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Read and React offense with Rick Torbett
Rick Torbett (Rental)-Read & React Offense $49.99
Unlock the Secrets of Winning Basketball with the Read and React Offense DVD Rental Discover the innovative basketball strategy that's changing the game. Rent the Read and React Offense 2 DVD set and delve into the 20-layer strategy developed by Coach Rick Torbett. Designed to elevate team performance through versatile formations and intelligent play, this DVD set is your key to unlocking a dynamic, unstoppable offense. Master the Game with Comprehensive Learning Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Coach Rick Torbett, the mastermind behind the Read and React Offense, through detailed whiteboard explanations and on-court demonstrations. Versatile Strategies: Whether you have strong posts or a youth team, adapt the offense to your team's strengths with formations like 5 Out, 4 Out 1 In, and 3 Out 2 In. Streamlined Learning: This updated 2 DVD set focuses on essential content, eliminating fluff to provide a concentrated dose of offensive tactics. Transform Your Team's Performance Build from the Basics: Understand and implement all 20 layers of the Read and React Offense, starting from layer one and building your team's skills systematically. Unique Circle Movement: Master the Circle Movement layer for an effective "Dribble Drive" offense, enhancing player coordination and on-court chemistry. Adaptable to Any Team: Tailor the Read and React Offense to fit your team's unique composition and strengths, maximizing your offensive effectiveness. Rent the Read and React Offense DVD today and gain the knowledge and tools to teach your team the art of adaptable, intelligent basketball play. Elevate your coaching and lead your team to victory with strategies proven on the court. FAQs How long is the rental period for the DVD set? The rental period is 10 days for all DVD sets (2 or more discs in the same title) Can I purchase the DVD set after renting? We only rent the DVDs and do not sell them. Is this DVD set suitable for all coaching levels? Absolutely! Whether you're coaching a youth team or a professional squad, the Read and React Offense DVD set offers valuable insights and strategies adaptable to any level. What makes the Read and React Offense unique? Its structured yet flexible approach allows for dynamic gameplay, emphasizing player decisions and movements that adapt in real-time to the defense. Transform your team's offensive strategy with the Read and React Offense DVD rental. Learn, adapt, and lead your team to success.
Secrets Of The Pack Line Pressure Defense by Matt Woodley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Woodley (Rental)-Secrets Of The Pack Line Pressure Defense $19.99
The Secrets of the Pack Line Pressure Defense Drake alum and current assistant coach Matt Woodley dives into the Pack Line defense developed by the Bennett family. Woodley spent three years as an assistant at Washington State under current Virginia head coach Tony Bennett. In this video, Coach Woodley uses classroom sessions, on-court demonstrations, and video instruction to breakdown and install the basic Pack Line defense. You will get everything you need to immediately implement the Pack Line with your team. Pack Line Defense – Questions Answered The classroom session helps answer some of the most basic questions about the Pack Line defense. Coach Woodley addresses the keys to the defense, its staples, and the secrets to playing it successfully. Each talking point gives you an idea why the Pack Line is difficult to score against. Pack Line Defense – Overview Coach Woodley addresses the most common misconception about the Pack Line – that it is not a pressure defense. He goes on to explain the need to put pressure on the ball as well as other concepts needed for success. You get a look at the ways offenses will attack the Pack Line and how Coach Woodley deals with each one. From ball screens to transition defense and even turnover defense, you will get everything you need to run the Pack Line defense. Pack Line Defense – Breakdown Drills Coach Woodley then breaks down each concept of the Pack Line and shows you drills that work them. Using on-court demonstration and video analysis, Coach Woodley shows you everything from transition defense to playing against off-ball screens and other actions. You will see drills to help your players recover on closeouts. Most man-to-man teams require players to help and recover. The Pack Line only requires a recover. Coach Woodley shows you five versions of his 4-on-4 Shell Drill that will help your team learn how to defend the different actions they will face in games. While most instructional videos give you a couple things you can add to your coaching arsenal, Coach Woodley’s presentation is something that gives you an entire defense that you can install relatively easily.
