Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters by Lindsay Gottlieb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Lindsay Gottlieb (Rental)-Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offenses & Quick Hitters $17.99
Continuity Offense vs Zone Defense & Quick Hitters As zone defenses become more relevant at all levels of basketball, coaches need to have answers on offense. One of the big reasons more programs are running zone defenses is that coaches simply don’t have enough answers to beat them. California women’s head basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb took Cal to a Pac-12 conference championship and to the Final Four in 2013 by figuring out zone defenses. In this video, Coach Gottlieb offers you three unorthodox continuity offenses vs zone and five quick-hitters to create scoring opportunities in the paint versus a zone defense. Coach Gottlieb. Continuity Offense vs Zone Using on-court demonstration, Coach Gottlieb shows you Cal’s primary zone offense, “12.” This can be used against a 2-3 or 3-2 zone. This continuity offense vs zone uses a 1-4 flat alignment to overload the back of the zone and it picks on defenders with screens in an effort to create 2-on-1s. “12 Shooting” is an accompanying drill that Gottlieb uses to build confidence in passing and shooting in this continuity offense. Gaps 4 is another continuity offense that spreads the floor and leaves the high post open. The offense is based on using basket cuts, ball reversals, and defensive reads to find advantageous situations. Teams that have bigger guards as well as a strong post player excel in the use of Gaps 4. Gottlieb also shows you “13” which attacks the high post with perimeter players. Post players remain on the baseline in an attempt to open up the high post. The offense can create all sorts of opportunities to score with post-ups, high-low passes, and lobs. Quick Hitters to Attack Zone Defenses Gottlieb shares five of her favorite set plays for attacking the inside of zone defenses. West: designed to force a defense to decide whether to cover best shooter or best post Stack: attacks the rim by distorting the zone and opening up lobs and post flashes Wave: similar to Stack Flier: sets up best shooter for a 3-pointer and comes with a counter for an easy high post look Lakers Away: creates an advantage situation with quick ball reversal off of a pick and roll Secondary Break Against Zone Defense One of the best ways to beat a zone defense is to beat it down the floor. In this segment, Coach Gottlieb reviews how her “Blitz” transition offense flows right into 12 or Gaps 4. These principles allow you to continue to attack a zone without giving it a chance to get organized. From continuity offense to quick-hitters and transition offense, Coach Gottlieb has you covered. Her innovative strategies of offense can help catapult you to success against zone defenses. Rent this continuity offense vs zone defense DVD today.
Blitz Secondary Break by Lindsay Gottlieb Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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The Blitz Secondary Break The goal of the offense is to score and California women’s head basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb shows you how to improve your team’s ability to do so. Coach Gottlieb presents a secondary break offense that will attack an opponent’s defense before it has time to set up. Learn to read defenses get quick baskets as well as drills to improve guard and post play from the 2013 Pac-12 Coach of the Year. Using a whole-part-whole teaching method, Coach Gottlieb breaks down her primary and secondary transition offense. The Secondary Break The primary transition offense flows right into the secondary break which spreads the floor and allows players to put their skills to work. Coach Gottlieb shows you how she teaches whole concepts with a walk-through. This helps the individual player see how each piece of the puzzle is connected. Each part of the secondary break has multiple options. Reversing the ball creates an additional seven actions that can be modified for the skills of the trailer. Gottlieb’s offense allows for flexibility. You can play big or small as you will find scoring opportunities for both guards and post players. There are two-player options, strong side triangles, and more presented here. Blitz Secondary Break Individual Breakdown Drills With the whole concept of the offense in place, Coach Gottlieb then works players on their individual skills in a series of breakdown drills. Guards learn to develop transition jump shots as well as how to attack the rim, and use on-ball screens to score. Post players learn how to create an early post-up opportunity, score 1-on-1 in the post, and attack from the top of the key. These drills are paramount to developing the skills needed to run the offense. Blitz Secondary Break Team Breakdown Drills Coach Gottlieb puts it all together with a series of team drills used to break down the early offense. The Transfer Drill teaches players to play fast. All of Gottlieb’s team drills mirror actual game play from rebound to score. A number of scenarios are reviewed to help players become more efficient in the transition offense. You will also see Coach Gottlieb’s transition series. She will use a number of drills – 3-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-0 – without a defense to help players understand their roles in transition. The 3-on-0 teaches players four different scoring options. The 4-on-0 teaches ball reversal through the trailer for a quick basket. Finally, the 5-on-0 teaches the flow into the secondary break when the primary break doesn’t produce a scoring opportunity. It is the success with the secondary break that has helped Gottlieb take six of her seven California teams to the NCAA tournament, including a trip to the 2013 Final Four. Learn the secondary break from one of the game’s best. Rent the Blitz Secondary Break DVD today.
Breakdown Drills For The Blitz Secondary Break  Lindsay Gottlieb
Lindsay Gottlieb (Rental)-Breakdown Drills For The Blitz Secondary Break $17.99
Blitz Secondary Break Breakdown Drills Teams that make more uncontested layups than their opponents usually win basketball games. California women’s head basketball Lindsay Gottlieb has turned the Golden Bears program around by embracing up-tempo thinking. She preaches the fast break as well as the secondary break that follows. In this video, Coach Gottlieb shares with you how she builds the Blitz offense and how she teaches it. With an emphasis on playing fast, Coach Gottlieb’s California teams have gone to six NCAA tournaments in seven seasons and earned a trip to the 2013 Final Four. Coach Gottlieb uses her unique whole-part-whole teaching method to show you how to build a transition offense and the breakdown drills needed to teach the skills necessary to be successful. Blitz Secondary Break Overview Coach Gottlieb starts with introducing the Blitz fast break and all options. The concept of having the point guard “dribble until they stop you” is presented and is easy to understand. The same goes for the first post “running down main street” which helps provide the proper flow into her motion offense. You will see multiple options including those for the post, wing, as well as swing options. Breakdown Drills for the Secondary Break After introducing the secondary break in its entirety, Coach Gottlieb then presents you with the breakdown drills using on-court demonstrations. These drills are normally done without a defense. The 3-on-0 Transition Drill teaches guards and one post player to run and develop the strong side of the break. The 4-on-0 Blitz adds a trailer and the 5-on-0 adds an opposite side wing which presents a number of new options for the secondary break. These drills are also great conditioners. Skill Development for the Blitz Secondary Break In order to effectively run the Blitz offense, players must work on their individual skills. In this segment, Coach Gottlieb presents 20 different drills for wing and post players. Each drill is related to playing transition offense and helps players become more comfortable in reading defenses and attacking them. Wings work on layups, pullup jumpers, catch and shoot opportunities, and more. Post players go through a separate shooting series. They will work in tandem at times and work on screens, catch and shoot moves, and more. There are also combination drills using a wing and post player where they can work on things like dribble hand-offs and pin downs. Coach Gottlieb gives you everything you need to run the transition offense in this 61-minute video. Full of drills to work on individual skills, this video is a must for teams looking to boost their offensive tempo.Rent the Breakdown Drills for the Blitz Secondary Break DVD today