Baseline To Baseline Special Situations by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Baseline to Baseline Special Situations There are numerous situations within every basketball game that coaches must be prepared. In this insightful video, former NCAA head coach and ESPN international basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla leads you through an on-court presentation focused on how to deal with those types of situations. Fraschilla, who coached at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico, covers everything. From late-game situations to those that are sometimes forgotten, Coach Fraschilla shares it all. Successful Coaches Coach Fraschilla begins his presentation by addressing the characteristics of a successful coach. He talks about how to look at your own coaching philosophy and take an inventory of it all while factoring in your current roster. In this segment, Fraschilla discusses: The 5 skills that make a successful coach Organization, regimentation, and attention to detail The 3 C’s of coaching in pressure situations 10 questions you and your coaching staff must consider prior to your first practice Coaching Pressure Situations Coach Fraschilla then takes to the court where he shares with you some of his best plays in pressure and special situations. Coaches must be prepared for full-court, half-court, and under-the-basket play as well as address various time and score concerns. Coach Fraschilla takes you through a number of these situations including: Baseline inbounds plays Sideline inbounds plays Deep corner inbounds plays Late-game inbounds situation with no time out (half-court, ¾-court, and full-court) Going full-court with 2, 3, and 5 seconds remaining on the clock Beating a full-court man-to-man or zone press Starting a game aggressively Starting the second half aggressively How to play with the lead How and when to foul When to use the hurry-up offense Last-second plays Coach Fraschilla nails down virtually every special situation you can think of in this 167-minute video. It will prepare you, your staff, and your team for high-pressure, end-of-game situations providing you with an advantage. Coach Fraschilla’s presentation is a must-have for any serious coach at any level.
End Of Game Winning Strategies & Plays by Kevin Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Kevin Boyle: End-of-Game Winning Strategies & Plays As a coach at any level, you must always have an answer for those crucial end-of-game situations. Kevin Boyle, a three-time National High School Coach of the Year at Monteverde Academy in Florida, has excelled in these types of situations throughout his career. His teams have won four high school national championships and he has sent numerous players to the NBA. In this video, Coach Boyle gives you an entire end-of-game, crucial situation playbook. You will have an entire bag of tricks to use when your team needs a score. You will see three different practice drill sequences and over 20 plays for late-game situations. Skill Drills None of Boyle’s late-game plays matter if your players cannot handle pressure. In order to handle pressure, Coach Boyle goes through a series of drills that practice footwork and passing while under pressure. Pivot Series: Players must know how to pivot and know when to use the pivot. Players are put into game-like situations with pressure on the ball and must use the correct pivot. Coaches can build on the drills to add different forms of pivots. Passing Series: Coach Boyle begins with basic passing drills and progresses to those that add a dribble or have a player step around a defender. Players that cannot step around a defender are more apt to make poor passes. Players also work on one-handed passes. All of the drills, including those in the Pivot Series, include multiple variations so players are exposed to situations they will encounter in games. End-of-Game Sets With the fundamental session over, Coach Boyle moves right into the end-of-game situations. You will be exposed to a whole package of game-winning plays from one of the nation’s best high school coaches. These plays include: Sideline Inbound Plays: Coach Boyle demonstrates three different plays to free up your best shooter using multiple screening actions. The result is a 3-point shot when you need it most. Motion Sets: Boyle addresses end-of-quarter plays and how you can incorporate motion through ball and player movement. Learn how to run down the clock with “Villanova.” You will also see three sets you can run in these situations to open up the floor creating open shots and driving lanes. Full Court Plays: There will be a few times per season when you need a basket in the final seconds. On some of those occasions, you will need to go the length of the floor. Coach Boyle gives you three plays to do so. One advances the ball to half-court quickly, another is a Hail Mary, and the third attacks a full-court press. Half-Court Sets: Coach Boyle offers up three more plays that start off of your base offense. Learn to address late-game situations from one of the best. Coach Boyle shares with you and entire package of end-of-game and special situation plays that have been tested throughout his illustrious career.
