10 Point Shell Drill For Man To Man Defense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-10 Point Shell Drill For Man To Man Defense $15.99
Jamie Dixon is known for teaching players how to defend the floor. The 10-point shell drill, which covers all possible defensive scenarios, anchors the Pitt defense during games. Dixon instructs the players about the correct position and technique for each spot as the ball is reversed around the perimeter. Automatic penetration occurs to the baseline when the ball touches the wing. To keep the ball from entering the paint, the weaker side defense must be in a support position and adjust towards the ball. The goal is to penetrate the middle by moving players to the corners. Good man-to-man defense is built on good posture, vision, and movement in the direction the pass is going. All teams must defend the ball screen. Dixon explains how to provide on-ball coverage that is both aggressive and minimizes risk. Other sets that Dixon defends are the UCLA screen set and the flex-and flare screen set. The final component is to double the post and double the on-ball screen. Dixon shows you how to play a tough, aggressive double-team game. Dixon demonstrates that practice can prepare you for almost any situation in a game with the 10-point shell drill. 61 minutes. 2007.
3 Out, 2 In Zone Offense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-3 Out, 2 In Zone Offense $15.99
The first step in attacking the zone is to get the ball into the zone. Coach Dixon places a high value on players who can catch, pass, and make plays in traffic. To simulate playing against a zone, the first drill is a shooting drill starting at the baseline. Priorities include catch, rim and partner. Throw opposite is also an option. Playing 3-on-0 around the perimeter can help to break down the perimeter. Guards can be used to fill in the corners, wings, and points. Dixon teaches a hard dribble and jump-stop into the zone to ensure penetration. The zone offense can be demonstrated in a 5-on-5 alignment using many of Dixon's options. This offense can exploit the short corner, which is an area of the floor that is vulnerable for defense. High post is another area that can be used by the offense. On the perimeter, the on-ball screen can allow penetration into the zone gaps and cause coverage problems for defense. To create movement, set plays are used in the early stages of a possession. This allows for the flow into the main offensive attack. This zone offense has the advantage of taking advantage of weak areas and making it work through ball and player movement. 47 minutes. 2007.
4 Out 1 In Motion Offense: Dribble Drive & Princeton by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-4 Out 1 In Motion Offense: Dribble Drive & Princeton $18.99
In this informative video, Coach Jamie Dixon guides viewers through his half-court offense, which utilizes concepts from both the Princeton Offense and the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. He demonstrates how to play without a traditional "back to the basketball" post player and covers basic actions, drives, ball screens and dribble handoffs to create a dynamic, almost unstoppable offense. Coach Dixon begins by showcasing a 'chin' setup, where the post player starts on the low block and moves to the high post to create a simple 4-out motion offense. He explains how positioning guards in the deep corners and on the lane line helps create more space for driving angles and paint touches, placing opponents into recovery mode by playing at a disadvantage. He then demonstrates how to add different scoring actions to increase player confidence and build on concepts from the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Coach Dixon covers 3 different drives: the baseline drive, elbow drive, and nail drive. Each drive places more pressure on the defense and requires players to maintain their spacing to prevent another defender from helping. Coach Dixon also covers ball-screen actions and dribble handoffs to make the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense more effective. He shows how to use ball reversals for post feed entry opportunities, 'Jet Cut' actions for perimeter players and 'Fan Out' actions for post players, and the popular "Grenade" action, a hard-to-guard dribble handoff coming out of the post. In summary, Coach Dixon explains how spreading the floor, creating attacking actions, incorporating ball screens and using the Princeton Offense setup and Dribble Drive concepts can create a new style of play. He believes that by adapting to defense and having post player move around is becoming more popular in today's game and that's the ingredients needed to make an unstoppable offense. 69 minutes long and produced in 2023. Coaches who have seen the video rate it 5 out of 5 stars.
