Individual Skill Development by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jay Wright (Rental)-Individual Skill Development $17.99
Open Practice: Individual Skill Development National championship coach Jay Wright of Villanova opens up one of his practices to show you how his program develops its offensive system. Players work to build their individual offensive skills while also learning the offense and the different scoring options. Wright knows a little about offense as evidenced by his six Big East regular season titles and two national championships (2016 & 2018). You will see how Wright emphasizes spacing, reading defenses, and understanding Villanova’s offensive concepts. Individual Skill Development Watch as players work on improving footwork, reading ball screens, and taking game-like shots. In the footwork series, players work on inside pivots, reverse pivots, drop steps, jab steps, and much more. You’ll see Coach Wright go from rim to rim pointing out any mistakes. In the shooting series, players focus on proper footwork as well as reading the situation before executing a shot off of a ball screen, down screen, curl out, or flare screen. In each drill, players use a go-to move and a counter as they imagine the situation in front of them. 5-on-0 Wright believes in 5-on-0 to develop his offense. Players incorporate their individual skill work into the 5-on-0 situation. Aces, Deuces, and Flat are the offensive sets run in this segment. Each involves ball-screen actions but from different areas on the court. Players work through the actions to understand spacing, timing, and the different scoring options. 5-on-5 Live Scripts This segment of the practice brings everything together. Everything taught and drilled is now incorporated into a live 5-on-5 setting. A half-court shell offense works through Aces, Deuces, and Flat against a live defense. Play progresses to a full-court scrimmage to 15 where points are awarded for displaying techniques that were emphasized in practice. These include offensive rebounds, turnovers forced, and more. Coach Wright’s presentation is a must-have for all coaches. Learn how to develop the skills you want your players to have when the pressure is on and a game is on the line.
Open Practice with Eric Musselman by Eric Musselman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Eric Musselman (Rental)-Open Practice with Eric Musselman $24.99
Open Practice with Eric Musselman Get a close up inside look at two practice sessions run by new Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman. After three seasons as the Golden State Warriors head coach, Musselman returned to the college ranks where he turned Nevada into a Mountain West dynasty. He captured three conference titles and earned three straight trips to the NCAA tournament. In this video, you will go into the gym for two full practice sessions where you will see numerous drills and get a look inside Musselman’s playbook. Practice 1 The first practice features over 20 drill segments run by Musselman’s assistants in the form of stations. Each station focuses on a particular skill whether on offense or defense. Some stations also incorporate offensive and defensive breakdowns to teach Musselman’s style of play on both sides of the ball. The second part of the first practice involves a look at Coach Musselman’s playbook. You will see a number of quick hitters for half-court situations, transition, breaking the press, and inbounding the ball. You also get a look at how Musselman handles multiple defensive coverages including switches, blitzes, and hard shows. Practice 2 Practice is another foray into Musselman’s philosophy and it’s full of great ideas to add to your own practices. You will see another 20-plus drills that Musselman and his staff use to help their players prepare. You’ll see how to handle double teams in the post with offensive breakdown drills that show the whole team how to react. A look at Musselman’s man-to-man defense is also a big part of the second practice. There is a 3-on-3 full-court drill and others that teach players how to stunt in help situations, blitz the ball, and fight through dribble hand-offs. A master of crafting intense, top-notch practice sessions, Coach Musselman presents you with a wealth of information, drills, and set plays you can incorporate into your own programs. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the great culture-builders in the game today!
Open Practice Brad Underwood Offense by Brad Underwood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Spread Offense for Basketball with Brad Underwood Current University of Illinois head coach Brad Underwood opens the doors to two practice sessions so you may get an inside look at his spread offense and how his teams create chaos on defense. Underwood built Stephen F. Austin into a mid-major power not long ago winning multiple coach of the year awards. His success landed him at Oklahoma State and now at Illinois where he is rebuilding the program. Your front row seat to Coach Underwood’s practices come in two discs. The first deals with the Illinois spread offense, skill drills, breakdowns, and controlled scrimmages. The second disc gets into how Underwood’s teams use a half-court pressure man-to-man defense to force opponents to deviate from their game plans. Spread Offense for Basketball Open Practice Coach Underwood teaches his offense from the ground up. He explains the importance of immediate flow from transition to the spread offense. How Underwood does it is by using high intensity game-like situations. In this segment, you will see the following: Drills to teach the spread offense Multiple entries into the spread offense An individual development drill designed for the spread Instruction on how to defeat full- and half-court traps Coach Underwood also reviews the Xs and Os of his practice and how to develop players. You will see a number of drills that work on passing, shooting, and footwork as required by the spread offense. Coach Underwood teaches dribbling attacks for the spread, fighting for position on the perimeter, and much more.  Rent this spread offense for basketball DVD today.
