All Access: Matt Bollant by Matt Bollant Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Bollant (Rental)-All Access: Matt Bollant $15.99
Basketball Practice Drills with Matt Bollant You will learn new techniques and workouts that will help you improve your team's focus, temperament, effort and will to fight. You will see how the coach Matt Bollant has build the Phoenix offensive and defensive system with the help of a live practice setting. The basketball practice session will commence with a 5-0 shell drill and also numerous other drills in order to make you learn the cut, communicate and play with poise on the offensive end. In order to work on the high percentage game shots out of the Phoenix offense. The coach will make use of the rapid fire drill. After that, the players will go through the full court 2-on-3, 3-on-3 and block-hold-release drills. These drills are very useful as these will help the players work on the offensive fundamentals in the half-court game and the primary and secondary break. All these drills are very useful in allowing your players to make mental transitions during games and to achieve the flowing brain. The coach will also make use of the full court blood drills that will help the players learn how to be aggressive. This will also make the players build an attacking mentality in the open court. With a 3-on-3 Cut Throat Drill the players will pick up the defensive fundamentals that will work on the closing out low, communicating with the teammates, utilizing the jump shots and making sure the players don't use a butt ball action. Basketball Practice Defensive Drills The focus on defensive side of the game will go on and the coach Matt Bollant will teach the “closeouts inside the V. In order to explain how to square up to a defender off the closeout the coach will make use of the 1-on-1 drill. He gives huge importance on working on high hands, long and low first step and making sure you don’t open the gate. The defenders will also learn how to communicate and pressure the ball with the help of 4-on-3 passing drill. This drill will also allow you to make your opponent think about their next pass. The basketball practice will come to an end with the 4-on-4 shell drill. To teach the players the cutting and screening action of their motion offense the players will go through the different layers of shell devised by coach Bollant. The players will develop a tough practice mentality with the use of 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 shell drills. There are lots of things that you are going to learn at the end of the practice session like building solid defensive principles and pressure, how to create good help side defense and help the helper action and many more useful things. The coach will end the practice session with the 3 ways Drill to sum up everything. Rent this Matt Bollant basketball practice DVD today.
Attacking The Rim With The Dribble Drive Motion Offense by Matt Bollant Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Dribble Drive Motion Offense w/ Matt Bollant If you are looking to install an offense that will instill an attacking mentality into your players, then this dribble drive motion offense presentation is for you. In this on-court presentation, Coach Bollant has broken down the key components to the dribble drive offense, which has helped him achieve success against teams with more athleticism, in a way that even a new comer can understand it. With Coach Matt Bollant's move into the Big 10, he has put the league on notice as the teams will now have to face one of America's best basketball minds. This Coach Bollant’s strategy is persistent in attacking the rim. It has a way of putting relentless pressure on the defense with a continuous drive into the heart of the paint, kick-outs and dump-downs. The Dribble Drive Motion Offense can also function as a 3-out-2-in or a 4-out offense, and yet all five players are constantly involved, moving, and in attack mode. Using this Dribble Drive Offense, Bollant gave his players a tool to be successful against opponents with more athleticism. With the Dribble Drive Motion Offense, teams that apply tremendous defensive pressure are exposed. Dribble Drive Motion Offense Concepts In this video, Bollant first of all taught the central concepts of this offense in a 3v0 format and progressively added players and options to build your understanding of the offense in a logical way: 3v0 to explain the basic concept 5v0 with a focus on guard penetration 5v0 using the #4 as a fourth perimeter player 5v0 introducing the pass and hand-off options with the #5 Making sure that you understood the concepts, Bollant demonstrated the "Blood Drill" which emphasized instilling toughness and an attacking mentality in your team. After that, he gave several options on how to initiate the offense: Exposing a slow post defender Duck-in High pick-and-roll #1 to #4 hand-off Exposing a weak PG defender and/or slow rotating help defense  Bollant did run through some of the previous options and also demonstrated new ones in this presentation. He also ran through some of the old options and then demonstrated new ones using a controlled 5v5 scrimmage. Coach Bollant demonstrated the basics necessary for installing this offense, while adding some great extras that can enable any team in a great position to have great results. With Matt Bollant's Dribble Drive Motion Offense, players will overwhelm their opponents by persistently attacking the rim from various positions on the floor. Rent this dribble drive motion offense DVD today.
Breakdown Drills To Build Your Motion Offense by Matt Bollant Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Breakdown Drills to Build Your Motion Offense Eastern Illinois women’s head basketball coach Matt Bollant gives you a breakdown of his highly effective motion offense in this presentation. It is not the traditional Xs and Os clinic talk either. He provides you with high intensity, fundamental passing and cutting drills and actions that you will see with his players. These are the same drills that helped coach Bollant produce back-to-back 30-win seasons while he was at Wisconsin-Green Bay. The presentation starts with players going through drills that help their development. The Start-Stop-Turn and Four Line drills help to develop the fundamentals necessary for success in any offense. They are perfect for the Motion offense. You will also see V-Cut and L-Cut which both help initiate the offense using varying speeds and timing. Next is a series of post drills where the focus is on what to do before the ball is caught. Players work on their footwork and body control. Doing so helps players create easy shots for themselves once they get possession of the basketball. After going over footwork and proper post-up angles, Coach Bollant introduces his 4-out, 1-in Motion principles needed to run the offense. One of the keys is understanding timing. It’s a fast-flowing offense and understanding timing makes the offense extremely difficult to defend both physically and mentally. Finally, Coach Bollant shares five effective sets and can either lead into the motion offense or can be used as quick hitters to exploit some weakness in a defense. There is a backdoor play, a 1-4-high set, 3-point plays, and a secondary break. These will help make your offense unstoppable. Coach Bollant doesn’t limit his instruction to just the court either. He discusses a number of things that are important in developing a winning program. His four ways to communicate a screen are just as important as the on-court lessons in how to set a screen. The motion fundamentals that you learn in Coach Bollant’s presentation will give you what you need to run a quick, fast-flowing offense with speed and precision.
