1-3-1 Zone Defense Basketball DVDs for Rent

The 1-3-1 Zone Defense is a zone defense that many teams aren’t prepared to face. Typically at the top of the zone you would place a long athletic player, your center in the middle, and your quickest best conditioned player at the bottom of the zone. The other two players take the wings.

In the 1-3-1 Zone defense you can trap in the corners and wings. Trapping in the corners is very effective because you have two sidelines and two defenders to box the offensive player into. This makes getting a pass out difficult.

Why Play the 1-3-1 Zone Defense in Basketball?

The strengths of the 1-3-1 zone are many. It’s a zone that makes it easier to keep the basketball on one side of the floor and stopping ball reversal. Driving vs. the 1-3-1 is also harder because you’ll typically have 3 players stopping the ball.

If you incorporate stunting into the zone, like the Michigan 1-3-1, you’ll make the offensive players wonder if you are coming to trap them or not. This can lead to turnovers through traveling and tipped passes.

Some of the weaknesses of the 1-3-1 Zone defense are that you’ll likely give up corner shots and it can be more difficult to rebound in this zone defense.

Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Tom Blackford Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Blackford (Rental)-Aggressive 1-3-1 Zone Defense $17.99
Legendary coach Tom Blackford brings you into one of his practice sessions allowing you to learn his smothering 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Blackford has over 400 career victories and consistently leads his teams on deep playoff runs. This is an incredible opportunity to learn a defense that can directly lead to more wins for your program. Team and Player Fundamentals Coach Blackford details each players positions and responsibilities. The goal of his instruction is to give his players enough rules to know where to go without over thinking. His players play fast and are free to trap and fly around the court within his basic rules. Teaching Progressions Coach Blackford begins teaching his 1-3-1 defense with just two offensive players. This allows him to focus on one positions responsibility and how everyone else should adjust. His next progression is with three offensive players with an emphasis on trapping and keeping the ball out of the middle. Again, this allows every player to understand where he or she needs to be and how to anticipate the next action. Coach Blackford brings all the teaching together in his final progression. He sets the offense up in a 2-1-2 set, one of the most common sets to attacking a 1-3-1 defense. The defense focus on all of the fundamentals for this defense which include getting into passing lanes, box out assignments, taking away the danger spots, and preventing dribble penetration. 1-3-1 Adjustments Coach Blackford shows how you can transform your 1-3-1 into specific "junk" defenses such as the "Box-and-1," "Triangle-and-Two," or even a "Matchup" look. This can be done so seamlessly that you can change between these defenses in the middle of the possession. A nice bonus of the DVD is that coach Blackford shows some of the offensive shooting drills and three offensive sets that include a secondary offense set and plays form Michigan State and Syracuse. Whether you already run a 1-3-1 or are looking to improve it this DVD will improve your team defense so do not wait and rent it today.
The 31 Defense by Will Rey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Will Rey (Rental)-The 31 Defense $29.99
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1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kermit Davis (Rental)-1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense $17.99
Kermit Davis is the all-time winning-est coach in the history of Middle Tennessee St. and he owes much of that success to his coaching on the defensive side of the ball. He has taken the basic 1-3-1 zone to another level by allowing players to morph the defense into different alignments and rotations. Coach Davis presents the DVD in a live practice setting with a young team of his own as he begins to implement his defense. This defense will cause more deflections and put your offense into more positive situations while also frustrating your opponents offense. This DVD will teach the basics of the zone along with some useful adjustments. 1-3-1 Defense Coach Davis shows the basics of the zone on a whiteboard by detailing each players position and role inside each position. The main theme of each players role is to disrupt passing lanes and shut down dribble penetration into the paint. Coach Davis shows where to place your most athletic players and how they can be used to create deflections and traps. Using traps and deflections early in a possession leads to many easy baskets for your team and causes the offense to be more hesitant. With a more patients or talented team, coach Davis shows how your more athletic players can force long lob passes into the corners instead of allowing inside looks. Switching from 1-3-1 to a 2-3 Zone One of the biggest teaching points of this DVD is how to morph the zone based on where the ball goes. Coach Davis shows how his team changes from a 1-3-1 to an aggressive 2-3 when the ball moves to the baseline. This change causes extreme confusion for the offense as the change is so seamless that the offense has little time to adjust. The most athletic players are again the most important part of this section are they are used to put pressure on the wings and disguise the vision of the ball handlers. 1-3-1 Zone vs Special Situations Coach Davis shows how the 1-3-1 can be used to take advantage of clutch end of game situations. He shows how his teams take advantage of sideline in bounds situations by denying passes and disrupting the passing lanes. He also shows a trapping adjustment that can be used when the offense is trying to take the last shot. Learn an intimidating and versitile defense from an incredibly successful college coach by renting this DVD today.