Open Practice With Jerry Petigoue by Jerry Petitgoue Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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High School Basketball Practice with Jerry Petitgoue One of the winningest high school head coaches in the nation, Jerry Petitgoue shares a wealth of basketball knowledge in this on-court high school basketball practice video. See how Coach Petitgoue, head coach at Cuba City (WI) for 45 years, runs a practice at the beginning of a season and keeps his players motivated while still holding them accountable. Learn his continuity pick and roll offense and the 1-3-1 zone defense that helped Petitgoue win 19 conference titles, three Wisconsin state championships, and over 840 career games. Coach Petitgoue likes to start his practices with the Shot Builder drill, which is a simple drill that focuses on shooting with good form. He then takes players through multiple press breaks that can be used against man-to-man or zone presses. Coach stresses fundamentals and uses various drills throughout practice to ensure players are doing things the right way. All players go through a ball handling circuit. Rebounding is another fundamental skill that Petitgoue works on in two great drills. All drills are run in a game-like situation to make them more competitive and challenging. One of the highlights of the high school basketball practice video is Coach Petitgoue’s discussion of his Continuity Pick and Roll offense. It’s simple and flexible and Coach explains some of the ins and outs of how his attack is so effective. He breaks down post play and setting screens and shows you some variations for dealing with the different defensive adjustments you might see. High School Basketball Practice Video at Cuba City A key to the Cuba City HS program’s success has been its 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Petitgoue explains how his defense can be tailored to pressure offenses in a number of ways. He shows you the fundamental drills used to build the defense, which can be used with any defense. Closing out with high hands, moving with the ball in the air, and staying in your stance are all components of Petitgoue’s defense that can be used in any type of defense. Coach Petitgoue’s video is a unique look at one of the nation’s most successful high school programs. If you want to see why this team is so successful, this 122-minute video is a must watch! Rent this high school basketball practice DVD today.
The Bill Self System: Installation & Implementation by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bill Self (Rental)-The Bill Self System: Installation & Implementation $18.99
A Deep-Practice, Open-Practice Dive Into Kansas' Bill Self. Unlocking game-winning strategies and the keys to running highly efficient practices! Bill Self's 5 favorite set plays, complete with a step by step installation blueprint and teaching process for improving execution Skill development drills that help players improve their offense and defense. A look inside the planning and execution of a patterned practice sequence that allows players to quickly learn and maximizes their practice time To increase overall skill and to transform players into a cohesive, mentally tough unit that thrives under pressure situations, defense and rebounding segments are important. Strategies to attack an aggressive defense in depth - keeping them on their heels and off balance Bill Self and the University of Kansas coaching staff have created a special 2022 National Championship Open Practice. This exclusive gives you an insider's view of what an early-season, high-intensity, and focus-driven practice session looks for one of America's top programs. More than 2-hours of non-stop coaching concepts This video is jam-packed with valuable coaching information. It combines real-world coaching points with on-court demonstrations. Viewers are given a behind the scenes look at a Bill Self practice in the early seasons. The practice shows viewers how concepts, philosophies and set plays are executed daily by players to ensure they execute efficiently and effectively, regardless of what offensive or defensive system they use. Tested Xs and-Os, Practice Drills that Fit Your Program Bill Self, one of the most respected and winningest college basketball coaches in America, has presented this presentation with his team. They loaded up this open practice full of winning strategies and demonstrated on-court skills. This presentation is a combination of on-the-floor strategy and teaching progressions, as well as tangible coaching points. It transforms from a fragmented, early season practice into a nearly 2-hour instructional video about basketball. Watching Self's Open Practice will give coaches an incredible amount of detail and information. This coaching video is one you'll keep watching over and over. You'll also be able to learn new ideas and techniques from it. It's a great resource for coaching that you can use in your team's practice for many years. 118 minutes. 2022.
Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brenda Frese (Rental)-Open Practice: Man-to-man & Zone Offenses $19.99
Man to Man Offense & Zone Offenses Create mismatches and attack defenses with an up-tempo offense designed to score early and often. University of Maryland head women’s basketball coach Brenda Frese shows you how in this man to man offense & zone offense video, which gives you an inside look at a Maryland practice. Coach Frese won a national championship in 2006 and took her Terrapins to back-to-back Final Fours in 2014 and 2015. In this presentation, you will see Coach Frese diagram and demonstrate the offenses she runs against man-to-man and zone defenses. She also draws up and shows you a number of drills she uses to teach these concepts. Included in the video are: “Thumbs” man-to-man offense “Regular” and “Side” zone offenses Set plays using ball screens Post play techniques to get high-efficiency shots How Maryland develops the transition offense to attack in advantage situations Breakdown drills for feeding the post and shooting 3-Out-2-In Set The 3-Out 2-In alignment helps isolate your center while still keeping all players an option. The set creates a lot of reversals and opens up gaps in defenses. Coach Frese will show you each of the following: Power: Uses sequential screening to free up shooters or create a post advantage in the paint Pass Back: A flex screen and ball reversal to help open up a post on the block Side: Creates a strong side triangle to get the ball to the post or continuous ball screening action to create advantages on the side pick and roll 4 Series: Two different counters to defensive pressure are shown from a 1-4 alignment All of these options can help defeat overly aggressive defenses using back cuts and back screens. Each option provides a number of different counters as well. Zone Offense for Basketball The Zone Offense is predicated on finding gaps in the defense. Posts flash into gaps in the high post or short corner on ball reversals. This puts constant pressure on the defense as it shifts. You will see how the “Side Set” is used to create movement and scoring opportunities essentially breaking down the zone defense. Transition Drills Coach Frese shares four different transition drills. Each drill is designed to train players how to score in different advantage situations on the fast break. Basketball Shooting Drills The Feed the Post Drill uses both 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 competition to break down the “Thumbs” offense. The drill shows players how to free up guards on the perimeter with screens and feed the post against defensive pressure. Coach Frese shares three breakdown drills designed to feed the post and work on shooting. This 160-minute open practice video offers coaches at all levels the opportunity to learn and apply the techniques that Coach Frese uses at Maryland to install their offensive system early in the season. Rent this man to man offense DVD today.
Open Practice: Man To Man Defense Drills by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brenda Frese (Rental)-Open Practice: Man To Man Defense Drills $17.99
Man to Man Defense Drills Train your defense to apply pressure on the ball, stop dribble penetration, and fight through screens. National championship coach Brenda Frese opens her doors to a live practice session at the University of Maryland. The practice session is devoted entirely to the implementation of Frese’s man-to-man defensive system. Frese won the 2006 national title with the Terrapins and took her 2014 and ’15 teams to back-to-back Final Four appearances. Coach Frese uses breakdown drills, a live 5-on-5 shell, and defensive stations to teach her system. The first part of the video is a pre-practice developmental workout. Frese goes over each drill on a whiteboard and then follows up with live execution in practice. The rest of the man to man defense drills video contains the live viewing of the implementation of the defense. Pre-Practice Defensive Skill Development Players must master the close out technique as well as other critical defensive concepts. Coach Frese uses a series of three-person pre-practice drills to stress shading the ball toward the sideline or baseline. She also places emphasis on eliminating middle drives. Players learn proper foot placement, stance, and body positioning in relation to offensive players in these drills. How to Defense Screens in Basketball Defending the different types of screens a team will see is a must for man-to-man defenses. Coach Frese shares a number of strategies and drills for defending the most common screens used today. You will see how to defend down screens, diagonal screens, cross screens, and back screens. Coach Frese has her team walk through the key elements of defending each screen before breaking it down with 2-on-2 stations. Eventually, the action builds to live play in a 5-on-5 Shell Drill to end practice. Shell Drill for Basketball Defense The session ends with a live 5-on-5 Shell Drill. Players must use what they have learned throughout the practice and put their skills to the test. Coach Frese looks to ensure players’ habits, rotation, and awareness are developing. If you want to build consistent winners as Coach Frese has done at Maryland, it’s no secret that defense is the foundation to long term success. This 93-minute man to man defense drills video is devoted to laying that foundation and offering your program a chance to develop a winning mindset. Rent this man to man defense drills DVD today.
Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Off-season Shooting & Conditioning Workout by Fred Hoiberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fred Hoiberg (Rental)-Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Off-season Shooting & Conditioning Workout $19.99
Off Season Basketball Shooting Drills with Fred Hoiberg It is one of the most fundamental skills in basketball – shooting. In this video from Nebraska head men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg, you will discover a collection of shooting drills from some of the best shooters of all time. Hoiberg, the former Iowa State head coach, spent 10 years in the NBA and, most recently, was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Throughout his career, Hoiberg has collected a number of drills from players like Larry Bird, Chris Mullin, and Reggie Miller. Hoiberg’s 2012 Iowa State team engineered the biggest turnaround in Big 12 history when it won 23 games and beat defending national champion Connecticut in the NCAA tournament that year. Hoiberg’s Cyclone teams were always among the nation’s leaders in scoring and his 2013 team led the country in 3-pointers per game. In this 52-minute off season basketball shooting drills video, you will see Coach Hoiberg put his players through an offseason shooting workout. The drills he uses come from the likes of Bird, Mullin, and even himself. Hoiberg led the entire NBA in 2005 in 3-point field goal percentage shooting a blistering 48 percent from behind the arc. Off Season Basketball Shooting Drills & Workout The workout begins with warm-up drills for shooters. Each drill emphasizes footwork, balance, and finishing every shot. You will see 10 more shooting drills that cover a number of different situations. Some have conditioning elements while others attempt to replicate coming off a screen in a game-like atmosphere. Transition shooting, shooting off the catch, and finishing at the rim are all skills that are addressed in these drills. At the end of each drill, shooters complete a round of 3-pointers. Players make two 3-pointers from five different spots – corner, wing, top, opposite wing, opposite corner – before coming back around to make one at each spot. Once the 3-pointers are finished, players make five free throws in order to continue to the next drill. Coach Hoiberg is a firm believer that shooters are made in the offseason. Using the drills presented in this video, players can create the muscle memory and mental toughness to become top-level shooters in your program. Rent this off season basketball shooting drills DVD today.
Open Practice With Jamion Christian by Jamion Christian Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamion Christian (Rental)-Open Practice With Jamion Christian $17.99
Basketball Practice Drills with Jamion Christian Let George Washington University head men’s basketball coach Jamion Christian show you his Mayhem style of play in this instructional basketball practice drills DVD. Christian has developed his style of play over his career which has included stops at Siena and Mount St. Mary’s. Mayhem helped Christian win two NEC titles and a coach of the year award while at Mount St. Mary’s. Now, get an inside look at how the system is taught. Coach Christian opens up the practice doors for a look inside the basketball practice drills and full court drills that help him install Mayhem. You will see five different drill series featuring both full and half court drills. Watch as Coach Christian moves his players quickly from drill to drill and pushes them to take coaching on the run. Defensively, Coach Christian uses several different 4-on-4 drills to teach and install the Mayhem full court press. The drills focus on the fundamental skills used in pressure defense – trapping, intercepting passes, and converting after a turnover. You will see a pressing gauntlet where players trap in the front court and again at half court. Basketball Practice Drills for Defense & More Other basketball practice drills work on help defense in the half-court man-to-man. Players learn to react quickly and stop penetration. When the ball is driven to the baseline or into the middle, players respond accordingly and cut off any and all penetration. On offense, Coach Christian uses a variety of individual drills before getting into 4-on-4 and 5-on-4 situations. Guards and post players are separated to work on ball handling, finishing moves, and shooting. Christian puts it all together in running a 5-on-4 secondary break drill where the offense runs the secondary break and then goes right into its pick and roll offense. These drills are great for improving your team’s ball handling and shooting in transition. These skills are critical in the Mayhem system. Coach Christian also shares multiple drills that will help your players improve their agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. All of these are valuable tools to have for players who wish to succeed at any level of basketball. For coaches looking to master the Mayhem style of play promoted by Christian, this 77-minute video is a great place to start. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.
Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
T.J. Otzelberger (Rental)-Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense $18.99
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger: Defense One of the up-and-coming coaches in college basketball, South Dakota State mentor T.J. Otzelberger teaches his defensive system in this open practice video. Coach Otzelberger’s defense is all about forcing opponents into less than desirable shots and then tenacious rebounding in an effort to get the ball into transition quickly. One look at this video and you will understand why Otzelberger’s teams are consistently ranked in the nation’s top 10 in defensive rebounding. Stance, Slides, and Closeouts Coach Otzelberger preaches the basics: stance, slide, and closing out. You will see the low, wide, and active stance that Otzelberger teaches his players. Active hands allow players to take away passing lanes and deflect passes. High hands on a closeout force opponents to take tough shots. Understanding the basics can help any defensive style disrupt any offensive action. Ball Screen Defense As more teams move to a ball screen offense, successful teams are those that have lock-down ball screen defenses. You must have different ways to defend the ball screen and ways to take away an effective ball handler. Coach Otzelberger will show you his side ball screen defense where he teaches players to have a wide, open stance with the chest up to take on the driver coming off of a ball screen. Alley Drill Coach Otzelberger demonstrates the Alley Drill which is one that will push your players to their limits. It’s a competitive drill in which each team sends athletes through the “alley.” Defenders have to work to keep their opponent in front of them in the lane line alley. The idea is to use good angles to cut off offensive players forcing them to turn. The three-hour-plus video gives you an inside look at the entire defensive philosophy of one of college basketball’s brightest young minds. Coach Otzelberger takes you through his defense from the ground up showing you how to constantly pressure the ball. This is a great video for coaches looking to add to their defensive arsenal.
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Offense by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
T.J. Otzelberger (Rental)-Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Offense $18.99
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger: Offense One of the hottest up-and-coming coaches in the world of college basketball is South Dakota State’s T.J. Otzelberger. In this video, you get an up close look at Coach Otzelberger’s transition game, half-court offense, and individual skill development. At SDSU, Otzelberger has taken the Jackrabbits to back-to-back NCAA tournaments and was named the Summit League Coach of the Year in 2018 after his team won the regular season title. Watch and see Coach Otzelberger’s philosophy of offense and how his players have learned to play at a fast tempo. Transition The core of Coach Otzelberger’s offense is the transition game. He likes his players to get the ball into the scoring area as fast as possible in an effort to put pressure on the defense. You will see how he teaches his players to push the ball down the floor and how to use the fast break to attack gaps in the defense. Using a variety of transition drills, Coach Otzelberger outlines how he creates a culture of up-tempo basketball. Skill Development Coach Otzelberger breaks up players into two different groups to show you how he develops individual skills Players in each group learn to create driving angles into a single gap or double gap setting. Posts learn to rotate as a guard drives toward the basket. Guards learn to recognize and attack gaps as the ball moves around the court. In a second drill, you will see how Coach Otzelberger creates pride in the Jackrabbits defense. Half Court Play When the transition game doesn’t produce a scoring opportunity, the offense must flow right into its half-court game. In this segment of the video, Coach Otzelberger reveals the various actions that he likes to open up the floor to create driving angles or create downhill action as quickly as possible. You will see the 6-Man Possession game where players race up and down the floor in transition utilizing dribble hand-offs, step up screens, and flip actions to generate scoring opportunities. This open practice video is full of outstanding coaching points that can be put to use in your program. This open practice video goes inside Coach Otzelberger’s program for a detailed look at South Dakota State plays at such a high pace. Checking in at just over three hours (183 minutes), Coach Otzelberger does a great job of teaching up-tempo offense, half-court play, and how to schedule practices for success.
