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Learn basketball plays from the best college coaches in the game.  By renting our basketball plays DVDs you will have plays for any situation in a basketball game.  You can run set plays underneath the basket which are called Baseline Out of Bounds Plays (BLOB).  Plays run on the side of the court are called Sideline Out of Bounds Plays (SLOB).

There are many plays for various offenses called Quick Hitters.  These plays are used to try to get a quick score before getting into the actual offense you run.  These basketball plays can be run against a man to man or zone defense.

Basketball Plays - What Shot Do You Need?

When selecting a play for your team you should think about what type of shot you need.  So have plays for various situations in the game.  How much time is left?  What is the score? You should have a play for just about every situation your team will face in a game. How will you score at the end of the game with just seconds left?  You'll probably need a full court play to try to get the best shot you can.

What's the score? Have a play to get the ball inside for a layup or close shot.  If you are down 3 or more you'll need a play for 3 point shot.  You can also find basketball plays for your best players with various options in the play.  You need to practice the various options in a play so that you can have the best chance for success when running it.  You also need to work on the counters to how the defense plays the play.  If the defense does one thing you should have a counter that will negate what they are trying to do.  The defense should always be wrong.

Rent our Basketball Plays DVDs today and get the best plays from the best coaches.

Set Plays for Motion Offense by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-Set Plays for Motion Offense $18.99
Set Plays for Motion Offense With over 800 career wins and numerous Coach of the Year awards, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins has put together an offense that is tremendously hard to defend. His offense features a positionless, open post attack with lots of cutting and ball reversals that consistently dissect opposing defenses. In this video, Huggins shows you how he adds a variety of actions to his motion offense. The result, of course, is a high-powered scoring machine that rivals anyone in the Big 12. Motion Offense Fundamentals Before Huggins gets into the different set plays for motion offense, he makes sure that you understand the offense first. You must first be able to teach the 5-out motion offense. That includes proper spacing, cutting, and filling within it. Coach Huggins reveals how he teaches his players to keep proper spacing in an effort to create scoring opportunities. Actions to Score With proper understanding of the motion offense, Huggins then continues into some of his favorite motion actions. The traditional pass and cut action can be turned into a screen away to place the offense in a position to curl to the basket for an easy score. If overplayed, a slip screen may also be used. With a flex cut, Coach Huggins shows you how ball reversal and a screen away can create action on the backside. In addition, players can look to step off the lane line and set a flex screen which creates an easy open layup. For those looking for some continuity, Coach Huggins reveals the T-Game or Triangle. You will see how using a flex cut gets you into a triangle on the opposite side of the floor. Once set, you can use cross screens or down screens to open up scoring chances. When the ball reversal isn’t open, Huggins shows you how to use a dribble hand-off to either drive to the basket or get the ball reversed so you can continue the offense. If defenses continue to deny the ball reversal, Huggins gives you an option using a flare screen off the dribble hand-off. Ball Reversals and Post Feeds In the final segment of the video, Huggins shares how to incorporate the post players within the 5-out motion offense. Posts will cut and hold in the paint before moving to the perimeter. Huggins shows you how you can get the ball inside, especially on a ball reversal, at any time in the offense. This 66-minute video covers the hottest offense in basketball, the 5-out motion. It is an attack that is efficient and has the ability to generate multiple actions and, more importantly, many scoring opportunities. Learn it from one of the game’s best. Rent his set plays for motion offense DVD today.
