Ball Screen Continuity Tools for Success by Kelly Graves Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kelly Graves (Rental)-Ball Screen Continuity Tools for Success $18.99
Ball Screen Offense Continuity Tools for Success Kelly Graves took Oregon to the 2019 women’s Final Four thanks to a highly efficient ball screen continuity offense. In fact, Coach Graves has led a fast turnaround of the Ducks program using the offense. In this con-court presentation, he shows you many of the drills and philosophies that have helped fuel the rebuild of the Oregon women’s basketball program. Peer Pressure Drills To improve his players’ passing and catching skills, Coach Graves uses a series of drills he calls Peer Pressure Drills. The reason they are termed this way is that the entire team must make a consecutive number of layups in order to move on to the next drill. The drills include: Scramble: Players pass, catch, cut hard, and finish with a layup Three Lane Rush: Incorporates making outlet passes and finishing 11-Second, 5-Player Weave: Adds a pressure element of scoring within 11 seconds Shooting Under Coach Graves, Oregon has developed into one of the nation’s best shooting teams. In 2019 the Ducks led the nation in true shooting percentage. Graves’ philosophy behind shooting is simple – recruit players that can shoot, shoot often in practice, execute the offense, and understand who should be shooting. To determine his best shooters, Graves does Red Light, Green Light every week. This is a five-minute drill that requires a shooter to hit consecutive 3-pointers from one of seven spots on the floor before moving to the next spot. Those who shoot the best are the ones who get the green light in games. Pick & Roll Continuity Offense In this segment, Coach Graves hits on the concepts that make his ball screen offense so deadly. To play to the strengths of his team, Graves presents options to limit which players can receive ball screens. He will then show you a couple of his favorite actions including “Wash” and “Mixer.” If you have watched women’s college basketball over the past few years, you will know that Graves has helped the Ducks become a national power. This video is a look inside how he did it. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.