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There are thousands of basketball team drills that can be done.  You could spend hours and hours on the Internet looking at drills and trying to figure it all out.  We have a much simpler solution - rent our basketball team drills DVDs from the best coaches in the game and you will be guaranteed to get great drills that are proven and work. We have many team drills DVDs from the Top College Coaches.  Remember, these coaches get paid well to do this so they put a lot of thought into the drills that will help them win more games and develop their basketball players to the fullest.

How to Choose Basketball Team Drills for Practice

So which DVDs should you choose?  You can look for the basic fundamentals which will cover many areas of the game of basketball Maybe you know a coach that plays an offense or defense similar to yours.  Rent this coaches DVDs as they will be what you are looking for.

What Types of Basketball Team Drills

Our rental DVDs feature every skill you would want to develop.  Our DVDs have offense and defensive drills so that you can develop your players skills.


Wooten Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, & Rebounding Drills by Joe Wootten Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joe Wootten (Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, & Rebounding Drills $18.99
Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Shooting, Defending, and Rebounding Drills Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS head coach Joe Wooten is back with over 20 drills to help players become better shooters, defenders, and rebounders. Coach Wooten has a long history of developing quality players in his program. He has coached five Virginia state independent champions, won three Virginia Coach of the Year Awards, and has amassed over 400 wins during his illustrious career. In this video, Coach Wooten addresses proper shooting form and offers up a number of drills that can be used in small or large group settings. He discusses some basic defensive concepts and closes his presentation with some rebounding drills that will make you rethink how you teach this skill. Shooting Where’s LA-BEEF? No, it has nothing to do with food. Coach Wooten uses the acronym LA-BEEF to teach shooting and how to develop consistent shooting form. He spends some time on the “A” which stands for attitude. Wooten addresses the mental aspect of shooting, which is often the missing piece when it comes to becoming a great shooter. Coach Wooten then dives into some of his best shooting drills for developing form. These include: Shooting off the backboard: players work on form and shooting from different angles Spot shooting: players learn to shoot the same from close range and long range 25 Made 3s: to develop range 20 makes at 20 spots: high repetition drill where athletes take game-like shots Shooting off fade screens: another game-like drill where players learn to shoot off a screen Defense Coach Wooten offers some valuable defensive drills and concepts and emphasizes his three keys to playing great defense: Heart: players must be willing to sacrifice to be a great defender Mind: players must know how to play the right way Feet: play defense with your feet and not your hands Wooten adds some quickness drills in this segment and while teams may play different defenses, Coach Wooten’s ideas and drills can be applied to any of them. Rebounding Rebounding is a skill necessary to become a great team. Coach Wooten likes to focus more on “going to the get the ball” than rebounding. This idea might be the most important of any rebounding drill or strategy. If players have a desire to go and get the ball, they can become good rebounders. Coach Wooten shares the Superman Drill, a basic rebounding drill that players must excel at to play for Coach Wooten. It is also a great conditioning drill. Wooten adds a second effort drill that should be done in every program. Coach Wooten is an excellent teacher as you will see throughout the video. He teaches each concept and drill in detail and can help you and your players become better shooters, defenders, and rebounders.
Competitive Drills For Shooting, Ball Handling, & Finishing by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Shaka Smart (Rental)-Competitive Drills For Shooting, Ball Handling, & Finishing $18.99
Competitive Basketball Drills with Shaka Smart Coach Shaka Smart is one Coach that has demonstrated an extraordinary talent for building a basketball program subsequent to creating a reputation for the Virginia Commonwealth University at the national level. For Coach Shaka, the “critical piece to the success of any program is maximizing the development of the player's athleticism, mentality, and skills.” In this competitive basketball drills DVD, Coach Smart disclosed his philosophy and the techniques behind creating an enabling environment where a player will take responsibility and be dedicated to his/her personal development and at the same time, takes ownership of his game with ease. Competitive Basketball Drills for Individual Training Using an individual workout setting, Coach Smart illustrated a package of skills with each showcasing the requisite 'standards' that must be followed so as to beat any penetration. He went on to share his own program's records and how to make meeting and exceeding each standard super fun. Throughout the video, Coach Smart illustrated up to 10 competitive basketball drills with his expert commentary on the guidelines, objectives, and the course outlines  for every of the individual skills being developed.  Follow this short presentation and learn how to permeate energy and competitiveness into individual workouts with the keys and standards that can drive home the importance of self development. Rent this Competitive Basketball Drills DVD today.
