2018 Porter Moser Basketball Coaching Clinic by Porter Moser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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2018 Porter Moser Coaching Clinic Loyola University (Chicago) became the media darlings of the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament with their unprecedented run to the Final Four. Now, take a look inside the program of head coach Porter Moser who shares some of his secrets from philosophy to drills that have made his program successful. The Ramblers were last year’s Missouri Valley Conference regular season and conference tournament champions and Moser, in just his fifth season at Loyola, took the Ramblers all the way to the Final Four. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Moser’s program is the culture which has three simple rules: 1) protect the team, 2) no excuses, no complaining, no entitlement, and 3) be early. Warm Up, Perfection, and Shooting Drills Porter Moser begins practice with the 130 Passes drill. The team must complete the required number of passes in one minute without the ball hitting the ground. It is a great way to get players locked in and mentally ready for the day’s practice. The next phase of practice consists of Perfection Drills which, of course, demand perfection. The drills involve layups with no defense. There are also shooting drills such as “One More Shooting” and Full-Court 3-Point Shooting” which are competitive long-range shooting drills that force players to focus and hit more shots. Skill Work Porter Moser puts his players through individual offensive and defensive skill work. On offense, the Ramblers’ philosophy is one of “pace and space” and you will see that as Moser puts his players through their offensive skill work. Moser splits the floor in half by position and demands everything be done at full speed with no detail spared. After the offensive drill circuit, players move to defense. Using a variety of drills, Moser emphasizes defensive fundamentals such as moving the feet and maintaining active hands. At the end of this part of practice, guards and post players come together to complete combined skill work with an emphasis on things like ball screens. Competitive Drills & Games The better part of the second half of the video is spent on the team drills Moser uses with his players. These drills are performed at game speed so that Moser is able to offer valuable feedback to help his players improve. His Shell Drill is unique in that it is run in the full court which demands that players remain active. To finish practice, Moser shows you two games that he uses to force players to compete. The 7, 8, 9 Free Throws Drill puts pressure on your athletes to knock down shots at the line in order to come away with a win. It is drills such as these that have helped Moser build a power at Loyola in such a short period of time. If you are looking for the type of practices you need to be successful, this 126-minute video is a great place to start. Rent this Porter Moser coaching DVD today.
Building a Postseason Culture in Your Basketball Program by Porter Moser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Building a Postseason Culture in Your Program Loyola-Chicago head coach Porter Moser won the Missouri Valley Conference regular season and tournament championships in 2018 and took his mid-major program all the way to the Final Four. Moser believes it was all possible because of the program’s culture. In this video, Coach Moser explores the foundations of the culture he established at Loyola as well as some of the drills that reflect that culture and some of the principles Moser uses to attack zone defenses. Promoting a Good Culture Coach Moser came up through the coaching ranks by spending a lot of time with the legendary Rick Majerus. Moser revisits many of the concepts, strategies, and ideas her learned while working with Majerus. These culture-building ideas include: Coaches and players must always be invested in learning. Relationships are a key in building a positive culture. Use simple phrases that resonate with players. Players must be able to articulate how to do something. If they cannot, they probably can’t do it. A coach must get everyone to believe in what he is selling. Embrace the little things. Drills & Strategies Coach Moser then gets into some of the drills that he uses. “Close to the Body” is a defensive drill that helps defenders locate their man after they are screened or encounter some other offensive action. “Throw and Go” doubles as a shooting drill and as one that covers one of the core offensive concepts Moser teaches to beat zone defenses. The final segment of the video is where Coach Moser shows you how he attacks zone defenses. What you will see is not just a simple play or even an entire offense that attacks zones, but Coach Moser shares with you a series of big-picture ideas and concepts that will help you and your players against any zone defense and its adjustments. Moser finishes with the some “food for thought” concepts that can make a difference in close games. Some ideas are actual on-court actions where others are simply thoughts about a program and how to help motivate athletes. Coach Moser’s video tackles one of the most important ideas in coaching – how to create a positive, winning culture. Any coach can develop a great offense or a stingy defense, but not every coach can build a consistent winner. Coach Moser shows you how to build the foundation for a strong culture and a winning tradition.
Creating a Culture of Success & My Favorite Drills by Porter Moser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Team Culture & Drills with Porter Moser Head coach Porter Moser led Loyola-Chicago to an improbable run to the 2018 Final Four, but the foundation for his team’s success was laid year’s prior. Moser created a culture that led to a Missouri Valley championship and a trip to the national semifinals. In this video, you will get an inside look at how Moser created that culture as well as some of the strategies he used and some of his favorite drills. He also shares some thoughts on special situations like inbound plays, press breaks, timeouts, and more. Creating Good Basketball Team Culture Based on his coaching experience, Moser has learned what works and what doesn’t. He shares some of his tips for developing a winning culture by identifying the concepts and words that you want your players to internalize. You will see how Moser demands the very best from each drill in practice and how to deal with adversity. Moser also demonstrates four practice drills that he feels are the key to the success of any team’s ability to score. The drills help to improve the most basic of basketball skills – passing, shooting, driving, and finishing at the rim. The drills include: Warm Ups: Prepare players for practice with a high-energy passing drill that demands focus. Finishing: The full-court Celtic Layup drill forces players to execute every detail perfectly. Shooting: Train players to make a 3-pointer in transition with a competitive shooting drill. Dribble Drive: Break down spacing rules on dribble penetration with shooting drills that get you multiple shots on every rep. Build an Efficient Defense Moser’s 2018 team was second in the nation in fewest fouls per game and led the country in defensive efficiency. Coach Moser discusses the three areas that are critical to an efficient defense. On-Ball Defense: Teach players to closeout, stop the drive, and contest shots using a breakdown drill with easy teaching points. Help Defense: Use a 3-on-3 drill to help players understand proper positioning and technique when a player drives to the basket. Switching: Learn to incorporate switching into your team defense while minimizing mistakes. Special Situations Coach Moser also includes some ideas for special situations that all coaches face. You will learn a baseline inbound play to help you score through an advantage with your post players. Moser includes thoughts on breaking the press, how to use timeouts strategically, and a strategy on setting up the defense after a free throw. This video offers up a wealth of information on a variety of basketball topics. If you are looking to build a program, Coach Moser’s video is a great place to start! Rent this basketball team culture DVD today.