Pistol Offense Set Plays &  Counters by Chris Briggs Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Briggs (Rental)-Pistol Offense Set Plays & Counters $18.99
Pistol Offense Basketball Set Plays & Counters The traditional post player playing with the back to the basket is long gone. Modern post players need to be able to contribute in some fashion around the 3-point line whether that be actual shooting or stepping out to set screens. Georgetown College head coach Chris Briggs and his Pistol Offense is the perfect way to give your best players the opportunity to score. Briggs has taken Georgetown to eight NAIA Tournament appearances, coached 19 NAIA All-Americans, and won two national championships (2013, 2019). In this pistol offense basketball video, Coach Briggs walks you through the various options out of the Pistol. You will see a set that the Los Angeles Clippers used to use when they had Blake Griffin. The Pistol continues to evolve as Briggs finds new options to fit the skills of his players. 5-on-0 Walk Through In order to begin teaching the pistol offense, Coach Briggs begins with a 5-on-0 walk through. He explains which specific actions to call against different defenses. Coach Briggs then teaches the attack for each different call. He uses ball screens, wide pin-down screens, lobs, clear-outs, and dribble handoffs to force defenses into difficult situations. 5-on-5 Live Action After teaching the offense in the 5-on-0 setting, Coach Briggs moves right into running plays against a live defense. After each possession, he points out different counters you could run from each set. Slip screens, changing the angle of a screen, turning the corner to go, and utilizing the dribble handoff are all discussed in the 5-on-5 segment. This is an outstanding resource for coaches at any level. Coach Briggs takes you deep inside his version of the Pistol Offense. After watching this video, you will understand the options off the basic Pistol action and nine set plays that can be used when your team needs a basket. If you have been thinking about the Pistol, think no more! Rent this pistol offense basketball video today.
Half Court Sets For Must-score Situations by Josh Gamblin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Josh Gamblin (Rental)-Half Court Sets For Must-score Situations $18.99
Josh Gamblin: Half Court Sets for Must-Score Situations Think of all the times your team needed points in a crucial situation. Down three in the final seconds. Down two with an opponent at the free throw line. Successful coaches are prepared for these situations, and many more. In this video, Mid-America Christian University head coach Josh Gamblin shares a piece of his playbook offering up 10-plus offensive sets to provide you with multiple scoring options in those clutch situations. Gamblin was the Rawlings NAIA Division I Coach of the Year in 2016 after leading Mid-America Christian to the NAIA Division I national championship. Gamblin learned from one of the best when he served as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma under Lon Kruger. Now in his fourth season at MACU, Gamblin is nearing 100 career wins, which can be attributed to his motion offense. In this 51-minute video, Gamblin goes through a number of ways he sets up and disguises plays that he likes to use in late-game situations when his team needs points. He shares several of those methods in this segment including options like dribble hand offs, weak side flare screens, elevator screens, double staggered screens, and pin downs. Each set play has a variety of options too and is designed to take advantage of your players’ skill sets. 4 C Series Coach Gamblin presents his base 4-out series flowing from the primary break. He goes through the counters and other adjustments that can be made depending on what a defense does. Gamblin teaches multiple actions out of the 4-out including: Get your best shooter open with a pick and pop with a strong 4 that can handle the ball or step outside and nail the 3-pointer. Take advantage of a big wing that hit 3-pointers from anywhere. Take advantage of an athletic 5 who has some shooting range and is able to score off the dribble after setting multiple screens. 5-Out Series The wave of the future is the 5-Out series where players are positionless and can play anywhere on the floor. Using the 5-Out forces defenses to defend the entire floor giving your team the opportunity to: Take advantage of your players’ individual abilities whether it be a post with long-range shooting ability or a big guard who can work in the post. Use ball screens to post up your best player and create flare action for your best shooter. Create mismatches off of a drive by your best ball handler or off a pin down for your best shooter. With all of the counters and adjustments that Coach Gamblin provides, you will find any number of potential scoring plays that you can add to your offense. Coach Gamblin’s playbook rivals any big-time college program or even any NBA team’s best sets. With Gamblin’s help, you will leave opponents wondering what’s coming next!
