Game-like Defensive Basketball Practice Drills by JoAnne Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
JoAnne Boyle (Rental)-Game-like Defensive Basketball Practice Drills $17.99
Tad Boyle: Game-Like Defensive Practice Drills Looking to slow down your opponent’s best player? Colorado head basketball coach Tad Boyle gives an on-court presentation detailing the use of traps to do so. You will also learn a number of methods for defending ball screens from different locations on the floor. Coach Boyle takes you through the drills that helped him become the first coach in Colorado history to lead the program to four straight 20-plus win seasons and four straight postseason tournament berths. Defensive Basics One of the cores of Coach Boyle’s philosophy is the scoring of drills. The Bubble Drill is one of the greatest in Boyles’ repertoire. A team begins the drill with a lead in a late-game situation. The winning team must remain patient on offense and produce stops on the defensive end. The keys to stopping an opponent at any time include communication, relentless effort, and a true belief in a defense’s ability to get it done. Coach awards points for defensive stops in an effort to get players to buy in to the value of a defensive stop, especially those in crucial game situations. Transition Defense One area of emphasis for Coach Boyle is transition defense. His teams are taught not to give up easy baskets as a result of a fast break. Coach Boyle takes you through a drill that starts as a 2-on-1 and culminates as a full 5-on-5. The drill allows for you to defend against every possible fast-break scenario in preparation for your next opponent. Players are taught to get back on defense and learn to buy in to Coach Boyle’s philosophy of full-court defense. The Art of Rebounding Coach Boyle realizes that rebounding effectively leads to success in basketball. In this 81-minute video, Boyle spends time going through his Circle Drill, one that is used to teach boxing-out and rebounding skills. The entire video is well done and provides coaches with Coach Boyle’s beliefs about defense and rebounding as well as the drills he has used to build a Pac-12 contender at Colorado.
High Low Continuity Offense by JoAnne Boyle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Joanne Boyle: HighLow Continuity Offense Former Cal and Virginia head women’s basketball coach Joanne Boyle shows you how she rejuvenated both programs with her high/low continuity offense. Boyle, who also served a short stint as the head coach at Richmond, won over 300 games before retiring in 2018. She turned around a struggling Cal program taking the Bears to four straight NCAA tournaments and the 2009 Sweet Sixteen. In her seven seasons at Virginia, Boyle went 129-99 taking her final team (2017-18) to the NCAA tournament. In this video, Coach Boyle breaks down the entire offense and gives you the drills needed to support each part. There are six major pieces of the offense and Boyle teaches and demonstrates each in detail. The continuity offense features a number of options and Boyle reviews each including strong side, away action, post series, ball screens, dribble hand offs, and early high post screens. High Low Continuity Offense Shooting Drills Boyle then offers up four shooting drills to accompany each of the options in the offense. The drills help to make practice sessions more game-like and better prepare players for live game action. Coach Boyle uses both on-court demonstrations as well as game film to illustrate just how the offense is supposed to work. In Boyle’s High Low Continuity offense, players must have the ability to play multiple positions. Players must be versatile, which helps when substituting during games. It also helps when teams don’t have a lot of size as plays can fit into any one of the five spots on the floor. Coach Boyle also shows you how merge the offense with the fast break making it even harder to defend. The ability to execute quick scoring options before a defense has a chance to set up gives the offense a huge advantage. Every entry pass starts a new facet of Boyle’s offense applying constant pressure to a defense that will ultimately yield. The offense is easy to teach and can be used at any level. Learn it from a true pioneer of the continuity offense in this 65-minute video. Rent this High Low Continuity Offense DVD today.