Developing Toughness & Playing Hard by Don Meyer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Meyer (Rental)-Developing Toughness & Playing Hard $15.99
Get better at basketball coaching Don Meyer, learn from him! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. You can teach your players hard skills and toughness by learning the drills and practice techniques that will help them. From pre-practice team meetings, to each practice drill, the Bisons have it all. 106 minutes.
My Favorite Drills And Motion Offense by Gregg Popovich Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Gregg Popovich (Rental)-My Favorite Drills And Motion Offense $15.99
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Rick Pitino Basketball 4 Pack by Rick Pitino Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Rick Pitino (Rental)-Rick Pitino Basketball 4 Pack $29.99
  Rental Term Highlights  We only rent DVDs in the USA.  No rental DVD orders will be mailed outside the USA. This DVD is for rent only and is not for sale.   Before you can rent a DVD, you must download and submit a Rental Membership form. This is a one time requirement. No monthly subscription fee is required. 5 Day (Single Titles) or 10 Day (DVD Sets) Viewing Period FREE Shipping! The price of the rental includes shipping and return shipping. There are no shipping charges added on either way.
Favorite Practice Drills From the Pros by Eric Musselman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Musselman (Rental)-Favorite Practice Drills From the Pros $18.99
Basketball Practice Drills from the Pros Eric Musselman is well-known in basketball coaching circles for his intensity, outstanding basketball IQ, and his ability to turn around programs. He took Nevada to three Mountain West Conference regular season titles, one conference tournament championship, and all the way to the 2018 Sweet Sixteen. Now, he is doing the same at Arkansas and takes time in this presentation to discuss some of his secrets. The video offers up some of Coach Musselman’s favorite drills to develop players into tough defensive units, efficient shooters, and effective ball handlers. Warmup Drills The warmup begins with a series of ball handling moves in the full-court. Four players at once criss-cross down the floor. Then, a second ball is introduced as players use both chest and bounce passes as they slide down the court. The One More Pass drill was something Musselman got from the San Antonio Spurs. The drill emphasizes making the extra pass to get the defense into multiple rotations. A post player is added to the drill and every player rotates to each spot. Players work on a multitude of skills in one simple drill. Defensive Basketball Practice Drills Coach Musselman’s defensive drills not only work fundamentals, but they also are meant to breed toughness. The Czar Closeout drill helps players talk and get active with their hands and feet as they execute closeouts. The Pat Riley Closeout drill is a wrinkle you can add to your closeout technique in the same drill and create different ways to defend shooters on the perimeter. Shooting and Full-Court Passing Drills Two drills are presented that work on getting players up and down the floor quickly and shooting while fatigued. The 130 in 3 shooting drill and the Celtic Advance Pass drill both incorporate conditioning into a fast-paced shooting drill. The Celtic Advanced pass drill is timed and players learn how to make good passes and layups while under pressure. Players are also learning to protect the ball and avoid costly turnovers. Pick & Roll Defense Drills The presentation ends with Coach Musselman demonstrating two pick and roll defense drills. Warriors Pick and Roll Defense is an outstanding drill that encompasses all pick and roll defense skills. The Miami drills works on one of today’s big offensive trends – going through the elbow to run the offense. All in all, this is outstanding presentation and a must-have video from one of college basketball’s best coaches in the game today. Rent this basketball practice drills
Hard Nosed High Intensity Basketball Practice by Brad Underwood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brad Underwood (Rental)-Hard Nosed High Intensity Basketball Practice $18.99