1-2-2 & 1-1-2-1 Three Quarter Court Pressure Defense by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Wright (Rental)-1-2-2 & 1-1-2-1 Three Quarter Court Pressure Defense $19.99
1-2-2 3/4 Court Press & 1-1-2-1 Three-Quarter Court Pressure Defense With two national championships in 2016 and 2018, Villanova head coach Jay Wright is one of the nation’s top college basketball coaches. He is one of the country’s best teachers as you will see in this video where Wright focuses in on his three-quarter court, 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press defensive pressure scheme. You will see four base strategies that can be employed to run the three-quarter court 1-2-2 defense. You will also see how you can convert back into a 1-3-1 or a 2-3 zone. Wright also shows you to be effective against ball screens when defending zone offenses. Basic Multiple Defense Concepts In order to teach anything, coaches must first understand the philosophy behind what they are teaching. Coach Wright provides his viewers with all of the knowledge needed to teach the 1-2-2 three-quarter court defense. He shows you the setup, where players should play based on their physical attributes, and give you five reasons why you should run a press. Coach Wright also covers the rules and responsibilities for each position in the defense. Defensive Plays Coach Wright then goes into how defenses must prepare for what offenses will do. He’ll cover skip passes, ball reversal, and more. He breaks down the various defensive scenarios to show you the following: Learn how to attack small and retreat big and how to fake the trap and then trap Learn how to keep the ball out of the middle of the floor Learn how to teach players to get the ball to one side of the defense Learn how to get back on defense to avoid giving up an open 3-pointer 1-3-1 and 2-3 Defenses Coach Wright shows you how to convert back into a 1-3-1 or 2-3 out of the three-quarter court press. You will see: How to teach your players to stay aggressive while playing zone defense How to tag someone so players know who their man is and who they are boxing out in a zone defense How to use man principles all while playing zone defense 1-1-2-1 Press Coach Wright masks the 1-1-2-1 as a 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press and shows you how to convert back into a 2-3 zone. It’s a more conservative press and is best used when playing a half-court 2-3 zone. As Wright moves deeper in to this segment, he discusses the rules and responsibilities for each position in the 2-3 zone. The key is to make sure every player is matched up with an offensive player on each shot. Guarding Against Ball Screens Because of the use of so many ball screens in today’s offenses, Coach Wright shares with you how to deny shooters off ball screens as well as how to go over or under a screen depending upon the skill level of the player they are guarding. This a complete package for installing a multiple defensive system for your team. Learn everything from fake traps to dealing with ball screens. Coach Wright’s video is a must-have for all defensive-minded coaches. Rent this 1-2-2 3/4 Court Press DVD today.
Read and React Zone Attack
Rick Torbett (Rental)-Read And React Zone Attack $19.99
Read and React Zone Offense Attack The Read and Reack Zone Offense is run the same way as it is in man to man but with some adjustments.  For example, in the pass and cut layer, players will still cut after they pass but they will now stop in a spot and stay there for one pass.  A player could cut and go to the short coner, mid-post, or high post on either side of the court. The Read and React Offense Zone Attack also features the Pin and Skip action where the two players on the weak side of the zone attack a defender.  One player will screen the zone defender and the other will be open for the shot because of the screen being set. Read and React Zone Offense Sets The Read and React Zone Offense Attack sets are just like the man to man version - 3 Out, 4 Out, and 5 Out. You can attack any type of zone with the Read & React Offense.  You'll find that if you face a 1-3-1 it would be better to attack with a 4 Out 1 in.  If you face a 2-3 Zone you would want to run the 3 Out or 5 Out sets.  This puts your players into the natural gaps of the zone defense. Using the Read and React Offense will allow you to attack both man and zone defenses with the same principles making it easier for your players to attack any type of defense they see without having to learn a whole new system or new offense. The Read and React Zone Offense Attack will have you moving the ball from side to side, still attacking off the dribble, and teaching your players how to play basketball instead of making them robots who have to run from spot to spots.  Rent the Read and React Zone Offense DVD today.
