Secrets Of The Pack Line Pressure Defense by Matt Woodley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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The Secrets of the Pack Line Pressure Defense Drake alum and current assistant coach Matt Woodley dives into the Pack Line defense developed by the Bennett family. Woodley spent three years as an assistant at Washington State under current Virginia head coach Tony Bennett. In this video, Coach Woodley uses classroom sessions, on-court demonstrations, and video instruction to breakdown and install the basic Pack Line defense. You will get everything you need to immediately implement the Pack Line with your team. Pack Line Defense – Questions Answered The classroom session helps answer some of the most basic questions about the Pack Line defense. Coach Woodley addresses the keys to the defense, its staples, and the secrets to playing it successfully. Each talking point gives you an idea why the Pack Line is difficult to score against. Pack Line Defense – Overview Coach Woodley addresses the most common misconception about the Pack Line – that it is not a pressure defense. He goes on to explain the need to put pressure on the ball as well as other concepts needed for success. You get a look at the ways offenses will attack the Pack Line and how Coach Woodley deals with each one. From ball screens to transition defense and even turnover defense, you will get everything you need to run the Pack Line defense. Pack Line Defense – Breakdown Drills Coach Woodley then breaks down each concept of the Pack Line and shows you drills that work them. Using on-court demonstration and video analysis, Coach Woodley shows you everything from transition defense to playing against off-ball screens and other actions. You will see drills to help your players recover on closeouts. Most man-to-man teams require players to help and recover. The Pack Line only requires a recover. Coach Woodley shows you five versions of his 4-on-4 Shell Drill that will help your team learn how to defend the different actions they will face in games. While most instructional videos give you a couple things you can add to your coaching arsenal, Coach Woodley’s presentation is something that gives you an entire defense that you can install relatively easily.
Drills To Build A Pack Line Defense by Chris Mack Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Chris Mack: Drills to Build the Pack Line Defense There is no doubt Chris Mack is one of college basketball’s great young coaches. The now-Louisville head coach took Xavier to the Sweet Sixteen four times and won 69 percent of his games with the Musketeers. He took his first Louisville team to the NCAA tournament and he has won numerous conference coach of the Year honors. In this video done as an on-court clinic presentation, Mack details the everyday drills he uses to build the aggressive Pack Line defense that has made his teams so successful. You will see how he teaches both team and individual drills that will: Create extreme ball pressure Keep the ball out of the middle of the court Force the offense to take contested jump shots “away from the box” Develop excellent help defense and improve communication on defense All of Mack’s drills emphasize discouraging the shot, but playing the drive. Players do this by proper positioning, closing out with high hands, building walls, closing gaps, and jumping to the ball. Once the basics have been taught, Mack breaks down how to defend the post from initial positioning on the floor to positioning after the catch in the post. Here, he teaches the “wall up” technique for post defense which creates the toughest three-foot shot to make. All of the defensive concepts and rules are then brought together in a number of team drills. You will see the 3-out, 1-in Unguarded Post Drill, the 3-on-3 Identity Drill, and the 3-out, 1-in Identity Drill which is essentially 4-on-4 with a post player. These drills train players at a game-like tempo. Coach Mack’s Xavier – and now Louisville – teams were known for their aggressive man-to-man defense. This DVD gives you insight into how to implement Mack’s defensive principles and drills into your system.