Intense Basketball Drills - Training for Toughness – Hard-Nosed, High-Intensity Practice Illinois head coach Brad Underwood has built programs well-known for their toughness and grit. While at Stephen F. Austin and Oklahoma State, Underwood went to four straight NCAA tournaments and garnered a number of Coach of the Year awards. Using the spread motion offense and a high-pressure defense, Underwood-coached teams are tough to beat on any given night. In this intense basketball drills video, you will get an inside look at a full practice at Illinois. Underwood explains how he and his staff install the motion offense as well as the transition defense. Intense Basketball Drills for Defense For Underwood, defense is all about hard work. He presents a number of drills to teach defensive fundamentals like up-the-line and on-the-line defense. Players work to influence the ball to the sideline in 3-Line Closeouts. Here, Underwood teaches players to use a big first step to defend an attacker instead of taking a small false step. To teach Ball Screen Defense, Coach Underwood uses a continuous 2-on-2 drill to teach players to force everything to the left. Underwood’s teams use a hard hedge and ice the ball handler so they can attack dribblers. This forces teams to prepare for multiple types of ball screen defense. Coach Underwood uses the Shell Drill to teach defensive rotation and help-side defense. Starting with 3-on-3, Underwood progresses to 5-on-5 where he teaches baseline rotation, ball screen rotation, and shrinking the court by forcing everything left. To finish up the defensive portion of the video, Coach Underwood goes through his 1-2-2 full-court press. The idea is to force deflections and wear down an opponent’s offense. Underwood sets a goal of 35 deflections per game to force opponents into making bad passes. Intense Basketball Drills for Offense Coach Underwood then takes you through how he puts in the spread motion offense. Through a series of drills, you will see how players master attacking the rim off the ball screen or over-closeout. The Quick 3 Drill is used to stress putting pressure on opposing defenses. The focus is on getting defensive rebounds and then pushing the ball up the floor within seven seconds in an attempt to score. The 2-Man Game drill puts guards and posts working together to get downhill off of a ball screen in the half-court. In 5-on-0, Coach Underwood teaches the flow of the offense and how to work ball reversals. This also puts pressure on opponents. Coach Underwood’s philosophy is to also put pressure on the opponent and he does so by creating a culture of toughness. His teams put the program ahead of themselves and you will see that in this video. With well over two hours of content, you will get an inside look at Underwood’s offensive system as well as how they play tough, hard-nosed defense. Rent this Intense Basketball Drills DVD today.
Improving Performance With Competitive Basketball Drills by Scott Drew Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Scott Drew (Rental)-Improving Performance With Competitive Basketball Drills $17.99
Scott Drew: Improving Performance with Competitive Practice Drills Baylor head coach Scott Drew has developed a method for getting the most out of his players at each and every practice. Motivating players to work their hardest and stayed focused throughout a long season is difficult. Coach Drew has been able to do so by instilling competition into everything he does. In this video, you will see 15 drills and variations that will lift your practices from routine to highly competitive. Incorporate Coach Drew’s tactics into rebounding, passing, shooting drills and more. Coach Drew shows you how to raise the level of competition in your practices to help improve players’ skills. Defense Team defenses are better when all the individuals are strong 1-on-1 defenders. Coach Drew presents four drills to strengthen players’ individual on-ball defense. You will see the Superman Closeout that will challenge your players to get consecutive stops while working their closeout technique. You will also see three variations of the Zig-Zag drill that make this classic drill ultra-competitive. Players will improve their lateral explosion and their ability to keep the ball in front of themselves. Another drill has players working on fighting through different types of screens. It also has a competitive element. Passing Coach Drew uses two competitive passing drills to motivate players to focus both on offense and defense. Players learn to see the floor, be strong with the ball, utilize ball fakes, and fire off quick, crisp passes. Defenders work on ball pressure, forming traps, and anticipating the next pass. Rebounding Two rebounding drills are presented to develop the skills and mindset needed to be great on the boards. Numbered Rebounding: challenges players to block out and secure consecutive rebounds Circle the Wagons: involves the whole teach in a 5-on-5 competitive rebounding drill Free Throws If you want to win close games, you need players that can make free throws in crucial situations. Coach Drew shows you four competitive free throw shooting drills that force players to focus on knocking down critical shots. These pressure drills will also show coaches which players need to be on the floor in those late-game situations with a game on the line. Coaches need to get the most out of players at their practices. With Coach Drew’s constant game-like atmosphere, your players will improve faster and always be prepared for game situations.