25 Unstoppable Inbound Plays by Winning Hoops Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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25 Unstoppable Inbound Plays Coaches at every level face a number of inbound situations in each game. Learn how to steal points from your opponent with inbound plays from nine of the game’s best coaches. Michigan State’s Tom Izzo, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, Hubie Brown, Pat Summit, and many more offer up inbound plays from the baseline, sideline, and full-court against man and zone defenses. Baseline Inbound Plays vs. Man Defense Chips: Coach Izzo uses pin screens to create scoring opportunities inside and outside. “31” and “32” use curl shooters off of double screens at the free throw line resulting in layups or open 3-pointers. Blue Alignment: Villanova head coach Jay Wright shares two plays from this set that isolate your best players to run a two-man game in space. Box Alignment: Vance Downs was the 2010 USA Today National High School Coach of the Year and here he demonstrates five plays from the Box that look to create open looks at the rim from back screen and screen-the-screener actions. Triangle Set: Former college coach Mike Montgomery demonstrates a screen-the-screener action from this set that results in quick open looks. Duke Line Series: Former Duke assistant and now Northwestern head coach Chris Collins shares five plays from this series. Each player highlights a different player to add unpredictability to the offense. Baseline Inbound Plays vs. Zone Defense Fist Out 1-4: Coach Downs, who coached Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott in high school, uses this set to stretch a zone defense and get an open corner shot. Box Alignment: Legendary Tennessee women’s coach Pat Summit shows you how to get an open mid-range jumper by screening the entire side of a zone defense. 1-4 Low Set: Thom Sigel, who won two Illinois high school state championships, demonstrates how to misdirect the defense with this set producing an open gap under the basket. Sideline Unstoppable Inbound Plays 1 and 2 Plays: Coach Izzo demonstrates a variety of screens and a play that uses simultaneous screens to give you multiple scoring options. White Play: Wright shows you how to score off with less than three seconds to play. Double: Hall of Fame coach Hubie Brown shows you this play that gives you the opportunity for a game-winning basket using double screens and back screens. This unstoppable inbound plays video is full of 25 different inbound plays, including a full-court play from Georgia head coach Tom Crean when you need to go the length of the floor to score late in a game. Add some or all of these to your inbound play arsenal! Rent this unstoppable inbound plays DVD today.
Special Situations For Your Offensive Game Plan by Matt Painter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Special Situations Basketball Plays with Matt Painter Purdue head coach Matt Painter opens up his playbook in this special situations basketball plays video to show you a variety of ways to create a balanced offense. Coach Painter dives into an offensive system that has helped his Boilermaker teams win three Big Ten regular season titles and earn two trips to the Sweet Sixteen. An offense needs to have structure but at the same time leave room for players to make plays. Watch as Coach Painter shows you how to attack both man and zone defenses with three motion attacks. Chalk Talk First, Painter discusses the key elements of building a successful motion offense. He talks about explaining shot selection to your players as well as dribble rules, post play, and screening. During the practice portion of the segment, Coach Painter shows you how the offense can be initiated. Starting with a free throw or off an inbound, Painter goes through the offense in a 5-on-0 setting. You will also watch two drills that Purdue uses to teach their offense. 4-on-4 No Dribble Drill: develops coordination of the offense with great ball movement and cutting action Transition Motion: teaches players how to flow into the half-court offense from a fast break Inbound Plays Watch as Purdue practices a number of their half-court inbound plays. These plays are safe from any location on the floor versus man or zone defenses and they can create all sorts of scoring opportunities. Coach Painter discusses the actions of his Split baseline series and how to run Split into screen-the-screener actions, side ball screens, stagger screens, or the zone offense. Box Z is another play to run against zone defenses and it morphs into four different zone attacks. Another three inbound plays use handoffs, stagger screens, and baseline drives to score in short clock situations. Full Court Plays Coach Painter addresses another special situations basketball plays as he walks his team through a number of full court plays. He uses “Box” as a sideline inbound against a pressure defense. He explains how to create space for the ball and how to defeat the trap. The Free Throw Transition drill shows you how to break the 1-2-2- zone press. Painter discusses when the inbounder should run the baseline and he gives you three inbound plays to help find an open player against the most aggressive full court presses. Painter also reviews beating the 2-2-1 and Diamond presses. All coaches can benefit from Coach Painter’s extensive knowledge of special situations. Expand yours with the help of the 2019 Big Ten Coach of the Year! Rent this special situations basketball plays DVD today.
