2-2-1 Press & Defensive Breakdown Drills by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Open Practice: 2-2-1 Press and Defensive Breakdown Drills The 2-2-1 press is one that can pressure an offense into turnovers, slow down the tempo of a game, and steal possessions from an opponent. In this open practice video, Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe gives you insight into how he runs the 2-2-1 press. You will see whiteboard diagrams, on-court demonstration, and live practice drills to give you a complete look at the 2-2-1 press. The Basics of the 2-2-1 Press Coach Kampe, the third-longest tenured head coach in Division I basketball, starts with a lecture on his philosophy of the 2-2-1 press. He diagrams the more common scenarios you might encounter as well as the common rotations based on what an offense does. Coach Kampe identifies the areas that he calls good, great, and bad trap areas. He also teaches strategies to keep the ball out of the middle, force dribblers into the “trap box,” and how to cover shooters in the back line. To develop the press, Kampe uses 5-on-5 controlled scrimmages. These help players learn to make reads in different situations. Coach Kampe emphasizes when players should gamble to try and intercept a pass or play more conservative. Breakdown Drills for the 2-2-1 Press Coach Kampe shares three practice drills that can be used to develop any half-court defense. Perimeter players use a 3-on-1 drill to teach closeouts, how to be in the right spot in help defense, and how to slow down dribble penetration. The Knight Rebounding drill teaches players to make contact and find the ball in a competitive 2-on-2 setting. Coach Kampe also teaches the fundamentals for great post defense in a third drill. This video is a comprehensive look at how to disrupt offenses using the 2-2-1 press from a coach who has over 500 career victories. Coach Kampe has used the 2-2-1 press to help make Oakland a well-known mid-major program.
Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Greg Kampe: Bunch Series & Change of Pace Offensive Sets Use these Basketball Offense Plays for a spark for your offense? When you are faced with an opponent’s scoring run, wouldn’t you like to have an easy way to stop it? Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe opens up his playbook to offer you a number of change of pace quick-hitting plays designed to get you back in games. Coach Kampe has over 600 career wins and was a four-time Summit League Coach of the Year while at Oakland. He spends time in this on-court video sharing with you some of his best quick hitters. You will see plays to generate easy scoring opportunities from the post and from 3-point range in this wonderfully entertaining video that also includes a unique variation of defending ball screens. Basketball Offense Plays Quick Hitters Kampe coaches an up-tempo offense at Oakland and has over 100 different basketball offense plays that he uses to create scoring chances in the half-court. You will see many of these plays in this video. One of the key items you will find is how Coach Kampe uses simple terminology to help his players learn concepts faster. Kampe introduces the Bunch Series, which is a group of plays that have an option for each player on the floor to get a look from their prime shooting spot. Bunch Corner, for example, is a staple of Coach Kampe’s offense and has a number of options to get someone an easy scoring opportunity. Kampe also shares with you the Choice Series, which can open up shots outside the 3-point arc, inside the lane, and on penetrating drives. Each basketball offense plays is taught 5-on-0 and then progresses to a 5-on-5 situation so that players see how a defense reacts. Kampe’s biggest coaching point is for players to simply follow the rules of the play. Being disciplined is the key to these plays being successful. Defending The Ball Screen Ball screen defenses are built upon communication and Coach Kampe’s is no different. While built on communication, Kampe’s philosophy of defending ball screens is much different than what is considered normal. In this segment, Kampe will explain how he handles ball screens. It may be unconventional, but you will see as players get into the action how Kampe’s philosophy works. Labeling Shooters With the aid of analytics, Kampe is able to better defend opponents. Labeling shooters and where they make shots from has a great impact on defending ball screens. Kampe’s defenses take that into account. Coach’s defense will defend shooters, hedge/close out non-shooters, and force opponents to take a low percentage shot. There is something for everyone in this 81-minute, on-court video. Coach Kampe’s quick hitters are a great addition to any offense and his take on ball screen defense is unique but very successful.  Rent this basketball offense plays & defending the ball screen DVD today.