Full Court Pressure Defensive System by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Full Court Pressure Defensive System $17.99
The Dribble Drive Motion Offense basketball genius teaches you how to get full court pressure One of the most innovative basketball coaches teaches full court pressure defense This defensive strategy shows where players should be. Vance Walberg is a well-known coach and innovator in the game. He has created a unique style of basketball in his 30 years of coaching. Walberg shows you his complete court defense system in this DVD. He believes it is more innovative than his Dribble Drive Attack Offense. Ironically, this defense was responsible for developing his Dribble Drive Attack Offense. Walberg's defense system is based on full court pressure of 2-2-1 pressure. Walberg divides the court into quarters, making it easy to understand and implement the defense. Walberg explains each player's role and shows how to make this defense work. This defense also gives Walberg three zones on the entire court. Combining pressure defense with the Dribble Drive Attack Offense is a proven formula for winning basketball. His teams were able to go 159-18 after Clovis West installed his entire system. His teams were 133-11 at Fresno City College. This system works, and it's a winner. 90 minutes. 2008.
The Mayhem Amoeba Style Defense by Ryan McCarthy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan McCarthy (Rental)-The Mayhem Amoeba Style Defense $18.99
Mayhem Press Basketball - Amoeba-Style Defense Create absolute mayhem on defense with a zone defense that morphs into one that uses pressure man-to-man and zone principles. Ryan McCarthy, the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, has created a full-court pressure defense that helped his team earn a trip to the 2016 NCAA Division II championship game. In three seasons (2015-17), McCarthy’s teams have gone 97-7 and led the NCAA in steals. In this video, McCarthy shows you how he has taken the Amoeba defense from the legendary Jerry Tarkanian and adapted it into a full-court, full-game type of defense. Using game footage, on-court demonstration, and the whiteboard; Coach McCarthy breaks down his defense and shares drills he uses to teach it. Mayhem Press Basketball Build-Up Team Drills Coach McCarthy shows you five drills to use to teach your players how to play the Mayhem Amoeba defense. Forcing to the Baseline drill teaches players to closeout and apply intense ball pressure. They also learn to control the direction of a dribbler and force them to the baseline. The Ball Pressure Jump drill teaches guards how to help after a player gets beat. Other drills teach how to switch on ball screens, take away your opponent’s low-block presence by fronting the post, and how to rotate to protect the basket when the ball gets to the corner. Countering Offensive Strategies To learn the effectiveness of this match-up zone, Coach McCarthy shows you the responsibilities of each player and their rotations against the most common offensive strategies. Odd front alignments: McCarthy shows you how to match up immediately, disrupt ball reversals, take away cutters, and more. Even front alignments: Learn how to shift defenders along with perimeter with the reverse bump and how to neutralize pick-and-pops by aggressively switching defenders. 1-4 High Sets: Play strong denial defense with weak side help. Learn to anticipate dives from the posts and take away weak side flashes by bumping defenders. Additionally, Coach McCarthy shows you how to smother the paint when teams try the double low post alignment. On top of that, McCarthy gets into the different trapping options available that can really drive opponents crazy. This defense is one that will create mayhem on the floor if run correctly. McCarthy shows you how in this extremely well done video. Add it to your defensive collection today! Rent this Mayhem Press Basketball DVD today.
