Basketball Practice Drills to Improve Player Fundamentals by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Practice Drills to Improve Player Fundamentals UMBC head coach Ryan Odom pulled off one of the biggest upsets in college basketball history when he coached No. 16 UMBC to a win over No. 1 Virginia in the 2018 NCAA tournament. It was the first time a No. 16 seed had ever won an opening round game in the tourney. Odom’s team finished 25-11, won the America East Conference tournament title, and Odom won the Hugh Durham national coach of the year award. How Coach Odom pulled off the upset is a testament to his up-tempo drive and kick motion offense. In this video, you will see how the offense works and see a number of basketball practice drills that work on the basic fundamentals to make the offense work. Ball Handling Drills Coach Odom likes to warm up his players with the Freelance Drill, which also helps players work on their ball handling. The entire team works on a variety of moves to change pace and direction while handling the ball. You will also see how defenders can be added to make the drill even more challenging. Full-Court Passing Drills Two drills are presented to improve passing, catching, and shooting while playing at high tempo in transition. The 5-4-3-2-1 Drill forces players to execute with precision while progressively increasing the difficulty of passing and catching. The 3-Line Passing Drill is a great way to break down the common actions in your transition game. Coach Odom shows you how to run through several drive and kick and ball screen options in this drill. Pick and Roll Drills Players must develop chemistry to successfully execute ball screens. Coach Odom shows you the 2-Man Ball Screen Series to work on that chemistry between the ball handler and the screener. A number of pick and roll options are covered and you will learn how to use side, angle, and middle ball screens. Shooting Drills Coach Odom’s up-tempo style of player requires shooters that can spread the floor. Odom shares two shooting drills that help do just that. V-Cut Shooting Drill can involve an entire team for shooting practice around the whole floor. The Drive & Kick Drill breaks down dribble penetration options in the half-court offense while reinforcing the types of shots that are created from these actions. Coach Odom shares some excellent basketball practice drills that perfectly reinforce essential basketball fundamentals and allow players to be successful in his offense. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.
Cutters Basketball Zone Offense by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Cutters Zone Offense The trend in modern basketball is to spread the floor and beat zone defenses with skilled players that can shoot. UMBC head coach Ryan Odom has proven his teams can beat anybody when his team became the first No. 16 seed in the NCAA tournament to beat a No. 1 in 2018. Odom led UMBC to a 25-11 overall record including an America East Conference Tournament title and a victory over Virginia in the opening round of the 2018 NCAA tournament. In this video, Odom shows you how to develop a zone offense that uses more skilled players to create opportunities with weak side flashes, drive and kicks, and natural overloads. Whether you want to capitalize on a number of skilled players or simply don’t have any size inside, Coach Odom shows you how to carve up a zone defense. Cutters Offense Coach Odom’s zone offense is extremely versatile and even when using extra shooters in the lineup it allows teams to play inside-out through ball and player movement. You will see how you can attack the rim using overloads, shifting the post player to open up logo touches, and dribble penetration. There are also ways to vary the attack by allowing the post player and the baseline runner some freedom. This can help distort and overwhelm a zone defense resulting in drives, jump shots, and post feeds. You can even use screens to pin down defenders. 1-3-1 Offense Using a more traditional zone look, Coach Odom shows you how perimeter players can penetrate the defense. This is huge especially for teams that try to play a non-shooting guard against a zone. Coach Odom will also show you how to use ball screens to open up driving lanes. This can serve to collapse a defense and open up perimeter shots. Additional Strategies In addition, Coach Odom offers up a few set plays to use in transition and in short clock situations. You will see how to attack a zone defense using the popular Horns set or the “Angie” ball screen as the clock winds down. There is also a segment on flowing into the zone offense using actions primarily seen in the Blocker-Mover offense. These can create early scoring opportunities. Coach Odom’s presentation is perfect for any coach looking to modernize the zone offense attack. Rent this zone offense DVD today.
Drive & Kick 4 Out Motion Offense & Drills by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Drive and Kick Basketball Drills 4 Out Motion Offense & Drills Looking to force the hand of an opposing defense? UMBC head coach Ryan Odom can help you do so. If you don’t recognize Odom’s name, it was his UMBC team that became the first-ever No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed (Virginia) in the 2018 NCAA tournament. Odom led his program to a 25-11 overall record – a school record for wins – and the America East Conference Tournament championship. Odom favors an up-tempo style of play that forces defenses into situations they do not prefer. Just ask Virginia, which is perennially one of the best defensive teams in the country. In this drive and kick basketball drills video, Odom gives you an inside look at his motion offense and the drills he uses to teach it. Drive and Kick Basketball Drills to Score Coach Odom begins his practices with a passing drill to get his players moving and warmed up for the day. You’ll see something Odom calls “freelance ball handling” in which he gives his players the freedom to create as they learn to handle the basketball. With players loose and ready to go, they transition into half-court offense. Two-Man Ball Screens is a drill where your players learn to work together. They learn to read defenses and react accordingly to create scoring chances. Coach Odom will teach the side ball, angle ball, and middle ball screens as well as how to clip or fake the ball screen. All of these drills are great for helping players transition into motion offense shooting. Coach Odom reviews his UMBC Shooting Series where players get up game shots after learning how to get open using V-cuts, the drive and kick, and the flip back pass. Motion Offense Coach Odom begins the teaching of the Motion offense with the fast break that has been so successful for his UMBC teams. Players are taught to hunt for their shot within the first 7-10 seconds of the possession. This applies immense pressure to a defense. The keys to getting a good shot in transition are making sure there is a quick outlet pass, being creative in getting to the paint, and searching for open layups and 3-point shots. You will see Odom’s 12-second drill which emphasizes the fast break. You will learn how to use drag screens, double drag screens, and more in an effort to create scoring opportunities. This 139-minute video reveals to you a fast-paced style of play that has created havoc for some of the best defensive teams in college basketball. Use it to do the same in your program. Rent this drive and kick basketball drills DVD today.