Open Practice Steve Prohm by Steve Prohm Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Prohm (Rental)-Open Practice Steve Prohm $29.99
Basketball Drills at Iowa State Practice Iowa State head coach Steve Prohm took over the program and promptly led the Cyclones to the Sweet Sixteen in his first season. Learn how Coach Prohm was able to be so successful in Year 1 in this open practice video featuring some of his first practices at Iowa State. This video is a rare inside look at how Prohm installed his offensive and defensive systems in that first year. You will see 17 different drills that were used to implement a hard-nosed, tough defense that works to prevent easy baskets. In addition, you will see some of Iowa State’s fast break, half-court offense, inbounds plays, and zone offense. Warm-Up Basketball Drills Coach Prohm begins practices with a number of warm-up drills that serve multiple purposes. These drills focus on running the floor, passing, catching, shooting, and finishing at the basket. Players get their bodies ready for practice while also developing the fundamental skills needed for offensive execution. Closeout Drills Five different drills are demonstrated by Coach Prohm that develop the fundamental defensive skill of closing out to the ball. Drills include: Full Court Closeouts: Players use the whole court to work on breaking down the to the ball and exploding with their defensive slides. Triangle Slides: Players learn to use closeouts in other defensive movements like sprinting to help or cutting off dribble penetration. Partner Closeout: Players develop their on-ball pressure skills in an effort to become more disruptive defenders. Half-Court Defensive Drills Prohm begins the teaching of the Cyclones’ man-to-man defense by using nine different drills. The drills teach concepts like helping in the post, denying passes, preventing dribble penetration, and fighting through screens. These drills are great because they teach multiple defensive concepts at the same time. The 1-on-0 Dig the Post Drill teaches players to closeout, pressure the passer, dig on the post, stunt at dribble penetration, and contain the dribble with defensive slides. The 3-on-3 Positioning Drill trains players to jump to the ball, stunt and recover, deny cutters, and help and recover on baseline drives. Two more drills challenge players to scramble through 4-on-3 disadvantage situations. Coach Prohm likes these drills because they force players to communicate and teach priorities like protecting the ball and defending the rim. Transition Defense Drills Teams simply cannot give up easy baskets if they want to be successful. You will see the Cyclones work three drills that teach multiple phases of defending in transition. The 3-on-2 to 2-on-3 Drill has players work through disadvantage situations. You will also see the 5-on-3 Get Back Drill where players must learn to establish roles in transition defense. Rent this basketball drills DVD today.
Open Practice With  Ron Hunter by Ron Hunter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ron Hunter (Rental)-Open Practice With Ron Hunter $17.99
Basketball Practice Drills with Ron Hunter Tulane head basketball coach Ron Hunter is a big believer in the idea that your team will become what you emphasize in your practices. For Hunter, it’s all about zone defenses. He believes in his matchup zones and develops his players to be successful playing zone through a number of daily practice drills This coaching clinic video gives you some insight into how Hunter prepares his players to be successful defenders. A two-time Sun Belt regular season champion while at Georgia State, Hunter shows you drills that work on closeouts, transition, and even offensive concepts like the fast break and free throw shooting. Coach Hunter will describe his 1-1-3 and 3-2 matchup zone defenses and how players are to rotate properly. Matchup Zone Sully Sets is a daily basketball practice drills that Coach Hunter uses to review his 1-1-3 and 3-2 matchup zone defenses. The drill is used to teach players to defend an opponent’s set plays. You will learn how players are to communicate, how to defend ball screens, and how to rotate and find a new matchup. Defensive Drills Coach Hunter offers up four basketball practice drills and some variations to teach his players how to run an effective matchup zone defense. To run a great matchup zone, the ball must never get to the middle of the floor and these drills emphasize that point. Sully Closeouts: help players improve closeouts and on-ball defense, learn how to handle jabs, pressure a dead ball, and change closeouts to defend a strong perimeter shooter (three variations included) 4-on-4 Shell: forces players to communicate, closeout properly, and challenge every shot by putting players in game-like situations and using a point system 4-on-4 Baseline Touch: players must sprint back and stop the fast break which also helps to condition players 5-on-5 Rush: full-court, live matchup zone drill where players must implement the principles that have been reinforced in the breakdown drills Offensive Drills Coach Hunter also shares a few offensive drills including the Fast Break Buildup Drill. Players learn how to play fast without turning the ball over. Hunter keeps the drill competitive using a point system that rewards good habits throughout each phase of transition. The drill builds from 2-on-1 to full 5-on-5 situations. You will also see how Coach Hunter gets his players to focus on their free throw shooting. Players work against each other and the clock to hit their shooting goals. The environment becomes more competitive and intense as players improve their free throw shooting ability. This is a complete video for those looking to learn and install the matchup zone defense. Coach Hunter gives you 57 minutes of valuable drills and more to help you build defense that confuses opponents and frustrates their scoring. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.
Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Team Practice Drills by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Krzyzewski (Rental)-Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Team Practice Drills $24.99
Basketball Team Practice Drills Getting a team to work together and develop chemistry is almost an art form. One of the best at doing it is Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski who has led the Blue Devils to five national titles and 12 Final Fours. Coach K has recorded over 1,000 wins as a head coach because of the ability to get his teams to work together as a unit. In this video, you will sit in on a mash-up of Duke practice sessions as Coach K shows you the secrets of team building. Right from the start, Coach K sets the tone for practice with a number of passing drills. In a 3-on-3 drill, players are taught to aggressively trap and pressure the ball handler in the backcourt and create a help situation if the ball breaks out of the trap. There is the 4-Man V-Cut Series where the Duke coaching staff shows you how to get open while you look to attack the rim. Basketball Team Practice Drills in the Half Court Coack K moves on to half-court situations where he guides his team through a series of offensive movements against man-to-man defense. You’ll see dribble handoffs and screens off the ball as Coach K teaches players how to read defenses and attack every counter a defense can offer. Because of the importance of ball screens, there is an extensive ball screen segment in the video. You will see both 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 situations where you will learn how Duke defends on-ball screens and how the Blue Devils attack coming off a ball screen. As the practice session finishes, Coach K uses 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 full-court situations to tie everything together. Players execute what they have learned in the practice session in a live situation. Coach K teaches his team how to play off of one another in a practice setting, which is how the Blue Devils develop that attacking philosophy that has made them so successful. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to teach basketball using team drills. All the drills can be implemented into any team’s philosophy or style of play to develop players fundamentally. Learn from the leader in the coaching profession as Coach K develops individual talent and then molds them into a unified force. Rent this basketball team practice drills DVD today.
Open Practice With Jim Crews by Jim Crews Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Crews (Rental)-Open Practice With Jim Crews $17.99
Basketball Practice with Jim Crews Learn how the best college coaches in the nation prepare their teams for success in this open practice video from former Saint Louis University head coach Jim Crews. A former player under Bobby Knight at Indiana, Crews won the Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year award in back-to-back seasons in 2013 and 2014. In this presentation, you will see how Crews built his program around fundamental skill development and the concepts of educating, encouraging, and empowering student-athletes. The basketball practice session begins with focus on fundamentals, which Coach Crews believes are essential to having a successful program. Here, he focuses on defensive fundamentals emphasizing proper stance and positioning as well as having high hands. His 3-on-4 drill forces players to use these defensive fundamentals. Coach Crews moves to an offensive drill that teaches a number of different concepts. The 4-on-3 Whitesell Drill teaches entry passes, post ups, escape dribbles, and how to inbound effectively. Players learn to focus through the entire drill working on each skill. In addition to all of the drills, Coach Crews also takes time to talk briefly about how he puts together practice sessions. He likes to focus on the weaknesses from the previous practice first and then move into a more normal routine. He explains why he does this and it is quite insightful. Basketball Practice Fundamental Drills You will see more fundamental drills later in the video. Coach Crews truly believes that fundamentals are the invisible force that moves a team in the right direction. You see a number of shooting drills that underscore Coach Crews’ point. Post players work on jump hooks and other post moves while perimeter players work on ball handling and shots off of ball screens. The final segments of the video feature Coach Crews running his players through the team’s offense against a 3-2 zone. You get a great view of how fundamental skills and basic concepts are put together as part of an offensive strategy. Coach Crews continually holds his players accountable and forces them to do the little things correctly. Doing so has helped Crews’ teams have great success over the years. Coach Crews’ experience in playing for Coach Knight as well as Rick Majerus has helped him develop a winning formula that Crews has used in repeated success throughout his career. Get an up close look at that formula in this 103-minute video. Rent this basketball practice video today.