Half Court Defensive Pressure System by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Half Court Defensive Pressure System $29.99
Vance Walberg: Half-Court Pressure Defensive System Coach Walberg, the creator of the Dribble Drive Attack offense, completes his defensive system with this deep dive into his half-court defense. This presentation, along with his other DVD “Full Court Pressure Defensive System” offers coaches a complete defense to match up against today’s modern offenses. Coach Walberg begins with a review of the basics of the full-court defense including key concepts like ball pressure, dividing the court into quarters, player assignments, and terminology. He then transitions to the half-court where he explains and demonstrates each player’s position and responsibility against the common 4-Out 1-In and 3-Out 2-In sets. You will learn the essentials of how to play a high pressure half-court defense night after night. These essentials include: Half-court terminology Screen out responsibilities and drills Defending the post Handling the skip pass Handling screens Defending the pick and roll Defending the dribble hand off or kick back To master the half-court pressure defense, Coach Walberg shares a number of drills. In the Shell Drill, it starts versus a 4-Out or a 3-Out 1-In set. Communication and movement are stressed and Walberg then progresses into other drills such as the Paint Touch drill, Baseline Penetration drill, Middle Penetration drill, and Pick and Roll drill. Walberg uses a point system with nearly all of his drills to make them more competitive. One of Walberg’s favorites is the Perfect 35 drill where a defense must top the offense for 35 seconds with no fouls, no offensive rebounds, no paint touches, and without giving up a score. This drill also uses a point system to make it more competitive. The drill is a great conditioner too. Coach Walberg concludes the presentation with some game film examples of his defense in action. You’ll learn plenty from his commentary as he watches the film. One of the game’s most innovative coaches, Walberg offers you the opportunity to implement his entire pressure defensive system by pairing this half-court defense video with his previous full-court presentation.
Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Tom Blackford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Blackford (Rental)-Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense $17.99
Legendary coach Tom Blackford brings you into one of his practice sessions allowing you to learn his smothering 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Blackford has over 400 career victories and consistently leads his teams on deep playoff runs. This is an incredible opportunity to learn a defense that can directly lead to more wins for your program. Team and Player Fundamentals Coach Blackford details each players positions and responsibilities. The goal of his instruction is to give his players enough rules to know where to go without over thinking. His players play fast and are free to trap and fly around the court within his basic rules. Teaching Progressions Coach Blackford begins teaching his 1-3-1 defense with just two offensive players. This allows him to focus on one positions responsibility and how everyone else should adjust. His next progression is with three offensive players with an emphasis on trapping and keeping the ball out of the middle. Again, this allows every player to understand where he or she needs to be and how to anticipate the next action. Coach Blackford brings all the teaching together in his final progression. He sets the offense up in a 2-1-2 set, one of the most common sets to attacking a 1-3-1 defense. The defense focus on all of the fundamentals for this defense which include getting into passing lanes, box out assignments, taking away the danger spots, and preventing dribble penetration. 1-3-1 Adjustments Coach Blackford shows how you can transform your 1-3-1 into specific "junk" defenses such as the "Box-and-1," "Triangle-and-Two," or even a "Matchup" look. This can be done so seamlessly that you can change between these defenses in the middle of the possession. A nice bonus of the DVD is that coach Blackford shows some of the offensive shooting drills and three offensive sets that include a secondary offense set and plays form Michigan State and Syracuse. Whether you already run a 1-3-1 or are looking to improve it this DVD will improve your team defense so do not wait and rent it today.
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Vance Walberg: Mastering The Dribble Drive Attack Offense $39.99
vance Walberg's Dribble Drive Offense Was That Idea That Was Birthed 10 Years Ago, And Since Inception, It Has Taking The World Of Football By Storm. This Incredible System Has Metamorphosed Into An Offensive Attack Taken On By So Many Renowned Coaches Including John Calipari, Larry  brown, Lawrence Frank And Hundreds Of Coaches At All Levels Across The Globe. coach Vance Walberg Used A Unique Two Point Guard (attackers) Set Which Is Complemented By Two Wings And A Rim-running Post Player To Make The Illustrations In This Presentation Come Alive. In The Video, The Offense Featured Two Unconventional Ideas:  no Screens And The Post Player Runs To The Weak Side Of The Floor. However, The Two Features Created More Space For Dribble Penetration. walberg Also Broke Down Each Player's Movement On The Floor According To The Level Of Ball Penetration. You Will See How Players React To Penetration And How They Move Into Drag, Drop And Rack Zones With The Goal Of Creating Spaces And Gaps And To Get To The Rack. walberg Also Taught Middle And Baseline Penetrations And The Kick-back Option That Is Able To Produce Open 3-point Shots Or Open Drives To The Basket. Additionally, Coach Walberg Also Touched His "daily 45 Drills," Which He Enjoys Running In The First 45 Minutes Of Each Of His Practice Sessions. these Fast Moving Drills Dealt On The Necessary Fundamentals Needed To Run The Dribble Drive Attack Offense - Including His Popular "blood Drills," Which Focuses On Shooting, Passing, Footwork, Cutting, Catching And Pivoting. Walberg Also Illustrated Every Part Of The Dribble Drive Attack In Various 3-on-2, 2-on-1 Full Court Breakdown Drills. all Through The Presentation, He Highlighted The Key Drills And Teaching Points Which He Used To Build The Offense. This Is Why According To sports Illustrated; Vance Walberg Is "the Master" Of The Dribble Drive Offense And One Of The Top Innovators In The Game Of Basketball In Recent Times. If You Are Looking For A Fun And High Scoring Way To Play From The Inventor Himself, Install This Offense, Follow It Keenly, And Thank Me Later!