Motion & Quick Hitter Offense Against A Man Or Zone Defense by Mark Few Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mark Few (Rental)-Motion & Quick Hitter Offense Against A Man Or Zone Defense $17.99
Mark Few: Motion and Quick Hitter Offenses Against a Man or Zone Defense Instead of installing a huge number of set plays do what Gonzaga head coach Mark Few does – use a basic continuity set that can be used against man or zone to generate ball and player movement and produce scoring opportunities. That is exactly what Coach Few presents in this video. The 2017 AP and Naismith Coach of the Year, Few has guided Gonzaga to 19 straight trips to the NCAA tournament. With over 500 wins to his credit, Few will demonstrate his Bulldog and Loop sets as well as how to deal with different defensive tactics. He also shares some breakdown drills for teaching the rules and reads for ball screens used in these sets. Bulldog Action There are times when it is difficult to determine whether a defense is in man or zone. Bulldog helps you identify what an opponent is up to all the while attacking the defense with a side ball screen continuity that generates a lot of movement. Coach Few shows three additional sets you can use within Bulldog Action. These can be used to isolate certain players and give them different scoring options. Bulldog Shooter features extra stagger and single-double screens to free up players as the side ball screen occurs. Bulldog Action can help you locate a defense’s weakness and take advantage of it in a number of ways. Loop Action Loop is another set play that can be run against man or zone. Defenders are run through multiple screens before being hit with the middle pick and roll. Loop is a great complement to Bulldog and Coach Few shows you a couple of tweaks to make it even more effective. He will show you how to get your best shooters more shots and how to make your non-shooters more effective. Loop Action is also effective when used in transition as you will see. Bulldog & Loop Actions vs Zone Defense Coach Few demonstrates Bulldog and Loop against the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. He points out how defenses will react and how you can make adjustments to beat them. You will see how to use more post screens against the 1-3-1, which limits the effectiveness of ball screens. One of the biggest takeaways is how Few’s teams use the same actions against both man and zone defenses. Breakdown Drills Coach Few presents three different 3-on-3 drills that he uses on a daily basis to teach his players how to read defenses and prepare for upcoming opponents. You will see how he tweaks these drills based upon a certain opponent’s scouting report. Q&A Session As an added bonus, there is a question and answer session in this video where Coach Few invites the audience to ask him questions about his offense and the Gonzaga program. This video is packed full with quality information from one of the game’s best coaches.
50 Set Plays For Attacking Man To Man Defense by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Krzyzewski (Rental)-50 Set Plays For Attacking Man To Man Defense $17.99
50 Set Plays for Attacking Man-to-Man Defense Coaches would give just about anything to get inside the mind of the best college basketball coaches in the country. In this collection of offensive sets from the game’s best, you get to do exactly that. This video provides you with a variety of offensive plays that include half-court sets that represent some of the most well-known formations like Horns, 5-Out, Hi-Low, and many more. Here’s what is included: Duke Elbow Series The Elbow Series from Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and assistant Chris Collins can produce an easy 3-point opportunity with added rebound protection at the rim. Coach Krzyzewski and Coach Collins demonstrate the Elbow Series which includes Elbow Weak, Elbow Up, and Elbow Get. Each play spaces the floor for the best scoring chance. Fred Hoiberg Series Former Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg shares a number of plays from his 5-Out formation. You will see 50 Pistol, 50 Dive Stick, and 50 Dive Special each with the ability to produce a scoring opportunity at the rim or a 3-point attempt. Coach Hoiberg also presents Horns Handoff Burn, High Stacks Pacer, L, Owl, and High to give you a number of different ways to create scoring chances from multiple spots on the floor. Tom Izzo Series From Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, you will get his Chest, Chest Down, Thumb Down, and Horns, and I plays. Izzo emphasizes sharp cuts, a lot of quick ball movement, and misdirection in an attempt to get a shot at the rim or a reversal and a weak side jumper. Larry Brown Series You will see how former NBA and SMU head coach Larry Brown gets his posts to take advantage of defenders using Split, Horns, and Horns Shake. Posts move quickly from screen-and-roll perimeter action to the low-block scoring position. Gregg Marshall Series In this segment, you will see Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall put his team through the 41 Iso Play. It is designed to use stagger screens to free up an open shooter when a baseline drive is cut off. Greg McDermott Series A series of nine plays is demonstrated by Creighton head coach Greg McDermott. Each play has a counter for how a defense might play it. McDermott goes through plays like Blitz, Blitz 1 Down, and Blitz 1 Back to take advantage of movement and secure the post for an easy basket against an out-of-position defender. Dave Paulsen Series To help players that might otherwise not be able to get open, Bucknell head coach Dave Paulsen shares his V-Entry and Rip plays. Using stagger screens, spacing, and quick ball reversals defenses are put into difficult positions and give up easy shots. Tim Floyd Segment Tim Floyd’s NBA influence is apparent as the former UTEP head coach shares his 43 play. The idea is to use court spacing and high screen and roll to produce dribble penetration at mid-key with two perimeter shooters ready in the corners. Tara VanDerveer Segment Watch as Hall of Fame Stanford women’s head coach Tara VanDerveer runs her team through Scram, a play designed to force a defense to overplay a double screen. The motivated defense leaves a screener open on a duck-in at the rim. Pat Summitt Series Former Tennessee women’s head coach Pat Summitt guides her team through Spin, Horns, and Horns 2. This series of plays is designed to get the ball inside for a layup.
