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WOW! If you're looking to super-charge your defense, get this DVD! Coach Kevin O'Neill is known as one of the game's great defensive minds and this is a remarkable clinic of man to man defense ideas that will excite and motivate any coach to make his team better on the defensive end of the floor. Beginning with a Core Beliefs recitation of No Layups and No 3's, KO offers incredible insights and nuggets of wisdom on Half Court Defense and Transition Defense and why the two have to work together. A great set of half court, full court and advantage/disadvantage drills is covered, as is a unique approach to defending pick and roll actions - "Downing The Screen." Among KO's pearls of wisdom is his simple assessment of defensive position: "There's only three places you can be: on the ball providing tremendous pressure, in the correct help position, or on the bench!" Running Time: 75 Minutes. 2011.
(Baylor) Zone Quick Hitters
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The perfect complement to the Baylor Man To Man Quick Hitters DVD, these Zone Quick Hitters provide outstanding actions that will get you great shots, both inside and outside, against any zone defense. Focusing on actions that get the ball inside first, Assistant Coach Mark Morefield diagrams and explains almost a dozen plays that are the cornerstone of the Bears’ zone offense. Effectively using overloads, screens and both ball and player movement, these plays are classic quick hitters that can get you great shots in a few seconds. And just as important, they are simple to teach and easy to use at almost any level of the game.
33 Perimeter Play Development Drills & Moves by Jason Shay Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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33 Perimeter Basketball Drills Current East Tennessee State University assistant men’s basketball coach Jason Shay has long been known for his work with perimeter players. Shay spent six years as an assistant at Tennessee where the Volunteers made six consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament. Prior to Tennessee, Shay was an assistant at Northwest Florida State College helping the team to a 62-6 record and back-to-back NJCAA national championship games. The bottom line is Shay knows how to win and he knows how to develop strong perimeter players. In this 40-minute video, Coach Shay presents 33 perimeter basketball drills designed to help build the proficient perimeter player. It all starts with dribble penetration. The Cheat Step is the first skill Shay teaches. Using the Cheat Step properly, players learn to catch the basketball closer to the basket while maintaining their balance and driving to the hoop. What follows is 11 different variations of the Cheat Step drill: Shot Go Fake Counter move Main street Pump fake & power Stride step Baseline sweep Baseline counter Reverse lay-up Power dribble Perimeter Basketball Drills Using Cuts & Screens Another often overlooked skill that perimeter players should understand is the art of cutting. Coach Shay introduces the Cutting Series, which is beneficial not only for helping players get open and make shots but also for conditioning. Shay demonstrates six different cuts that players should master. Screen/step back Back door cut Down screen Flare screen Pro cut Ball screen Shay also teaches players what to do as they come off the ball screen. A variety of perimeter basketball drills include shooting off the ball screen, veer and shoot, shooting behind the screen, and shooting after refusing the screen. Another important skill taught here is the Circle Back. This is when a player must relocate to the perimeter after penetrating the defense. Coach Shay leaves nothing to chance and helps players at any level develop strong ball skills. You will find a two-ball series that shows you 10 different ways to increase fingertip control of the basketball, forearm strength, and expert ball handling. This perimeter basketball drills video is packed full of outstanding drills for guards and perimeter players.
7 Seconds Or Less Early Offense Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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7 Seconds or Less Early Offense Score quickly with the 7 Seconds or Less Offense. If you are looking to up the tempo and improve your options in transition, East Carolina head coach Joe Dooley can show you how. Coach Dooley was the back-to-back Atlantic Sun Coach of the Year (2017 & 2018) while leading Florida Gulf Coast to two NCAA tournament berths. His success led him back to East Carolina where he served as head coach in the late 1990s. Dooley employs a system that will help you play faster. You will see loads of quality plays and concepts that can be easily implemented into your existing transition offense. Coach Dooley will take you even deeper into his system with 14 quick-hitters and seven drills that he used while at FGCU. 7-Second or Less Offense: Transition Coach Dooley’s 7 Seconds or Less Offense system promotes scoring early in the offense using motion action. He also will show you how to best take advantage of a defensive stop, a steal, and a turnover and turn them into easy baskets at the other end. Coach Dooley will go through a number of offensive tools like the pick & roll, pick & pop, pitch ahead, high-low actions, and much more. You will also see detailed individual plays like Stagger, a play designed to get a great shooter open by using multiple screens quickly in transition. Coach Dooley also presents counters for attacking defenses, especially those that switch. You will see how Dooley creates scoring opportunities for his best players with drag and double drag ball screens in transition. Coaches will learn the finer points of how to flow right into multiple pick and roll situations and how to space the floor to avoid traps. Coach Dooley also shares his Spurs Action where you can create looks for talented post players using high-low action. The segment continues with a number of other actions and plays including screen the screener actions and how to free up your best shooter for quick shots. There is so much of the 7 Seconds or Less offense here you will surely find something you can incorporate into your system. 7 Seconds or Less Offense: Drills In order to implement the fast break, Coach Dooley will show you six practice drills that have served him well over the years. Drive and Kick is an easy and competitive way to get all of your players repetitions as they work on creating shots through dribble penetration from a number of angles on the floor. The 3-on-4 Contest Drill is great way for players to learn how to make good reads on offense and find open shooters. The drill is also beneficial for defensive purposes as players work on closeouts and defensive rotations. Coach Dooley provides you with a multitude of offense in this 68-minute video that is a must-have for those coaches that love to move and score early in transition. Rent the 7 Seconds or Less Offense DVD today.
