Spread Ball Screen Offense by Dave Paulsen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dave Paulsen (Rental)-Spread Ball Screen Offense $24.99
The Spread Ball Screen Offense with Counters & Breakdown Drills George Mason University head coach Dave Paulsen has had remarkable success at various levels and attributes it to his patented ball screen offense. In this video, which includes a special bonus, Coach Paulsen breaks down all the details of the offense, shows you how to run it, and offers strategies for defeating any defense you might face. Type of Ball Screens To begin, Coach Paulsen gives you a breakdown of the offense and explains why floor spacing is so important. Spacing dictates that different actions in the offense. Coach Paulsen then offers details on the different screening actions – side, spread, and alley. From there, he teaches the reads and actions of the ball handler and the screener. You’ll see how they work to create 2-on-1 advantages and why the ball handler should refuse the screen 30 percent of the time. Actions Because the offense is so reliant on ball screens, Coach Paulsen shows you different weak side actions that can counter any defensive action. Perimeter players away from the action are involved in spacing the floor and use back cuts, loops, and down screens to keep defenses from keying on ball screens. Coach Paulsen also shows actions for players that need to create scoring opportunities. You’ll see the lunge, punch, Euro, and lift moves. With the basics covered, players can then run the motion offense in a 5-on-0 setting to learn how to flow into multiple ball screen actions. Post Play Defenses will employ certain strategies to disrupt the ball screen offense. Coach Paulsen breaks down different counters to these strategies. These include taking advantage of defenses that rotate to cover the screener, taking advantage of mismatches created by switching, and more. Coach Paulsen finishes by addressing questions about the defenses that give the offense the most trouble. In addition to Paulsen’s break down of his offense, you also receive a bonus video that includes nearly two hours of Coach Paulsen and his “Vision, Values, and Voyage” approach to building a unified culture on and off the court. The bonus video helps to foster leadership and help coaches build winning programs.
Pick & Roll Continuity Offense Vs. Man & Zones by Wes Peek Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Wes Peek (Rental)-Pick & Roll Continuity Offense Vs. Man & Zones $15.99
Pick & Roll Continuity Offense vs. Man and Zone Defenses The beauty of a pick & roll continuity offense is that it can be successful against man or zone defenses. Former Southport HS (IN) head coach Wes Peek shows you how the offense works against both defenses. What you will see is how guards in the offense are given the freedom to use their creativity and their skill set to maximize this ball screen pick and roll offense. Using on-court demonstrations as well as whiteboard diagrams, Coach Peek takes you through his pick & roll continuity offense. He shows you how to run a high ball screen attack with an athletic 4, a true point guard, and a dead-eye shooter. Coach Peek teaches you how to use each specific player’s skill set, the verbal visual cues needed, and the variations of the offense. It all starts with three basic entries into the ball screen offense. Peek then breaks down the offense versus man and zone defenses. If teams do it right, defenses end up out of position with their bigs trying to defend on the perimeter. The long recoveries by the defense create plenty of opportunity for offenses to score. There are a number of concepts that you will learn in this DVD. They include: How to use the pick and roll as a man and zone offense The cues and calls used to teach and execute the offense Learn to run the offense from multiple sets and out of transition How to read and counter switches and hard hedges Drilling the entire offense at once in order to maximize the number of reps Coach Peek does an excellent job of teaching how to use a ball screen offense against either man or zone defenses and create high percentage shots for posts and guards. Learn how to maximize scoring opportunities for everyone on the floor! Rent this Pick & Roll Continuity Offense DVD today.