The Mayhem 2-2-1 Press by Ryan McCarthy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan McCarthy (Rental)-The Mayhem 2-2-1 Press $18.99
The “Mayhem” 2-2-1 Press University of Alaska-Anchorage head coach Ryan McCarthy created the Mayhem style of defense for one purpose – to force turnovers. Those turnovers translate into points and as a result of McCarthy’s defense, the SeaWolves have emerged as an NCAA Division II power. From 2015 to 2017, Alaska-Anchorage won 97 games and earned a trip to the national championship game. McCarthy’s teams have led Division II in steals per game and have finished in the Top 5 in scoring defense, turnovers forced, and turnover margin in multiple seasons. In this video, Coach McCarthy uses white board, on-court demonstration, and game film to teach you the 2-2-1 Mayhem Press. He will get into roles and responsibilities, how to defeat the different press breaks you will see, and the practice drills that support the system. Progressive Drills to Build the 2-2-1 Press Coach McCarthy uses five drills that build on each other to teach the Mayhem defense. These drills teach the roles and responsibilities for each player on the floor. The drills include: The Points Game (1-on-1): This is the classic Zig-Zag drill with a twist. By adding some competition, players learn to stay in front of the ball, apply pressure, and not foul. 2-on-2 Drill: This teaches players up front the concept of the run-and-jump approach to trapping in this press. Players learn to trap and how to rotate out of the trap. 3-on-3 Drill: Players in the second row learn how to pick up an offensive player who has cut down the floor and has not received the ball. 4-on-4 Drill: Second row players work on denying opponents properly. They also work on picking up a guard who cuts up the floor after an inbound pass. 5-on-5 Drill: A full live drill where variations of press breaks are used so players become familiar with defending them. Handling Common Press Breaks In addition to roles and responsibilities for each player, McCarthy discusses the terminology they use for the geography of the court. This helps players understand the basic principles of the press. Players can then learn the different ways that offenses will attack their press. The common press breakers are: Two-Guard Front: The defense learns to switch screens and pressure the inbound to the corners with the two front line defenders. Players are taught to find their matchups before and after the ball is inbounded. You will see when the defense will trap, where an ideal trap is located, and who is supposed to trap. One-Guard Front: This approach is easily handled by pinching the point guard with two defenders. Coach McCarthy’s system has transformed the Alaska-Anchorage program. Learn the system and the drills that help build it in this video.