Special Teams Play For Basketball by Roy Rana Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Winning the Game within the Game: Special Teams Play for Basketball Possessions count in basketball and scoring in every single situation is crucial for teams to be successful. Roy Rana, former Sacramento Kings assistant and Canadian Junior National team head coach, shares with you a number of set plays designed for all of those special situations coaches encounter during the course of a game. From plays after a timeout to scoring off an inbound play, Coach Rana has a package of plays that will put you in position to score in special situations. Zipper Series In the Zipper Series, Coach Rana shows you three options that use the exact same setup. Each set has several counters in case the defense takes away a certain option. You’ll see how you can get a 3-point shot, post feed, or a dribble handoff in each set. Coach Rana also shows you how to create a 3-on-3 in the half-court opening up the floor for players to create a quick shot. Time Out Series Coach Rana shares a number of plays that can be run in full- or half-court situations. Baseline and sideline out of bounds plays can be used to turn a late-game shot into your half-court offense keeping players comfortable. You will see several NBA-type plays in the Pistol action which has multiple actions including opening up one side of the floor for your point guard. Late Game Shots During the course of a season, a late-game shot can mean the difference between the end of a season and continuing in the postseason. Coach Rana shares five late-game plays that create misdirection and confusion for a defense. You will find a play that fits your style of play as Rana includes Horns action plays and more. Coaches at any level will find something in this video they can add to their offensive playbook. Coach Rana provides a number of ways for you to get a late-game 3-pointer or points off of an inbound play. Own his video today to give your team an offensive advantage!
Building A Championship Program by Don Meyer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Stealing Points By Mastering Special Situations by Phil Martelli Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Stealing Points by Mastering Special Situations In the course of any basketball game, a number of special situations arise. Being prepared for these situations can make a huge difference in the win-loss column over the course of a season. Making things up on the sideline in pressure situations is a recipe for disaster. In this video, former Saint Joseph’s University head coach and current Michigan assistant Phil Martelli shows you how to master the multiple situations that arise during basketball games. Coach Martelli had an illustrious career at Saint Joseph’s where he won the 2004 NABC, Chevrolet, AP, and Naismith Coach of the Year Awards. He was also a four-time Atlantic-10 Coach of the Year. In this video, he takes you on the court to demonstrate how you can steal precious points in special situations. Late Game Situations Coach Martelli covers the most common late-game special situations. These include: Fouling at the end of a game Intentionally missing a free throw Rebounding an intentionally missed free throw when down by two points Rebounding an intentionally missed free throw when down by three points Full-court plays when you are down by two, three, or four with six seconds to play Communicating with teammates to save the ball out of bounds Tweaking your full-court press to get a 5-second call on your opponent inbounding the ball late in a game Creating side out of bounds plays that flow directly into your half-court offense Playing successfully underneath your own basket at the end of a game with various position options So many games come down to a possession or two. Being prepared to attack these special situations can be critical to stealing games. Coach Martelli can prepare you for these situations which can be the difference between a winning season and a losing one. Rent this special situations DVD today.
