50 Press Defense For High School Basketball by Vance Downs Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Downs (Rental)-50 Press Defense For High School Basketball $15.99
Stop your opponent from creating an offensive flow You can direct the ball to areas that are easily protected. Your offense will be more efficient if you take better shots. Vance Downs, Ames HS Boys Basketball Coach; 2010 USA Today National Coaching of the Year; Back-to-Back undefeated State Championships (2009-10); Ames High finished its season ranked #3 in America; Harrison Barnes, head coach, was ranked as the best prep player in the US, MVP of both the McDonalds All-American Game (McDonalds All-American Game) and the Jordan Brand All American Game. Forcing the action and bringing an aggressive mindset to every game! Vance Downs, a two-time state champion coach, shows you how to increase game tempo and neutralize post players. He also shows you how take your opponents out of offensive sets and create better opportunities for your offense. Coach Downs provides a thorough breakdown of each player's defensive responsibilities and the skills required at each position to make defenses effective. Downs emphasizes the importance of player rotation and trapping in order to prevent your opponent from creating an offensive flow. You will learn how to keep your ball in the right areas so that you can apply maximum pressure to the offense. Learn how to direct the ball in these areas and how you can keep it there. There are three different rotations and traps that can be used to trap decision-makers and take the ball from them. Downs contains 10 drills to help with defense, trapping and rotation out of traps. There are also "what-if" drills to simulate game situations and how you should react. Coach Downs demonstrates how to apply as much pressure as possible on your opponent and increase your chances of winning through diagrams and an on-court demonstration. 70 minutes. 2010.
Speed Game Offense For High School Basketball by Vance Downs Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Downs (Rental)-Speed Game Offense For High School Basketball $15.99
To put the pressure on your opponent, run with maximum effort and make sure you have teammates available Tire your opponent mentally and physically Your team should be able to recognize defenses and make mistakes. Profit from your rivals by running, rebounding and outworking them until they are physically and mentally exhausted. Coach Downs shows you how to start each break quickly by running to open your teammates. He outlines the roles for each position, including counters and early and late break actions. On court, transition drills can also be shown and diagrammed. Downs leads from the break into his offense by explaining his high/low motion screening actions. This is a very effective way to take action: Possibilities to post up for perimeter and post players Screens offer 1-on-1 opportunities Spot up shooters will need to post kick outs Strong rebounding and mismatch possibilities on the perimeter and post Downs explains the rules and responsibilities of players, how to use a ball screen, and how to position the defense to create space. For every defensive situation, Downs explains the steps and diagrams. Finally, drills for both individual and team are created and displayed on court. Downs' teams averaged almost 80 points per game over the three years using the speed game and high/low movement screening. This has led to two state championships. Get your order now to start taking down your adversaries! 120 minutes. 2010.