Advantage Offense: Success--vs--any Pressure Defense by Tom Pecora Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Pecora (Rental)-Advantage Offense: Success--vs--any Pressure Defense $15.99
Pressure defense is about aggression and allowing your team's to go after their opponents by extending the court or in half court. These drills provide a solid foundation for this type of defensive play. They also teach you how to "fake it a pass to make one," create deflections and offensive spacing, and rebound with "tag and pursue", a variation of the block out and swim and spin. Inbounding the basketball is the next phase of this DVD. Players demonstrate different options and methods for getting the ball in the clinic setting. Face guarding is the art of "walking to and from the baseline" in order to pass the ball over the top. These techniques are demonstrated in a 5-on-5 team setting. "Four," an attack on full court pressure, ensures safe possession against the media. A powerful offensive attack against pressure is the half court 5-on-5 blitz "flash". 73 minutes. 2008.
Pecora: The 4--out 1--in Motion Offense by Tom Pecora Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Pecora (Rental)-Pecora: The 4--out 1--in Motion Offense $15.99
Discover one of the most powerful offenses in basketball today This offense can be used with any type of skill set or team composition. Learn about special situations for 4 out motion and how to use them against zone defense How to place your best player in the best spot on the court for maximum scoring You can teach your players how to play a motion offense. Jay Wright and Rollie Massimino helped Tom Pecora develop his coaching philosophy. These relationships were the basis for Tom's 4-out 1-in-motion offense. It will work with any type of personnel. This DVD explains Coach Pecora's method of dividing the floor for the spots in his motion offense. He demonstrates how he uses ballscreen action to initiate the transition to offense after a missed or made basket. Pecora shows his counters, which reads: Thumbs up and chase it. Then, he slashes action to exit the half-court set or fast break. The half-court action is broken down by Pecora showing slot-toÐslot action. This includes high-action involving the skip pass, ball screen and flare screen. He then shows the side action which involves the top and wing to include the flare screen and down screen. Finally, he walks through the post-action rip and baseline. Pecora demonstrates how to use motion offense to attack zone defenses and includes some feature plays you can add to your best shooters. This 4-out 1-in offense is explosive because it allows you to learn all the counters, reads, and entries. To make your team succeed, find the "sweet spots" and "pressure points" in offense. Produced at the Chicago, IL clinic in Fall 2009. 63 minutes. 2010.
The Great Equalizer: The 2--3 Match--up Zone by Tom Pecora Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Pecora (Rental)-The Great Equalizer: The 2--3 Match--up Zone $15.99
You can play great defense against an oversized or undersized team Get your opponent out of the game Allow your players to switch their formations in the middle of defensive possessions To create a hybrid 2-3 Matchup Zone defense system, Coach Pecora uses a lot of techniques from Syracuse and Louisville. It is unique among all other zones in basketball. Pecora uses a simple approach to stopping the ball from moving, keeping it under pressure, and closing the game - with a five-man rebounding mentality. Pecora explains the foundation of his defense, calling, progression drills and teaching tools, as well as his philosophy to changing his defense's formation. Pecora shows how to disguise and transform the 2-3 zone into either a 1-3-1 or 3-2 look. These defenses can be extended to the half-court and full court. To help you understand the advantages of this defense, he shows extensive game footage. Pecora also shows you three offensive zones that he would use against the 2-3 Matchup Zone. This will give you an unique perspective of how to beat the 2-3 Matchup Zone. Pecora encourages a man to man defensive mindset for your team that will keep your opponent off balance. 61 minutes. 2009.