Effective Zone Offense Set Plays by Anthony Carlyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Anthony Carlyle (Rental)-Effective Zone Offense Set Plays $18.99
Effective Zone Offense Set Plays Zone defenses are being employed more and more at every level of basketball these days. Five-time state champion head coach Anthony Carlyle has built a tradition at Yazoo City HS (MS) using zone sets the provide multiple scoring options against any type of zone defense. He shares many of those simple but effective plays with you in this video. Philosophy of Zone Offense With a belief in working on your weaknesses, Coach Carlyle has crafted a zone offense designed to score against any zone defense. At one point in his career, his teams struggled with zone defenses. He decided to put his players to work and learn how to apply man-to-man principles while running their zone sets. The result was a philosophy that he still believes in today. Set Plays For Coach Carlyle, set plays against a zone start with false action or some sort of misdirection to help create a scoring opportunity either on the perimeter or in the paint. He explains some his set plays in detail: “L” is a play where the offense sets the defense up for a lob pass to the team’s most athletic player. The lob creates misdirection and allows a skip pass to your best 3-point shooter. “Wing Double” creates a scoring opportunity for your best shooter by setting up the defense as you look for gaps to dribble penetrate. “Screen” is a play where your wing looks to screen the middle of the zone to free up your best post player for a layup or a post-up. An added bonus is the skip pass out of the post to your best shooter or scorer. In the 14 Series, players begin in a 1-4 set and work to create scoring options for your best shooter. One option uses a ball screen to create a 2-on-1 for your best penetrator. Coach Carlyle offers up some of the best ways to score against a zone defense in this video. You will see all sorts of demonstrations for how to beat the zone using screens, skip passes, and more. If you struggle against zone defenses, this presentation is for you! Rent this Zone Offense Set Plays DVD today.
Set Plays For Attacking The 2-3 Zone Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-Set Plays For Attacking The 2-3 Zone $18.99
Plays Against the 2-3 Zone Steve Smith: Set Plays for Attacking the 2-3 Zone One of the nation’s most revered high school coaches, Oak Hill Academy’s Steve Smith reveals his strategies on beating zone defenses in this video. Coach Smith has amassed over 1,000 career wins and his teams have claimed nine high school national championships. He has coached some of the game’s biggest names including Carmelo Anthony. Watch and learn as Coach Smith takes you through his general strategies all the way through some set plays for beating zone defenses. Primary Attacks – Rover and 13 Coach Smith presents three base offenses that he will use to attack any style of zone. Rover is a continuity offense that Smith likes to employ against the 2-3. Rover allows post players to make plays where they are most effective. Coach Smith shows you how to create movement in the offense with your perimeter players using dribble outs and exchanges. Another way to attack the 2-3 is using 13. This is a zone offense aligned in a 1-3-1 set that is more of a motion style attack. It gives the offense the ability to put a playmaker in the high post and with the freedom to do what they do best. You will also see how this playmaker can create offense without the ball. For odd-front defenses, Coach Smith shows you Deuce, which keeps two guards up top. The offense uses constant weak side flashes and overloads in an effort to force the defense’s hand. Smith shows you how to create movement and work for open looks. Set Plays Against the 2-3 Zone For those times when you simply need a basket or want to take advantage of something in a zone defense, Coach Smith offers these set plays. 4 High Series: These are four plays from a 1-4 alignment that can create high-low opportunities, lobs, flares for shooters, and ball screens to attack the lane. 4 Low Series: These three plays distort the zone by placing players along the baseline. The defense either has to match up or leave players open. Stack Series: Each of these three plays use a double screen on the block to create a numbers advantage for the offense. For coaches looking for solutions against zone defenses, Coach Smith’s 73-minute video is exactly what you need! Rent this plays against the 2-3 zone defense.