Spread Offense Basketball by Brad Underwood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brad Underwood (Rental)-Spread Offense Basketball $17.99
Spread Offense Basketball When Brad Underwood was the head coach at Stephen F. Austin University in 2013-14, he took the Lumberjacks to the NCAA tournament. His team was the first in school history to ever earn a trip to the Big Dance and finished with a 32-3 record that year. One of the big reasons why was Underwood’s offense, a position-less continuity offense that stresses defenses with a lot of movement. In this video, Coach Underwood shares his version of the spread offense, which has helped Underwood move on to Oklahoma State and then his current stop at Illinois. The offense gives the defense a multitude of different looks and the spacing, passing, and cutting helps create high percentage shots. The Basics of the Spread Offense in Basketball Coach Underwood starts off the presentation by reviewing the positioning of players on the floor and how they are to move once an entry pass is made. Where the entry occurs does not matter as two offensive players will always make hard basket cuts. Should they not get open for a high percentage shot, the offense then goes into a 2-man game. You will see Coach Underwood break down all of the cuts made to execute the offense. Spread Offense Basketball Breakdown Drills The way to ensure success with the spread offense is to stick to a regimen of daily practice drills that teach the skills needed to run the offense and build the habits to run the offense effectively. Players learn to play all the spots in this position-less offense. Drills are broken down into 2-, 3-, and 4-man actions. The drills focus on fast and aggressive cuts. This is the most important element in the offense. The second-most important element, according to Coach Underwood, is the 2-man game. Finally, Coach Underwood addresses the fill players, those that keep the floor properly spaced and balanced placing additional stress on the defense. You’ll also see an element of the dribble drive motion offense that can be used with the spread offense to create favorable matchups and post player looks. If you are looking to score more often with an offense that combines hard cuts, great post play, and an effective 2-man game; this is it. Coach Underwood shares an entire spread offensive package that creates continuity and incorporates the elements of the modern basketball offense. Rent this spread offense basketball DVD today.
Man To Man Defense With Jim Huber by Jim Huber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Huber (Rental)-Man To Man Defense With Jim Huber $39.99
Mastering the Huber Defense: Unleashing Defensive Excellence Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering the Huber Defense, a defensive strategy that is sure to elevate your basketball game to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Huber Defense, providing you with valuable insights, expert tips, and detailed breakdowns to help you outperform your opponents on the court. Whether you're a seasoned basketball player or a novice looking to improve your defensive skills, this guide is your key to unlocking defensive excellence. Understanding the Huber Defense The Huber Defense, named after its creator and renowned basketball coach, Coach Huber, is a highly effective defensive strategy designed to disrupt the opponent's offense and gain a competitive edge. This defensive system emphasizes constant pressure, strategic positioning, and rapid transitions, making it a formidable tactic to counter even the most skilled offensive players. Key Principles of the Huber Defense 1. Aggressive Ball Pressure One of the fundamental principles of the Huber Defense is applying relentless ball pressure. This involves staying close to your assigned opponent, denying them easy passing lanes, and pressuring them into making mistakes. By applying intense ball pressure, you force the opposing team into rushed decisions, turnovers, and ultimately disrupt their offensive flow. 2. Help Defense and Rotations Another crucial aspect of the Huber Defense is the emphasis on help defense and rotations. Effective communication and teamwork are vital in executing timely rotations to cover open players and provide support to teammates in defensive transitions. By maintaining constant awareness and employing swift rotations, you can neutralize scoring opportunities and frustrate the opposition. 3. Active Hands and Deflections Active hands and deflections play a pivotal role in the success of the Huber Defense. By actively contesting passes, disrupting dribbles, and deflecting the ball, you create chaos for the offense, forcing turnovers and creating fast break opportunities. Mastering the art of deflections requires anticipation, quick reflexes, and precise timing, all of which contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Huber Defense. Implementing the Huber Defense To successfully implement the Huber Defense, you need to focus on key strategies and techniques. Let's explore some of the essential elements that will enhance your defensive prowess: 1. Communication and Defensive Assignments Clear and effective communication is essential in the Huber Defense. Assigning defensive roles, switching assignments when necessary, and maintaining constant communication with your teammates ensure seamless execution of the defensive system. By communicating effectively, you can anticipate offensive movements, adjust defensive positions, and quickly respond to any changes on the court. 2. Footwork and Stance Proper footwork and defensive stance are crucial for maintaining balance, agility, and the ability to quickly react to offensive moves. Maintain a low stance, with your knees flexed, and your weight evenly distributed on the balls of your feet. This position allows for quick lateral movements, better stability, and the ability to stay in front of your opponent effectively. 