Ball Screen Reads for the Ball Handler by Michael Boos Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Michael Boos (Rental)-Ball Screen Reads for the Ball Handler $18.99
Ball Screen Reads for the Ball Handler In today’s game of basketball, the most commonly used offensive action involves the ball screen. It is used an every level of play and players need to know the ins and outs of how the ball screen works. Michael Boos, founder of Top Tier Basketball and a former Pure Sweat skills trainer, shares nine different drills he uses to teach players how to effectively use a ball screen. You will learn how to freeze a defender, how to create a mismatch by getting a switch, and how to use the screener in ball screen situations. Setting Up the Ball Screen Coach Boos shows you the five ways he teaches players to set up ball screens. These include: How to get the ball handler to create deception with the eyes How to get separation against a quicker defender Using “pound & pop” to freeze a defender and blow by them Using the shift, also known as the “baby inside out”, to run off a screen Coach Boos also shows you how the screener can be used on the primary screen and how they can be used in re-screen situations. Decision Making Using the Ball Screen Since the use of the ball screen is so prominent in today’s offenses, players must understand how to use them. Players must be able to make decisions in regards to ball screens. Coach Boos teaches four universal ball screen decisions: the refusal, splitting the screen, turning downhill, and creating the switch. The Refusal: Learn why you want players to think refusal of a screen first to fool a defense Splitting the Screen: Learn how to split before and after the screen Turning Downhill: How to use a quick, evasive move to avoid being pushed laterally by a defender Create the Switch: Learn how to get an opposing post player switched on a guard No matter what type of ball screen offense you use, the details learned from Coach Boos can be incorporated into your drills and your offensive system. With Coach Boos’ teaching points, you unleash your players and create an unstoppable ball screen attack!