Winning Dead Ball Situations by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Tom Izzo: Winning Dead Ball Situations In the course of any basketball game, there are special situations that will arise in which the best teams add an extra four to five points and win close games. In this video, Naismith Hall of Fame member and three-time National Coach of the Year Tom Izzo teaches you how to maximize these special situations to win more games. Izzo, the Michigan State head coach, calls these “special teams situations” and they include the following: Jump balls: Izzo shares three plays to help you score on the opening possession of a game Missed offensive free throw: Izzo shows you how to get the ball back after a miss Baseline out-of-bounds: Five plays to attack from the baseline Sideline out-of-bounds: Four plays are presented with multiple options Plays after a time out: Five set plays to counter heavy defensive pressure Coach Izzo stresses the three main goals when it comes to any special teams play. The first is to score points. You will see several plays that help you take advantage of a special situation and score. Second, you have to have a specific purpose for each special teams situation, and third, always have two options (inside and outside) on any special teams play. These special teams plays and strategies helped Izzo take an NIT caliber Michigan State team to a team that routinely makes the NCAA tournament. These plays also helped Izzo take the Spartans from a team that simply made the tournament to one that consistently makes deep runs in the tournament. Use these same ideas to help your team win more games and championships. Rent this dead ball situations DVD today.
Winning Special Situations by Don Meyer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Get better at basketball coaching Don Meyer, learn from him! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Complete organization of special situations is what you should be looking at. This DVD will teach you how to jump balls, use time outs, play offense, play the clock, play the comeback game and out-of-bounds plays. This DVD will teach you how to win the war. 94 minutes.
Winning Close Games With Special Sets by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Bob McKillop, 2008 NABC Basketball Coach-of-the Year, teaches you how to win close games Seven keys to winning basketball Demonstrates strategies to use your best scorer and gain an advantage at the free throw line Bob McKillop is a master at winning close games. McKillop's philosophy states that the "details of coaching basketball" are the key to success. McKillop demonstrates the basics of basketball play and shares seven key keys to success. Executing special teams plays can give you an advantage over your opponent. McKillop also discusses how he prepares his team for defensive out of bounds plays. McKillop demonstrates how to use your best scorer and gain an advantage at the free throw line. McKillop shows you how to use missed free throws to get offensive rebounds. This is a great way for your offense to score quick baskets and give them another opportunity to win. The 2008 NABC Coach of the Year teaches you how to win close games. 81 minutes. 2008.
Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Walz (Rental)-Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls $18.99
Game-Winning, Special Situation Strategies: Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding & Jump Balls Jeff Walz is one of the best coaches in women’s college basketball and has the resume to prove it. His Louisville Cardinals won the ACC title in 2018 and 2019 and Walz was the conference coach of the year in 2018. In this video, Coach Walz shows you a variety of plays and strategies for the special situations that coaches face all season long. Free Throw Rebounding In the search for stealing extra possessions in a game, Coach Walz presents some strategies for offensive rebounding in free throw situations. You will see how to change your game goals around free throw shooting. It will improve your players’ confidence and increase their aggressiveness in attacking the boards. Sideline Inbound Plays Coaches are faced with several inbound play decisions each game. Coach Walz offers up seven sideline plays that can help your team score through a variety of unique actions. These plays include: Triple: Multipurpose set play that will run shooters off screens while also providing the ability to attack the rim with a dribble handoff In: Spreads the defense out to isolate a talented post player in scoring position near the rim Cardinal: Another multipurpose play that features post-ups off screening action and flows into screen-the-screener action Other plays help distort defenses and make them susceptible to attacks off cuts and ball screens. Baseline Inbound Plays Coach Walz shares four baseline plays that can create layups. These plays include: Indiana: A staple in Walz’s playbook that helps teams get an easy scoring opportunity Illinois: The defense is lulled into a making a mistake with screen-the-screener action and slips High: A 3-point shot is the result coming off of an elevator screen Coach Walz also demonstrates a baseline inbound play that exploits zone defenses and creates open jumpers from the corner. Jump Balls Score right off the bat with two jump ball plays. Learn how to take advantage by understanding the rules regarding jump balls. Walz shows you how to separate from defenders and get easy layups. Another jump ball play confuses opponents and ends up with an open 3-point shot. This is an outstanding collection of awesome situation plays that can help you own all the special situations you come across.
