20 Individual & Team Skill Development Drills by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Development Drills - 20 Individual and Team Skill Drills Winning more basketball games sometimes comes down to simply improving the essential skills that allow players to create and finish more shots within an offensive system. In this video, Louisville women’s head coach Jeff Walz shows you more than 20 individual and team skill development drills designed to build the ultimate post player. The drills are designed to be done with a partner and allow each athlete to work on their game. All of the drills are competitive and tracked with stats to show how a player has improved. Walz was the 2018 ACC Coach of the Year and led the Cardinals to back-to-back ACC championships in 2018 and 2019. He has also led Louisville to two NCAA tournament runner-up finishes. Coach Walz knows how to create players confident in their abilities on offense. Guard Development Drills Guards control more of a possession than any other player. For that reason, they must be outstanding in their ability to dribble and pass. Coach Walz shares drills that help your players become confident dribblers and make clean passes while under pressure. You’ll see drills that help players learn to create space and attack their defender. Players are continually encouraged to add variety to their game and take different shots and make different moves. Post Skill Development Drills Post players work on ball handling and hand-eye coordination. You will see a series of drills that emphasize ball control. Others work on post-up techniques. The “Bad Pass Drill” works on sealing a defender and knowing when to release to catch an errant pass. Coach Walz works to expand his post players’ ranges with drills to improve their scoring abilities from the high post. Team Skill Development Drills Coach Walz uses a number of drills to build teamwork and work on multiple skills at the same time. These drills include: Transition Post Passing: Guards learn to perfect post passing while posts work on creating space. Deflection Drill: Players work on aggressive ball pressure with active hands and how to pass against it. Close Down Drill: All players work on finishing against contact in the paint. Each drill Coach Walz uses helps condition players. He shows you how to push players past fatigue and get maximum effort from everyone. Players learn both offensive and defensive skills. This video has everything a coach needs from individual post and perimeter player drills to team drills to drills that can be used at any level of basketball. Coaches all over can benefit from the teachings of Coach Walz. Rent this basketball development drills DVD today.
20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Walz (Rental)-20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone $17.99
Quick Hitters for Basketball Against Man or Zone Jeff Walz has built the Louisville women’s basketball program into a national power with two trips to the national championship game and another six to the Sweet Sixteen. In 2018, Walz took the Cardinals to the ACC championship and a trip to the Final Four. In this video, he shares 20 quick-hitting plays that helped turn his Cardinals into a national title contender. Walz shares plays that can be used against man-to-man or zone defense and Coach Walz adds plays that can be used in a full-court, end-of-game situation. Zone Quick Hitters for Basketball Coach Walz offers up nine quick hitters for basketball to use against the 2-3 zone. Players learn to create misdirection to allow an open shot for your best shooter. The post is used as a screener in an effort to score on layups around the rim or to get an open shot for your best shooters. Walz also shows you how to attack gaps in the zone to create mismatches and end up with scoring opportunities. Man-to-Man Quick Hitters for Basketball Man-to-man defenses can be picked apart with the Top, Green, and 41 groups of quick hitters. Each groups of set plays offers a number of inside and outside scoring options. Each also has counters and other variations that can overcome anything a defense throws at you. Special Situations Having set plays for crucial game situations is a must and Coach Walz shows you how to navigate the full-court, end-of-game scenario. Using misdirection, the offense can travel the full distance of the court and get an opportunity to score using two of Walz’s strategies – the Stack and Illinois. Both are baseline inbounds plays designed to get a scoring chance in the final seconds of a game. Coach Walz offers a number of ways to score from inside the paint and outside on the perimeter in this 52-minute video. Coaches are sure to find a few quick hitters that they can add to their playbook to beat any defense that an opponent throws at you. Rent this quick hitters for basketball DVD today.
All Access: Jeff Walz by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Jeff Walz Women's Basketball Practice Running for Basketball Conditioning: See a College Coach Jeff Walz run a women's basketball practice in real time. You will learn how the Coach Walz will put his team under a series of running drills. These running drills are very helpful as these drills are designed to prepare the players for the long season ahead. These drills will also come in handy for the fast break situations and for the transition offense and defense as well. Offensive Basketball Skills: For the post players and for the perimeter players, for transition drills, for ball handling and for the ball screens and passing drills. You will be able to learn basic yet important breakdown drills that will really help you step up your game and get better. The coach Walz will make the players work on dribbling, driving to the basket and also finding open players. Defensive Basketball Skills: The Coach Walz has a unique style of play and it will definitely take your game to the next level. Your defensive skills will get better with the help of Walz’s hard-nosed style of play. From deflections to guarding from baseline to close-outs and transition defense, the coach Walz will cover all these aspects of the game. You will also learn a new drill which is called the shell drill that will allow you to practice multiple offensive and defensive concepts all at the same time. Shooting & Rebounding Basketball Drills: You will be able to get a lot of shots from every area of the court while the players will be practicing. Every shot is practiced again and again and it includes almost everything like the lay-ups, jumpers and the 3-point shots to free throws. Walz gives huge importance to offensive and defensive rebounding and that’s why he takes time out in every practice. Coach Walz is one of the best coaches around and he is the only second person to reach the national championship game in his second season as head coach. Toughness and perseverance is what defines his game and style of play. Rent this women's basketball practice DVD today.
Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding, & Jump Balls by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Game-Winning, Special Situation Strategies: Inbound Plays, Free Throw Rebounding & Jump Balls Jeff Walz is one of the best coaches in women’s college basketball and has the resume to prove it. His Louisville Cardinals won the ACC title in 2018 and 2019 and Walz was the conference coach of the year in 2018. In this video, Coach Walz shows you a variety of plays and strategies for the special situations that coaches face all season long. Free Throw Rebounding In the search for stealing extra possessions in a game, Coach Walz presents some strategies for offensive rebounding in free throw situations. You will see how to change your game goals around free throw shooting. It will improve your players’ confidence and increase their aggressiveness in attacking the boards. Sideline Inbound Plays Coaches are faced with several inbound play decisions each game. Coach Walz offers up seven sideline plays that can help your team score through a variety of unique actions. These plays include: Triple: Multipurpose set play that will run shooters off screens while also providing the ability to attack the rim with a dribble handoff In: Spreads the defense out to isolate a talented post player in scoring position near the rim Cardinal: Another multipurpose play that features post-ups off screening action and flows into screen-the-screener action Other plays help distort defenses and make them susceptible to attacks off cuts and ball screens. Baseline Inbound Plays Coach Walz shares four baseline plays that can create layups. These plays include: Indiana: A staple in Walz’s playbook that helps teams get an easy scoring opportunity Illinois: The defense is lulled into a making a mistake with screen-the-screener action and slips High: A 3-point shot is the result coming off of an elevator screen Coach Walz also demonstrates a baseline inbound play that exploits zone defenses and creates open jumpers from the corner. Jump Balls Score right off the bat with two jump ball plays. Learn how to take advantage by understanding the rules regarding jump balls. Walz shows you how to separate from defenders and get easy layups. Another jump ball play confuses opponents and ends up with an open 3-point shot. This is an outstanding collection of awesome situation plays that can help you own all the special situations you come across.