Non-contact & Contact Practice Drills by Harry Perretta Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Harry Perretta (Rental)-Non-contact & Contact Practice Drills $17.99
Open Basketball Practice: Non-Contact and Contact Practice Drills Villanova University head women’s basketball coach Harry Perretta shows you how to build daily practices that maximize time and lead to wins. With 25 winning seasons and over 750 career victories, Coach Perretta takes to the court to show you two types of practices. The first is a non-contact practice where the emphasis is on skill development and teaching. The second is a full-contact practice that is much more competitive. Non-Contact Basketball Practice The non-contact practice is used to develop skills, keep players fresh, and reduce injuries. This type of practice can be used the day before games during the regular season. The session begins with warm ups followed by position specific skill work. Coach Perretta has all of his players working with players located at multiple baskets around the floor. There are ball handling drills, post drills, and passing drills that address pressure. As the practice continues, Coach Perretta has his players work on the fast break in a 5-on-0 situation. After that, it’s on to the press break and shooting drills. Perretta is able to teach the Villanova Motion Offense in these non-contact sessions as well as address other half-court situations. Late-game and end-of-game scenarios are also on the list as Coach Perretta gets his players to perfect each piece of the puzzle. Full Contact Basketball Practice Full contact practices still begin with a warm-up, but the focus is on competing and scrimmaging. There are still times for breaking things down and teaching, but preparing players for game situations under pressure is the focus. After the warm-up, players get into the following: Fast break: Disadvantage drills in 3-on-2, 3-on-3, 5-on-3, and 5-on-5 situations Breaking/Applying pressure: These drills include zone offense and attacking after a made free throw End-of-game situations: Players are put in tough positions to force them to grind it out as practice comes to an end Whether non-contact or full-contact, Coach Perretta’s presentation will inspire you to improve your practices so they become more efficient and effective. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.
Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity & Effort by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran Fraschilla (Rental)-Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity & Effort $18.99
Maximize Every Minute of Basketball Practice: Drills to Build Intensity and Effort ESPN basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla has spent a lifetime studying the game of basketball. The former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico shares some of his expertise in this video where he shares 11 practice drills that will improve the performance of any team regardless of their style of play. Basketball Practice Defensive Drills Coach Fraschilla starts by sharing six different defensive drills that will heighten your players’ intensity and help them learn to communicate better. In addition, Fraschilla uses the overload principle which makes these drills even more challenging. Playing on game day is a breeze compared to practice. The defensive drills include the following: Change Drill: Helps with communication as signals are used to scramble defenders as the offense has a temporary advantage 4-on-4 No Hands Drill: Defenders must use their feet to beat cutting defenders and are forced to adjust their positioning all without the use of their hands 4-on-3 Contest Drill: Players must communicate and hustle to contest a shot while also serving as a great ball movement drill for the offense Hustle Drill: Fraschilla likes to end practice with this one which teaches players to have a tough mindset as they battle for loose balls 4-on-4 Screen Down Drill: Players learn to recognize and execute proper switches on defense Shell Drill: Fraschilla shows you how to improve this classic drill motivating players to fly around on defense Basketball Practice Offensive Drills Fraschilla does the same with five different offensive drills forcing players to compete and play with great intensity. The offensive drills include: Post Trap Drill: Prepares big men to use the pullback dribble and handle pressure while working around the rim Five Plus One Drill: Players learn to handle full-court pressure and attack a defense while in an advantage position 4-on-2 Plus 2 Drill: Players learn to execute an efficient outlet pass to start a fast break and then score in an advantage situation Lay It Out Front Drill: Another fast break drill that improves technique on the outlet pass Three Spots to Seven Drill: A high volume shooting drill where players compete to make the most jump shots These drills from Coach Fraschilla can benefit any program and would be valuable additions to any team’s practices. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.