The Michigan 1--3--1 Zone Defense And Drills by Dennis Felton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dennis Felton (Rental)-The Michigan 1--3--1 Zone Defense And Drills $15.99
Learn the most modern and revolutionary rendition of the 1-3-1 zone defense from a man who knows it inside-out. Dennis Felton was taught by John Beline how to run this innovative 1-3-1 defense. It is an incredible inside look at the inner workings and philosophy of a defense that few outside of the Beline coaching tree have been taught. The basis of the 1-3-1 zone defense is to disrupt the offense but this DVD will take your 1-3-1 to the next level by giving it the ability to be your primary defense. 1-3-1 Zone Defense Philosophy and Responsibilities The basic philosophy of the Michigan 1-3-1 zone defense is to restrict passing lanes, confuse offenses, and put incredible pressure on the decision making of the dribbler. These basic tenants will lead to steals and timely fast break buckets for your team. Felton looks at each position and details the basics responsibilities and skills for each player. He also details the rotations and slides of each player that is used to confused the offense and anyone trying to scout your team. He also teaches techniques for taking away the high and low post while also creating more deflections and steals. 1-3-1 Zone Defense Drills Felton shows how you can implement and teach the defense by using drills that break down each positions technique and responsibility. He shows how you would progress by using 5-on-5 and 6-on-5 drills. He also shows actual game footage to give you a better idea of the complexity and disruptive nature of this defense. This is an incredibly innovative teaching technique and will make your 1-3-1 zone impossible to scout and prepare for. Rent this 1-3-1 Zone Defense DVD today.
Half Court 1-3-1 Trap by Seth Greenberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Seth Greenberg (Rental)-Half Court 1-3-1 Trap $15.99
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Morphing 1-3-1 to 3-2 Zone Defense by Jeff Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Jones (Rental)-Morphing 1-3-1 to 3-2 Zone Defense $18.99
Morphing 1-3-1 Zone Defense to 3-2 Zone Defense Old Dominion University head coach Jeff Jones used his “13” defense to help his Monarchs win the 2019 Conference USA regular season and conference tournament championships. What has really worked for ODU is the morphing of the 1-3-1 into a 3-2 that keeps offenses off balance. In this video, Coach Jones details exactly how he implements the 1-3-1 to 3-2 defense. 13 Defense Jones starts by setting up the personnel for the 1-3-1 defense and then gets right into the details. As soon as the ball crosses the half-court line, the point player must not allow any direct line passes. The middle player must prevent any dribble penetration and the wings play defense outside-in. The idea is to allow no direct passes at all and prevent any reversals. The man underneath gets to the ball-side block when the ball crosses half-court and the opposite wing looks to prevent any diagonal lob passes. Morphing into the 3-2 Zone Coach Jones’ 13 Defense morphs into the 3-2 when the ball goes to the corner. Jones explains the positioning of each player and their responsibility once this happens. The defense looks as though it is a 2-3, but it really a 3-2. Coach Jones also reviews how to defend the pick and roll against the zone, as well as what to do when the ball gets into the high post. You will also see adjustments such as what to do when a big man lacks mobility and what to do when a wing dribble into the corner. Breakdown Drills for the 3-2 Zone To teach the 3-2 zone defense, Jones uses drills to break down the top three players and the bottom two. One drill for the bottom two involves using four offensive players along the baseline, one in each corner and one in each short corner. The two bottom defenders learn to move as the ball moves. For the top three players, Coach Jones uses a drill that puts an offensive player in the high post, and one in each corner. Defenders learn to move on the pass and cover their area of responsibility. How to defend the pick and roll is also discussed here. The idea of changing from a 1-3-1 Zone Defense into a 3-2 is one that not many teams do on a consistent basis. If you are searching for something different, a unique look to slow down offenses, Coach Jones’ 13 Defense is one to consider. Rent this 1-3-1 zone defense DVD today.
Mastering The Princeton 1--3--1 Match--up Zone by Craig Robinson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Robinson (Rental)-Mastering The Princeton 1--3--1 Match--up Zone $15.99
Craig Robinson: Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Matchup Zone Former Brown and Oregon State University head coach Craig Robinson understands that defense and discipline win basketball games. As a two-time Ivy League Player of the Year at Princeton for legendary coach Pete Carril, Robinson learned the foundation for what would become his disruptive 1-3-1 zone defense. He shares his philosophy and ideas on the defense in this video. Robinson first explains his defensive philosophy and how coaches can develop their own around any defense they choose. For Robinson, his defense of choice just happened to be the 1-3-1 zone. Coach Robinson reveals his multi-dimensional zone defense and how it makes it difficult for the offense to get the ball into the post. Good zone offenses like to work the ball into the post and they falter when that is taken away. Coach Robinson teaches