Pistol Pete Ball Handling
Pete Maravich Pistol Pete Ball Handling $29.95
Tape #3 in this series, Maravich looks at the skill of ball handing by breaking down different drills, fundamentals and by adding his own creative drills. Pete stars with countless warm-up drills such as the tap drill, the pendulum swing, the flip-roll, around the world, in & out, the draw drill, the ricochet, the space catch, the big dipper, the pretzel and much more. Along with Pistol's Pointers and the drills offered, this video is excellent for player development and new coaching ideas.
Pete Maravich Homework Basketball Dribbling Video
Pete Maravich Pistol Pete Dribbling $29.95
Pete Maravich Dribbling DVD Learn how to dribble the basketball with the Legendary Pete Maravich Dribbling DVD.  Known as Pistol Pete, he was one of the most creative ball handlers in the history of the game.  These are the same drills he did growing up with his father and now you can give your child the same great drills as Pete did. There are 20 dribbling drills on the video that will have you amazing your friends and family as you practice them and get better at dribblng the ball.  There are lots of dribbling drills to do but these drills range from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Pete Maravich Dribbling Drills Basketball Dribbling Drills with Pete Maravich will help you develop both hands.  It's important to be able to dribble equally well with both of your hands.  If you can't then the defense will be able to play you on your strong side and force you to use your weak hand.  This can cause frustration especially when the coach on the other team is yelling out "Force them Left". This not only exposes your weakness but can be embarrasing for a young player. But if you use Pistol Pete's Dribbling DVD you won't have to worry about that.  You'll show everyone you can go to your right and to your left and there is nothing the defense can do to stop you. And the truth is, is that if you can go left and right with your dribble equally well you will be one of the best players not only on your team but in any game.  Most players can't use both hand equally well so give your child a huge advantage over other players with these basketball dribbling drills. Order the Pete Maravich Dribbling video today and beat the competition.
Pistol Pete Passing
Pete Maravich Pistol Pete Passing $29.95
    In this video, the Pistol talks about the fundamentals of passing the basketball and well as advanced and creative passes. He also explains many drills that he used to perform when he was a kid that helped him become a great passer.
Pistol Pete Shooting
Pete Maravich Pistol Pete Shooting $29.95
      The Pistol begins by breaking down the essential elements of the skill into three different sections, the mechanics (fundamentals), the psychology of being an effective shooter and the application of the skills of shooting. The tape features a breakdown of the skills including demonstrations of the jump shot, set shot & lay-up by focusing on hand and arm position, follow-through, targeting the shot, arc, and balance. The tape is an excellent and interesting look at the skills required for being an effective shooter and is suitable for all levels of play.
Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball
Pete Maravich Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball $99.95
    Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball Videos Learn from Legendary Pete Maravich with the drills he did as a young boy growing up.  You'll learn the essential fundamentals to be a great basketball player.  And you'll even learn some of Pistol Pete's trick moves as well.  The Trick Moves are a lot of fun to practice and learn. You'll get these 4 Pete Marvich DVDs: Ball Handling Dribbling Passing Shooting Start training with Pistol Pete Maravich today and make your game Magic!
The Night of Pistol Pete
Pete Maravich The Night of Pistol Pete $24.99
  The New Orleans Jazz basketball team celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2004. Historically significant to the legacy of the city's first NBA team is the night that Pete Maravich scored 68 points, the most points ever scored by a guard in the National Basketball Association. Maravich, who was known as Pistol Pete for his deadly shooting accuracy, and the Jazz took on Hall of Famer Walt Frazier and the New York Knicks at the New Orleans Superdome on February 25, 1977. That legendary game is featured here, along with interviews of former teammates, fans, sportswriters, coaches and even Maravich family members. The DVD running time is 58 minutes and it is not rated.