5 & 4 Out Offensive System for Basketball by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob McKillop (Rental)-5 & 4 Out Offensive System for Basketball $18.99
5 & 4 Out Offensive System by Bob McKillop  Install a 5 & 4 Out offensive system that is built on simple strategies and focuses on teaching players rather than teaching sets. That is exactly what Davidson head coach Bob McKillop has done during his outstanding career with the Wildcats. With 16 trips to postseason tournaments and 550-plus career victories, McKillop has built an offensive system that has adapted over the past thirty years. In this video, he shares with you his basic philosophy, strategies and techniques, and even offers a great drill to teach it all. Philosophy and Principles McKillop has strived to keep the game simple for his players. There are seven fundamental keys to success that guide McKillop’s offense: Seeing Talking Acting Detailed Flesh to flesh contact Finish things Down and balanced Using these principles as a guide, McKillop has been able to create a balanced offensive attack that features just five simple rules. Attack space, finish your cut, dribble with a purpose, help someone, and catch and see. This is how you teach players without teaching sets. Strategies and Techniques All McKillop’s players must have a basic understanding of the offense. Coach McKillop teaches his players the basics using a 3-on-0 setup. He helps his players understand how to read a defense and how to attack any open space. Players are able to learn the movements, actions, and techniques needed to be successful. McKillop also teaches that the “next shot is the most important shot” which is a mindset he wants his players to have. 3 Possession Reads This drill is perfect for teaching the principles, actions, and movements of Coach McKillop’s offense. Three simple actions – Step in Screen, Cut Screen, and Fade Screen – will increase scoring opportunities for players. These simple screens multiply the number of actions that are possible for your players to get open shots. Coach McKillop teaches that timing of the screens is vital. In the end, this 107-minute video is an outstanding motion offense guide. Using simple actions, Coach McKillop shows you how players can get open easily. It’s easy to see why McKillop has been able to win so many games. If you want to learn more motion offense, this DVD is for you. Rent this 5 & 4 Out Offensive System DVD today.
Building Your Offense With A Purpose by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Bob McKillop took over as the head coach at Davidson in 1989. He’s been there ever since and has enjoyed an amazing career. He’s won numerous conference regular season and tournament titles as well as multiple Coach of the Year awards. His 2008 team advanced all the way to the Elite Eight. McKillop has done it all with a very simple philosophy. The details are the foundation of success. In this presentation, McKillop shares his seven keys to successful basketball. These are: Seeing Talking Having an act Be down and balanced Do the little things Flesh-to-flesh contact Finish everything You will also learn the four objectives McKillop uses on a daily basis to teach the game of basketball. They are simple. Let’s get better Have fun Play to win Make every play count These daily objectives are controlled by the coach and, if done right, will improve the learning environment of any basketball practice. Coach McKillop’s philosophy on offense is to use a full-court attacking offense that is extremely aggressive. The offense attacks with discipline taking high percentage shots in transition. The offensive system relies on five basic rules which are given below. Catch and See: Athletes quickly find their teammates, who is guarding them, and where the opponent is guarding. This helps slow the game down for athletes. Dribble with a Purpose: Attack somebody or help somebody. Offense is a Fight for Space: Run through your cut or pivot to create space. Finish Your Cut: Find a spot on the floor and get there after the cut to create space. Help Somebody: Learn to sacrifice. Set a screen, run hard up the floor, make an extra pass. Coach McKillop puts these daily objectives and rules to work in some of his team drills. You will see a 2-Man Stretch Drill, Read the Coach, 3-on-3 with a Coach, and the Triangle Shell Drill. McKillop’s entire career has been based on these simple objective and rules. Strive to be better this season by taking something from Coach McKillop, the 2008 NABC Coach of the Year.
Drills To Build Your Offensive Imagination by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Offensive Drills to Build Your Imagination Learn how to fill up your playbook with motion and set offenses that will allow your players to shine on the court. Current Davidson College head coach Bob McKillop, who coached NBA MVP Stephen Curry, shows you his offensive system in this video. It’s the same system he uses at Davidson and in the 2013 World University Games where he led Team USA. Read and React Offense Coach McKillop shows you the breakdown drills he uses to implement his offense. You will learn how to teach the offense within your own system. One of the Coach McKillop’s primary points is the concept of attacking the attacker to create flow and rhythm within your offense. With an emphasis on simplicity, Coach McKillop is able to teach players how to read defenses and create the appropriate rhythm and flow. The Davidson Offense Using on-court demonstrations, Coach McKillop, who has nearly 600 career wins, demonstrates the basics of his Davidson offense. He teaches you five drills that instill the following concepts: How to attack space Find the open man Catch and see the floor Dribble with a purpose Finish the cut Each of these concepts, when mastered, will help your offense become successful. Players become better decision makers on the court and, ultimately, make the half-court offense unstoppable. This is one of the best DVDs you can buy to help players at any level understand how to play the game. It is not simply a patterned offense. It’s one that allows players to develop their basketball IQ and make them a threat to score at all times. Rent this Offensive Drills DVD today.
Winning Close Games With Special Sets by Bob McKillop Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Bob McKillop, 2008 NABC Basketball Coach-of-the Year, teaches you how to win close games Seven keys to winning basketball Demonstrates strategies to use your best scorer and gain an advantage at the free throw line Bob McKillop is a master at winning close games. McKillop's philosophy states that the "details of coaching basketball" are the key to success. McKillop demonstrates the basics of basketball play and shares seven key keys to success. Executing special teams plays can give you an advantage over your opponent. McKillop also discusses how he prepares his team for defensive out of bounds plays. McKillop demonstrates how to use your best scorer and gain an advantage at the free throw line. McKillop shows you how to use missed free throws to get offensive rebounds. This is a great way for your offense to score quick baskets and give them another opportunity to win. The 2008 NABC Coach of the Year teaches you how to win close games. 81 minutes. 2008.