Last Second Out of Bounds Plays by Mike Fratello Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Fratello (Rental)-Last Second Out of Bounds Plays $18.99
Last Second Out of Bounds Plays + Guiding Principles for Team Success Mike Fratello ranks 18th on the NBA’s all-time wins list with 667 career victories as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Memphis Grizzlies. The 1986 NBA Coach of the Year, Fratello now serves as an NBA analyst and, in this video, draws upon his lifetime of experience coaching at the highest levels to help you improve your game. Fratello shares insights from his decades of coaching to help you develop your offensive philosophy. He shares a number of critical ideas about offense such as adapting the offense to your personnel, shot distribution, offensive rebounding, and much more. He also shows you over 20 last second out of bounds plays for late-game situations that just might win you a game at some point. Full Court Plays Coach Fratello shows you six different last second out of bounds plays that can help you go the length of the court in the final seconds of a game. You will see home run options to be used when there is no time to dribble. You will also see plays to get the ball in play versus pressure, plays that can produce a layup, and multi-purpose plays that offer several different scoring options. Sideline Plays Sideline plays can open up a number of different scoring opportunities. Fratello shows you eight last second out of bounds plays that confuse the defense and offer open 3-pointers. The concepts shown in these plays are great against teams that like to switch screens. Several of the sideline plays will show you how to get a layup at the rim in the final seconds of a game. Baseline Plays On the baseline, Coach Fratello likes to shift the defense and use screens to open up gaps for easy scoring opportunities. You will see a number of plays that will get you a quick shot close to the rim. All of these plays are time-tested by one of the game’s great coaches. All have their own special place among great moments in basketball history. Add them to your library of special situation plays today! Rent this last second out of bounds plays DVD today.
Quick Hitting Transition Sets & Effective Out Of Bounds Plays by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-Quick Hitting Transition Sets & Effective Out Of Bounds Plays $17.99
Basketball Transition Sets & Effective Out-of-Bounds Plays More and more teams are focusing on transition offense at all levels of basketball. East Tennessee State head coach Steve Forbes, a 27-year coaching veteran, addresses transition offense as well as inbound plays that he has had success with. Forbes has worked under some of the best coaches in the business including Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall, Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl, and Texas A&M’s Billy Gillespie. Forbes spent two seasons at Northwest Florida State and led his teams to back-to-back NJCAA Division 1 runner-up finishes. He also touches on his philosophy of building successful programs. Basketball Transition Sets: Quicks 1-9 Coach Forbes begins with nine quick-hitters that can be used to attack a defense in transition. Each play can be used after a make or a miss. The plays include many of the basic actions that can be used by almost any offense. Use ball screens, shuffle cuts, dribble drive actions, and more to attack a defense quickly and get open shots. Coach Forbes also includes adjustments that can be made off of many of the plays presented. The plays can also be adjusted based on personnel to take advantage of any favorable matchups. You can pick and choose which plays to use based upon your team’s skill set. Inbounds Plays You will see a series of inbounds plays that Coach Forbes has used to score quickly. Using a 1-4 low alignment, these plays use lob passes for bigs, pin down screens for the inbounder, dribble handoffs, and isolations. Coach Forbes also addresses sideline inbounds plays. Using a box formation, players utilize quick-hitting actions like flex cuts, dribble handoffs, lob passes, and more to get players good looks in key situations. Program Evaluation For Coach Forbes, basketball is much more than just X’s and O’s. His teams are taught to do things the right way and to play with intensity. To ensure that his teams are sticking to the culture, Forbes details ways in which he evaluates his program. These include: Evaluation of players by the coaching staff Evaluation of the players and program by the players Evaluation of the program by the head coach Coaches must know what their program’s strengths are and where improvements can be made. The development of the program culture is just as important as transition offense and inbounds plays, which Coach Forbes does a great job with in this 74-minute video.  Rent this basketball transition sets DVD today.
