1-2-2 Press Three-quarter Court Press by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran McCaffery (Rental)-1-2-2 Press Three-quarter Court Press $17.99
The 1-2-2 Press - Three-Quarter  University of Iowa head coach Fran McCaffrey has built winners everywhere he has been. His Hawkeyes have made seven postseason trips in his ten seasons. One of the reasons for Coach McCaffery’s success is his 1-2-2 press. In this presentation, he shows you how the press can be used in a variety of ways and how any coach can adapt it to fit any coaching style. Using on-court demonstration, you get an in-depth look at four different versions of the 1-2-2 three-quarter court press: Traditional, Grey, Late-Game, and Contain. Traditional It all starts with the basics. Coach McCaffery explains each player’s role and responsibility within the press. You learn how to read an opponent’s attack, which will help in later versions of the press. McCaffery shows you how to trap at half-court and get the late trap in the front court. He also shows you how to fall back into the 1-2-2 zone and how to morph into a 2-3. Switching When teams figure out how to break the traditional 1-2-2 press, you can call “Grey” which is faster-paced pressure defense. It looks like the traditional press but then switches to man-to-man principles after the first pass. Opponents are forced to put the ball into the hands of poor ball handlers which opens up scoring opportunities. Late Game A third option in McCaffrey’s pressure system is Late Game. When you are looking to seal a lead, you can use this option to force teams to dribble more and use more clock. By forcing opponents to dribble more and pick the ball up, you can also create 10-second calls. Teams are forced to go east-west instead of up the court. Contain Used to finish off an opponent, “Contain” forces opponents into multiple traps. You will learn how you can get the ball out of the hands of your opponent’s best ball handler. Contain also forces a lot of bad decisions which lead to turnovers and scoring opportunities. If you have a team that is built for pressure, Coach McCaffery’s 1-2-2 zone press is for you. You will see how to create pressure and indecision. It also creates uncertainty as you learn to disguise the defense. There are a multitude of strategies in this DVD that can help any coach and team become successful. Rent this 1-2-2 press DVD today.
50 Set Plays For Attacking Zone Defense by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran McCaffery (Rental)-50 Set Plays For Attacking Zone Defense $17.99
50 Set Plays vs Zone Defense Seventeen of the best coaches in the game offer up 50 set plays vs Zone Defense designed to tear apart any zone defense. Master the art of out-scheming the most common zone defenses you will face like the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-3-1. Get the shots you want, not the ones the defense wants you to take. Geno Auriemma Series: The Connecticut women’s coach shows you four plays that attack both the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. Two plays attack through the high post while the other start from different stack alignments and then use screens to free up shooters. Fran McCaffery Series: Coach McCaffery shows you three set plays that can be used to score inside the zone or from the outside. You will learn how to create opportunities for lobs, post feeds, and perimeter jumpers. Coach McCaffery also shows you counters for when the defense takes away the primary scoring option. Kermit Davis Series: The Ole Miss coach demonstrates three plays for screening the defenders at the bottom of a zone defense in an effort to create inside scoring opportunities via post feeds or lob passes. Brad Brownell Series: The Clemson coach attacks a 2-3 zone with ball screens forcing the defense give up shots in the paint off of duck-ins or allow 3-point shots from the corner. Bill Self Set Plays vs Zone Defense Bill Self Series: The Kansas head coach shows five plays in total. Two deliver lob passes to a post or perimeter player. Three more, which includes Coach Self’s favorite play ever, allow for a strategically set screen to open up inside and outside shots. Bob Huggins Series: Coach Huggins takes you through a play in which players must read the defense. The play uses a double screen and misdirection to score from inside the zone. Kevin Boyle Series: A four-time national high school coach of the year, Coach Boyle shares four plays that use high ball screens, baseline screens, and overloads to get open outside shots for your best shooter or feed the ball inside to your posts. Tony Bergeron Series: To beat the 3-2 zone, the UMass head coach shows you how to use baseline and pin screens. You will also learn ways to score when the offense takes away the first option. Tom Izzo Series: Coach Izzo shows you five plays his Michigan State Spartans use to dismantle zone defenses. The options shown use high ball screens, fake hand offs, and more. Sean Miller Series: The Arizona head coach shows you Eagle, which creates a lob opportunity for a high-flying perimeter player. This video can help you load your playbook against zone defenses with some of the best plays from some of the best coaches in the world. Rent Set Plays vs Zone Defense DVD today.
Rotation Continuity Zone Offense by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran McCaffery (Rental)-Rotation Continuity Zone Offense $17.99
Fran McCaffery: The Rotation Continuity Zone Offense Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery has taken four different programs to the NCAA tournament. Much of his success is based upon his ability to break down defenses, which he does in this video. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach McCaffery shows you his Rotation Zone Continuity offense. It’s an offense that features detailed cuts, actions, and movements that result in quality shots for your best shooters. Coach McCaffery begins with the basic setup to initiate the offense. Players can also morph their set into a more traditional zone offense to beat any 2-3 zone. McCaffery then goes through each pass and shows you where players have to move in order to create the best scoring opportunities for themselves and for their teammates. Coach McCaffery continues breaking down the 2-3 zone showing you different entry angles including the high post, wing, wing reversal, and dribble penetration. He shows you how to stretch the 2-3 zone using each different entry and then attacking it from the baseline to produce layups. You’ll see each player’s responsibility as they move the ball from side to side. The defense shifts which opens up shots in the high post, baseline, or perimeter jumpers. With the basics mastered, Coach McCaffery outlines four different looks within the offense that can confuse the defense and produce points in special situations – coming out of a timeout, free throw, and end-of-game. Using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 demonstrations, you will see how you can master the Rotation Zone offense and install it in your program. Opponents will have a tough time defending you and you will soon be breaking down 2-3 zones with the best of them.