3. Anticipation and Timing Anticipating offensive plays and reading your opponent's movements are vital skills in executing the Huber Defense. By studying your opponent's tendencies, recognizing offensive patterns, and developing a keen sense of anticipation, you can disrupt their rhythm and gain a significant advantage. Timing is equally important; knowing when to contest shots, steal passes, or help defensively can make a significant impact on the outcome of the game. The Benefits of the Huber Defense Mastering the Huber Defense offers numerous benefits that can elevate your defensive capabilities and contribute to  the success of your team. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing the Huber Defense: 1. Defensive Intensity and Pressure The Huber Defense is known for its relentless intensity and pressure on the opposing team. By applying constant ball pressure and disrupting passing lanes, you force the offense into making mistakes, turnovers, and poor shot selections. This defensive strategy creates a sense of unease and frustration for the opposition, leading to a higher chance of turnovers and reduced scoring opportunities. 2. Disrupting Offensive Flow The Huber Defense excels at disrupting the flow of the opposing team's offense. With its emphasis on active hands, deflections, and quick rotations, this defensive system can throw off offensive plays and force the opposition into improvisation. By disrupting their rhythm and timing, you can neutralize their most potent offensive weapons and gain a significant advantage. 3. Fast Break Opportunities A key advantage of the Huber Defense is its ability to generate fast break opportunities. By creating turnovers and securing defensive rebounds, you can initiate quick transitions from defense to offense. This fast-paced style of play often catches opponents off guard, allowing your team to capitalize on scoring opportunities before the defense has a chance to set up. 4. Team Cohesion and Communication Implementing the Huber Defense requires a high level of teamwork, cohesion, and communication among players. Each team member must understand their defensive assignments, rotate effectively, and communicate seamlessly to cover open players and anticipate offensive movements. By working together cohesively, your team can establish a strong defensive presence and make it difficult for opponents to find open scoring opportunities. 5. Psychological Advantage The Huber Defense not only impacts the physical aspect of the game but also has a psychological effect on the opposing team. The constant pressure, active hands, and disruptive nature of this defensive strategy can lead to frustration, doubt, and decreased confidence for the opposition. As a result, the Huber Defense can tilt the momentum in your team's favor, demoralize opponents, and create a psychological advantage that can greatly impact the outcome of the game. Conclusion Mastering the Huber Defense is a game-changer for any basketball player or team seeking to elevate their defensive performance. By implementing the key principles, techniques, and strategies outlined in this guide, you can outperform opponents and establish defensive excellence on the court. Remember, the Huber Defense is not just a defensive strategy; it's a mindset that demands relentless effort, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. So, lace up your sneakers, study the Huber Defense, and unlock the true potential of your defensive skills. It's time to dominate the game!
Individual Skill Development by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Wright (Rental)-Individual Skill Development $17.99
Open Practice: Individual Skill Development National championship coach Jay Wright of Villanova opens up one of his practices to show you how his program develops its offensive system. Players work to build their individual offensive skills while also learning the offense and the different scoring options. Wright knows a little about offense as evidenced by his six Big East regular season titles and two national championships (2016 & 2018). You will see how Wright emphasizes spacing, reading defenses, and understanding Villanova’s offensive concepts. Individual Skill Development Watch as players work on improving footwork, reading ball screens, and taking game-like shots. In the footwork series, players work on inside pivots, reverse pivots, drop steps, jab steps, and much more. You’ll see Coach Wright go from rim to rim pointing out any mistakes. In the shooting series, players focus on proper footwork as well as reading the situation before executing a shot off of a ball screen, down screen, curl out, or flare screen. In each drill, players use a go-to move and a counter as they imagine the situation in front of them. 5-on-0 Wright believes in 5-on-0 to develop his offense. Players incorporate their individual skill work into the 5-on-0 situation. Aces, Deuces, and Flat are the offensive sets run in this segment. Each involves ball-screen actions but from different areas on the court. Players work through the actions to understand spacing, timing, and the different scoring options. 5-on-5 Live Scripts This segment of the practice brings everything together. Everything taught and drilled is now incorporated into a live 5-on-5 setting. A half-court shell offense works through Aces, Deuces, and Flat against a live defense. Play progresses to a full-court scrimmage to 15 where points are awarded for displaying techniques that were emphasized in practice. These include offensive rebounds, turnovers forced, and more. Coach Wright’s presentation is a must-have for all coaches. Learn how to develop the skills you want your players to have when the pressure is on and a game is on the line.
