Lock in Your Gear with Rock-Solid Ball Bases

Upgrade your setup with RAM® Ball Bases, the foundation for secure and versatile mounting. These tough-as-nails bases are perfect for holding your essential equipment, from phones and tablets to action cameras and GPS devices.

Available in a range of sizes to match the weight of your gear, Ball Bases offer unmatched flexibility. The interchangeable ball allows you to switch between different mounts (sold separately) on the fly - go from a windshield mount to a desk mount in seconds. With a variety of attachment options, including drill-down, rail, suction cup, and magnetic, you can find the perfect fit for any situation.

Don't let a shaky mount ruin your ride or disrupt your focus. RAM® Ball Bases keep your gear exactly where you need it, bump after bump, mile after mile. Shop our Ball Base collection and experience the difference of rock-solid mounting!

High Volume Double Action Hand Pump
HoopsKing High Volume Double Action Hand Pump $33.99
Tired of spending ages inflating your pool floats, air mattress, or beach ball? Say goodbye to weak single-action pumps and hello to fast and easy inflation with the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump! This powerful pump is designed to make inflating a breeze, so you can spend less time pumping and more time enjoying the fun. Why Choose the High Volume Double Action Hand Pump? Inflate Faster: Double action technology pumps air on both the up and down strokes, cutting inflation time in half compared to single-action pumps. Effortless Inflation: The high-volume design moves more air with each stroke, making inflation easier, especially for larger inflatables. Deflate for Easy Storage: Need to store your inflatable? Simply switch the pump to deflate mode to quickly remove air. Added Versatility: The included valve adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of inflatables, from pool toys to air mattresses. Durable Construction: Built to last, this hand pump is made with high-quality materials to withstand repeated use. Compact and Portable: The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to take anywhere you go. In Short: Double action for faster inflation High volume design for effortless pumping Deflation mode for convenient storage Valve adapter for added versatility Durable construction for long life Compact and portable for easy transport Still not convinced? Check out our FAQ below to learn more! Frequently Asked Questions Q: What kind of inflatables can this pump handle? A: This pump is ideal for a variety of inflatables, including pool floats, air mattresses, beach balls, inflatable boats, and more. Q: Does the pump come with a pressure gauge? A: No, this pump does not include a pressure gauge. However, many inflatables have a recommended inflation pressure printed on them. Q: How easy is it to switch between inflation and deflation modes? A: Switching between modes is very simple and can be done in seconds with a clearly marked switch on the pump.
Double Action Hand Pump Double Action Hand Pump
HoopsKing Double Action Hand Pump $9.99
infDouble Action Hand Pump: Effortless Inflation for Your Exercise Ball Ever struggle to inflate your exercise ball with a flimsy pump? The Double Action Hand Pump is here to change that! This innovative pump makes inflating your exercise ball a breeze, so you can get to your workout faster. Powerful and Efficient Inflation The Double Action Hand Pump features a double-action design that inflates your ball with both push and pull strokes. This cuts down inflation time significantly compared to single-action pumps, letting you spend less time pumping and more time exercising. Ideal for Large Inflatables Don't let the name fool you! This pump isn't just for exercise balls. The Double Action Hand Pump is perfect for inflating a variety of large inflatables, from pool floats to air mattresses. Its high-pressure design allows you to inflate even the biggest items quickly and easily. Why Choose the Double Action Hand Pump? Double-action inflation: Inflates on both push and pull strokes for faster inflation. High-pressure design: Perfect for inflating large inflatables like exercise balls, pool floats, and air mattresses. Durable construction: Built to last, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Lightweight and portable: Take it with you wherever you go, for hassle-free inflation on the move. Cost-effective: Save money on expensive electric pumps and compressed air cans. The Double Action Hand Pump is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to inflate their exercise ball or other large inflatables quickly and easily. Frequently Asked Questions What size balls can this pump inflate? The Double Action Hand Pump can inflate balls of all sizes, from small yoga balls to large exercise balls. Will this pump work with air mattresses? Yes, the Double Action Hand Pump is perfect for inflating air mattresses. Is this pump easy to use? Yes, the Double Action Hand Pump is very easy to use. Simply attach the nozzle to the inflation valve and start pumping. The double-action design makes inflation effortless. Is this pump durable? The Double Action Hand Pump is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. Order your Double Action Hand Pump today and experience the difference!
Therapy Ball Base
HoopsKing Therapy Ball Base $11.99
