lateral resistance bands? To use lateral resistance bands, simply place the band around your ankles or thighs and perform lateral movements, such as side steps or lateral lunges. You can also use them during other exercises, such as squats or leg presses, to add resistance and increase the difficulty of the exercise. What muscles does lateral band work? Lateral resistance bands primarily work your hip abductors, which are the muscles on the outside of your hips that are responsible for moving your legs away from your body. They also work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Are resistance bands good for lateral raises? Yes, resistance bands can be used for lateral raises to provide resistance during the exercise and target the lateral deltoid muscles. They can be used as a standalone exercise or incorporated into a full-body workout routine.
Custom Wall Mounted Basketball locker room dry erase board Custom Wall Mounted Basketball Whiteboard
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Add a Custom Wall Mounted Basketball Whiteboard to your Locker Room...Add Team Spirit & Look Like the Pros! Design your custom wall mounted locker room right now! Click the red Personalize Now button. 4x4' Custom Basketball Wall Mounted Locker Room Whiteboards 5x4' Custom Basketball Wall Mounted Locker Room Whiteboards 6x4' Custom Basketball Wall Mounted Locker Room Whiteboards 8x4' Custom Basketball Wall Mounted Locker Room Whiteboards Recent Customer Custom Wall Mounted Whiteboards Design Your Custom Locker Room Whiteboard The fastest and quickest way to create your custom basketball wall mounted whiteboard is to click the red Personalize Now button above. Create your design, submit your order, and you are on your way to a great looking new custom whiteboard in your locker room. If you don't see what you need in our design tool, we can create a unique design for you. All artwork needs to be submitted by the customer. Email us at support@hoopsking.com for custom design requests. How to Hang Your Custom Wall Mounted Whiteboard
Weighted Vest for Athletes Basketball Football Soccer 1/2 pound weights for Weighted Vest
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Increase Your Speed, Quickness, Conditioning, & Power without Do Extra Workouts! Made of Lycra and Neoprene, this basketball training equipment provides a skintight fit that eliminates chafing and pain. Individual inner pockets contain powder coated, lead weights to help develop specific muscle groups. Use will enhance and increase speed, quickness, and strength. The detachable sleeves and lower section make the vest versatile for a range of sports and training regimens. Weighted Vest Features Individual inner weight pockets which means you can add as little as 1/2 pound of weight at a time Lycra and neoprene fabric is anti-bacterial/anti-microbial treated. All seams are bound for long-lasting durability. Weights are made of powder-coated lead for Maximum safe handling Vest can be used by any athlete, including swimmers. Weighted Vest FAQ How much weight should I use in my weighted vest? The amount of weight really varies depending on the activity you are doing. Skill Work - For example, if you are doing basketball drills like dribbling up and down the court, you should use around 10% of your body weight in the vest. So if you weigh 150 lbs, 15 lbs in the vest would be about the right amount when doing skill work. You don't want to sacrifice form when using the weighted vest. Exercise or Weight Training - When doing exercises such as pullups, squats, pushups, etc - you can add more weight to the vest as needed to provide the resistance you need to build strength. Is a Weighted Vest good for walking? Yes, wearing a weighted vest while walking will help you burn more calories while walking as well as building and toning your muscles more. It's a great way to get more fitness benefits out of walking - for any age. What are the benefits of using a Weighted Vest? Weighted Vests are beneficial for all sorts of uses and from young to old. Build More Strength Increase Cardio Vascular Fitness Burn More Fat Build Speed & Quickness without doing extra agility workouts Weighted Vest Sizing Choose your size based on your chest size. Not sure how to measure your chest size? Check this link. Youth Large - 34-37" Adult Small - 38-40" Adult Medium - 41-43" Adult Large - 44-46" Adult XL - 47-49" How the Weighted Vest Works Your body is acclimated to your weight, and burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. As you add more weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight. Consequently, more calories are burned to support the increased muscle action. A properly weighted vest can intensify any activity or exercise. By increasing your metabolic rate and causing you to burn more calories in the same amount of time as your usual workout, the SWAG Weight Vest can double your results, making any workout much more effective. 10 lbs Included Benefits of a the SWAG Weigthed Vest Weight resistance can be adjusted in half-pound increments to easily incroporate the SWAG Strength Weight Vest and SWAG Strength Weight Shorts into speed progressions, plyometric progressions, agility drills, cardiovasular conditioning, and body weight exercises. Vest and shorts can be used with swimmers aquatic workouts. Our Weighted Vest Fits Like a Second Skin So You Aren't Pounded by Weights While You Work!