Advanced Dribble Drive Motion Offense by Kurt Guelsdorf Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Advanced Dribble Drive Motion Offense : Sets and Entries to Improve Your Dribble Drive Offense vs Man or Zone Former Oregon City HS girls’ head basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf won more than 450 career games and captured three state championships (2004, 2009, and 2014) by working to put his players in the best possible situations so they could be successful. Much of his success came from his study of Vance Walberg, the innovator behind the dribble-drive motion offense. In this video, Coach Guelsdorf shows you over 30 different set plays and entries that you can easily incorporate into your offense. Dribble Drive Motion Offense Coaching Points Coach Guelsdorf begins with basic alignments in the dribble drive offense to make sure you understand where to look for open gaps and driving lanes. One of the keys to the offense is proper spacing and Guelsdorf emphasizes this in an effort to create driving angles. As the ball swings from side to side in the offense, you create more gaps and the backdoor option allows your players to attack the middle of the floor. False Motion & Isolation To set up defenses and take advantage of scoring opportunities, Coach Guelsdorf shows you seven different sets and entries that utilize false action. It is the false action that helps create the scoring chances. One is Rocket where a series of loop cuts are used as the ball swings around the perimeter. The idea is to create an open driving lane from the wing to set up a pass back to the shooting guard. Coach Guelsdorf also reviews his isolation sets. You will see how he overloads one side of the floor to free up space for his best player to operate. Coach Guelsdorf also shows you how it is also possible to use post players in isolation plays giving them the freedom to work in the paint. 3-Point Specials Coach gets into some special plays that will give your best shooter an open look from just about anywhere on the floor ball screen/flare screen action off of a drive. You will see a number of set plays that you can utilize at the end of a quarter, half, or game. They can even be used in other special situations such as right after a timeout or even to win a game. Box Sets & BLOBS Coach Guelsdorf’s 67-minute video ends with some box sets and baseline out of bounds plays that flow right into the dribble drive motion offense. You will see some similar sets – overloads to one side of the floor, for example – that create mismatches and open up driving lanes for your best players. This entire video is a detailed look at how you can improve the dribble drive offense or simply incorporate some of it to get the ball moving in your current offense. Rent this Dribble Drive Motion Offense DVD today.
Multiple Pressing System in the Full & Half Court by Kurt Guelsdorf Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Multiple Basketball Press Defense:  Pressing System in the Full & Half Court: Using a Numbering System to Simplify Your Presses Kurt Guelsdorf, former girls head coach at Oregon City (OR) High School, used a multiple pressing system to lead his teams to over 450 wins and three state championships (2004, 2009, 2014). In this video, Coach Guelsdorf shares with you the pressing system that created a fun, up-tempo style of play that led to his program’s success. You’ll see exactly how he switched coverages instantly to confuse opponents. The Basketball Press Defense System Coach Guelsdorf’s system uses a variety of presses from man-to-man to zone presses like the 2-2-1, 1-2-2, and the Diamond 1-2-1-1. What makes Coach Guelsdorf’s system so easy is the use of a numbering system. Once the numbering system is mastered, Guelsdorf shows you how to break the court into thirds in an effort to teach players where they need to be to force the offense and create trapping angles. Basketball Press Defense Coaching Points One of Coach Guelsdorf’s most important coaching points related to pressing defenses is that you are going to give up some easy points at times. He preaches that you cannot make the same mistake three times in a row. Pressing teams have to be able to adjust on the fly and Coach Guelsdorf’s system allows for that. The pressure will break down some times, but players must be reminded that the system wears opponents down over the course of a game creating opportunities later in games. As far as the technical aspect of pressing defenses, Coach Guelsdorf will talk about the “closest man” rule which makes using any press simple. Players must have active hands, feet, and eyes at all times. They also must be able to sprint from one side of the floor to the other to give the appearance that there are no holes in your press. If you do get beat at some point, the ability to trail and tip is a key in recovering. Basketball Press Defense Breakdown Drills After outlining the system and each of the numbered presses, Coach Guelsdorf gets into the drills he uses to make his players sharp and prepared for anything an opponent might do. The drills include: Mad Dog Drill: Use to find best out-of-bounds defender Punch Drill: Helps players learn to punch the ball from behind and switch to offense immediately Turn Drill: Teaches players to apply pressure on the ball and force traps 2-on-2 & 3-on-3 Trap: Players learn to rotate and use closest man rule when trapping Running Groups: Teaches the entire team to flow seamlessly from one press to another Coach Guelsdorf’s system takes the confusion out of playing multiple presses. If you are a pressure team or want to become one, this 85-minute video can help you install a multiple pressure defense that attacks opponents. Rent this basketball press defense DVD today.