Man To Man Side Ball Screen Offense W/  Quick Hitting Plays by Billy Donovan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Billy Donovan (Rental)-Man To Man Side Ball Screen Offense W- Quick Hitting Plays $17.99
Billy Donovan: Man-to-Man Side Ball Screen Offense with Quick Hitting Plays Two-time NCAA champion head coach Billy Donovan, now the head coach of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, presents his offensive system that flows right from the fast break, pushes the tempo, and creates mismatches in this video. Donovan, one of only a few to ever serve as a head coach, assistant coach, and player in a Final Four, shows you how to exploit the weaknesses of defenses. You will learn how he executes the fast break on makes and misses and see over 10 set plays against man-to-man defense. Donovan also shares his thoughts on zone offense. Transition Because of a strong belief in taking advantage of where defenses are weakest, Donovan emphasizes transition. Donovan believes defenses are most vulnerable in transition before they have had time to set up. In this segment, Coach Donovan shows you his structured break that puts the point guard in space so he can drive and create plays. You will also see how the break flows right into the ball screen offense if a basket is not scored in transition. Pick & Roll Coach Donovan teaches the three basic principles that coaches must understand in running successful pick and roll actions: shallow cuts, slip screens, and using screens. Donovan reviews each action and details how players can make the right read. You will even see how the low post can make decisions on ball screens, double screens, and posting up. With all the pick and roll concepts, Coach Donovan stresses spacing which forces defenses into constant help and recover situations. By teaching your players the right reads to flow into ball screens and other actions, the offense becomes one that is unpredictable and hard to defend. Set Plays In the final segment of his video, Coach Donovan shows you a series of set plays versus man-to-man and zone defenses. You will see over 10 man-to-man plays and three zone sets that use the pick and roll. Donovan uses some of the more well-known sets in the game including Floppy and Horns as well as elevator screens and the spread pick and roll. Each set is different and is easy enough to be put into any offense. If you are looking for a consistent scoring offense that is difficult for opponents to scout, Coach Donovan is one of the game’s leaders. You will keep you opponents off balance and your players happy giving them the freedom to create scoring opportunities.
Continuity On Ball Screening Offense with High Low ActionOffense by Jaime White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jaime White (Rental)-Continuity On Ball Screening Offense with High Low ActionOffense $18.99
Continuity On-Ball Screen Offense with High-Low Action The ball screen is one of the most used actions at all levels of basketball. It is extremely difficult to defend and defenses have responded with numerous adjustments. In this video, Fresno State women’s head coach Jaime White gives an in-depth look at her continuity on-ball screening offense. Take a look inside the offense that has produce four winning seasons at Fresno State and, before that, the most wins in Northern Colorado women’s basketball history. Twist & Double Coach White starts the presentation on the whiteboard explaining the details of the offense. She reviews how to set it up, spacing, and the basic movements. She also describes the purpose and philosophy of the offense and why it can be successful for any coach. The presentation then goes into the two on-ball screening actions: Twist and Double. Coach White explains each on the whiteboard first before moving onto the court. Twist is a single on-ball screen on the wing on either side of the floor. Double is a double on-ball screen for the wing which then flows right into the continuity of the offense. Moving to the floor, Coach White goes over each action as well as the counters and change ups, such as Quick and Pop. One of the primary focuses of the offense is to use the post players. Each action ends in some sort of high-low opportunity. Coach White then discusses what makes a good post-up opportunity and how to exploit defenses that front, switch, or three-quarter to the post player. Counters & Film Defenses try to take away the initial entry pass to take away certain actions in an offense. Coach White reveals her experience with the offense by reviewing every counter and defensive adjustment you could see. You’ll see a middle pick-and-roll against teams that want to pressure the point guard. For teams that “ice” the Twist action, Coach White calls Corner which takes advantage of defensive positioning. Coach White then brings it all together with a review of actual game footage. You will see the continuity offense in action. This is one of the most comprehensive presentations of a continuity ball screen offense you will see. Coach White shares an offense that any coach at any level can take and use to be successful. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.hytewdcj;pkk
Don Showalter (Rental)-Continuity Ball Screen Offense $15.99
Don Showalter: Continuity Ball Screen Offense Learn all you need about the ball screen offense in this video presented by Don Showalter, head basketball coach at Iowa City HS in Iowa and also USA U16 and U17 Development coach. Showalter has over 500 career wins and has won numerous honors in the USA Development program. He has been honored as the USA Basketball Development Coach of the Year six times. In this video, Coach Showalter shows you the continuity ball screen offense that helped his U16 and U17 teams win gold medals in international competition. The offense is simple to run and can be used at any level. Players like it because it is easy to learn and it allows them freedom within the system. Using on-court demonstration, Coach Showalter takes you through the “20” continuity offense which begins in a 1-4 set and utilizes a ball screen on the wing to get players into what Showalter calls the kill area. Coach details what makes the ball screen offense work including how and where to set the ball screen and the screen and roll versus the screen and go. Players are taught to read defenses as the ball handler comes off of a screen. Coach Showalter emphasizes the correct reads for the various looks the offense might see. These include defenses that: Go behind the screen Hedge on the screen Double on the screen Switch the screen Show early on the screen In addition to the base offense, Coach Showalter provides you with a number of variations that will help you take advantage of defenses. These include the Pop Series, Horns, 21, and the Shuffle Cut. All of these are demonstrated in on-court action. The final segment of the video features how Showalter’s offense can operate against a zone defense. The basic continuity offense remains the same, but players must learn different reads as they change when facing a zone defense. You will get an added bonus as Showalter talks about how to get players to play hard all the time. Coach Showalter gets into his four “C’s” (Choices, Comfort Zone, Compete, and Communication) as well as the top 10 mistakes that high school coaches make. In 69 minutes, you will learn much more than just how to install the continuity ball screen offense, one that is easy enough to install at any level.
Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens In Your Offense by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Shaka Smart (Rental)-Shaka Smart: Using Ball Screens In Your Offense $17.99
Using Ball Screen Offense by Shaka Smart University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart is well-known for his “Havoc” pressure defense. In this video, he switches to the other end of the floor and demonstrates how his offense puts pressure on opponent’s defenses by using ball screens in transition and in the half-court offense. Utilizing ball screens is becoming a staple in most modern basketball offenses. Coach Smart shows you seven different types of ball screens and how to use them in your half-court offense. Ball screen offense will: Force opponents to guard disadvantage situations Create roles for other players on your team Exploit you opponent’s weakest defenders Offensive Counters Often, teams will defend ball screens one way. If you have an effective counter, you can easily generate points. Whether defenses hedge, trap, or switch; Coach Smart shows you how defenses work to stop the ball screen and how to beat those defenses. The Fundamentals of Ball Screening Players need to understand important aspects of ball screens including spacing, timing, and screening angles. Coach Smart breaks down each. He shows you a variety of screening angles and points out the best spots on the floor for using ball screens. Learn seven ball screen reads in order to make good decisions within your offense as Coach Smart demonstrates. What makes this video unique is something called “Endings.” These are side ball screens that create movement to help players get in the best possible scoring position using a ball screen. Using this strategy, you can counter any defense and exploit weaknesses all while using the same basic ball screen. At the end of the presentation, you also get a quick five-minute Q&A session where Coach Smart answers some of the most common questions about ball screens. With this video, you can add another dimension to your half-court offense by incorporating Coach Smart’s ball screen system. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.
Perimeter Drills And Skills For The Pick And Roll Offense by Wes Peek Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Wes Peek (Rental)-Perimeter Drills And Skills For The Pick And Roll Offense $15.99
Perimeter Drills and Skills for the Pick & Roll Offense If you are going to have success in today’s modern game of basketball, you better become proficient at the pick and roll. Former Southport HS (IN) head coach Wes Peek takes you through a series of drills to develop your perimeter players for the pick and roll offense. Use Coach Peek’s teaching to help your players develop the skills needed to run the pick and roll. Coach Peek uses a variety of drills, including chair drills, to teach spacing and fundamentals of the pick and roll offense. Perimeter Entry Chair Drills The goal of the perimeter entry chair drills is for players to develop the proper footwork and shooting form to be successful. Players need to have the ability to catch and shoot or catch and attack from any area on the floor. They also need the ability to read a defense and need to learn to be aggressive. Ball Screen Chair Drills Using chairs, Coach Peek teaches players the different options available when coming off a ball screen. He shows players how to read the defense, accept and use a ball screen, and how to reject a ball screen and counter the defense. Combination Drills Using both 2-on-0 and 3-on-0 drills, Peek teaches the pick and roll offense. Players learn to cut, pass, catch, and use screens. These combo drills teach players to draw help defense for kick out passes while perimeter players learn proper spacing and positioning. 2-on-2 Live Drills Finally, Coach Peek pulls everything together and runs his 2-on-2 Live Drills. This is a great way to ensure that what is being taught is sinking in with your players. Coach Peek is a great motivator and promotes competition in each of his drills. He teaches players to use good passes and cuts to create advantages. He also teaches players to stay aggressive to keep defenses off balance and create shots to maximize the effectiveness of the pick and roll offense. Rent this perimeter drills DVD today.
