Read & Man To Man Full Court Press by Eric Flannery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Flannery (Rental)-Read & Man To Man Full Court Press $18.99
Read Full Court Press and Man-to-Man Presses The one thing that can disrupt even the best of basketball offenses is the full court press. Eric Flannery, long-time head coach at St. Edwards HS (OH), shows you two pressing defenses designed to control pace and, ultimately, the tempo of a game. Flannery has over 400 career wins and two Ohio Division 1 state championships. His success can be attributed to his read and man-to-man full court presses. Read Full Court Press The Read press really creates confusion for opponents. Initially, the defense is all about getting deflections. The defense strives to not allow the same entry twice. When the ball reverses, the press changes its look and becomes a 2-2-1. This drives opponents crazy as they try to decipher the press. Coach Flannery shows you how the defense can throw multiple options at an offense after the initial read. You will learn the rules of the Read press as well as the positioning for each player. The great thing about the Read press is that it allows for flexibility in press rotations. You can fit the press to your personnel to benefit the strengths of your team. L Cut Coach Flannery has a different idea about trapping the first pass. Most often, you see the trap come at an angle from the inbound pass. Flannery likes his players to go up the floor and come from the side. This cuts off the dribble to the middle of the floor. This L-cut is a great adjustment to prevent the ball from going to the middle of the floor. Man-to-Man Press The man-to-man press looks like a zone press. Flannery teaches you the rotations that make the press appear to be zone when in reality it is man. Coach Flannery guides you through the initial setup that an offense would likely use to break the press. Read Full Court Press Breakdown Drills To teach his style of disrupting defense, Flannery shows you a progression of breakdown drills. Each one builds a havoc mindset by focusing on forcing players to the sideline and containing an opponent’s best ball handlers. The Sprint and Turn Drill teaches players to turn and run taking an angle to cut off an offensive player. The drill works to help players focus on their defense rather than chasing the basketball. The drill eventually goes to 2-on-2 forcing defenders to communicate as they cut off the ball and force a trap. If you like to get up and down the floor, Coach Flannery’s pressure defenses are for you. They create confusion and force opponents to get out of their comfort zone. Your team is sure to love this style of play that gets everyone involved. Rent the Read Full Court Press DVD today.
The 1-1-3 & 3-2 Match Up Zone Defenses by Eric Flannery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Flannery (Rental)-The 1-1-3 & 3-2 Match Up Zone Defenses $18.99
In this video, Eric Flannery demystified every rotation and concept to equip you with the basics of a match-up zone defense. It doesn’t matter if you're searching for a different look to your defensive viewpoint/strategy or just something that will perplex your best opponents, this zone defense has it all. This video is recommended for any who is looking to stifle even the best offensive opponents because having a lockdown defense is critical in today's game. Using several defensive set-ups, Coach Flanneryhe illustrated how the rotations within the zone will allow you to disguise your defense, making your opponents think you're using your man-to-man defense strategy. From 5v5 rotations, you'll learn how to guard a driving team from the wing, a team that has lights-out shooters, or mobile post players with some range. He also gave detailed breakdowns of wing coverage, corner coverage, skip passes, screening action, and how to take away drives. The areas he touched include, the Man –to- Man approach and 1-13 Defense. Man-to-Man Principles To help your players seize these concepts and movements, Flannery showed how to defend different offensive set-ups. From a 2-guard front, to a 3-2 look, to a 1-4 high set up, Flannery's easy to train concepts will help athletes to see the pattern of slides and coverage. To fix this defense is simple and can be fun to do. If you're an aggressive team, you can utilize the zone coverage to trap the ball in the deep corner or at half court, creating steals and scoring opportunities for your team. 1-1-3 Defense Flannery used on-court illustrations to show his 1-1-3 match-up zone, which is as aggressive as a 1-3-1. You'll see the basic principles for each position, predicated on ball pressure and player movement to defend the offense. Coach Flannery did an excellent job illustrating his defensive philosophy for the match-up zone. If you're looking for a defense to stifle your toughest opponent, this one is for you!
Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity by Eric Flannery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Flannery (Rental)-Zone Offense Sets & Ball Screen Continuity $17.99
Eric Flannery: Zone Offense Sets and Ball Screen Continuity Eric Flannery has built a powerhouse at St. Edward High School in Ohio. He has won two Division I state championships and numerous other awards adhering to an offensive philosophy that can take apart any defense. In this video, Coach Flannery focuses on the principles of dismantling the zone defense. You will see an array of set plays and inbound plays you can integrate into your program. The session begins with insights on practice planning as well as working with players on the court. Coach Flannery has worked with some of the game’s premier coaches as part of USA basketball. He uses that experience to begin explaining the seven principles common to attack zone defenses. Coach Flannery then takes the presentation to the court where he breaks down these seven principles. The big idea is the concept of attacking the zone with smart passes, screens, and drives. Flannery shows you how to get the ball inside, attack gaps, and play behind the zone in an effort to beat it. The ball screen continuity offense is then introduced by Coach Flannery. This is the same offense used by the USA men’s developmental team that participated in the FIBA World Cup. Most ball screen offenses rely on multiple passes to good looks at the basket. This system relies more on spacing the floor to set up quick strikes. The 1-4 high motion offense is easy to implement and is effective against both man and zone defenses. Coach Flannery also shows you two drills that help players understand the offense and improve their skill sets. No offense is complete without a series of baseline and sideline out of bounds plays. Coach Flannery and his assistants share four baseline plays and two sideline plays. All are simple and effective and they all work to put zone defenders in an indecisive state of who to guard. This can open up a layup or an open 3-point attempt. If you have been searching for effective ways to score against a zone defense, this is the presentation for you. Coach Flannery and his staff give you the tools needed to have success against any zone defense.