Half Court Sets With Multiple Scoring Options by Dan Majerle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dan Majerle (Rental)-Half Court Sets With Multiple Scoring Options $18.99
Dan Majerle: Half Court Sets with Multiple Scoring Options The half-court offense is an important means of scoring for teams at any level. You must be proficient in the half-court if you want to be successful. Grand Canyon University head coach Dan Majerle, a three-time NBA All-Star, teaches you four NBA pro sets – Floppy, Down, Pop, and Elbow – as well as a variety of options off of each set to give you numerous ways to score in the half-court game. Majerle, who played 14 seasons in the NBA, shows you how to attack the half-court defense out of transition and get into an offense that is both tough to guard and highly effective. He will also help you train your players to get to the right spot on the floor in the offense. Pre-Practice Segments Majerle likes to begin his practices with drills that focus on what he wants to work on for that day. Coach Majerle will pick and choose from 12 different drills to keep practices fresh and exciting. His marquee drill is the Create a Lead. The drill combines a lot of the actions and fundamentals that are used in his half-court offense. Create a Lead reinforces such basic concepts as: Creating space Using the proper pivot foot How to create a hand target Stepping to make a pass How to free up your shooting foot’ Catch, turn, and face NBA Half-Court Sets Majerle then moves into the teaching of his four half-court sets. Each set has a number of options as you will see. Floppy Series: Run multiple sets like Weak, Strong, and Flash. Coach Majerle also presents the options that include post flashes, back-door cuts, dribble hand-offs, and lobs. Down Series: Majerle teaches the Two Down and Three Down within the series. You will see how to get flex cuts with the offense, how to run Reverse and Snap to counter defenses that cheat, and how to incorporate flare screens in the offense. Pop Series: This series allows you to get your point guard or 4 a specific look within the offense. Pop uses slip screens, pin downs and double screens to get players open. Coach Majerle also shows you Four Pop Fist which gets you pick and roll action in the offense. Elbow Series: You will see how to use the traditional 1-4 High set to create mismatches for your offense. Coach Majerle again shows you a number of variations to create multiple looks. Elbow Clear is used when your post player is quicker than the opponent’s. Elbow Get uses pick and roll action with your bigs and you will also see how to use curl and double screens to get your players open looks. Coach Majerle’s 64-minute video is full of plays run at the highest levels of basketball. They are all adaptable to your level and will keep defenses constantly on their toes.