2018 Porter Moser Basketball Coaching Clinic by Porter Moser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Porter Moser (Rental)-2018 Porter Moser Basketball Coaching Clinic $18.99
2018 Porter Moser Coaching Clinic Loyola University (Chicago) became the media darlings of the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament with their unprecedented run to the Final Four. Now, take a look inside the program of head coach Porter Moser who shares some of his secrets from philosophy to drills that have made his program successful. The Ramblers were last year’s Missouri Valley Conference regular season and conference tournament champions and Moser, in just his fifth season at Loyola, took the Ramblers all the way to the Final Four. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Moser’s program is the culture which has three simple rules: 1) protect the team, 2) no excuses, no complaining, no entitlement, and 3) be early. Warm Up, Perfection, and Shooting Drills Porter Moser begins practice with the 130 Passes drill. The team must complete the required number of passes in one minute without the ball hitting the ground. It is a great way to get players locked in and mentally ready for the day’s practice. The next phase of practice consists of Perfection Drills which, of course, demand perfection. The drills involve layups with no defense. There are also shooting drills such as “One More Shooting” and Full-Court 3-Point Shooting” which are competitive long-range shooting drills that force players to focus and hit more shots. Skill Work Porter Moser puts his players through individual offensive and defensive skill work. On offense, the Ramblers’ philosophy is one of “pace and space” and you will see that as Moser puts his players through their offensive skill work. Moser splits the floor in half by position and demands everything be done at full speed with no detail spared. After the offensive drill circuit, players move to defense. Using a variety of drills, Moser emphasizes defensive fundamentals such as moving the feet and maintaining active hands. At the end of this part of practice, guards and post players come together to complete combined skill work with an emphasis on things like ball screens. Competitive Drills & Games The better part of the second half of the video is spent on the team drills Moser uses with his players. These drills are performed at game speed so that Moser is able to offer valuable feedback to help his players improve. His Shell Drill is unique in that it is run in the full court which demands that players remain active. To finish practice, Moser shows you two games that he uses to force players to compete. The 7, 8, 9 Free Throws Drill puts pressure on your athletes to knock down shots at the line in order to come away with a win. It is drills such as these that have helped Moser build a power at Loyola in such a short period of time. If you are looking for the type of practices you need to be successful, this 126-minute video is a great place to start. Rent this Porter Moser coaching DVD today.
15 Skill Development Drills by Craig Neal Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Neal (Rental)-15 Skill Development Drills $18.99
Craig Neal: 15 Skill Development Drills No matter what level you coach, player development is vital to your program’s success. Former Toronto assistant coach and scout Craig Neal spent most of his time with the Raptors in charge of player development. In this video, Coach Neal shows you 15 practice drills that work on every facet of the game. You will see drills for ball handling, shooting, passing, working from the perimeter, posting up, and much more. Ball Handling & Passing Coach Neal presents six different drills that develop the passing and dribbling skills of any player at any level. You will see a drill using two tennis balls and two basketballs that works on a player’s floor vision and hand coordination. Lobo Ball Handling tightens up a player’s dribbling as well as their change of direction. Often overlooked are passing drills like Lobo Passing. Players must focus on completing every repetition with precision. Scoring The name of the game is scoring and Coach Neal has a number of drills to help your players become better scorers. Coach Neal has a certain philosophy of footwork and shows it to you in a catch and pivot drill that helps players create the space needed to score consistently. Coach Neal works dribble moves in the open floor with Dribble Cones. Players combine multiple moves to get an open jumper from the perimeter, a mid-range pull-up, or a finish at the rim. Shooting is a skill that must be developed and Coach Neal does so with three drills that force players to compete with their teammates or against a clock. The results are more accurate shooters with increased range. The drills include: Cone Shooting: helps players refine their body control and have the ability to catch the ball quickly and shoot a jump shot while on the move Two Minute Shooting: works on developing mid-range and 3-point jump shots while forcing players to move and work on their catch-and-shoot technique Beat the Pro: players take seven shots and must avoid missing three to win this competition-style drill Post Play Coach Neal helps players develop a strong pivot foot so post players can improve their primary and counter moves. These include the jump hook, jump shot, spin move, and more. Neal also works on the inside pivot move to help posts score around the rim. Pick & Roll Coach Neal teaches the pick and roll to help both perimeter and post players understand how to put all of their skills together. The Outlet Drill is one that simulates getting the ball out quickly, running the floor, and using the skills taught to get an easy scoring opportunity. All the drills included in Coach Neal’s video are high-level drills used by players at the college and professional levels. They can be used at any level to help improve basic basketball skills.