Keys To Scoring Quickly In Transition by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Ryan Odom: Keys to Scoring Quickly in Transition University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) head basketball coach Ryan Odom’s popularity soared when he led his Retrievers to the first-ever NCAA tournament victory by a No. 16 seed last season. UMBC defeated top-ranked Virginia and Odom led the program to a school record 25-11 season capped by an America East Conference tournament championship. Odom has had success thanks to his belief in an up-tempo style of offense. In this video, he breaks down his fast break philosophy and how his team runs zone offense. You will also get an inside look at how Odom takes less talented players and turns them into a machine that can beat anyone on any given night. The UMBC Fast Break Philosophy Coach Odom first shares with you his beliefs and philosophy behind his transition offense. He has an undying love for the 3-pointer and his teams work to either get a layup or a wide open 3-point shot. The keys to doing so are: Searching for open 3-pointers Searching for layups Scoring in the first 7 to 10 seconds Scrambling an opponent’s defense Another key to Odom’s fast break is simply confidence. You have to build confidence in your players’ abilities to shoot the basketball. He will always encourage them to take an open shot regardless of whether they have a hot hand or not. Components of the UMBC Fast Break Coach Odom’s transition offense is incredibly simple and quite effective. Its simplicity allows players to learn quickly and respond to any situation instantaneously. In order to run the offense correctly, players must understand the following: The 5-man must try to beat his defender down the court The wings must sprint to the deep corners The wings must be prepared to shoot at all times The point guard directs the offense, pushes the pace, and must have the ability to make quick decisions UMBC Offense Drills With an understanding of the philosophy and of the key components of Coach Odom’s offense, he then offers you some of the drills he uses to teach it. The drills work on repeating the actions vital to the offense so they become second nature. The final segment of the video features Odom sharing his 10 principles of operating against zone defenses. The type of zone does not matter, according to Odom, because the principles he shares can beat any zone defense. For those looking to play fast and score quickly, Coach Odom shares with you the secrets that allowed his UMBC team to pull the biggest upset in the history of the NCAA tournament.
Ryan Odom's Competitve Practice Drills by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Ryan Odom’s Competitive Basketball Drills If you build a team that can compete, you will likely find ways to win many basketball games. UMBC head coach Ryan Odom has built scrappy, ultra-competitive teams through practice. In this video, he shares with you many of the drills that he used to construct his program from the ground up. Odom’s 2018 UMBC team became the first No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. The Retrievers finished 25-11, won the America East Conference Tournament championship, and set a school record for wins. UMBC’s success all began with Coach Odom’s competitive practice drills. Competitive Basketball Drills with Game-Like Situations Coach Odom likes to build his practices around game-like situations. In this segment, he demonstrates a variety of exercises that are done daily to help players learn to defend and score. In 1-on-1 Closeouts and 1-on-1 Rebounding, players must pursue the ball to get a quick outlet and get up the floor looking for a quick 3-point shot or a layup. V-Cut passing is a drill designed to help players communicate as they pass the ball up the floor as quickly as possible simulating the fast break. Players learn to catch the ball with two hands and drive to the basket. Skill Development Coach Odom helps build his players’ ability to score with a series of breakdown drills for guards and posts. Motion Action is a half-court offense drill that teaches players to read a defense, attack it, and score. This is one of several motion action and finishing drills that Odom uses for both guards and posts. Post players work on cutting to the basket, especially in transition and all players learn the half-court rules and actions of Odom’s offense. Half-Court Offense Practices normally finish with 5-on-5 action. Here, Coach Odom’s players work on the motion actions and post finishes that they learned in the drills in a 5-on-5 setting. Heat Transition is a drill to help players attack and take advantage of a transition situation. The use of quick outlet passes and catching the ball with two hands are fundamental principles that players carry over into games. Coach Odom’s 112-minute video illustrates why his UMBC teams have achieved success. UMBC teams are known for their ability to compete on any given night against any given team in the country. Coach Odom built his team’s reputation on sound, fundamental basketball and a desire to compete. You can now do the same utilizing some of Coach Odom’s competitive practice drills. Rent this competitive basketball drills DVD today.