the five defensive positions in his 1-3-1 as well as the fundamental rotations of the defense. You’ll see how to prevent side-to-side passing, prevent easy catches in the middle, and learn how to get more defensive rebounds. Throughout his entire presentation, Coach Robinson answers several common questions about the defense. These include: How do you defend various drives? How do you cover the corners and the post? What do you do when the offense screens the baseline runner? How do you defend the overload? Robinson also demonstrates how you can take the 1-3-1 and extend it into a three-quarter court press. It’s a trapping press that utilizes a delayed trap and uses elements of surprise to create turnovers. Coach Robinson also shows you how to trap in the half-court defense. The presentation concludes with wing coverage, post denial breakdown drills, and the 4-on-4 Shell/Boxout game. If you have been searching for a defense that is versatile yet easy to implement, Coach Robinson’s DVD is for you!
Dominating 1--3--1 Zone Defense by Steve Klaas Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Klaas (Rental)-Dominating 1--3--1 Zone Defense $15.99
Steve Klass has had an incredible coaching career in Wisconsin and he owes much of his success, in no small part, to his 1-3-1 zone. In this DVD Klass shows how you can use a defense to force the offense into negative situations. The basis of the 1-3-1 is ball pressure and trapping while also providing your players with incredible help side D. Intro The 1-3-1 defense is very unique in the fact that it requires a certain type of athlete to play each of the positions in the zone. Coach Klass does a great job of detailing exactly what you should look for in your players. He also touches on the basic five rules that he uses for his teams: stance, watching the eyes of the passer, move when the ball is in the air, look for deflections and aggressively go to the boards. While these rules are not set in stone they offer a tremendous starting point for building your own defense. Fundamentals of 1-3-1 Coach Klass details the basics that you will need to run this zone with your own program. While the 1-3-1 zone defense looks and seems complicated, Klass shows you how simply this zone can be executed. Coach Klass gives great coaching points that you will need in order for this zone to be successful for you. The basics he shows include how to prevent penetration, traps, and adjusting to screens and unique offensive personnel. Advanced Adjustments In its most basic form any defense can be solved. Having multiple options and looks is vital to slow down the modern offense. In the next section of the DVD Coach Klass shows you how to adjust the 1-3-1 to keep the offense guessing. Coach Klass demonstrates the different trapping options available with this defense along with how to extend it into a full or half-court press to force even more turnovers. Coach Klass finishes the DVD with game footage of his actual teams running the 1-3-1 along with a 3-2 zone that he has been playing with. If your program is in need of a disruptive, game-changing defense then do not delay and rent this DVD today.
Ed Dechellis: 1--3--1 Extended Half Court Zone by Ed DeChellis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ed DeChellis (Rental)-Ed Dechellis: 1--3--1 Extended Half Court Zone $15.99
Playing the 1-3-1 zone defense is a great way to get rid of your opponent's best player. You can also move other players in defense. A player must be athletic and able to finish at the opposite end of the 1-3-1 zone. The back position is best for a point guard-type player. He covers a wide area from corner to corner, and must be a good communicator. The 3-man covers the left side, from wing block to wing. The best rebounder is the 4-man. He starts on the left wing. The 5-man is the best rebounder and sets up at the line of free throws. His coverage starts from the top of the key block. This defense must discourage the offensive from passing the ball. DeChellis reduces the zone by placing the ball in different places on the floor. To fine-tune the defense, drills are provided. DeChellis describes the 1-3-1 zone as a "high risk, high reward attack" which can quickly change the pace and leave athletic opponents tired. 69 minutes. 2007
An Effective 1-3-1 Half Court Defense by Nick Pasqua Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Nick Pasqua (Rental)-An Effective 1-3-1 Half Court Defense $18.99
In this article, Coach Nick Pasqua delves into the intricacies of using the 1-3-1 half-court zone defense as a tool for changing the pace of a game and slowing down opposing offenses. He explains the positioning of players, their individual assignments, and movements within the defense, as well as key rules to follow. He also provides valuable insight into when to switch to other defenses, such as the 2-3 zone or man-to-man, depending on the situation. Coach Pasqua begins by discussing the role of the top defender (#3) in the zone, who is positioned between the extended lane lines in the middle of the floor and is responsible for making the ball handler uncomfortable by stunting towards the ball. The forwards (#1 and #2) play flat across the middle, using the three-point line as a restraint, while the center (#5) stays between the ball handler and the basket. The bottom defender (#4) stays one step outside the lane line on the same side as the ball. Coach Pasqua then delves into adjustments that offenses may make to the 1-3-1 defense, and provides ways to counter those adjustments, such as how to defend skip passes, passes to the middle of the floor, and ball screens. He also breaks down the installation of the defense, including drills to teach and perfect it. One of the drills Coach Pasqua demonstrates is the 1-3-1 Defense 4-on-4 Drill, which emphasizes