4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense by Brian Field Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brian Field (Rental)-4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense $18.99
4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense The Province Day School Head Coach Brian Field has come up with an exceptional and result orientated 4-out ball screen continuity offense that will take your reversals and ball screens to the next level. In this video, you are going to learn a lot of new things like the implementation of offense and how it will create more goal scoring opportunities for you. You can improve your game by utilizing your guards’ playmaking abilities and you can do that by pulling the post defenders away from the basket. Well, there are overall seven quick hitters for the 4  out ball screen continuity offense which are created to be used along with the 4-out ball screen continuity offense. There are lots of advantages of it like the players will learn how to pick and pop, pick and roll, slip screens, set flare screens and run dribble hand-offs -all actions and all these are very difficult to defend. So, you got to try this. Gator Shooting for the 4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense You can learn many amazing techniques like the primary shooting and finishing drill which are used by Coach Field. So, what does the coach do exactly? Well, he will incorporate all potential shots that players while taking the ball screen continuity offense. As you know, the drills has multiple players getting shots up, so it will eventually lead to more reps for each player. You will learn some really cool things like how to run the drill on both the sides of the floor with each action so you can make your own strategies and philosophies into the drill. Inside+ Quick Hitters There are overall seven quick hitters that are being used when practicing the 4-out ball screen continuity offense. Many guards will be able to dominate the ball with the 4 out ball screen offense. The Coach Field has developed a technique to get your best post player get a chance at scoring as well. Well, you will face some difficulties like the opponents may try to make adjustments to guard you ball screen continuity offense, but because of the several plays covered there is a plan and counter measure already developed by Coach Field. This ball screen continuity offense video is an ideal one for all the coaches out there who want to implement a simple, continuous offense for their team. Field has done an amazing job of demonstrating how the pieces within the offense move together to build continuity. Rent the 4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense today.  
Creating Mismatches: Pick & Roll & Screening by Dave Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dave Smart (Rental)-Creating Mismatches: Pick & Roll & Screening $15.99
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Ball Screen Continuity Tools for Success by Kelly Graves Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kelly Graves (Rental)-Ball Screen Continuity Tools for Success $18.99
Ball Screen Offense Continuity Tools for Success Kelly Graves took Oregon to the 2019 women’s Final Four thanks to a highly efficient ball screen continuity offense. In fact, Coach Graves has led a fast turnaround of the Ducks program using the offense. In this con-court presentation, he shows you many of the drills and philosophies that have helped fuel the rebuild of the Oregon women’s basketball program. Peer Pressure Drills To improve his players’ passing and catching skills, Coach Graves uses a series of drills he calls Peer Pressure Drills. The reason they are termed this way is that the entire team must make a consecutive number of layups in order to move on to the next drill. The drills include: Scramble: Players pass, catch, cut hard, and finish with a layup Three Lane Rush: Incorporates making outlet passes and finishing 11-Second, 5-Player Weave: Adds a pressure element of scoring within 11 seconds Shooting Under Coach Graves, Oregon has developed into one of the nation’s best shooting teams. In 2019 the Ducks led the nation in true shooting percentage. Graves’ philosophy behind shooting is simple – recruit players that can shoot, shoot often in practice, execute the offense, and understand who should be shooting. To determine his best shooters, Graves does Red Light, Green Light every week. This is a five-minute drill that requires a shooter to hit consecutive 3-pointers from one of seven spots on the floor before moving to the next spot. Those who shoot the best are the ones who get the green light in games. Pick & Roll Continuity Offense In this segment, Coach Graves hits on the concepts that make his ball screen offense so deadly. To play to the strengths of his team, Graves presents options to limit which players can receive ball screens. He will then show you a couple of his favorite actions including “Wash” and “Mixer.” If you have watched women’s college basketball over the past few years, you will know that Graves has helped the Ducks become a national power. This video is a look inside how he did it. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.
