Agility & Speed Ladder

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Agility & Speed Ladder

$12.99 $24.99 -49% OFF

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HoopsKingSpeed Ladder helps you gain strength and improve agility. This basketball training equipment caters to upper and lower body drills. It can also be used for intense training and excellent body stability exercises. With this ladder, you can improve acceleration and lateral quickness and create new muscle memory for sport-specific movements. This training ladder helps you gain more control over your body movements. The distance between each rung is 15". The rungs are flat and lay easily against the ground. Ground stakes are included to keep the ladder in place during use.

Per4M Speed Ladder:

  • Speed training ladder
  • Improve acceleration, lateral quickness and direction changes
  • Gain greater body control by improving agility
  • Adapt training to sport-specific movements to improve muscle memory
  • Distance between rungs is 15"
  • Flat rungs easily lay against ground
  • Ground stakes for use outdoors keep ladder in place

What is the speed ladder good for?

The speed ladder is a great tool for improving footwork, agility, and coordination. It can be used by athletes in a variety of sports to enhance their performance on the field or court.

Does speed ladder make you faster?

Yes, regular use of a speed ladder can help to improve your speed and quickness by increasing your foot speed and improving your coordination and agility. By training with a speed ladder, you can improve your ability to change direction quickly and accelerate and decelerate more efficiently.

What is a speed ladder?

A speed ladder is a training tool used by athletes to improve footwork, agility, and coordination. It consists of a series of flat plastic rungs that are placed on the ground and spaced evenly apart. Athletes perform a variety of footwork drills, stepping in and out of the ladder, to improve their speed and coordination.

Are speed ladders worth it?

Yes, speed ladders are a valuable training tool for athletes looking to improve their footwork, agility, and coordination. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used by athletes at all levels of skill and experience. When used in combination with other training exercises and drills, speed ladders can help to enhance overall athletic performance.