Competitive Practice Drills by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Competitive Practice Drills $15.99
Coach Crean shares drills and practices that are crucial to the success of his program at both ends of the court. Crean opens with a series set plays that run 5-on-1. Crean demonstrates some powerful scoring opportunities. Every play has multiple scoring options that are open to any offense. Practice time spent on out-of-bounds plays pays off when it comes to game time. Crean demonstrates four plays and explains six ways to score quick baskets. The drills to build the press offense start with a full court drill 2-0. You can choose from 3-0, 4-4 or 5-0. Each segment includes ball handling, passing and decision making. Close out drill involves four players, who must quickly react to their man and push their ball handler higher. The drive and kick and baseline drives are another game-like drill where players practice shooting and passing. Crean also offers a few shooting drills for competitive play. Coach Crean's team has the opportunity to put the pieces together in a short scrimmage setting, allowing them to practice many of the skills they learned from the breakdown drills. 103 minutes. 2007.
Game Action Drills by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Game Action Drills $15.99
Coach Crean says that coaching is all about creating game-like action in practice. Players will see improvements in their game which will increase confidence and prepare them for action. Crean starts by dissecting the Chicago set play and the various schemes that it contains. To review each player's role in the play, Crean spends time with them. Clear 40 is another play that focuses on improving timing and player execution. Marquette's offense is based on hand-offs. The handoff drill focuses on timing, passing, and explosion at exchange point. The 4-Cone Drill focuses on game moves and shots. Each player performs a crossover, inside out dribble move, and slides shot or scoop shot. Reversing the ball to open-shooters is another part of the offense. Crean's ball reversal drill teaches key points about good reversal. Crean practices the art of making a lay-up game. Every layup in a game could make the difference between winning or losing. The fast break is another aspect of practice. Specific player responsibilities are required for the 2-on-1 advantage break. The 5-on-5 break can then be put together and executed. To save practice time, set plays can be added to the fast-break. 68 minutes. 2007.
Post Perimeter Fundamentals by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Post Perimeter Fundamentals $15.99
Drill progression is the key to player growth. Coach Crean demonstrates how this progression works, moving from an individual mode to the 1-0, 22-0, 3-3, and 4-0 modes. Crean emphasizes explosiveness in every drill, and all drills are intended to help each player score. This development is made possible by ball handling drills. Players use cones on the ground to practice seven drills that change speed and direction. The perimeter/post drill 2-0 works on the inside/out game. The perimeter player is given a second ball to work on flare screens, entry passes, the Houston cut, and go cuts. This drill is multi-purpose and can be used in any game situation. Post players learn to "punch in" on their weaker side, post big and finish strong. Post spacing is when the post defender is in front or behind. Two-step separation is a key skill. This involves the player separating from the defender. Perimeter players must learn to fade at each point on the screen in order to seperate from their defenders. Other important skills include the middle drive, spotting upward and two-step separation. Crean ends with the weak side series. The 4-0 progression combines all the pieces into one cohesive offensive attack. 73 minutes. 2007.
Setting The Tone For A Successful by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Setting The Tone For A Successful $15.99
The tone set by the coach is key to team success, team chemistry and toughness. Coach Crean is an expert at setting the tone. This video will show you how. Mental preparation is key. Players must have a clear mental focus when they hit the floor. He expects players, coaches and managers to be prepared to practice efficiently with maximum effort. Players need to be positive and coaches must bring enthusiasm and intensity to practice. Third, players must be ready to compete every practice. Crean's team shows a variety in ball handling and shooting drills, using cones as coaches and passers. Players must "reach up" to shoot from the screens when they come off them. Players work on 2-0 ball screening skills when they move to the full court. Once the ball is in play, one-on-one drills are transformed into 2-on-2. For full court transition drills to be successful, all players must concentrate and communicate. Crean ends the practice session with a full court scrimmage of 25 points and a three-minute game, which use all of the techniques taught in this practice session. 68 minutes. 2007.
Tom Crean's Six Plays From The Box Set by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Tom Crean's Six Plays From The Box Set $15.99
Coach Crean breaks down the box set series into its components. Different actions can be run out of the same box set, which can cause confusion for the defense. The first box set puts two perimeter players at their elbows, and then flows into a triangle with a ball side. Defense faces many problems due to the flare screen and "split" post feed action. These plays are designed to reverse the ball and force one defense to defend two of the offensive players on the weaker side. Box #2 is a late 3-pointer that places a shooter on a block to the left. Box 3 is a misdirection play using ball screens. The perimeter spacing allows for cross-screen action and screen the screener action. Box #4 is ideal for a lay-up coming out of a timeout. Refusing to use the ball screen can result in penetration, dish possibilities, or a lay-up. The flare screen in Box #5 creates a hard back screen for the post player, sending him to open block area for position. A double screen is available for your post player to make a jump shot. The last box play creates an isolation to a guard, double screen for a shooter, and an over-the top chest cut. 63 minutes. 2007.
Tom Crean's Winning Late Clock Plays by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Crean (Rental)-Tom Crean's Winning Late Clock Plays $15.99
Coach Crean begins the presentation by presenting offensive strategies against Box and one defense. In a 5-on-5 situation, two special plays, #1 Strong and Post, will be demonstrated on the floor. Both sets make the most of the opportunities when the zone has been properly attacked. Raider is a special play against the 3 Out 2 IN defense. You can win games at the buzzer if you play with only 1 or 2 seconds left. Crean shows you a box OB game with many options and 2- and 3-point options. The stack OB play is a 1-4 flat alignment with a hard crossscreen and seal by screener. The Triangle plays can be used in the side OB position to make a lay up or open 3-pointer. A series of plays is strategically executed in the half court to score at crucial times late in the game. These plays include handoffs (both 2- and 3-point), multiple screens, multiple pick-and-rolls, penetration, and several other types of screens. These plays can be defended by five defenders, which clarifies the strategies. This video contains many tips, plays, and ideas to help you win late-clock success. 63 minutes. 2007.