stunting at the ball, stunting at passes, and filling gaps. The key teaching points of this drill include close-outs on the ball with one hand and how to use "hit and get" technique during rebounding opportunities when a shot is taken. In a 5-on-5 live-action sequence, Coach Pasqua teaches ball screen defense and stresses that when ball screens are used against a zone defense, man-to-man principles should be applied. He demonstrates several defensive slides and movements that can thwart these offensive attempts to open up scoring opportunities. Throughout the article, Coach Pasqua provides valuable insight, drawing on his experience as the Head Coach at Converse University, as well as his tenure at Wesleyan University, where he compiled a 49-26 record over 4 seasons, led the Warriors to a 20-win season in 2020, and won the school's first ever Conference Carolinas Tournament Championship in 2020. He also shares his experience as Tusculum Head Coach from 2016 to 2017, where he set a school record for most three-pointers made and attempted in a season in 2017. He also played collegiately at King University.
Running an effective 1-3-1 Zone Defense
Will Jones (Rental)-Running an Effective 1-3-1 Zone Defense $18.99
A zone defense that works is difficult to plan and hard to beat! Learn how to switch from a 1-3-1 defense to a manto-man defence in one possession You can change the position of your team's centre so that they can play under the basket or in the middle. It is important to understand the importance of protecting passing lanes in order disrupt the offense Coach Will Jones gives his explanation of the 1-3-1 defense. Jones demonstrates how to transform your zone defense into an 2-3 zone and match up in man-toÐman. Jones also provides his calls to get your players ready for the defense they want. Alignment and Process In the video's opening, Coach Jones emphasizes the importance of leading players in the right direction. He explains that being process-oriented and not results-oriented will help you be a better coach in any aspect of basketball coaching. Jones then discusses his use of the 1-3-1 defense. He also explains how alignment and the placement of personnel in the zone affect the defense's shape and principles. The defense can respond differently to different shapes. Sometimes, the shape can stay the same. He shows how to adjust the pick-up point when the ball is up on the court. Running in the 1-3-1 Area You will find out about Coach Jones' 3-1/1 zone defense here: The top position is the most important in defense Where and when to trap How to defend passing lanes Weak coverage on the side How should the zone rotate as the ball moves from east to west? How to defend the corner Coverage and rotations How to move from the 1-3-1 zone to a 2-3 zone, or player to person defense Jones also demonstrates how to defend baseline-out of bounds plays as well as how to adjust to the various alignments teams use against the 1-3-1. Jones also discusses the most common attack that can cause the 1-3-1's collapse. This video is great for coaches who want to use the 1-3-1 defense but also to have a defense that can change during possessions and cause havoc on offense. 93 minutes. 2022.
Disrupting Opponents With The 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Don Klaas Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Klaas (Rental)-Disrupting Opponents With The 1-3-1 Zone Defense $17.99
With more than 800 career wins to his name, Don Klass has become a legend in the state of Illinois. He has led his program to such heights with an incredible passion and knowledge of defense. He uses a stifling 1-3-1 defense to disrupt and frustrate the offense. In this DVD, Klaas goes into unprecedented detail into his 1-3-1 defense including player fundamentals and responsibilities and how to make adjustments as a team. The 1-3-1 defense gives your program many advantages. If is incredibly difficult to scout and prepare for, your players will commit fewer fouls, and you can actually play more players. This is a deadly defense that is as flexible as it is confusing to offenses. Responsibilities and Rotations Coach Klaas beings the clinic by giving a history of what led to his formation of the 1-3-1 along with some of the basic philosophies behind the zone. Klaas emphasizes the importance of having the right players play in the right positions in the zone. He goes into great detail into where to place each player in the zone based on their skills and athletic ability. Having players in the perfect position is the foundation of this zone and you can implement a basic 1-3-1 zone from this section alone. Help and teamwork is of the upmost importance for this defense and Klaas shows exactly how players should rotate to help one another. The main goal of every rotation is to keep the ball out of the middle and force it to the boundaries. After the beginning portion of the DVD you will be ready to put players in the perfect position with a knowledge of their individual responsibilities and rotations. Adjustments As the DVD progresses, Klaas shows more advanced adjustments that can be made with the 1-3-1 zone defense. He shows how offenses will try to attack the zone and how they defend it using a unique color coding technique that enhances the speed at which the defense can adjust. He also teaches four adjustments to the zone that prevent quick passes, passes to the middle, and multiple trapping options. He uses 5-on-5 sessions to teach each variation and to show how his teams communicate the adjustments with one another. This DVD offers a chance to perfect a 1-3-1 defense along with learning coaching wisdom and insights from an incredibly talented coach. If you are looking for a way to disrupt the offenses in your league and create offense out of your defense then rent this DVD today.