Courtside Runner Rug for Gym Floor


Courtside Runner Rug for Gym Floor

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Transform Your Gym Experience with Custom Courtside Runners

Elevate the safety, appearance, and longevity of your gym floor with our premium Custom Courtside Runners. Tailored to fit the unique dimensions and aesthetic of your gym, these runners offer unparalleled benefits for athletes and gym owners alike. From enhancing traction to showcasing your institution's spirit, discover how our custom courtside runners can revolutionize your gym environment.

Unmatched Benefits for Safety and Protection

  • Enhanced Traction and Stability: Made from durable, slip-resistant materials, our runners prevent accidents by improving athletes' grip on the floor.
  • Floor Damage Prevention: Act as a protective barrier, minimizing wear and tear from athlete activity and equipment, thereby prolonging your gym floor's lifespan.
  • Customizable for Branding: Showcase your school or gym's logo, colors, and design, turning the runners into a vibrant symbol of pride and spirit.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a wide range of colors and designs, these runners not only protect but also enhance the visual appeal of your facility.

Superior Features of Our GymPro Courtside Runners

  • Stain Resistance & Moisture Wicking: Our top cloth is virtually stain-proof, absorbing sweat to reduce dust and improve traction and safety.
  • Rubber Backing for Slip Resistance: Ensures the runner stays in place, offering a secure surface for athletes and visitors.
  • Diverse Color Selection: Choose from Charcoal, Red, Walnut, and more to perfectly match your gym's theme.
  • Flexible Sizing: Available in widths of 4 feet and lengths ranging from 15 to 35 feet, accommodating any gym size.


  • How do I choose the right size for my gym? Measure your space accurately and consider the areas with the most traffic or where additional protection is needed. Our team can also assist in choosing the optimal size for your needs.

  • Can I really customize the runners with any logo? Yes, up to two logos can be placed on each runner, with the option to add text in the middle. This is ideal for branding and showing school or team pride.

  • What's the lead time for custom orders? Custom orders typically require a 4 to 6 weeks lead time. We recommend planning accordingly to ensure your runners arrive when needed.

  • Are these runners difficult to maintain? Our runners are designed for easy maintenance. They're stain-resistant, and the moisture-wicking fabric keeps them clean and safe for daily use.

Make the smart choice for your gym today with our Custom Courtside Runners. Not only will you safeguard your athletes and floors, but you'll also infuse your space with team spirit and professionalism. Upgrade your gym experience now and enjoy the benefits for years to come.