Disrupting Opponents With The 1-3-1 Zone Defense by Don Klaas Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Don Klaas (Rental)-Disrupting Opponents With The 1-3-1 Zone Defense $17.99
With more than 800 career wins to his name, Don Klass has become a legend in the state of Illinois. He has led his program to such heights with an incredible passion and knowledge of defense. He uses a stifling 1-3-1 defense to disrupt and frustrate the offense. In this DVD, Klaas goes into unprecedented detail into his 1-3-1 defense including player fundamentals and responsibilities and how to make adjustments as a team. The 1-3-1 defense gives your program many advantages. If is incredibly difficult to scout and prepare for, your players will commit fewer fouls, and you can actually play more players. This is a deadly defense that is as flexible as it is confusing to offenses. Responsibilities and Rotations Coach Klaas beings the clinic by giving a history of what led to his formation of the 1-3-1 along with some of the basic philosophies behind the zone. Klaas emphasizes the importance of having the right players play in the right positions in the zone. He goes into great detail into where to place each player in the zone based on their skills and athletic ability. Having players in the perfect position is the foundation of this zone and you can implement a basic 1-3-1 zone from this section alone. Help and teamwork is of the upmost importance for this defense and Klaas shows exactly how players should rotate to help one another. The main goal of every rotation is to keep the ball out of the middle and force it to the boundaries. After the beginning portion of the DVD you will be ready to put players in the perfect position with a knowledge of their individual responsibilities and rotations. Adjustments As the DVD progresses, Klaas shows more advanced adjustments that can be made with the 1-3-1 zone defense. He shows how offenses will try to attack the zone and how they defend it using a unique color coding technique that enhances the speed at which the defense can adjust. He also teaches four adjustments to the zone that prevent quick passes, passes to the middle, and multiple trapping options. He uses 5-on-5 sessions to teach each variation and to show how his teams communicate the adjustments with one another. This DVD offers a chance to perfect a 1-3-1 defense along with learning coaching wisdom and insights from an incredibly talented coach. If you are looking for a way to disrupt the offenses in your league and create offense out of your defense then rent this DVD today.