Smorgasbord Of Basketball Practice Drills by Chris Mack Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Mack (Rental)-Smorgasbord Of Basketball Practice Drills $17.99
Chris Mack: Smorgasbord of Basketball Practice Drills Louisville head coach Chris Mack shares his ideas for organizing practices, discusses the Pack Line defense, and takes questions from coaches to show you 14 different drills that can help you improve on defense, rebounding, and overall team toughness. Mack spent several years at Xavier University where his team won the 2018 Big East championship and earned Mack a conference Coach of the Year award. Mack is best known for the Pack Line defense and producing teams that rebound well and are simply tough. In this video, Mack demonstrates 14 drills and adds in several anecdotes that reveal his basketball philosophy. Drills for the Pack Line Defense Coach discusses the critical elements of the Pack Line defense including philosophy, body positioning, closeouts, and much more. He then shares drills like his favorite – the Blackhawk Drill. An on-ball defender must work the basic fundamentals: jump to the ball, bump the cutter, closeout, and pressure the ball to prevent straight-line scores. You will also see three drills that focus on stopping fast breaks. You’ll get a glimpse of how Coach Mack teaches players to get back in transition. Rebounding & Toughness Drills To win the rebounding battle, teams must develop a level of toughness. Mack shows you five drills he uses to produce hard-nosed, physical rebounders. Teaching points in the drills are: The “hit and seal” approach to individual rebounding Protecting the basketball while under intense pressure Battling for offensive position in the post Containing the dribble with intense on-ball pressure Offensive Drills Players have to learn to play through pressure. Coach Mack shares three drills that help players use their dribble to beat the 5-second count and maintain possession of the ball. The Pressure Drill helps players maintain their composure and be strong with the ball while under stress. According to Coach Mack, the best post move is no post move. Learn how to position close to the rim and finish strong with a drill specifically for post players. Mack also shares teaching points for scoring close to the rim. This is an excellent video for coaches looking to improve overall toughness. Coach Mack has had great success throughout his career using the drills he shows you in this presentation.
Bill Self Open Practice: Skill Development & Practice Drills by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bill Self (Rental)-Bill Self Open Practice: Skill Development & Practice Drills $19.99
Open Practice: Skill Development & Practice Drills University of Kansas head coach Bill Self understands how to get the best out of his players. He has done it for years and the results have placed him in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Coach Self has recorded over 700 career wins and taken his teams to 13 Sweet Sixteens and one national championship. In this video, he shares the details of his offense as well as 12 different drills he uses to develop players. The two-hour practice video comes from Kansas practice sessions and focuses on a team that had eight newcomers. Coach Self shares his practice drills that can help your players improve their fundamental skills. The practice footage includes: 6-Man Press Breakdown drill to defend the 1-4 high backdoor cut Baseline spot throw-ins under pressure Sideline throw-ins under pressure Five line transition Ball handling and passing 5-minute shooting Individual skills for perimeter players Individual skills for post players Guards: attacking the basket and 3-on-3 play Posts: post moves and 2-on-2 play Game-Like Offensive Skill Development Coach Self builds a player’s offensive skills using a variety of competitive drills as well as 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 5-on-5 play. Players work on ball handling, passing, shooting, and more. Posts and guards take part in breakout sessions to further work on individual offensive moves. For example, guards work on pullup jump shots, L-cuts, curl cuts, and hard shrugs to get shots up within the Kansas offense. The final portion of the video shows Coach Self using 3-on-3 attacking drills to teach driving angles and movement. Within the 3-on-3, Coach Self teaches using high-low entries to build guard post interaction within the offensive system. This is one of the best videos around for coaches focused on offensive development. Rent this practice drills DVD today.