Dick Bennett (Rental)-The "pack Line" Pressure Defense $15.99
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Pressure Pack Line Defense by Jim Boone Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Bulding Blocks Of The Pack Line Defense by Jim Boone Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Building Blocks of the Pack Line Defense Arkansas-Fort Smith men’s basketball coach Jim Boone has built a career around the pressure pack line defense. Boone has over 550 wins at the NCAA Division I and II levels. He took West Virginia Wesleyan to three NCAA Division II tournament appearances and won the 2014 and 2019 Gulf South Conference championships while at Delta State. With his 25-plus years of head coaching experience, Coach Boone reveals his philosophy and teaching knowledge of the pack line defense. It’s a defense that will keep opponents off guard, out of the paint, and force them into tough shots. You will see a number of drills all designed to maximize ball pressure while, at the same time, sealing gaps against ball penetration into the paint. Coach Boone demonstrates the Jump Up, Jump Back and Leverage Seeking close out drills. These are extremely effective for training the proper rotations of the defense. The 4-on-4 Transition drill is another one that helps teach the pack line defense. Players learn to guard against mismatches and learn how to improve their on-floor communication. Both are important in the pack line defense. The final segment of the video features Coach Boone in a question and answer session covering topics like defending the post and how to guard great shooters. He also shares insights on how to get the most out of your players and how to get them to buy into you, the system, and the overall mission of the program. The pack line defense will make your team “nasty” when you install it. It can be effective at any level. The pack line keeps opponents off guard and forces them into tough shots by keeping them out of the paint.
Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball by Brian Field Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Pack Line Defense About building and teaching the pack line defense Brian Field has developed a really great video. He uses the chalkboard to illustrates the primary defense’s concepts. After that he will give you a detailed on-court presentation with lots of explanations of techniques and drills.The players will force the offense to the baseline when you will meet different variation of the pack lines. The Coach Field has beautifully explained everything and has demonstrated how this defense has taken his team to the next level and how it helped them to improve their skills and abilities. This defense has helped them to force the opponent players into much tougher shots. He has also explained when he wants his player to switch and also explained the half court philosophies which were used with this defense. Triangle In this technique, one pass away, the defenders are inward and upward towards the ball. So against the dribble penetration this technique will allow the defender who is one pass away to be there against the dribble penetration. In the defensive assignment, so many young players will be guarding too close. This too much closeness shows rotation. There are so many advantages of maintaining this kind of triangle like the defender can get into the closer area, into the passing lane and be available for help when needed. Forcing Baseline When it comes to explaining the pack line defense most players have been forced to the middle of the floor and which is the point where most of the help is waiting. So, with this kind of technique, the opponent players are left with minimum offensive abilities. The Coach Field has beautifully explained that how keeping the offense on the sideline forces them to float a pass and when they move to the weaker side. When a difficult pass is forced across the court, the defensive players will be available there for help position to jump that pass. Brockport Drill Just like in Shaka Smart’s “Ironman Drill” where players must take a charge, this technique is pretty similar to that. There is only difference which is in Brockport Drill is more of a variation of the Shell Drill. One player is not forced to do multiple effort or drills instead the Brockport uses four players who must rotate into help and on-ball defense as the ball rotates. On the other hand, the weaker side helpers will help in cutting off the baseline and take a charge. This drill makes sure that you are getting proper rotations and communications while giving you that mental toughness element. Rent the Pack Line Defense for High School Basketball today.  
Pack Line Defense For Undersized Teams by Todd Lorensen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Pack Line Defense for Undersized Teams The Pack Line defense has moved into the forefront of basketball with Virginia winning the 2019 college national championship. Todd Lorenson, head coach at Southwestern (IA) Community College, used a modified version of the Pack Line to take his team to the 2017 NJCAA DII national championship. In this video, Lorenson shows you how he builds his version of the Pack Line defense from the ground up. You will see the progression he uses for the first 10 to 15 practices of the season in the installation of the defense. Building the Pack Line Defense Coach Lorenson shows you eight drills that teach the basics of the Pack Line defense. The drills include such defensive fundamentals as closeouts, defending shooters, and stopping dribble penetration. These can be applied to any defense. Lorenson’s drills include: 2-on-2 Exchange: Focuses on the dynamics of repositioning and the movement patterns to reinforce defenders playing in a position of advantage. 4-on-4 Shell Drill: Helps players define their positions by where the ball is entered, the importance of vacating the gap quickly, and how to close out on potential shooters. Ball Screen 3-on-3: Players learn to “come together” on screens to avoid any slippage or gaps for the offense. Coach Lorenson also explains problems with a player’s defensive position relative to gaps using terms such as “stretching” and “too low.” Defending the Post To slow down the effectiveness of a dominant post player, Coach Lorenson teaches full fronting. You will see how defenders use exaggerated arm and leg movements to use when fronting the post. Weakside players learn to “wall-up” post players on lob passes. Coach Lorenson shares two drills you can use to teach these concepts. Coach Lorenson’s clinic video goes in-depth on the Pack Line defense. The drills and concepts are easy to understand, which will help your players buy into the Pack Line defensive philosophy. Rent this Pack Line Defense DVD today.
