IC3 Basketball Shooting Machine Rebounder

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IC3 Basketball Shooting Machine Rebounder

$499.99 $599.99 -17% OFF
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iC3 Basketbal Shot Rebounder HoopsKing Wheels

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Dick Vitale Breaks Down the iC3..."It's Awesome Baby!"

ic3 basketball rebounder cheap

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How the iC3 Rebounder Changes the Game

Get up more shots and stop chasing basketballs with the IC3 basketball rebounder. Along with more reps your arc will also improve with the net which catches made and missed shots. The ball returns to you via the ramp which rotates 180 degrees so you can have the ball returned to you anywhere on the court.

The IC3 fits easily on most home basketball systems and even many indoor systems. For indoor baskets, if the backboard is 60 inches or greater you do not need to use the telescoping arm as the unit will be fine without it. The IC3 Return System in our videos below features a 72 inch out basketball system and does use the telescoping pole for even extra support.

A Special Message from Coach Chris

Coach Chris iC3 Shot RebounderHi there!

I'm Coach Chris, Owner of HoopsKing, and am guessing you are the parent of a basketball player that you'd like to see succeed on the court. You want to see them make shots in games and even hit that game winning shot to win the big game. I'm sure your player dreams of that too.

Well, there is only one way to get there and that's to practice shooting.  Getting an iC3 Shot Rebounder for your basketball player is a tremendous investment in your child, their game, and their dreams. The iC3 Shot Rebounder will speed up their shot development because they will be getting up more shots in less time.

Their confidence will increase and they will make more shots in games. Let's face it. Most kids don't practice shooting outside of basketball practice. The great shooters are practicing outside of their normal practice getting up hundreds of extra shots a day. The iC3 Shot Rebounder will make this much easier to accomplish as a player can easily get up several hundred shots in just a matter of minutes - less than half an hour easy!

So if you want to see your child succeed on the court, make more shots in games, score more points, the iC3 is a no-brainer investment.

I mean think about it. How much do you spend on shoes for your player? How many pair do you buy in a year? You are probably already approaching the cost of the iC3 Shot Rebounder in shoes in a single year and they don't last year after year like the iC3 will.

Same for Basketball Camps. How much is your child really going to improve over the course of 3 days or so? Not a lot compared to the amount of money you shell out for camps. It's consistent repetition day after day, month after month, year after year and that's what the iC3 will bring to the table.

Gain an advantage on the competition and give your child an edge that is a very small investment that will pay off in the short term and the long term.


Coach Chris

P.S. I've used the iC3 Shot Rebounder for 7 years and counting with my daughter who earned a college basketball scholarship in part to the hundreds of thousands of shots she got up with the iC3.

P.S.S. Need extra time to pay for the iC3? Just use PayPal on checkout and apply for the 6 month financing and the iC3 is less than $60/month for 6 months.

Big Results are Coming for You!

  • Captures Makes & Misses - Why spend time chasing basketballs when you can be getting up more shots?
  • Shoot 180 Degrees - Chute turns 180 degrees allowing you to shoot from any spot on the court.
  • Improves Shooting Arc - No more flat, line drive shots with the iC3.
  • Complete 1 hour of Shooting in just 20 Minutes
  • Fits most home basketball systems & even many indoor systems
  • Has the major functionality (capturing Makes & Misses) as the industrial machines that cost $5000+.

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Bonus Videos Included with Purchase

These [Bonus Videos] are great! You guys have great support and customer service. I’m glad to have bought from you. Thank you very much!
Robert H. - California

Coach Chris will show you the innovative ways he uses the iC3 with players. After many years of using the iC3 Coach Chris has come up with some secrets that will help you get the most out of your iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer. Video link will be emailed immediately after purchase. If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder.

Watch the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer be assembled so you are ready to put it together when it arrives. It's not hard but Coach Chris will show you a couple things that you will want to know before assembly that will keep you from making any mistakes which can cut down your assembly time by 30 minutes. Video link will be emailed immediately after purchase. If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder.


How much does the iC3 Basketball Rebounder Cost?

The iC3 Basketball Rebounder

  • $499.99.
  • Shipping is FREE in the Continental USA with HoopsKing.
  • Choose PayPal Credit when ordering with HoopsKing and you can take 6 months to pay interest free.

Will the iC3 Basketball Rebounder Work on an Outdoor Hoop?

The iC3 Basketball Rebounder is designed to work on home systems so you can use it in your driveway. See our webpage for more info.

Will the iC3 Rebounder work on an Indoor Hoop?

Yes, as long as the backboard is 60" or greater the iC3 can be used on an indoor hoop. See our setup on this page.

How long does it take to put the iC3 Rebounder together?

Depending on how handy you are (and follow directions :) it will take you between 30 to 60 minutes to put the iC3 together and start shooting.

How hard is is to take the iC3 Rebounder On and Off the Basket?

  • Typically you will need two people to put it on or off.
  • Please see the video on our page for a demonstration

How much does the iC3 Shot Rebounder weigh?

  • Shipping weight is 45 lb with box dimensions of 40 X 22 X 6 inches.
  • Once put together the iC3 is around 35 lbs.

I want to take the iC3 to a Park or Gym. Will it fit in my Car?

This will depend on the size of your vehicle and how much room you have. Please see the video on our page to see the measurements when the iC3 is folded up.

Are the Reviews of the iC3 Shot Rebounder Good?

Yes, by far they are positive. Many customers state they wish they would have ordered it sooner. See all our reviews here.

How Long Will the iC3 Rebounder Last & Can It Stay Outside?

The iC3 Rebounder will last many years. Probably longer than your child will play basketball! It can stay outside and is very durable but like anything (i.e., car) left outside the elements will wear on it. We suggest bringing the iC3 inside during months you won't be using it to keep it in the best shape possible. The net is heavy duty and the HoopsKing gang has had the same one for 7 years and counting.

Will the iC3 Fit My Hoop?

Can I Travel with the iC3 Shooting Machine?

How Many Basketballs Can you Train with?

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