P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) | 41 Inch Loop Bands



P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload) | 41 Inch Loop Bands



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How to Get Stronger, Faster, Quicker, & Jump Higher with the Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool...Like the Pros Use!

Build More Explosiveness on the Court with P.R.O. Resistance Bands!

Dear Baller,

Are you a basketball player or know a basketball player that would like to increase their athleticism quickly?

Do you hope to play high school or college basketball but need to jump higher, get stronger, and become quicker?

Or maybe you need more strength to finish around the basket and stop getting pushed around under the basket on rebounds?

If any of these situations sound familiar then listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.

Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about the importance of athleticism in basketball!

Players that run faster, jump higher, have a quick first step, and can move laterally quickly have a big advantage over other players! No matter how skilled you are, athleticism will be very important in how high of a level of basketball you play. Skills being equal the more athletic player ALWAYS wins.

NBA Players Using Resistance Bands like the P.R.O. Bands...

Here's Your Big Problem

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's time.

I'm sure you thinking I don't have time to do "more", I am already so busy...

and I get it. Everyone is busy running from game to game, practice to practice!

So how can you jump higher, get to the hoop quicker, and get stronger without doing extra workouts?

I'd like to introduce you to P.R.O. (Progressive Resistance Overload) Resistance Bands help you jump higher, get a stronger lower and upper body, and build explosiveness without doing a bunch of additional workouts.

stack of resistance bands

P.R.O. Bands are the most versatile training tool a basketball player can have to Jump Higher, Get to the Basket Quicker, Lockdown Opponents on Defense, and Improve overall Athleticism.

Used by the Pros, these bands are a great tool for unlocking explosiveness hidden away in your muscle fibers that you just need to bring out to take your game and athleticism up another level.


The P.R.O. Bands can used with our without weights to increase your vertical jump so you get those inches you need to dunk and grab more rebounds.


Build Strength that will give you an advantage over other players at your level allowing you to dominate and prepare yourself for the next level by getting a stronger upper and lower body.


While every player wants to dunk - quickness is the most important piece of athleticism you can have as a basketball player because you use it all the time on offense and defense. Whether you are trying to beat a defender off the dribble or you are trying not to get beat off the dribble - the quicker player will usually win.


All players have Fast Twitch Muscle fibers that give you your explosiveness on the court. The good thing is these can be developed through training so you can increase the amount of Fast Twitch Mucles fibers that you have! This means you haven't tapped your potential as an athlete and can greatly improve your explosiveness on the court.


The P.R.O. Bands are easy to take in any bag and don't require extra equipment to use. Take the bands to the court, use them in your house, outside, or wherever. Building explosive couldn't be any more convenient.


P.R.O. Bands are the Most Versatile training tool you can add to your training that will set you apart from other players.


Wear the PRO Bands around your waist to add resistance to all of your dribble moves. This will do Two Big Things for your game...

1. The added resistance will force more muscle fibers to be used building more strength and speed. And since these are quick explosive moves to the basket that means fast twitch muscle fibers are being activated and developed that will make you faster and quicker to the hoop.

2. You can really lean into the bands and get lower like the Pros do. Most high school players and below play standing up and don't get low enough. Getting lower means you will naturally be quicker and faster because you'll be able to cover more ground than you will standing up. It's just simple physics and the PRO Bands will really help you lean into the move and get low.

Don't Have Weights? No Problem!

Don't have a set of weights sitting around the house or is the weight room often locked at your school? You can do strength training exercises to increase your vertical jump right at home. Squats, Lunges, and more are easily done anywhere with the PRO Bands. With multiple levels of resistance available the bands are a great way to increase your upper and lower body strength which will make you a better athlete and basketball player.

The P.R.O. Bands are a great and safe way to introduce players as young as elementary school how to properly and safely start to lift weights. You can use the bands to do just about any weight lifting move without the fear of injury or an accident.


Here's where you can blast your gains to another level. Add the bands to a barbell and you'll recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the movement. At the top of movements is when the bands kick in to their maximum resistance which means you have more resistance through the entire movement.


stretching with resistance bands

Many players look over the role flexibility plays in their explosiveness on the court. The further you can move a muscle the more force you can produce. It's that simple. Increase the range of motion of your muscles through flexibility training with the P.R.O. Bands and you'll produce more force in your vertical jump, drives to the basket, and your lateral quickness. Increased flexibility will help you get lower and stay lower which will make you more explosive on the court.


squats with resistance bands

Using the bands to build strength has the following advantages:

  • Can be done right on the court without the need for a weight room or a bunch of equipment
  • You can feel a greater and deeper burn in your muscles with resistance bands than you can with weights.
  • You can't cheat with momentum when using bands like you can with weights.
  • Resistance bands aren't hard on the joints like free weights can be. Bands are perfect for in-season strength training so you don't wear down already tired athletes.


In as little as 10 minutes or less, you can get in strength training with the P.R.O. Basketball resistance bands right on the court. Easy to store and easy to bring out to the court. Resistance bands are also much less expensive than free weights. You can outfit your entire team with several or more bands for what you would pay for a handful of dumbbells.



Black Band - Small

Size: 41" Length x 3/4" width (10-30 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: Elementary to Junior High

The small P.R.O. Bands are best for younger players but even high school students can use the small band for some of the upper body strength training exercises such as Thrusters and Push Ups.


Purple Band - Medium

Size: 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: Junior High to High School, & College female

The medium P.R.O. Bands are best for Junior High and up. They offer enough resistance for just about anything you can use them for. Upper Body exercises incorporating the shoulders and chest would likely be good resistance for many college male players.


Green Band - Large

Size: 41" Length x 2 1/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: High School & Up

The Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with older athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the green bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger high school and up athletes. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters.


Blue Band - X-Large

Size: 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (100-150 lbs. resistance)

Recommended for: College & Up

The X-Large P.R.O. Bands are best for Explosiveness training with big, strong athletes as they will not be able to stretch the band too far. Use the X-Large bands for building leg strength by doing squats and more with stronger College & Pro players. Doing upper body exercises with the large band will require a very strong athlete if you are going to incorporate an exercise like Thrusters and others.

The Most Versatile Basketball Training Tool to Improve Athleticism

It's so easy to get a great strength building, flexibiltiy, or quickness workout with the PRO Bands as they fit easily into any bag and can be used with or without weights. Can't get to the weight room? Just pull out the PRO Bands and get your workout in right at home or wherever you are.

Don't wait. Start training with the PRO Bands today so you an become faster, stronger, quicker, and jump higher and take your athleticism to another level in just a few weeks.

What size resistance loop bands?

Resistance loop bands come in different sizes and strengths, typically ranging from extra light to extra heavy. The size you need will depend on your fitness level, the exercises you plan to do, and your personal preferences.

What size Resistance Loops do I need?

The size of resistance loops you need depends on the exercises you plan to do and your personal preferences. It's recommended to start with a set of different sizes and strengths to find the ones that work best for you.

What is the best length for resistance bands?

The length of resistance bands can vary, but it's recommended to choose a length that allows you to perform a variety of exercises with proper form. Typically, a length of 41 inches or longer is suitable for most exercises.

Are loop resistance bands better?

Loop resistance bands are a popular choice for many people as they can be used for a variety of exercises and provide a constant level of tension throughout the movement. However, the best type of resistance band for you will depend on your personal preferences and the exercises you plan to do.

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