Modernized Pack Line Defense & The 2-3 Zone by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Open Practice: Modernized Pack Line Defense and the 2-3 Zone Many would not know that Oakland University’s Greg Kampe is the third-longest tenured head coach in Division I men’s basketball. With over 500 wins, Kampe has earned the respect of his peers and he is well-known for his up-tempo style of play. It is that style that has helped form his philosophy of defense, which is what he presents in this video. He shows you how he has molded the modern Pack Line defense with a the 2-3 zone to create an ideal defense built for success. Building the Pack Line with Breakdown Drills Coach Kampe teaches the Pack Line using variations of the Shell Drill. Players learn proper positioning so that the on-ball defender is always supported by help defenders. Players are also taught how to chase shooters off down screens and how to defend screen aways or cross screens. Coach Kampe uses these three shell drill variations. 4-on-4 Must Dribble Drill: Defenders must pressure the ball, force the ball to the middle and provide help as the defense is continuously bombarded by dribble penetration. 4-on-3 Drill: Defenders learn to communicate as they sprint to fill gaps against an offense that has a man advantage. 3-on-3 8-Pass Restriction Drill: The offense can run any action at the defense but can only pass eight times. Defenders learn how to position properly, communicate with one another, and fight through screens. Post Defense Oakland’s help defense is based upon the shooting ability of the players on the floor. Coach Kampe demonstrates two drills to work on defending the post. The 4-on-4 Post Touch Drill focuses on denying the entry pass to the post while perimeter players help based on shooting ability. The 4-on-4 Close Out Drill is an Oakland staple and is the perfect way to prepare for the most common plays an opponent will run at your defense. 2-3 Zone Defense Coach Kampe teaches the responsibilities for each player in the 2-3 zone. Players are to be active and apply ball pressure at all times in Kampe’s version of the 2-3. You will see how his players are taught to “bump” defenders when the ball is on the side. He also reviews different ways to defend the high post. O-D-O Scrimmage This full-court drill is done at game speed so that players get used to making quick decisions based on a shot attempt. You will see how Oakland’s defense flows from the 2-2-1 press to the 2-3 zone based on a shot attempt. This drill, as well as the rest of the video, gives you exactly what you need to combine the Pack Line defense with the 2-3 zone.
Pack L Ine Modifications To Stop The Pick & Roll by Matt Woodley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Pack Line Modifications to Stop the Pick-and-Roll The evolution of basketball has brought us to a point where ball screens and the analytics of shot selection are becoming more and more important. As these trends influence offense, defenses at the highest levels of the game are adapting. Drake University assistant coach Matt Woodley has worked with Tony Bennett, one of the masters of the Pack Line defense. Woodley is now tailoring his concepts to work at multiple levels. In this video, Woodley uses classroom training and on-court instruction to teach you the how and the why behind stopping the ball screen. Breakdown Drills Coach Woodley shows you 14 drills to help players understand the fundamentals of defending the ball screen. The drills offer a progression for you to use throughout a season. The Shadow Drill teaches players to eliminate false steps and cut off dribble penetration. The Guard the Ball on the Wing Drill teaches players the proper stance for controlling a dribbler. A series of 2-on-2 drills help players close out and prevent 3-point shot attempts, get into help position, and defend ball screens. The Icing Breakdown Drill incorporates multiple defensive concepts in forcing the ball away from the screen towards the baseline. Stopping the Side Pick-and-Roll The Ice concept is taught by Coach Woodley to keep the ball out of the middle of the floor against side ball screens. Woodley breaks down every player’s role in a 5-on-5 situation. Players learn the proper communication as well as the right coverages and responsibilities through the possession so they can maintain coordination with one another. Woodley will also show you how to defend the snake dribble and the “Gretzky” situation when a post has to defend a dribbler on the baseline. Coach Woodley continually points out situations where players can prevent direct passes and diagnoses several of the problems teams have with defending the pick-and-roll. Coach Woodley gives you a consistent strategy for defending any pick-and-roll in the Pack Line defense. You will be able to teach the ball screen defense using a collection of drills designed to teach fundamentals. If you have been searching for more about the Pack Line defense, add this video to your collection today!
