Man To Man Transition Offense Sets by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
T.J. Otzelberger (Rental)-Man To Man Transition Offense Sets $18.99
Man-to-Man Transition Offense Plays Transition scoring is one of the more important factors in determining success in today’s modern basketball game. As defenses have become more complex, teams that are able to get up the floor quickly and generate quick points are the ones that gave an advantage. In this video, South Dakota State head coach T.J. Otzelberger presents a simple yet effective transition offense that is flexible enough to use against any defensive look. Otzelberger was the Summit League’s Coach of the Year in 2018 after the Jackrabbits won the league’s regular season championship. Using has past experience as an assistant at both Iowa and Washington, Coach Otzelberger shows you multiple transition offense sets and actions that can take your program to new heights. Introduction to Transition Offense Plays Coach Otzelberger starts with the basics of transition offense. He provides a number of ways to vary action including: Kick ahead Ball reversal Drag screen Gap drive Dribble hand-off Another key to the transition offense is spacing, which Otzelberger stresses through the video. Proper spacing allows for easy transition into the half-court offense. Transition Offense Sets Coach Otzelberger provides a number of different looks in transition. When the transition offense breaks down, you must be able to flow into the secondary break. Otzelberger shows you the following transition sets. Swing Option: Coach teaches how to attack the gap using a pick-and-roll two-man game with Spur, Crack, and Step variations. Side Action: Coach shows you how to use the dribble hand-off action initiated by the point guard and three variations off of it. Hit Action: This is the throw ahead over half-court. This action can go right into Step, Crack, or Spur. Punch Action: This is designed to get the ball to the post. Drag Ball Screen: Coach teaches the screen and roll with four variations. Coach Otzelberger shows you a variety of ways to adapt the transition offense to your players’ skill sets. This 56-minute video gives you the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of today’s pace and space offenses. You will find all the tips and insight you need to add more wins next season. Rent this transition offense plays DVD today.
Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
T.J. Otzelberger (Rental)-Open Basketball Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Defense $18.99
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger: Defense One of the up-and-coming coaches in college basketball, South Dakota State mentor T.J. Otzelberger teaches his defensive system in this open practice video. Coach Otzelberger’s defense is all about forcing opponents into less than desirable shots and then tenacious rebounding in an effort to get the ball into transition quickly. One look at this video and you will understand why Otzelberger’s teams are consistently ranked in the nation’s top 10 in defensive rebounding. Stance, Slides, and Closeouts Coach Otzelberger preaches the basics: stance, slide, and closing out. You will see the low, wide, and active stance that Otzelberger teaches his players. Active hands allow players to take away passing lanes and deflect passes. High hands on a closeout force opponents to take tough shots. Understanding the basics can help any defensive style disrupt any offensive action. Ball Screen Defense As more teams move to a ball screen offense, successful teams are those that have lock-down ball screen defenses. You must have different ways to defend the ball screen and ways to take away an effective ball handler. Coach Otzelberger will show you his side ball screen defense where he teaches players to have a wide, open stance with the chest up to take on the driver coming off of a ball screen. Alley Drill Coach Otzelberger demonstrates the Alley Drill which is one that will push your players to their limits. It’s a competitive drill in which each team sends athletes through the “alley.” Defenders have to work to keep their opponent in front of them in the lane line alley. The idea is to use good angles to cut off offensive players forcing them to turn. The three-hour-plus video gives you an inside look at the entire defensive philosophy of one of college basketball’s brightest young minds. Coach Otzelberger takes you through his defense from the ground up showing you how to constantly pressure the ball. This is a great video for coaches looking to add to their defensive arsenal.
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Offense by T.J. Otzelberger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
T.J. Otzelberger (Rental)-Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger Offense $18.99
Open Practice with T.J. Otzelberger: Offense One of the hottest up-and-coming coaches in the world of college basketball is South Dakota State’s T.J. Otzelberger. In this video, you get an up close look at Coach Otzelberger’s transition game, half-court offense, and individual skill development. At SDSU, Otzelberger has taken the Jackrabbits to back-to-back NCAA tournaments and was named the Summit League Coach of the Year in 2018 after his team won the regular season title. Watch and see Coach Otzelberger’s philosophy of offense and how his players have learned to play at a fast tempo. Transition The core of Coach Otzelberger’s offense is the transition game. He likes his players to get the ball into the scoring area as fast as possible in an effort to put pressure on the defense. You will see how he teaches his players to push the ball down the floor and how to use the fast break to attack gaps in the defense. Using a variety of transition drills, Coach Otzelberger outlines how he creates a culture of up-tempo basketball. Skill Development Coach Otzelberger breaks up players into two different groups to show you how he develops individual skills Players in each group learn to create driving angles into a single gap or double gap setting. Posts learn to rotate as a guard drives toward the basket. Guards learn to recognize and attack gaps as the ball moves around the court. In a second drill, you will see how Coach Otzelberger creates pride in the Jackrabbits defense. Half Court Play When the transition game doesn’t produce a scoring opportunity, the offense must flow right into its half-court game. In this segment of the video, Coach Otzelberger reveals the various actions that he likes to open up the floor to create driving angles or create downhill action as quickly as possible. You will see the 6-Man Possession game where players race up and down the floor in transition utilizing dribble hand-offs, step up screens, and flip actions to generate scoring opportunities. This open practice video is full of outstanding coaching points that can be put to use in your program. This open practice video goes inside Coach Otzelberger’s program for a detailed look at South Dakota State plays at such a high pace. Checking in at just over three hours (183 minutes), Coach Otzelberger does a great job of teaching up-tempo offense, half-court play, and how to schedule practices for success.