Unleash the Full Potential of Your Exercise Ball: Introducing the Therapy Ball Base Looking to elevate your exercise ball routine? The Therapy Ball Base is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This innovative accessory transforms your exercise ball into a versatile fitness tool, unlocking a world of possibilities for your workouts and core strengthening. Enhance Stability and Expand Your Exercise Horizons The Therapy Ball Base provides a secure platform for your exercise ball, eliminating the worry of rolling or wobbling. This newfound stability empowers you to tackle a broader range of exercises with confidence, from static stretches and core work to dynamic movements that would be challenging on an unstable ball. Key Features and Benefits: Unmatched Stability: The base cradles your exercise ball, preventing rolling and creating a secure platform for various exercises. Expanded Exercise Variety: Perform static stretches, core exercises, and dynamic movements with confidence and stability. Office Chair Transformation: Turn your exercise ball into a stable office chair, promoting core engagement throughout your workday. Durable Construction: Built to last, the Therapy Ball Base can withstand rigorous workouts. Universal Compatibility: Designed for use with exercise balls 65 cm and up. From Workouts to Workdays: The Therapy Ball Base Does It All The Therapy Ball Base isn't just for the gym. This ingenious tool can be seamlessly integrated into your workday, transforming your exercise ball into a stable yet core-engaging office chair. By subtly activating your core muscles as you sit, the Therapy Ball Base promotes better posture and can help reduce back pain associated with traditional office chairs. So, whether you're crushing a workout or powering through your workday, the Therapy Ball Base empowers you to move with confidence and strengthen your core. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What size exercise balls does the Therapy Ball Base work with? A: The Therapy Ball Base is designed for use with exercise balls 65 cm and up. Q: Can I use the Therapy Ball Base with a smaller ball? A: While the base may technically fit smaller balls, it is not recommended for optimal stability. Q: Is the Therapy Ball Base comfortable to use as an office chair? A: Absolutely! The Therapy Ball Base provides a stable platform while still engaging your core muscles for improved posture and reduced back pain. Ditch the limitations of a traditional exercise ball and unlock a world of exercise possibilities with the Therapy Ball Base. Order yours today!
Deluxe Ball Base
HoopsKing Deluxe Ball Base $28.99
Finally, take control of your exercise ball workout! Ever feel like your exercise ball rolls away at the slightest movement? Do you struggle to find stability for core exercises or challenging poses? Look no further than the Deluxe Ball Base, the ultimate solution for getting the most out of your exercise ball routine. Transform your exercise ball into a total-body gym The Deluxe Ball Base is more than just a stable platform for your exercise ball. Here's how it can elevate your workout: Enhanced Stability: The wide, secure base prevents your ball from rolling, allowing you to focus on your form and maximize results. Increased Exercise Options: Open grooves underneath the base accommodate resistance tubes and exercise balls, creating a wider variety of workouts you can perform. Improved Core Strength: Use the Deluxe Ball Base to create a stable desk chair, subtly engaging your core muscles throughout your workday. Space-Saving Storage: The Deluxe Ball Base holds your exercise ball securely when not in use, keeping your workout area organized. Benefits: Improved stability for all exercise ball routines Increased exercise variety with resistance tube and ball compatibility Core strengthening through active sitting Space-saving storage solution Frequently Asked Questions Q: What size exercise balls does the Deluxe Ball Base fit? A: The Deluxe Ball Base is designed to be universally compatible and accommodates most exercise ball sizes. Q: Can I use the Deluxe Ball Base with resistance bands? A: Absolutely! The open grooves can hold resistance bands in addition to tubes and exercise balls. Q: How easy is it to assemble the Deluxe Ball Base? A: The Deluxe Ball Base is designed for easy assembly, with most users finding it a quick and manageable process. Ready to take your exercise ball routine to the next level? Order your Deluxe Ball Base today!
Ball Stacker Set
HoopsKing Ball Stacker Set $51.99
Tired of tripping over your exercise ball? Let's face it, exercise balls are fantastic for core workouts, stretching, and improving balance, but they can also be a pain to store. They roll around easily, taking up valuable floor space, and become an obstacle course in your workout area. Introducing the Ball Stacker Set, the simple and effective solution to storing your exercise balls. This ingenious set of three clear plastic rings allows you to stack your balls vertically, saving space and keeping them organized. No more clutter, no more tripping hazards – just a clean and efficient workout environment. Key Features and Benefits: Space-saving design: Stack your exercise balls vertically, freeing up valuable floor space in your home gym or fitness center. Organized storage: Keep your exercise balls neatly organized and easily accessible. Clear design: The transparent plastic rings allow you to see all your balls at a glance, making it easy to choose the right size for your workout. Durable construction: Made from high-quality plastic, the Ball Stacker Set is built to last. Versatile use: Can be used to store balls of various sizes, from small pilates balls to large yoga balls (typically 35cm to 95cm in diameter). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How many balls can the Ball Stacker Set hold? Each set includes three rings, allowing you to stack up to three exercise balls vertically. What size balls will the Ball Stacker Set hold? The Ball Stacker Set is designed to hold exercise balls typically ranging from 35cm to 95cm in diameter. Is the Ball Stacker Set easy to assemble? Absolutely! The Ball Stacker Set consists of three interlocking rings that can be easily assembled in seconds. Will the Ball Stacker Set damage my exercise balls? No, the Ball Stacker Set is made from smooth, non-abrasive plastic that will not harm your exercise balls. With the Ball Stacker Set, you can finally reclaim your workout space and keep your exercise balls organized and accessible. Order your set today and experience the difference!