Defensive System Pack Line & Sparta Defense by Chantal Vallee Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Defensive System – Pack Line $ Sparta Defense It’s no secret that defense wins championships. You can learn how to build a defensive system that takes away opponents perimeter shots in this video by well-known Canadian women’s basketball coach Chantal Vallee. The head coach of the University of Windsor women’s team and the head coach and general manager of the Hamilton Honey Badgers Canadian Elite Basketball League team, Vallee shows you how she won five straight CIS national championships. You get an inside look into a training camp session where Coach Vallee teaches her defensive system. You will see detailed lecture complete with diagrams as well as on-court walkthroughs with players in this presentation. Coach Vallee begins with a 1-on-1 closeout drill to warmup her players then proceeds to show you how to squeeze the space your opponent can use while preventing drives with the Pack Line defense. Coach Vallee also details the Sparta man-to-man defense that has the primary purpose of eliminating the 3-point shot. Pack Defense One of the primary goals of the Pack defense is to force an opponent to use their weak hand and then provide help support on any dribble penetration. Coach Vallee shows you how to build this strategy using 2-on-2 drills all the way up to a full 5-on-5. The drills work to teach players the proper defensive positioning to force opponents to go to the weak side of the floor. Coach Vallee explains how to rotate defenders on baseline drives and how rotations adjust based on the position of the post defender. Sparta Defense The whole idea of the Sparta defense is to prevent 3-point shots. Less help is provided in this defense as defenders work to deny their match-up. The on-ball defender must force their match-up into a low percentage shot using the proper close out, creating a cushion on the drive, and challenging the shot with what is known as the “ghosting” technique. If you love playing man-to-man, Coach Vallee has a system that uses some unique tactics that you can incorporate into your system for maximum effect.
Inside The Pack Line Defense by Kevin McGuff Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Inside the Pack Line Defense Kevin McGuff has had tremendous success over his coaching career leading turnarounds at both the University of Washington and the Ohio State University. Now the women’s basketball coach for the Buckeyes, McGuff has used the Pack Line defense to help him build program identities and winning basketball programs. He has taken his teams to 12 postseason tournaments in 14 seasons and has a career winning percentage of .700. Philosophy of the Pack Line Defense Coach McGuff begins his presentation by diving into his defensive philosophy. It’s all about what you emphasize with your players and for McGuff, it’s the Pack Line Defense. He outlines the goals of the defense, why it’s so popular and gives you the terminology used so you can teach it better. Coach McGuff discusses key elements such as defending the post, defending different types of screens, weakside exchanges, defending the baseline drive, and gap integrity. He also uses a 4-on-4 shell drill to demonstrate the movements and responsibilities of each player in the defense. Transition Defense Coach McGuff teaches you how to merge your philosophy of rebounding with your transition defense. Using a 5-on-0 transition drill, Coach McGuff explains the roles and responsibilities of each player. The result is getting players ahead of the ball to build a wall of defenders thus initiating the Pack Line defense. Individual Drills Coach McGuff provides five drills that emphasize key individual elements of the Pack Line defense. The drills break down these elements into actions that the players can develop. Aspects of the drills involve: Closeouts On-ball pressure Forming the Pack Line and Building the Wall Moving on the flight of the ball Rebounding and toughness Team Defense You will see three progressions of the Shell Drill that Coach McGuff uses to get his players to coordinate with each other when playing team defense. You will learn how to stunt early to stop drives, recover to gaps with the ball in the air, and prevent face cuts. Also included is defending the post and denying post feeds. The Change Drill teaches players to communicate as they rotate to find matchups on defense. Defending Screens Coach McGuff teaches a number system for communicating how to defend any screen. Players have the ability to counter any offensive strategy and you will see demonstrations of how to defend all types of screens including ball screens. Rebounding With the mindset that a possession is never over until the ball is secured, Coach McGuff shows you two variations of his favorite rebounding drill. High-Low Rebounding will develop multiple skills including shooting, rebounding, and toughness. If you are looking to install the Pack Line defense, Coach McGuff’s presentation is comprehensive and gives you everything you need to get started. Rent this Pack Line Defense DVD today.