26 Quick Striking Plays With Matt Bollant
Matt Bollant 26 Quick Striking Plays With Matt Bollant $39.99
Illinois Head Women's Coach Matt Bollant goes through 26 quick hitting actions in half-court. Coach Bollant includes 13 plays versus man-to-man defense. The plays include back door actions, post up looks and three-point opportunities. Coach Bollant believes that plays should have only one or two options so players run the play to score instead of trying to get to the end of the play. He also includes inbounds under plays versus man and zone defenses that have quick scoring options or easily flow back into your half-court offense. Running Time: 58 Minutes. 2012.
Building Motion Offense
Matt Bollant Building Motion Offense $39.99
Illinois women's coach Matt Bollant built one of the best mid-major programs in the country at UW-Green Bay. In this DVD he covers the seven building blocks for his motion offense and shows the basic set and movements within that offense. Bollant builds the offense with work ups for triple threat and footwork, live ball moves, v-cuts and l-cuts, shooting drills, passing and catching fundamentals, setting and using screens, and post series and saddling up. He emphasizes the most important aspect to any offense is not the dot-to-dot movements, but the fundamentals hammered home in these building blocks. The offense itself has an open (no post) and closed (post) side and emphasizes staying off the baseline unless make a move to the basket. Running Time: 70 Minutes. 2011.
Carolina Secondary Break
Matt Bollant Carolina Secondary Break $39.99
Coach Matt Bollant demonstrates the basics of the Carolina secondary break and includes drills, one set play and practice footage. Coach Bollant emphasizes the first two seconds in transition are the most important and getting the ball inside. By touching the post he believes your offense will be more consistent. The Carolina break has three options - back screen for the 4, down screen by the 4 and ball screen between the 4 and 1. The DVD also includes three drills with on-court clinic demonstration and UW-Green Bay practice footage and finishes with a set piece with a double flare screen for a great shooting point guard. Running Time: 34 Minutes. 2011.
Embedded With Matt Bollant & Mike Divilbiss
Matt Bollant Embedded With Matt Bollant & Mike Divilbiss $69.99
NEW! Matt Bollant and Mike Divilbiss allow an inside look at their practices with this all-encompassing DVD. See two days of practice with their Illinois women's team as the prepare for their first season in the Big 10. The sessions include half-court offense, transition offense and defense, shooting drills, and competitive defensive drills. You will see two of today's finest coaches as they work with their players and the teaching techniques they use to build trust and loyalty within their program. A great video for coaches at any level. Running Time: Approx. 180 Minutes. 2013
Numbered Dribble Attack Offense
Matt Bollant Numbered Dribble Attack Offense $39.99
Illinois' Matt Bollant uses his players in this on-court DVD to teach this attacking offense predicated on dribble penetration. Coach Bollant teaches the reads for the ballhandler as well as the cutters in this easy-to-learn, but hard-to-guard offense. He emphasizes attacking the lane and avoiding dribble weave actions in order to make the offense effective. The offense is taught with breakdown drills and the actions available to the post players with duck ins off penetration. This is an offense that can be taught to youth teams or be effective at the collegiate level. Running Time: 40 Minutes. 2013
Open Side-Post Side Motion Offense
Matt Bollant Open Side-Post Side Motion Offense $39.99
Matt Bollant developed UW-Green Bay into a national power and now takes over at Illinois. His open side/post side motion offense is a major component of their success. The offense has a post permanently positioned on one block with an open block available for flex cuts, back cuts, and slip action. The offense has four perimeter spots and is best run with four players who can face the basket. Bollant emphasizes the offensive fundamentals and demonstrates many of the actions they get within the offense. The offense features double stagger screens, flare actions, flex cuts, post entries, and fan passes to create scoring opportunities. This is an excellent DVD that will allow you to use the offense in the whole or take pieces of it for your current system. Running Time: 43 Minutes. 2011.
Practice Drills To Make Your Team Better
Matt Bollant Practice Drills To Make Your Team Better $37.00
Illinois women’s coach Matt Bollant covers shooting, toughness and transition defense in this on-court clinic DVD. Coach Bollant demonstrates six different shooting drills to help develop the proper shooting form and to teach players how to shoot off screens. He then defines being tough with the ball and follows that with three drills to emphasize those six points. The DVD continues with transition defense drills and finishes with two additional drills for developing the guard/post synergy and a conditioning drills that involves the zig zag drill. Running Time: 78 Minutes. 2008.
The 6 Second Numbered Fastbreak
Matt Bollant The 6 Second Numbered Fastbreak $39.99
NEW! Paul Westhead's Marymount-style transition offense comes to life in this video from the Illinois women's staff. The goal of this transition game is to get in position for a shot in six seconds. It is not a passing fastbreak, the decision making of the point guard fuels the transition. There are options for each of the five players running the floor and that is taught with the drills featured in this outstanding DVD. Coach Divilbiss covers the players and their responsibilities in the break and Coach Bollant adds the three drills used to teach the break and get your players playing at a fast pace. Running Time: Approx. 45 Minutes. 2013