13 End Of Game & In Bound Plays by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Steve Forbes: 13 End of Game & In-Bounds Plays The best coaches prepare their teams for every situation including the crucial end-of-game ones. In this video, East Tennessee State head coach Steve Forbes opens up his playbook to provide you with solutions for those pressure-packed late-game situations. Coach Forbes has worked with some of the best in the business – Billy Gillespie, Bruce Pearl, and Gregg Marshall – as an assistant. He has taken what he has learned and put together 13 plays for special situations as well as a number of other concepts and strategies that can help any coach survive late-game scenarios. Full Court “Home Run” Plays There are times when you are forced to score in a final moments of a game and you may have to travel the length of the floor to do so. Coach Forbes gives you the tools to do so whether on a dead ball or made basket situation. Otero: Counter aggressive full-court pressure to get an easy layup Valparaiso: Use this dead ball play when you need a winning basket with just seconds to play Push and Play Early Offense The Push and Play series can be used when a team needs a two-point basket. Memphis calls for players to sprint from a free throw right into the dribble-drive offense without calling a timeout. The dribbler can force the action and often pressure officials into calling a foul. Shocker is another fast break play that uses a dribble hand-off, a ball screen, and a flare screen to free up a team’s best shooter for a late-game 3-point shot. The 6-Second Play Some of the most stressful times during games come in the final seconds. Coach Forbes gives you three 6-second plays to prepare for those exact situations. Box Timeout is a simple way to advance the ball to half-court without wasting any time on the clock and call a timeout to set up a sideline play. Sideline Inbounds Plays You must have a number of sideline inbounds plays in your playbook as this is the spot where many a game is decided. You will see Coach Forbes demonstrate eight different sideline inbounds plays that can be used in late-game situations. Forbes names each play after a game in which he used the play and won. This is an excellent resource for late-game situations. Coach Forbes gives you everything you need to set up the right play when a game is on the line.
Ball Screen Continuity & Quick Hitters vs. Zone Defense by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Ball Screen Continuity Offense & Quick Hitters vs. Zone Defense Learn to execute a ball screen continuity offense filled with quick hitters that picks apart any zone defense. East Tennessee State head coach Steve Forbes is well-versed in continuity zone attacks and presents his ideas of attacking zone defenses in this video. A former junior college head coach at Northwest Florida State, Forbes has experienced success – consecutive NJCAA national runner-up finishes and a 2017 SoCon tournament championship – with his approach to zone offense and shares it with you in this on-court clinic presentation. Building the Zone Offense The primary emphasis in Forbes’ philosophy against zone defenses is ball movement. He discusses using shot and pass fakes to force the defense to move as well as getting into why he likes to attack the gaps of a zone defense using cuts. Forbes also talks about his desire to put pressure on the rim against zone defenses. He likes to do so using flashes from behind the zone and getting the ball into the post. Another shocker comes as Forbes talks about screening the zone. Screens cause two defenders to cover one player and are a big part of Forbes’ zone offense attack. Continuity Zone Offense When the transition offense fails to get a quick basket, Forbes reveals two continuity zone offenses. Both rely primarily on ball screens. Bounce: Starts from a 3-out/2-in look against a 2-3 zone and emphasizes post players setting screens for guards Follow Five: From a spread look, the 5-man sets all of the ball screens creating driving opportunities all over the court Coach Forbes emphasizes not letting zone defenders come underneath ball screens when running Bounce. Follow Five counts on driving opportunities and the ball reversals that it often forces. Set Plays Versus Zones In addition to his zone offenses, Coach Forbes takes the time to present some of his set plays. In the Bounce offense, Forbes shows you “Bounce Down” which has the screen come from the opposite side instead of the ball-side post player. “Bounce Overload” isolates the best shooter on the perimeter opposite the ball in a stack with a post player. For coaches looking to run a continuity offense, they can do so at all times. This video from Coach Forbes provides the answer for how to do it against any zone defense. Rent this ball screen continuity offense vs zone defense DVD today.
Basketball Program Management Insights & Defense Drills by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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In this on-court presentation, Coach Steve Forbes, a former assistant for Billy Gillispie, Bruce Pearl and Gregg Marshall, shares the lessons he learned from these successful coaches and how he uses them to build successful programs wherever he's been a head coach. He covers the core tenants of his defensive philosophy and how they can be incorporated with other teams. Coach Forbes starts the presentation by discussing the importance of developing a program identity and the importance of practicing with that identity in mind. He emphasizes six aspects of the game in practice: skill development, pressure shooting, transition defense, rebounding, half-court defense, and offensive execution. He then goes on to explain his approach to teaching defense, including the importance of focusing on the little things, keeping things simple and using Zig Zag, Raptor Transition and Shell Drill to teach and emphasize different defensive concepts. He shows how to use these drills to help players understand their role, communicate and handle different situation. In the video, Coach Forbes shares drills and concepts that have helped him build team defense and promote a culture of gritty, tough defense. The video is approximately 69 minutes long and is available in 2021.
High Low Motion Offense Sets by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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High Low Motion Offense Sets with Special Situations Steve Forbes, current head coach at East Tennessee State, has built his basketball knowledge serving as an assistant for some of the game’s top coaches including Bruce Pearl, Gregg Marshall, and Billy Gillispie. All three were former Coaches of the Year who trained Forbes. In three-plus seasons at ETSU, Forbes is 91-33 and has three 20-win seasons and an NCAA bid. Forbes has molded together an offense that relies heavily on motion and big men with perimeter skills. In this video, you will see how he has taken the “Two Game” scheme and simplified it into a system that stresses misdirection on the perimeter to take advantage of defenses. Forbes shares the basics of his offense as well as some of his quick hitters and how he deals with special situations. Basics of the High Low Motion Offense With a philosophy of less is more, Coach Forbes’ system utilizes only a handful of motions, movements, and sets. Learning these allows players the freedom to move and react based on how a defense is playing. The offense is continuous by nature and Forbes teaches players to be quick and precise and flow from one set to another seamlessly. Known as “Two Game,” the High/Low Motion offense is great for teams that are not blessed with great size as the offense relies more on spacing and movement. Forbes shows you his basic box alignment that goes into a 1-4 high set that has four different entries for the point guard. The offense can be run from either side of the floor with the various entry points available. One option is to get the ball to either wing. The point then cuts to either corner with the posts getting to their spots on the floor. This entry is designed to work the defense from inside out reversing the basketball or getting an open 3-pointer. Forbes also shows you the high post entry from a 1-4 alignment. With this option, there is the backdoor for the ball-side wing, a fade screen for the point guard, as well as a double down screen. The dribble option is also reviewed complete with zipper cut, middle ball screen, and the “Z action.” Quick Hitters & Special Situations for the High Low Motion Offense Forbes also presents a collection of his best quick hitters gathered from all of his coaching stops. Taking something from each coach he has learned from, Forbes gives you some quick hitting options that will make you look like an offensive genius. He gives you a sidelines out of bounds play that he likes near the end of a half or game. He will also share some quick hitters that offer both an inside and outside option to leave defenses dumbfounded when they game plan. Coach Forbes also includes his thoughts regarding end of game situations. Every season, a coach is going to face a situation where a near miracle is needed to win a game. Forbes reviews a number of these situations so that you are aware of most any late-game situation. This video is chock full of offense and the perfect addition to any coach’s library. Rent this High Low Motion Offense DVD today.