Breakdown Drills For Building The Pack Line Defense by Saul Phillips Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Saul Phillips (Rental)-Breakdown Drills For Building The Pack Line Defense $17.99
Breakdown Drills for Building the Pack Line Defense Forcing low percentage shots while keeping players out of foul trouble is the goal of Northern State University men’s head basketball coach Saul Phillips’ Pack Line defense. There are a number of variations of the Pack Line defense. Phillips takes what he learned from the legendary Bo Ryan and other great coaches that used the pack line defense and guides viewers through its implementation. Coach Phillips, who took North Dakota State to two NCAA tournaments, focuses on installing the pack line defense using a variety of drills. No matter how big or small your staff is, Phillips will show you how to use each drill effectively. Keys to Playing the Defense The presentation begins with an explanation of why teams should use the pack line defense. The defense’s objective is to contain the dribble, prevent penetration, and keep the offense out of the paint. By doing so, the pack line defense forces teams to consistently make outside shots. The pack line defense contests those jump shots as well, which is one of the biggest keys to playing the defense. Game-like Drills For Practice Coach Phillips shares a series of drills to help players learn their responsibilities within the structure of the defense. The drills are easy to install and players are able to learn quickly as a result of performing them. The drills include: 1-on-2 Drive: Players focus on playing great 1-on-1 defense as well as help defense, which is the key to the defense’s success. 2-on-2 Closeout: Teaches proper spacing and quick weak side help. 3-on-3 Shell: The drill works on stopping dribble penetration and proper rotations to force the longest pass possible. The drill also focuses on perimeter players’ responsibilities and reactions when the ball goes into the post. 4-on-4 Shell: Coach Phillips teaches players how to react to common offensive actions such as Floppy, America, screen-the-screener, and pick-and-roll action. The use of these drills has allowed Coach Phillips’ teams to use the pack line defense to even the playing field against teams that are more athletic. If you are looking for help in installing the Pack Line defense, Coach Phillips has you covered in this excellent video presentation. Rent this pack line defense DVD today.
Personnnel Pack Line Defense by Matt Lewis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Personnel Pack Line Matt Lewis guided the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to the NCAA Division III national title utilizing a modified version of the Pack Line defense. It is a system that can help you lead your league in defensive field goal percentage, defensive 3-point percentage, and rebounding margin. When you control these statistical categories, the results are usually wins. Learn the strategies and drills that Coach Lewis uses to take the Pack Line defense to the next level. Transition Defense Your defense will not stand a chance against any opponent if you can’t stop teams in transition. Coach Lewis breaks down the ins and outs of his transition defense. See how he assigns players to certain roles suited to their strengths. Training players in Lewis’s system helps the defense build a wall around the pain and force tough shots early in possessions. Closeouts Great defensive teams understand how to change their approach depending upon their opponents. Coach Lewis goes through three drills to help perfect the closeout and on-ball defensive technique while learning how to vary a defender’s aggressiveness depending on the player he is guarding. The “2-Man Ball Screen” drill is a great way to teach defenders closeouts in game situations. Protecting the Paint Modern offenses really test defenses in getting to the rim. Coach Lewis has found new ways to help his defense protect the paint. You will see how players stunt to help on dribble penetration and defend baseline drives. The “3-on-3 Gauntlet” drill shows how you implement these ideas and prevent teams from getting touches in the paint. Defending Screens The final part of the package is defending screens. You’ll see how Coach Lewis emphasizes switching on screens. His strategy helps neutralize slips and smothers great perimeter shooters. This video is an outstanding take on the modern Pack Line defense.