The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays From The 2016 Olympics by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran Fraschilla (Rental)-The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays From The 2016 Olympics $17.99
The Best Basketball Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays from the 2016 Olympics Fran Fraschilla is a former Division I head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico. He currently serves as ESPN’s International Basketball analyst and he has analyzed the best teams from the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio. Drawing from his experience, Fraschilla offers you a unique look at some of the most effective innovations in basketball offense from an international perspective. Continuity Pick and Roll Fraschilla introduces a continuity pick and roll offense used by Australia with great success at the 2016 Olympics. The offense isolates a talented post player all while creating player movement with side ball screens. A big part of the offense is the dribble hand-off. Coach Fraschilla explains the technique in detail and identifies the reads needed to successfully run the offense. Along with the basics of the continuity offense, Fraschilla adds in seven basketball quick hitters that will keep any defense off guard. These set plays use a number of screens to free up post players. Guards use stagger, pin, and flare screens to get open for perimeter shots. Fraschilla also details how Australia dealt with overplaying defenses. Spread Pick and Roll Coach Fraschilla then moves on to Venezuela and Croatia, which both use the spread pick and roll offense. You will see how to catch a defense every time with the Varejao Screen and how to maximize the strain on defenses with back action and short rolls. Fraschilla shows you two basketball quick hitters that flow right into the spread ball screen alignment. You will see a play from Serbia where defenders are run through shuffle cuts and stagger screens. One play from Lithuania helps dissect a defense with movement in screen the screener action. Basketball Set Plays There are always situations where an offense needs to score. Coach Fraschilla shares with you 10 of his favorite set plays from Olympic competition. They can be used after timeouts, in end-of-game situations, or when your team simply needs a basket. Dribble Hand Off Action: From Serbia, this a great play for a team with a great playmaker. Latvia Quick Hitter: It looks like a side pick and roll, but uses floppy action and false motion. Australia Post Up Quick Hitter: Utilizes flex action for post players. Australia Quick Hitter: Uses a 1-4 set and Iverson cut to generate lob opportunities. Lithuania Quick Hitter: Set play for a 3-pointer from the flex. Coach Fraschilla provides you with a wealth of international basketball knowledge in this video. There is something in here for everyone to pull out and incorporate into their current offense. Rent this basketball quick hitters video today.
Tom Izzo Offensive Playbook by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Izzo (Rental)-Tom Izzo Offensive Playbook $19.99
Basketball Offensive Playbook Want to take a page out of Tom Izzo’s basketball offensive playbook ? You can with this video packed full of Coach Izzo’s ideas about attacking man-to-man and zone defenses as well as ideas about transition offense. Coach Izzo is widely regarded as one of the masters when it comes to basketball X’s and O’s. His seven Big Ten championships, seven Final Four appearances, and a 2000 NCAA tournament championship are evidence of that fact. Izzo likes pro-style offensive sets and half-court execution in an effort to get the best shot. You will see Izzo teach his players every detail of a set’s execution, which opens up a number of aspects of the coach’s playbook. You’ll see everything from zone quick hitters to transition offense and even end-of-shot-clock plays. Tom Izzo Philosophy In this segment, Coach Izzo shares some key elements behind his philosophy of offense at Michigan State. You will learn why he runs certain plays at certain times. He also gives some insight into why he prefers pro-style sets. Coach Izzo also details some of the players he’s had through the years and how he best used their talents. Tom Izzo Zone Offense Using a whiteboard, Coach Izzo diagrams several sets that attack zone defenses. His core philosophy behind defeating the zone is to attack from inside out. He shows you his base set, the 1-3-1, and why he uses it to attack all zone defenses. Coach Izzo diagrams three of his go-to plays against 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses and then demonstrates a few more with his players in a scrimmage format. You’ll see Izzo in action during a scrimmage session where you will see his players attack zone defenses and how he corrects them. Man-to-Man Offense Izzo uses packages of set plays to beat man-to-man defense. He breaks down five plays in his Horns and 452 Series of quick hitters using the whiteboard before showing them in live scrimmage action. Each set in Horns comes with a counter depending on how the defense is playing. All plays are designed to get the ball into the lane in some fashion. Structured Transition Offense Coach Izzo takes you through to practice drills to teach transition offense. It is imperative that a team learn to stay organized while playing fast. Coach Izzo’s drills show you all of the scoring options available in the two drills – the 5-on-0 Break and the Dummy War into Break. The 5-on-0 Break gives players an opportunity to walk through the drill and see each scoring opportunity. End of Clock Execution Teams must be able to execute in an end-of-clock situation. Coach Izzo teaches his players by placing 10 seconds on the shot clock as they go through a series of quick hitters. Coach Izzo’s video is a treasure trove of information about how to play offensive basketball. There are plenty of nuggets to take and use in your program. Rent this basketball offensive playbook video today.