Basketball Core Strengthening & Balance Drills by Jason Papalio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Jason Papalio: Basketball Core Strengthening & Balance Drills The game of basketball requires athletes to have a strong core. As players move around the court, they are bumped, pushed, and must quickly react whether on offense or defense. All of these body movements demand excellent core strength. In this video, Jason Papalio, athletic recovery specialist and staff consultant for Manhattan College basketball, shares with you a core strength training program specific to the game of basketball. Coach Papalio has worked with high school, college, and professional athletes preparing them for the rigors of a basketball season and postseason. He begins his presentation with an introduction and some background on the need for recover and strength strategies for your team. He explains how you can incorporate these into your practice sessions. Balance and Core Strength Drills Building and strengthening the core are the keys to developing the athleticism of any athlete, including basketball players. Coach Papalio demonstrates 15 different drills that develop balance and core strength. Simple balancing drills are an easy way to develop core strength. Papalio adds in the use of a basketball to make the drills even more demanding. Eventually, he incorporates dribbling and defensive drills emphasizing proper body position to develop both core strength and game skills. Cool Down Stretches After demonstrating the various drills, Coach Papalio concludes the session with an example of post-workout stretching routines and information about hydration and proper nutrition. Stretching should be done at the conclusion of every workout, practice, or game. Developing a post-practice routine can help speed up a player’s recovery while at the same time reducing soreness. By incorporating core strength development with specific basketball skills, Coach Papalio gives you a strategy for keeping your players healthy and in the kind of shape that can get them through a demanding season. Learn how to implement programming utilizing proper body position, core strength, and ball skills with Coach Papalio’s ideas today!
Boeheim's Updated Guide to Running the 2-3 Zone Defense by Jim Boeheim Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Jim Boeheim’s (Updated) Guide to Running the Stifling 2-3 Zone Defense Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University basketball, and the 2-3 Zone have been synonymous for years. In this video, Coach Boeheim unmasks the secrets to his 2-3 zone that has stifled opponents for years. Boeheim has won one national championship (2003) and has taken his Syracuse teams to five Final Fours. He was the 2010 Naismith Coach of the Year and his defenses have been one of the biggest reasons for his success. In this video, Coach Boeheim shares his philosophy on playing zone defense and why he chose to run the zone exclusively. Boeheim lays out everything you need to know to cover every spot on the floor. Included as well are ideas on using zone defense in out-of-bounds situations, how best to rebound when playing zone, and how Boeheim uses the zone to beat even the trickiest of offensive strategies. Slides, Bumping, and Other Tactics Coach Boeheim starts by explaining the responsibilities for each defender and how the defense works when the ball is moved from the top, wing, corner, and high post. You will see how defensive slides allow the defense to cover every scoring option. Boeheim also shows you how to trap on the baseline and rotate against the skip pass, something offenses use to try and catch zone defenses out of position. Boeheim also shares how to extend the zone and take away 3-point attempts, something that is paramount in playing zone defenses today. Boeheim continues with some more challenging aspects of the zone defense including stopping dribble penetration without losing track of shooters. The dribble drive is one tactic teams use to beat Boeheim’s zone. You will see how to counter it. Coach also shows you how to beat inside and outside screens, another strategy used to prevent guards from covering the perimeter. Defending overload situations is discussed as well as using double teams to discourage teams from even attempting to overload. Practicing the Zone After breaking down the entire zone defense, Boeheim offers you ideas for multiple drills that can be used to teach and install the zone defense. He goes through his process of how a practice is constructed to teach the zone effectively. In addition, you will learn two strategies for playing zone defense against an in-bound play. The final segment deals with how to optimize rebounding when playing zone so that opponents cannot get multiple shots. The 81-minute video from one of college basketball’s true all-time greats is the video to own if you are looking to play zone defense..