Pack Line Defense: Points of Emphasis & Coverage Tactics by Chris Mack Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Mack (Rental)-Pack Line Defense: Points of Emphasis & Coverage Tactics $18.99
Pack Line Defense: Points of Emphasis and Coverage Tactics Louisville head coach Chris Mack discusses the impact of the Pack Line defense on his teams and why they have consistently been among the top 20 in the country in many defensive statistical categories. You will see how the Pack Line works and how you can implement it into your program. Transition The defense starts by trying to make opponents play half-court offense on every trip up the floor. Mack explains the role of every player in transition and how players must rotate to cover open players. Coach Mack goes into great detail on this and then shows the 4-on-3 Plus 1 Drill that teaches these concepts to your players. Pack Line Coach Mack outlines how the Pack Line defense works. Communication is a big key as it is in any defense you play. Mack shows you how he approaches off-ball gap defense where he crowds the floor to impact an opponent’s spacing on offense. Three different closeouts are shown and you will also see how Mack teaches a technique for taking away rhythm three-pointers. Post defense is next. You’ll see how Mack prefers his players to defend the post and how they work to prevent duck-ins. He also shares ideas on off-ball screens, ball screens, and rebounding. Drills Coach Mack then shares some of his best drills for teaching the Pack Line defense. These include 4-on-3 Plus 1, Baseline Touch, 1-vs-3, Three Around One Identity, and 3-on-3 Identity. This video from Coach Mack is one of the most comprehensive Pack Line presentations available. Use it to teach it to your team and watch your program prosper.
The Hybrid Pack Line Defense by Tom Palombo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-The Hybrid Pack Line Defense $18.99
The Hybrid Pack Line Defense: Stance, Position & Movement Tom Palombo has built an NCAA Division III dynasty at Guilford College in North Carolina. He has amassed over 550 career wins, 12 Old Dominion Athletic Conference titles, and 11 trips to the NCAA Division III tournament. In this video, Coach Palombo shares how he builds a defense that can win championships. It all starts with the basics of stance, proper positioning, and movement. Defensive Breakdown Coach Palombo breaks down every aspect of individual and team defense. Then, he shows you how to implement the fundamentals needed to play lock-down defense. Coach Palombo shows you a number of drills and mixes in some game film to show how valuable the drills are in building the defense. Each drill plays a role in helping players to execute at a high level in games. Coach Palombo also draws up his defense and the defensive rotations. You then see these rotations in an on-court demonstration. You will also see demonstrations of a number of drills that help your players improve in playing the Pack Line defense. Stance, Position, Movement Your team can accelerate its defensive progress by focusing on three main principles that Coach Palombo stresses. These are the foundation of the suffocating defense. These principles are learned in three drills that are demonstrated by Palombo. These include: Guard Your Yard 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 Positioning 4-on-4 Shell (with variations) In addition, you will see how players progress through these drills in a live practice setting. During and between each drill, Coach Palombo offers additional coaching tips and what he likes to see from his defenders. With a strong mix of individual and team techniques, Coach Palombo gives you the drills and insight any coach needs to install a stifling Pack Line defense. Rent this Pack Line Defense DVD today.