Using the Ball Screen In Your Transition Offense by Jerrod Calhoun Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jerrod Calhoun (Rental)-Using the Ball Screen In Your Transition Offense $18.99
Using the Ball Screen in Your Transition Offense Learn to use the ball screen offense as part of an up-tempo strategy from one of college basketball’s up-and-coming coaches, Youngstown State’s Jerrod Calhoun. The former Fairmont State head coach led the Fighting Falcons to four straight NCAA Division II tournament appearances culminating with a trip to the national championship game in 2017. Now rebuilding the Youngstown State program, Calhoun’s offensive philosophy centers around an NBA-style transition game that uses the same language and terminology that the pros use. You’ll get an inside look at Calhoun’s philosophy as well as how he teaches the offense through a number of high-level drills. Philosophy The transition offense begins with a defensive rebound. Calhoun emphasizes getting the ball up the floor quickly and into the middle third of the court. Once in the frontcourt, Calhoun’s players must understand the terminology so that they all are on the same page. A “Philly” call indicates a side pick and roll. “Tony” is a screen/re-screen action and “Bingo” means to reject the ball screen. Once players learn all the calls, it becomes easy to create a dynamic, fast-paced transition offense that uses the ball screen. Drills Calhoun begins teaching the offense with a 3-on-0 building to 5-on-0. He demonstrates how to create multiple scoring opportunities and go right into the half-court offense. After rejecting a ball screen, players look to attack the paint. They are always looking to score in any number of ways including a corner 3-pointer, dump pass to the post, or passing to the big on a pick and roll. The Read Drill, like it sounds, teaches players to read and attack the defense. Players read coaches or managers as they come off a screen. Coaches/managers may help on a drive, stick with a shooter, or stay with the post. Players must be able to read the defense and take what is given to them. Coach Calhoun emphasizes passing to get the ball up the floor as fast as possible. He uses Wave Passing and Spray Ahead Passing to train players to hit an open teammate in the hands. Both drills emphasize getting players to play fast with their hands always ready to shoot. Coaches looking to improve in transition will surely find something here to help their offense. Coach Calhoun does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to play fast, move the ball up the floor quickly, and score.
Attacking On-ball Screening Offense by Tod Kowalczyk Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tod Kowalczyk (Rental)-Attacking On-ball Screening Offense $16.99
Basketball's hottest trend is on-ball screening. The Green Bay offensive strategy includes a variety of set plays, fast-paced games and three-point shooting. He demonstrates the proper spacing as Coach Kowalczyk starts to teach this offense. All players should space out beyond the 3-point line. The three perimeter players can be interchangeable. The dribbler's primary goal is to score first, and then pass second. The ball can be reversed to allow for open shots, high-low passes, backdoor cuts, and ball reversal. It can be used as a secondary offense and is often more efficient than set plays. One small change is to use pin down screen rather than backdoor cutting. The key elements are ball movement, allowing your guys to play and taking what the defense has to offer you. Good timing, good cuts, and screens are also important. Many of the advantages of this offense can be seen when played 5-on-5. There are many counters to this attack, including top flare, reverse flare and misdirection. Breakdown drills are used to show the most crucial parts of this offense. 62 minutes. 2008.
Ball Screen Offense by John Jakus Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
John Jakus (Rental)-Ball Screen Offense $18.99
These National Championship-winning methods will take your ball screen offense to a new level! Five different ways to screen the ball to keep the defense guessing To counter defense tactics and exploit weaknesses, adjust your offensive plays Nine drill progressions are available to help you learn skills and concepts. John Jakus from Baylor explains the secrets of a great offense that helped the Bears win their first National Title in 2021. Even the most brilliant set plays won't always work. Your offense will require essential ingredients to ensure your players are successful. This video will explain the fundamentals of Baylor's ball screen offense and a progression for reinforcement. Macro Trends to Offense Modern basketball has changed the way it is played and how good a shot is. Coach Jakus will discuss how efficient shot selection affects player development. You'll also find out how defensive trends influence Baylor's pick and roll. Two different alignments can take advantage of switching defenses to dissuade teams icing on their side. Ball Screen Offense Coach Jakus walks through the basic weave set that they use in their ball screen offense. He also demonstrates how it can be modified to keep defense guessing or attack weaknesses strategically. To make your game even more unpredictable, you will learn how to use five options on each ball. You will learn how to spread your non-shooters through weakside actions like flare screens or dribble hands-offs. You can see examples of how you can change the screening angle in order to counter the various defenses that will tag the roll. To maximize your advantage based on the opponent's treatment of certain matchups, you can manipulate the player position in the alignment. The Baylor offense is replete with the dribble handoff. This drill series has nine progressions that will help you develop the skills necessary to play off this action. You will see your players improve at shooting off the dribble and finishing at the rim. After watching this video by Coach Jakus, your approach to ball screens will be instantly improved! 59 minutes. 2022.