Defending Ball Screens by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Open Practice: Defending Ball Screens and Transition Defense Oakland University men’s basketball coach Greg Kampe has developed a defensive system that has helped the Grizzlies battle some of the top programs in the country. Kampe, the third-longest tenured coach in Division I basketball, has over 500 career wins. His success can be traced directly to his up-tempo offense and his outstanding transition defense. In this video, Kampe opens the doors to an Oakland practice and shares practice drills, concepts, and more. You will see nine defensive breakdown drills as well as how to build your transition defense. Finally, Coach Kampe covers ball screen defense in an attempt to limit opponents’ scoring opportunities. Transition Defense The first priority of any transition defense is to get back quickly and protect the rim against an easy basket. Coach Kampe begins his talk about transition defense by identifying three things that are absolutely necessary: 1) protect the basket, 2) stop the ball, and 3) defender any trailers. Coach then demonstrates three drills that are included in the first part of every Oakland practice early in the season: 5-on-5, 5-on-4, 5-on-3 Drill: The defense works on protecting the rim in a disadvantage situation until teammates can recover and get matched up. DDM to Transition Defense Drill: Players learn to sprint back on defense after running an offensive set to protect the rim. Pro Drill: Defenders compete in a multiple of disadvantage situations ranging from 2-on-1 to 5-on-4. Ball Screen Defense With a team full of similar sized players, switching on ball screens makes sense. In situations where mismatches can be created, Coach Kampe teaches the hard hedge. Both of these concepts are developed in a pair of drills. The 3-on-3 to 50 Drill teaches players to aggressively switch on ball screens. The 4-on-4 Pitch Out drill is where players recognize whether they should switch or hard hedge. The 4-on-4 Continuous Screening drill gives players repetitions to help in the fighting of down screens. The 3-on-3 Cross Screen drill shows you a unique strategy for intercepting passes on screen aways. The 4-on-4 Down Screen/Cross Screen drill puts both tactics together and challenges players to defend screen-the-screener actions. Coach Kampe is one of the most respected coaches in the nation. His video can help any coach at any level improve on defense to play with anyone on their schedule.
Dribble Drive Action, Set Plays, And Inbound Plays by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Dribble Drive Offense Action, Set Plays, and Inbounds Play Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in all of NCAA Division I men’s basketball. Kampe is a six-time Summit League Coach of the Year and has over 500 career victories. He is known for his ability to develop high quality shooters and scorers. Kampe has coached 11 professional players all who have led the nation in either shooting percentage, shots made, assists, or free throw percentage. In this dribble drive offense video, Coach Kampe shows you how to get your best players the ball in important situations in the Dribble Drive offense. Kampe demonstrates his Slice Series as well as a variety of sets to get your best scorers and shooters the ball when it counts. Slice Series Coach Kampe details three 1-4 sets that create misdirection and confuse opponents with screens away from the ball. Shooters come open off all sorts of screens like down and cross screens as well as screen-the-screener actions. Some defense might be good enough to deny your shooters. No problem for Coach Kampe who provides other scoring options for post slips, baseline drives, and skip passes that will score against even the best defenses. Designing Sets for Your Best Player A huge part of offensive basketball in the modern game is simply getting your best players in spots where they can be successful. Here, Coach Kampe shows you the basics of the Oakland Dribble Drive motion offense and how you get your best players the ball. You will see a baseline drive and middle drive for your best slasher and skip passes for your best shooter as well as a number of other ways to find scoring opportunities against any defense. Coach Kampe has made a career of getting his best players the ball in crucial situations. Whether it’s a set play or within the dribble drive offense, Kampe demonstrates how to score against the best any defense has to offer. That is why this video should be part of your collection. Rent this dribble drive offense DVD today.
Dribble Drive Drills by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Dribble Drive Offense Drills with Greg Kampe With an understanding that, the dribble drives offense thrives on dribble penetration, an attacking mindset and spacing the floor with 3-point shooters. You should be excited because you are about to explore or discover the drills that legendary coach Greg Kampe uses to build his dribble drive offense in this look at an Oakland University master piece. In this presentation, Coach Kampe included the breakdown drills and shooting drills that will help any player to not just execute but improve certain skills, and also make strategic decisions on the court. Dribble Drive Offense Drills  Coach Kampe went on to carve up further insights into his offensive system by showcasing the two customized sets which he uses to compliment the dribble drive offense. These sets incorporate multiple screening actions and an emphasis on feeding the post. Areas covered include: the blood series, choice offence, Triangle Offense, O.D.O. - 5-on-5, shooting drills for DDM. He highlighted that one of the most important yet often overlooked aspect of shooting drills is passing. When you follow his dribble drive strategy, your players will not only improve their shooting, but also the passing, screening and rolling that can make or break a scoring opportunity. Coach Kampe's breakdown drills and sets will aid teams at all levels advance their dribble drive motion offense. Rent this dribble drive offense drills DVD today.
Getting Inside Against a Zone Defense Greg Kampe
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How to Score Against a Zone Defense by Getting the Ball Inside Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe has been at the school for over 20 years and has led the program to over 600 career wins. He is a four-time Summit League Coach of the Year and was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2017. In this video, Kampe shares how his teams beat zone defenses. You will see how he gets his players to understand the why behind attacking zones as well as a few quick hitters he likes to use against zone defenses. How to Score Against a Zone Defense with Quick Hitters Kampe emphasizes using false motion in his quick hitters against a zone. False motion creates some deception and allows for the attacking of the middle of the zone. Continually attacking the middle wears your opponents down leading to easy layups and close-range shots. Kampe uses high-ball screen sets to force defenses to act. The result is a 2-on-1 situation which allows the offense to control tempo and pace. Incorporating high-ball screens also creates lanes for your best passer to find open teammates. Attacking a Matchup Zone Teams that play the matchup zone well are tough to beat. Players have a hard time understanding matchup zone and how to beat it. Coach Kampe uses a double post set to create a mismatch for a slashing guard to score in the paint. Dribble Drive vs. Zone Coach Kampe likes the dribble handoff in order to create a false action and set up his team’s best penetrator for a ball screen to attack the basket. If the defense stops the dribble penetration, a team’s best shooter is left open for a 3-point attempt. Kampe likes to create these 2-on-1 opportunities to exploit zone defenses. Favorite Drills Kampe’s presentation closes with some of his favorite drills. The Closeout Drill teaches players to closeout with high hands using short choppy steps to complete the closeout. The ball is passed around the perimeter while players complete the closeouts. Coach Kampe has been around the game for a long time and has built a solid program at Oakland. His teams are known for their dominating offenses and it is his false action sets that will be able to provide your team with the fuel it needs to score against your best opponents. Learn How to Score Against a Zone Defense with this DVD today.