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Building a Ball Screen Offense Kent State head basketball coach Rob Senderoff shows you how build a ball screen offense that maximizes the strengths of your players. Whether you have a team full of ball handlers or just one, Coach Senderoff shows you the various actions that make this offense so successful. In almost a decade at Kent State, Senderoff has won 60 percent of his games at a school not known for its basketball program. Coach Senderoff will share with you why the offense works, how to teach it, and the drills you can use in your practices. By the end of the 63-minute video, you should be able to install the Kent State Ball Screen offense successfully. Drilling the Offense Coach Senderoff uses on-court demonstration to show you the drills that he uses to implement the ball screen offense. He takes you through all the phases of the offense beginning with two warm-up drills that utilize both the pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop actions. You will see three main ball screen options: side, shake, and flat. Coach Senderoff then gets into the 3-out 2-in ball screen offense as well as the 4-out 1-in, which is used when you have good guards that possess speed. Also included in Coach Senderoff’s presentation is a unique set that can be used when a team has just one strong ball handler. The ball screen offense can still be used in this case and Senderoff shows you the “Flat” set where four players align on the baseline with the guard at the top of the key. Counter Measures Defenses will try to counter the ball screen offense in any number of ways. With each alignment, Senderoff shows you how to counter presenting the offense with multiple scoring opportunities. Coach Senderoff simulates different situations an offense might see all with an emphasis on helping players to read defenses and act. Coach Senderoff’s DVD is perfect for high school coaches looking to install a ball screen offense. Using Senderoff’s strategies, players learn to attack their opponents giving them the best chances for success.
Building A Defensive Philosophy by Matt Painter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Matt Painter: Building a Defensive Philosophy With the emphasis on offense these days, it’s hard to build a defensive mindset within a program. Purdue head coach Matt Painter shows you exactly how to do so in this video. It’s hard to sell athletes on playing defense, but building a defensive culture can be the thing that narrows the gap between lesser skilled teams and those with tons of offensive talent. Painter has been the Big Ten Coach of the Year four times and has won the conference championship three times. He has done so by building his program on tough, hard-nosed man-to-man defense. This video is not full of fancy drills. It is more about philosophy and how to build an effective defense. Building Your Defense Coach Painter describes the building of a defense from the ground up. He begins with some basics such as: How to use the safety and jammer positions in your press and transition defense How to be Early, Loud, and Continuous (ELC) on calling out screens The benefits of having both an open and closed defensive stance How to have compact help to have more effective movement on defense Transition Defense With three crashing the boards, Coach Painter shows you how his defense works in transition. The point guard jams the ball off the rebound or the made basket. The guards communicate early and deny the easy kick up slowing the ball in transition. This allows the defense to focus on defending in the half-court. Half-Court Defense Coach Painter believes establishing a half-court presence is a must. Shooters and non-shooters are identified so players know who they need to commit to right away. Painter uses a 3-on-3 shell drill early in practice and players must identify shooters and non-shooters. Doing the drill early sets the tone for the rest of practice. Help Defense Good defenses must have players that can rotate and help. Coach Painter reviews his idea of ‘Compact Help’ where players stop a drive and force a kick out. Players are taught to level the dribbler and not commit the foul. Ball Screen Defense Offenses use screening actions almost all the time against man-to-man defenses, so Painter uses a 4-on-4 Shell drill to teach how to defend a number of those screens. The idea is to prevent easy passes and force long skip passes. Defensive Closeouts The Spots drill helps defenders perform the closeout technique properly. Here you will see: What type of closeout to use based on a player’s shooting ability How to closeout to five different spots How to make sure your closeouts do not allow players to the middle of the floor  This is an excellent video for coaches looking to build a defensive culture in their program.
Coaching & Inspiring Today's Athlete by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Trust your team and players For higher performance, demand accountability Clear communication and expectations should be established for all parties Calipari acknowledges that coaching athletes today is a completely different skill from years ago. Coaching has become more difficult in today's world of technology, social networking and unrealistic expectations. Calipari shares his 8-point strategy for coaching today's youth players. Trust and respect are the keys to great success and accomplishments. In today's world, fundamental skills like listening, fairness and non-judgment are essential. You can have freedom, individual expression and unrestrained performance by combining open communication with consistency and accountability. Learn to read your team and see the world through their eyes. You will be able to bond with your players and team in a new way. All things can be achieved on the basketball court with open communication, understanding and trust. 61 minutes. 2009.