20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone by Jeff Walz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Walz (Rental)-20 Quick Hitters For Scoring Against Man Or Zone $17.99
Quick Hitters for Basketball Against Man or Zone Jeff Walz has built the Louisville women’s basketball program into a national power with two trips to the national championship game and another six to the Sweet Sixteen. In 2018, Walz took the Cardinals to the ACC championship and a trip to the Final Four. In this video, he shares 20 quick-hitting plays that helped turn his Cardinals into a national title contender. Walz shares plays that can be used against man-to-man or zone defense and Coach Walz adds plays that can be used in a full-court, end-of-game situation. Zone Quick Hitters for Basketball Coach Walz offers up nine quick hitters for basketball to use against the 2-3 zone. Players learn to create misdirection to allow an open shot for your best shooter. The post is used as a screener in an effort to score on layups around the rim or to get an open shot for your best shooters. Walz also shows you how to attack gaps in the zone to create mismatches and end up with scoring opportunities. Man-to-Man Quick Hitters for Basketball Man-to-man defenses can be picked apart with the Top, Green, and 41 groups of quick hitters. Each groups of set plays offers a number of inside and outside scoring options. Each also has counters and other variations that can overcome anything a defense throws at you. Special Situations Having set plays for crucial game situations is a must and Coach Walz shows you how to navigate the full-court, end-of-game scenario. Using misdirection, the offense can travel the full distance of the court and get an opportunity to score using two of Walz’s strategies – the Stack and Illinois. Both are baseline inbounds plays designed to get a scoring chance in the final seconds of a game. Coach Walz offers a number of ways to score from inside the paint and outside on the perimeter in this 52-minute video. Coaches are sure to find a few quick hitters that they can add to their playbook to beat any defense that an opponent throws at you. Rent this quick hitters for basketball DVD today.
Man--to--man Offense And Counters To Crush Defensive Adjustments by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Izzo (Rental)-Man--to--man Offense And Counters To Crush Defensive Adjustments $15.99
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Disguising Your Set Plays by Jeff Lebo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Lebo (Rental)-Disguising Your Set Plays $15.99
Set plays that place your best players in a position for success Your offensive system can be simplified by using your set plays to simplify it. You can disguise your plays so that the defense doesnÕt know whatÕs coming Your best players should be in a position to succeed and your timing should improve. Jeff Lebo shares set plays that work against man and zone. Lebo refers to his base series as the B Series. This series is for man defense. All plays are shown 5-on-0 on court. This set will make your plays look identical so that the defense doesn't know what you're doing. Lebo offers zone offense options in the B series. Four additional sets can also be used against man or in zone. These sets can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to run from the front, sideways or under the basket. This excellent set of plays will add variety to your offense. 74 minutes. 2010.
Ultimate Basketball Set Play Portfolio by Jeff Boals Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Boals (Rental)-Ultimate Basketball Set Play Portfolio $18.99
The best way to give your players the advantage is what coaches are constantly looking for. You can give your best players the ball by having a complete arsenal of plays that you can use to create specific situations for your offensive attack. This instructional video is packed with set plays and offensive strategies that will make your offense more successful. Jeff Boals reveals his favorite portfolio of set plays for key, in-game situations. Coach Boals goes into detail about each play and the reasons they are so successful. Then, he gives a coaching lesson plan and then demonstrates game-tested plays that will help you offense score more points next year. Variations possible with Flex Offense Variations that are too loose. Variations of box sets All five offensive positions are covered by plays. Baseline out-of-bounds plays (BLOBs) Sideline out-of bounds plays Half-Court Set Coach Boals starts by discussing the importance to identify your best players and how you can best use their skills-set. This will help you design plays that match your players strengths, giving your team more chances to score. Coach Boals explains why his teams use set plays 75% of their time on offense. He also lists key statistics that his teams strive for each season. He details the important attributes that make any play successful, including ball reversals, paint touches and post touches, explaining how each facet increases an offense's points-per-possession metric. Coach Boals offers multiple sets and counters to man-to-man defense by jumping into set plays. Each play has three to four counters, which makes it very difficult for an opponent to observe your offense throughout the season. The advantage to using the