Maximizing The Post In The Dribble Drive Offense by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense The Dribble Drive offense has become the go-to system for teams that have athletic wing players. What do teams do with their post players in the Dribble Drive? Oakland University (MI) head coach Greg Kampe shares a new wrinkle to the offense that reduces the importance on playmaking perimeter players and creates opportunities for post players. Kampe is a five-time Summit League Coach of the Year, a four-time conference champion, and his Grizzlies teams are normally one of the top scoring offenses in the nation year after year. With over 600 career victories, Kampe has developed an offensive system that scores points. Offense Responsibilities In this video, he will provide a breakdown of guard responsibilities within the offense. With simple one-word cues, Kampe walks players through the many options that are available. It all starts by initiating the offense at the elbow, which is unique. Plays Within Dribble Drive First, Kampe shows you the “Loop” play. This leads to several other options like “Pitch,” “Kick,” and “Skip.” With the “Through” cue, an immediate driving lane opens up at the top with multiple options to pass and score. You will also see backdoor options and ball screen plays to give the offense even more looks. The beauty of Kampe’s system is that he can string together these one-word cues and come up with countless numbers of offensive sets. All the motions are demonstrated using 5-on-0 action and then again in a 5-on-5 setting. Maximize the Post As teams get better at the guard action, Coach Kampe introduces the post options showing you how to get a deep post up or ways to create scoring opportunities for good shooting bigs. Kampe demonstrates an easy way to get a high percentage shot from the elbow. When facing teams that play aggressive help defense, Kampe shows you a number of duck-in options that can make the post the most dangerous scorer on the floor. The offense also creates a lot of weak side rebound and scoring opportunities. In the final segment of the video, Coach Kampe demonstrates “Loop-Through-Fist” which is great against 2-3 zones. The dribble drive offense is not just a playground offense anymore. Kampe’s teams have finished in the top 10 nationally in scoring on several occasions. With its options for guards and post players, coaches will discover how effective the dribble drive can be. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.
Modernized Pack Line Defense & The 2-3 Zone by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Open Practice: Modernized Pack Line Defense and the 2-3 Zone Many would not know that Oakland University’s Greg Kampe is the third-longest tenured head coach in Division I men’s basketball. With over 500 wins, Kampe has earned the respect of his peers and he is well-known for his up-tempo style of play. It is that style that has helped form his philosophy of defense, which is what he presents in this video. He shows you how he has molded the modern Pack Line defense with a the 2-3 zone to create an ideal defense built for success. Building the Pack Line with Breakdown Drills Coach Kampe teaches the Pack Line using variations of the Shell Drill. Players learn proper positioning so that the on-ball defender is always supported by help defenders. Players are also taught how to chase shooters off down screens and how to defend screen aways or cross screens. Coach Kampe uses these three shell drill variations. 4-on-4 Must Dribble Drill: Defenders must pressure the ball, force the ball to the middle and provide help as the defense is continuously bombarded by dribble penetration. 4-on-3 Drill: Defenders learn to communicate as they sprint to fill gaps against an offense that has a man advantage. 3-on-3 8-Pass Restriction Drill: The offense can run any action at the defense but can only pass eight times. Defenders learn how to position properly, communicate with one another, and fight through screens. Post Defense Oakland’s help defense is based upon the shooting ability of the players on the floor. Coach Kampe demonstrates two drills to work on defending the post. The 4-on-4 Post Touch Drill focuses on denying the entry pass to the post while perimeter players help based on shooting ability. The 4-on-4 Close Out Drill is an Oakland staple and is the perfect way to prepare for the most common plays an opponent will run at your defense. 2-3 Zone Defense Coach Kampe teaches the responsibilities for each player in the 2-3 zone. Players are to be active and apply ball pressure at all times in Kampe’s version of the 2-3. You will see how his players are taught to “bump” defenders when the ball is on the side. He also reviews different ways to defend the high post. O-D-O Scrimmage This full-court drill is done at game speed so that players get used to making quick decisions based on a shot attempt. You will see how Oakland’s defense flows from the 2-2-1 press to the 2-3 zone based on a shot attempt. This drill, as well as the rest of the video, gives you exactly what you need to combine the Pack Line defense with the 2-3 zone.