Enhance Accessibility with Our Scooter Carts

Looking for a way to improve the shopping experience for customers who use mobility scooters? Our collection of scooter carts provides a convenient and comfortable solution. These carts are specifically designed to accommodate scooters, featuring wide bases for stability, easy-to-access loading areas, and swivel casters for smooth maneuvering throughout your store.

By offering scooter carts, you can ensure everyone can navigate your aisles with ease and participate in the joy of shopping. Browse our selection to find the perfect cart for your store's needs, and create a more inclusive shopping environment for all.

Scooter Stacker Scooter Stacker
HoopsKing Scooter Stacker $62.99
Stop the Scooter Scatter! Get Organized with the Scooter Stacker Is your playroom or classroom overrun with scooters? Do you spend more time tripping over them than using them? The Scooter Stacker is the simple solution to your scooter storage woes! This handy storage unit keeps your scooters organized, clean, and readily available for playtime fun. The Perfect Playtime Partner The Scooter Stacker is more than just storage. It's a playtime partner! Here's why: Holds Up to 16 Scooters: Clear the floor and organize up to sixteen 12" and 16" scooters with ease. Effortless Transport: The built-in web handle allows for easy towing, making it a breeze to move scooters from room to room. Keeps Scooters Clean: Stacked scooters are off the floor and away from dirt and debris. Durable Construction: Built to last, the sturdy steel pole and wide base ensure safe and secure storage. Easy Assembly: The Scooter Stacker assembles in minutes, so you can get organized fast! Frequently Asked Questions What size scooters does the Scooter Stacker hold? The Scooter Stacker can accommodate most standard 12" and 16" scooters. How many scooters can it hold? The Scooter Stacker has space for up to sixteen scooters. Is it easy to assemble? Absolutely! The Scooter Stacker assembles with just a few simple steps. Is it easy to move? The built-in web handle allows for effortless towing. Don't let scooter clutter slow down the fun! The Scooter Stacker is the perfect way to keep your space organized and playtime rolling!
ABS Scooter Storage Cart
HoopsKing ABS Scooter Storage Cart $278.99
Tidy Up Your Play Area with the Champion ABS Scooter Storage Cart! Is your playroom or gym overrun with scooters? Do you spend more time tripping over them than using them? The Champion ABS Scooter Storage Cart is the perfect solution for keeping your space organized and clutter-free. This cart is specifically designed to store scooters efficiently. It boasts a durable ABS plastic construction that can hold up to a whopping 48 scooters! No more scattered scooters littering the floor – hang them neatly by their handles for a clean and organized space. Here's Why You Need the Champion ABS Scooter Storage Cart: Superior Storage: Organize up to 48 scooters in one convenient location. Space-Saving Design: The compact design maximizes storage capacity without sacrificing valuable floor space. Effortless Maneuvering: Heavy-duty, non-marring swivel casters allow for smooth and easy transport on any surface, without leaving scuff marks. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this cart is built to last. Clean and Organized: Keeps your play area or gym free from clutter, promoting safety and a more enjoyable space. This easy-to-assemble cart is the perfect solution for schools, daycare centers, gyms, or any space where scooters are used. FAQ Q: How many scooters can this cart hold? A: The Champion ABS Scooter Storage Cart can hold up to 48 scooters. Q: What is the cart made of? A: The cart is made from durable ABS plastic. Q: Does the cart come assembled? A: No, the cart requires some assembly. However, the assembly process is simple and straightforward. Q: Will this cart damage my floors? A: No, the cart features heavy-duty, non-marring swivel casters that won't leave scuff marks on your floors.
Scooter and Cone Storage Cart Scooter and Cone Storage Cart
HoopsKing Scooter and Cone Storage Cart $199.99
Stop the Clutter, Start the Fun: The All-in-One Scooter & Cone Storage Cart Is your gym or play space overflowing with scooters and cones? Do you spend more time tripping over obstacles than enjoying playtime? This innovative Scooter & Cone Storage Cart is the perfect solution for keeping your space organized and clutter-free! Unmatched Versatility This cart isn't a one-trick pony. It can handle a variety of equipment, storing up to: Thirty 12" scooters Eighty 12" cones Fifty 18" cones Built to Last Constructed from a sturdy 1" galvanized steel frame, this cart is built to withstand years of use. Smooth-rolling 8" diameter rubber wheels make it easy to transport your supplies around the room, and the silver finish adds a touch of style to any environment. Key Features and Benefits: Multi-functional: Stores both scooters and cones for ultimate space-saving convenience. Durable Construction: High-quality galvanized steel ensures long-lasting use. Mobile Design: Effortless transportation thanks to large, non-marring rubber wheels. Space-Saving Design: Vertical storage maximizes floor space. Easy Assembly: Get rolling quickly with a simple assembly process. Frequently Asked Questions What is the weight capacity of the cart? While not rated for a specific weight capacity, the cart is designed to hold multiple scooters or a large number of cones. Is assembly difficult? No! The cart requires minimal assembly and can be easily put together in a short amount of time. What size scooters will fit? This cart comfortably holds most standard 12" scooters. Stop the clutter and keep the fun rolling! Order your Scooter & Cone Storage Cart today!