Developing Guards For The Ball Screen Offense by Danny Manning Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Danny Manning (Rental)-Developing Guards For The Ball Screen Offense $17.99
Developing Guards for the Ball Screen Offense Learn to properly develop your guards for the ball screen offense from one of the game’s great players of all-time. Danny Manning, former star at Kansas and now the head coach at Wake Forest, shows you how to develop your perimeter players to play in the ball screen offense. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Manning presents detailed explanations of proper footwork, screening angles, and attacks needed to develop your guards coming off of ball screens. Guard Play In an effective ball screen offense, ball handlers are required to do four things. They must have the ability to turn the corner, split a ball screen, refuse a ball screen, and stay out of potential trapping situation. Watch as Coach Manning uses a series of 2-on-2 drills to teach guards how to beat the different defensive looks played against on-ball screens. In this segment, Manning presents a method of attack for each scenario. These scenarios include: Getting around the edge Splitting the defense Beat a trap Refusing a ball screen Two dribble finishes Pick-and –Pop Screen Angles Screen angles are important in the ball screen offense and Coach Manning demonstrates five different angles that can be used in the half-court offense. The Middle Attack Pick, for example, is used to set up players to get around the edge of a defense. The Side Angle Screen opens up opportunities to get into the paint for easy scoring chances. For each angle, Manning begins the teaching process in a 2-on-0 and then progresses to 2-on-2. He emphasizes helping players understand reads as they come off of a screen. This helps to improve players’ basketball IQ and, in the end, produce more wins. Court Awareness Manning also spends some time helping to develop guards’ skills both on and off the screen. To develop court awareness, Coach Manning runs odd numbered shooting drills. These drills work on kick outs and the ‘catch and go.’ Players also work on pivoting with both feet, a lost art in modern basketball. Players also work on shooting off the dribble, jab steps, and shot fakes. If you are looking for a way to develop your perimeter players into offensive forces using the pick-and-roll, this 47-minute video from two-time NCAA champion Danny Manning is the way to start.
International Continuity Pick & Roll Offense by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran Fraschilla (Rental)-International Continuity Pick & Roll Offense $15.99
The International Continuity Pick and Roll Offense International basketball is catching up to the NBA. The international style of continuity offense continues to make the game competitive, even with the NBA. The leading expert on international basketball is Fran Fraschilla, the former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico who now serves as an international basketball analyst for ESPN. In this video, Fraschilla compares the American style of pick and roll offense with that of international teams. Around the globe, more and more teams are playing the game with four perimeter plays which has led to greater skill development throughout the world. It is evident with the number of foreign players that are now on NBA rosters. Coach Fraschilla examines both the side pick and roll and the spread pick and roll offenses in this video. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Fraschilla offers insight into proper spacing in the pick and roll offense. He will show you three different side pick and roll plays detailing the actions of each player. Players can score off of dribble penetration or a kick-out option to the perimeter. The three sets include: Butler Pick and Roll action that has made the Bulldogs offense so good. Lithuanian Continuity Offense which uses side pick and rolls and dribble hand-offs Spread Pick and Roll Offense that has been a large part of the success of many international teams at the World Championships. Coach Fraschilla shows you several looks that will get you into the spread pick and roll. Each of these sets is beneficial in that either can create confusion in your opponents. They also provide a number of different scoring opportunities as Coach Fraschilla puts on display for you. This 79-minute DVD is a must-have for a college or high school coach looking for something more in the pick and roll offense. It is one of basketball’s most deadly attacks and Coach Fraschilla shows you why.