Ball Screen Offense by John Jakus Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
John Jakus (Rental)-Ball Screen Offense $18.99
These National Championship-winning methods will take your ball screen offense to a new level! Five different ways to screen the ball to keep the defense guessing To counter defense tactics and exploit weaknesses, adjust your offensive plays Nine drill progressions are available to help you learn skills and concepts. John Jakus from Baylor explains the secrets of a great offense that helped the Bears win their first National Title in 2021. Even the most brilliant set plays won't always work. Your offense will require essential ingredients to ensure your players are successful. This video will explain the fundamentals of Baylor's ball screen offense and a progression for reinforcement. Macro Trends to Offense Modern basketball has changed the way it is played and how good a shot is. Coach Jakus will discuss how efficient shot selection affects player development. You'll also find out how defensive trends influence Baylor's pick and roll. Two different alignments can take advantage of switching defenses to dissuade teams icing on their side. Ball Screen Offense Coach Jakus walks through the basic weave set that they use in their ball screen offense. He also demonstrates how it can be modified to keep defense guessing or attack weaknesses strategically. To make your game even more unpredictable, you will learn how to use five options on each ball. You will learn how to spread your non-shooters through weakside actions like flare screens or dribble hands-offs. You can see examples of how you can change the screening angle in order to counter the various defenses that will tag the roll. To maximize your advantage based on the opponent's treatment of certain matchups, you can manipulate the player position in the alignment. The Baylor offense is replete with the dribble handoff. This drill series has nine progressions that will help you develop the skills necessary to play off this action. You will see your players improve at shooting off the dribble and finishing at the rim. After watching this video by Coach Jakus, your approach to ball screens will be instantly improved! 59 minutes. 2022.