Winning Plays For Special Situations by Keith Dambrot Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Keith Dambrot (Rental)-Winning Plays For Special Situations $18.99
Keith Dambrot – Winning Plays for Special Situations Basketball is a game of special situations and being prepared for them is the path for success. Former Akron and current Duquesne University head coach Keith Dambrot shares with you a wealth of wisdom and experience in dealing with those special situations. While at Akron, Dambrot led the Zips to 21 or more wins in 12 of his 13 seasons. He was the MAC Coach of the Year in 2016 and ’17. In this video, you will see 5-on-5 on-court demonstrations of everything from inbound plays to how to beat a 1-3-1 defense and much more. Coach Dambrot also addresses late-game situations. BLOB & Knife Two baseline out of bounds plays are demonstrated to get the ball to your best player. If the entry pass is taken away, Dambrot demonstrates a knife technique that attempts to get a wing into a gap in the zone. This is a technique that can be used against any zone defense. Match Up 1-3-1 Offense Facing a 1-3-1 defense is a special situation since many teams do not utilize it. Playing against a 1-3-1 can be a challenge especially with undersized guards. Given Dambrot’s expertise with the 1-3-1, he has developed ways for securing multiple entries and seals to beat it. You will watch as Coach Dambrot walks through the options to create space and get open shots against the 1-3-1. Pressing off of Missed Baskets Because of its difficulties, many teams do not press after missed shots. Dambrot explains how he designs rebounding to flow right into press defense. In addition to the press, Dambrot offers five additional plays for handling late-game situations. These are situations where you must advance the ball the length of the floor in less than seven seconds and get a 3-point shot. Dambrot also adds over 15 adjustments to these plays. Being prepared for special situations can lead a team to a few extra wins each season. Coach Dambrot addresses so many special situations that you will come back to this video time and again.
13 End Of Game & In Bound Plays by Steve Forbes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Forbes (Rental)-13 End Of Game & In Bound Plays $18.99
Steve Forbes: 13 End of Game & In-Bounds Plays The best coaches prepare their teams for every situation including the crucial end-of-game ones. In this video, East Tennessee State head coach Steve Forbes opens up his playbook to provide you with solutions for those pressure-packed late-game situations. Coach Forbes has worked with some of the best in the business – Billy Gillespie, Bruce Pearl, and Gregg Marshall – as an assistant. He has taken what he has learned and put together 13 plays for special situations as well as a number of other concepts and strategies that can help any coach survive late-game scenarios. Full Court “Home Run” Plays There are times when you are forced to score in a final moments of a game and you may have to travel the length of the floor to do so. Coach Forbes gives you the tools to do so whether on a dead ball or made basket situation. Otero: Counter aggressive full-court pressure to get an easy layup Valparaiso: Use this dead ball play when you need a winning basket with just seconds to play Push and Play Early Offense The Push and Play series can be used when a team needs a two-point basket. Memphis calls for players to sprint from a free throw right into the dribble-drive offense without calling a timeout. The dribbler can force the action and often pressure officials into calling a foul. Shocker is another fast break play that uses a dribble hand-off, a ball screen, and a flare screen to free up a team’s best shooter for a late-game 3-point shot. The 6-Second Play Some of the most stressful times during games come in the final seconds. Coach Forbes gives you three 6-second plays to prepare for those exact situations. Box Timeout is a simple way to advance the ball to half-court without wasting any time on the clock and call a timeout to set up a sideline play. Sideline Inbounds Plays You must have a number of sideline inbounds plays in your playbook as this is the spot where many a game is decided. You will see Coach Forbes demonstrate eight different sideline inbounds plays that can be used in late-game situations. Forbes names each play after a game in which he used the play and won. This is an excellent resource for late-game situations. Coach Forbes gives you everything you need to set up the right play when a game is on the line.