same alignment on different plays is that your players will be able to retain the information. Boals explained that every play call includes the actions the players will perform. For example, the 'Twelve Series' starts in a Floppy Set configuration and offers scoring opportunities around block and perimeter areas, as well as a great lob option. Coach Boals then takes a look at one of the many counters displayed in this video. It is 'Twelve Flat', which is the initial play setup followed by a flat screen step-up screen. Cue words are used in play calls to allow players to quickly remember the actions that they need to perform the play. Boals offers multiple pick-and roll plays with counters. Play 'Hip" gets your players to look at the rim for post-ups or wide open jump opportunities. Multiple counters are on display to help manipulate the help-side defense and take away the pick-and roll action. The 'Nevada and 'Fist Wheel Series offer any shot you might need in any situation. Coach Boals also explains the versatility of the 'Fist' Wheel as an out-of-bounds option. There are nine variations of each series, with counters. Plays for 3-Point shots and Zone Plays The coaches are always on the lookout for new options and a set-play that gives them a great view at 3-point shots for their best shooters. Coach Boals offers an inside look at three sets that force defenses to make difficult decisions. He also gives coaches a chance to attack the rim from the inside and opens up 3-point shot possibilities. The fun doesn't end there. Boals also shows five zone-busting play plays, culminating in a continuity offense using ball-screens. Although it is simple continuity, Boals explains that simplicity does not necessarily mean unproductivity. Boals explains that these zone-busting alignments cause problems for 2-3 zones. He positions his offensive players at the weak points of the zone and allows them aggressively to try to make plays. The 1-3-1 zone also has two other zones. These are where the offensive players are positioned in weak spots of the 1-3-1, creating great two-on-one situations. Out of Bounds Plays Coach Boals also discusses out-of-bounds play on the baseline and sidelines to complete the video. This section has a play to suit any need, whether it's a quick three-pointer or late clock lob to rim. Two out-of-bounds plays on the sideline that Coach Boals learned while attending NBA practice are sure to provide opportunities for your team when they need them most. Boals also shares one last, fantastic, half-court set play from a 'Horns alignment that he has used with his teams many times in recent seasons. Every coach needs to set plays, and even the most talented offensive teams must refresh their playbooks every now and again. This video will give you the opportunity to boost your team's playbook for next season. Coach Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. "Great set plays!" Coach Boals enjoys discussing the many aspects of the plays with the players. It is easy to follow, and the plays are fantastic. 79 minutes. 2023.
Man to Man Set Plays, Ball Screen Offense Reads, & Breakdown Drills by Jamion Christian Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamion Christian (Rental)-Man to Man Set Plays, Ball Screen Offense Reads, & Breakdown Drills $18.99
Jamion Christian, head coach at George Washington University, is known for executing set plays within an aggressive offensive system that dates back to his time at Siena and Mount St. Mary’s. In this open practice video, he shows you a number of those plays and shows you how your players can read the different looks they see from a defense. Christian won the Northeast Conference Coach of the Year award in 2017 after leading Mount St. Mary’s to a league championship, a conference tournament victory, and a berth in the NCAA tournament. There is something in this video for every coach. Offensive Package Half of the practice is spent on going through sets that lead into the ball screen offense. Players are taught how to read defenses, where to set screens, how to find open cutters, and various points of attack. Once the sets have been mastered, the half-court offense is reviewed. A variety of options are covered including attacking the rim and kicking the ball out for three-point attempts. Christian takes the time to reinforce the concepts that he wants his players to learn. Position Work Christian’s players develop a better sense of where shots should come from within the offense through position work. Post players, for example, work on footwork and passing against a defender. They also work on finishing as coaches use pads to make them go against contact. At the same time, guards work on coming off screens and attacking the paint. They also work on finishing at the rim or kicking the ball back out to a perimeter shooter. Defensive Situations The practice concludes with a defensive segment where Coach Christian breaks down actions his team will see from upcoming opponents. Christian gets into how they will defend certain actions like pin down screens. All coaches and managers are utilized as defenders learn to limit opponent’s visibility and their ability to swing the ball from one side of the floor to the other. This video is worth it just for the set plays alone, but there is so much more that any coach can take away from this practice video.