Harry Perretta's 5 Out Motion Offense Vol. 2 by Harry Perretta Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Harry Perretta (Rental)-Harry Perretta's 5 Out Motion Offense Vol. 2 $17.99
Harry Perretta’s 5-Out Motion Offense, Volume 2 Building on the original “5-Out Motion Offense” video, Villanova University women’s basketball coach Harry Perretta presents Volume 2 where he has taken the 5-Out offense and brought it to a new level with the following additions: Dribble drive action Reverse Curl action More movement on the perimeter by the 4 and 5 Flare and Slip screens with non-stop action Dribble action to improve the passing angles to post players The Breakdown of 5-out Motion Offense In this updated presentation, Coach Perretta lays out the entire offense and explains what is new. It begins with a series of seven different cuts all called by number. In a 5-on-0 setting, Coach Perretta goes through each cut and how to teach it to your players. Sideline Plays Next, Coach Perretta shows you how to call plays from the sideline without using a timeout. He takes you from 5-on-0 to 3-on-3 and, ultimately, 5-on-5 to build your knowledge of the system so you will be able to implement it into your program with little trouble. Dribble Drive  You will see how the offense morphs right into the dribble drive action. Players come off screens or cuts and use the dribble drive element to force defenders to help on the ball handler. The help defense opens up shots on the perimeter. Coach Perretta also shows you how the motion offense concepts he teaches can be used as secondary break options. Players run the fast break and jump right into quick plays using Coach Perretta’s unique numbering system. This way, players don’t have to learn a fast break, a secondary break, and set plays. This frees up practice time to focus on other areas. Coach Perretta’s 5-Out Motion offense is extremely hard to scout and can level the playing field when taking on more athletic teams. Use this video to install the entire system or just to add some of the concepts to your existing offense. It’s an offense that helped Coach Perretta to nearly 800 career wins and the most in the history of Villanova basketball, men’s or women’s. Rent this 5-out motion offense DVD today.
Drills To Build A Pack Line Defense by Chris Mack Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Mack (Rental)-Drills To Build A Pack Line Defense $15.99
Chris Mack: Drills to Build the Pack Line Defense There is no doubt Chris Mack is one of college basketball’s great young coaches. The now-Louisville head coach took Xavier to the Sweet Sixteen four times and won 69 percent of his games with the Musketeers. He took his first Louisville team to the NCAA tournament and he has won numerous conference coach of the Year honors. In this video done as an on-court clinic presentation, Mack details the everyday drills he uses to build the aggressive Pack Line defense that has made his teams so successful. You will see how he teaches both team and individual drills that will: Create extreme ball pressure Keep the ball out of the middle of the court Force the offense to take contested jump shots “away from the box” Develop excellent help defense and improve communication on defense All of Mack’s drills emphasize discouraging the shot, but playing the drive. Players do this by proper positioning, closing out with high hands, building walls, closing gaps, and jumping to the ball. Once the basics have been taught, Mack breaks down how to defend the post from initial positioning on the floor to positioning after the catch in the post. Here, he teaches the “wall up” technique for post defense which creates the toughest three-foot shot to make. All of the defensive concepts and rules are then brought together in a number of team drills. You will see the 3-out, 1-in Unguarded Post Drill, the 3-on-3 Identity Drill, and the 3-out, 1-in Identity Drill which is essentially 4-on-4 with a post player. These drills train players at a game-like tempo. Coach Mack’s Xavier – and now Louisville – teams were known for their aggressive man-to-man defense. This DVD gives you insight into how to implement Mack’s defensive principles and drills into your system.