Competitive Drills to Improve Your Program by Steve Schmidt Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Competitive Basketball Drills to Improve Your Program Comprehenisve Competitive Basketball Drills! If you struggle with practice organization or finding drills that help your program develop, four-time national champion head coach Steve Schmidt has the answers for you. Coach Schmidt has over 700 wins at Mott Community College in Michigan and is the winningest active coach at the junior college level. With four national junior college titles under his belt, Coach Schmidt provides you with a number of practice ideas that you can incorporate directly into your program. He will also share with you over 15 of his favorite competitive basketball drills that will accelerate the skill development of your players. From rebounding drills to competitive team drills, Coach Schmidt has everything you need to improve your program. Ball Handling Drills Coach Schmidt gives you four ball handling drills that you can use in a variety of ways. Most importantly, these ball handling drills teach your players to dribble effectively with both hands. A warm-up drill incorporates stretching along with handling the basketball. You will see a dribbling drill that simulates game action and another that you can use as a conditioning drill. The fourth drill is a simple scissors drill to work on handling the ball. Passing Drills If there is one fundamental that gets lost in today’s basketball practices, it is the art of passing. Coach Schmidt presents a series of drills that work on breaking a press with a diagonal pass, defensive slide passing, and the full-court pass that results in a layup. These drills will not only improve your team’s passing, but also the ability to catch the basketball. Rebounding Drills According to Schmidt, rebounding is the most difficult of all basketball skills to teach. Coach takes you through four drills that address both the fundamentals of rebounding and the competitive, physical nature of the skill. One of Coach Schmidt’s favorite drills is the “3 and Out” which helps players with not only their rebounding but offensive and defensive skills as well. The drill also forces players to compete for an extended period of time. Defense Drills Defense is fundamental to successful basketball and Coach Schmidt teaches three drills to help players with their footwork and technique. The 50 Drill is not a favorite of players, but it forces them to get into a good stance and practice good footwork. The H.I.T. drill challenges your defense’s Heart, Intensity, and Toughness. The final segment of the series ends with a 2-on-2 drill which helps players understand proper positioning. Offense Drills Game-like situations are best according to Coach Schmidt and he enjoys putting his players in competitive situations. The 7 and Out drill helps players is a fun way for players to work on your offensive concepts. Southern Indiana is another 1-on-1 offensive drill that helps players work together for a united cause. This 73-minute video contains everything you need to develop players in your program and put you on the road to success. Rent this competitive basketball drills DVD today.
Drills To Teach Transition Drive & Screen Offense Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Drills to Teach Transition Drive and Screen Offense With more teams using up-tempo offenses to exploit opposing defenses, coaches need to develop the skills necessary to play this type of screen offense. Joe Dooley, head coach at East Carolina University, takes you through a series of breakdown drills and skills that will help your team develop within an up-tempo offense. Dooley won back-to-back (2017 & 2018) Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year awards while at Florida Gulf Coast. His drills are uniquely designed to develop players. The drills focus on basic fundamentals like butting, passing, and shooting. Passing Drills Turnovers are something that coaches can prevent and Coach Dooley shows you a number of passing drills designed to eliminate those turnovers. Nash Drill: a simple warmup drill that uses both hands and works on making good one-handed air and bounce passes Gap Passing Drill: a three-man drill that uses quick movements to take advantage of bad closeouts and attack gaps in defenses Pocket Passing Drill: this works on early offense entries, focusing on drag screens in transition and hitting the roll man off the ball screen Drive and Kick Series To help your team penetrate to the basket, Coach Dooley takes you through a Drive and Kick series. The series works on a number of situations using L-cuts, drift passes, and passes back to players filling behind drivers. Coach Dooley’s drills work on post play, executing the “Okafor” move, kicking the ball back to the perimeter, and chasing passes to the perimeter with ball screens. Offensive Build-Up Drills Each day in practice, Coach Dooley’s players play 1-on-1 or 3-on-3. In the 1-on-1 drills, there is a three-dribble limit and players must find a way to create a scoring opportunity against on-ball pressure. The 1-on-1 drills are unique because of ball screen defense. Dooley takes his players through the ways his players guard ball screens before the 1-on-1 situation. The 1-on-1 drills then progress to 3-on-3. Closeouts The ability to play up-tempo offense comes from playing good defense. That means the closeout is of utmost importance. Coach Dooley demonstrates a 3-on-3 closeout drill that works on closing out and going live on the catch. In essence, the drill turns into live 3-on-3 and the breakdown drills presented earlier are put to use. Coach Dooley gives some great insight into creating an up-tempo style of play that can help coaches at any level generate offense and produce more points. Rent this Screen Offense DVD today.