Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Tom Blackford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Blackford (Rental)-Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense $17.99
Legendary coach Tom Blackford brings you into one of his practice sessions allowing you to learn his smothering 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Blackford has over 400 career victories and consistently leads his teams on deep playoff runs. This is an incredible opportunity to learn a defense that can directly lead to more wins for your program. Team and Player Fundamentals Coach Blackford details each players positions and responsibilities. The goal of his instruction is to give his players enough rules to know where to go without over thinking. His players play fast and are free to trap and fly around the court within his basic rules. Teaching Progressions Coach Blackford begins teaching his 1-3-1 defense with just two offensive players. This allows him to focus on one positions responsibility and how everyone else should adjust. His next progression is with three offensive players with an emphasis on trapping and keeping the ball out of the middle. Again, this allows every player to understand where he or she needs to be and how to anticipate the next action. Coach Blackford brings all the teaching together in his final progression. He sets the offense up in a 2-1-2 set, one of the most common sets to attacking a 1-3-1 defense. The defense focus on all of the fundamentals for this defense which include getting into passing lanes, box out assignments, taking away the danger spots, and preventing dribble penetration. 1-3-1 Adjustments Coach Blackford shows how you can transform your 1-3-1 into specific "junk" defenses such as the "Box-and-1," "Triangle-and-Two," or even a "Matchup" look. This can be done so seamlessly that you can change between these defenses in the middle of the possession. A nice bonus of the DVD is that coach Blackford shows some of the offensive shooting drills and three offensive sets that include a secondary offense set and plays form Michigan State and Syracuse. Whether you already run a 1-3-1 or are looking to improve it this DVD will improve your team defense so do not wait and rent it today.