Beating The 2-3 Zone With The 1-3-1 Set by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Beating The 2-3 Zone With The 1-3-1 Set $18.99
Beating the 2-3 Zone Defense with the 1-3-1 Set Learn how to attack the 2-3 zone with the constant ball and player movement of TCU head coach Jamie Dixon’s 1-3-1 attack. Coach Dixon won two Big East regular season titles as the former head coach at Pitt and has led TCU to an NIT championship. With today’s game becoming more dependent on the drive, teams are playing more zone defense. Dixon has faced some of the best including legendary head coach Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 at Syracuse. In this practice session video, Coach Dixon takes you through how to beat the zone defense. 13 Move Coach Dixon has adjusted his zone offense to beat any type of 2-3 zone. The basic idea in his zone offense is to apply constant pressure on the defense. Players become an immediate threat every time they catch the basketball. Wings can drive, shoot, or reverse the ball. Coach Dixon goes through every offensive situation detailing how it beats the 2-3 zone. Counters and Set Plays Within the 13 Move offense, you will see Coach Dixon draw up a number of different actions that players can execute. These include high/low actions, ball reversals, and actions from a 1-4 set. You will also see how players transition from a rebound to running the fast break against the 2-3 as well as getting into the offense after the break. Beating the 2-3 Zone Defense Adjustments Where Dixon really sets himself apart in the coaching community is his adjustments to the different things that zone defenses try. For example, you will see how Dixon counters a 2-3 that extends itself by using the high post. The same goes for zone defenses that try to trap in the short corner. Players must find out what a defense is trying to do and then attack it to take away its strength. Guard/Post Breakdown Drills Coach Dixon then goes through the different drills that make his zone offense so successful. All the drills emphasize movement and helping players recognize common actions or situations they will face in game situations. Having coached against some of the best zone defenses in the nation, Coach Dixon is well-versed in how to beat them. Help your players become successful attacking zone defenses by adding this open practice video to your library. Rent this beating the 2-3 zone defense DVD today. Read our 2-3 Zone Defense Guide
Drills For Competitive Practice by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Drills For Competitive Practice $15.99
The scoreboard is Coach DixonÕs best friend on practice floor. Practice is just as important in games, and there are many competitive drills that help determine who wins. Dixon believes that each drill should be simulated to the game setting, and challenge the stronger team to win. Dixon's drill scoring helps his team improve its communication, work ethic, and aggressive play. The full court, game-simulated drills of the 3-on-2 continuous and four minute drills combine conditioning with skill development. In the shooting drills for three and five men, every shot counts. Dixon's defensive drill, which rewards defensive execution, adds an artistic dimension to the game. The 2-on-2 rebounding drill on the paint promotes aggression and toughness. Dixon drills encourage toughness, team spirit, and improve individual and collective skills. 55 minutes. 2008.
On The Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-On The Line Half Court Defense & Full Court Presses $18.99
Open Practice: On the Line Half-Court Defense & Full Court Presses Learn to build a powerful, smothering man-to-man defense from one of the best defensive minds in college basketball, TCU head coach Jamie Dixon. The former Pitt head coach, Dixon took the Panthers to 11 NCAA tournaments in 13 seasons before moving on to his alma mater. In three seasons with the Horned Frogs, Dixon has two NIT Final Fours, one NIT championship, and one trip to the NCAA tourney. One of the big reasons for Dixon’s success is a defense that is tough to crack. In this open practice style video, you will watch as Dixon teaches in practice in whiteboard sessions and on the court. He provides a number of drills and concepts that you can use to install a successful man-to-man defense. Individual Defensive Fundamentals No matter what style of defense you play, great defenses are made up of strong individual defenders. Dixon builds these defenders using a series of four fundamental drills. These drills develop the closeout technique, improve instincts to jump toward the ball, challenge shots, help of dribble penetration, and play great denial defense in the post. Disadvantage Drills Placing defenders in disadvantaged situations forces players to unite. Dixon uses the George Karl drill to create confusion for players by forcing them to recognize the biggest offensive threats and communicate every possession. The 3-Out 1-In alignment in the Shell Drill helps players understand angles on the floor and how to defend in the post. Two other team drills put defenders at a disadvantage and teach players to scramble and provide constant help on defense. Players have to use great positioning, communication, and technique to succeed. Shell Drill Dixon uses the Shell Drill to teach players how to fight through down screens and flare screens. Players get plenty of reps and Dixon provides numerous teaching points on technique. He also adds in post defense making his Shell Drill one of the most comprehensive you will find. Help rotations are also important as they prevent easy baskets when defenders get beat by dribble penetration. Watch as Dixon breaks down the responsibility of each player in a help position and see how those players can provide support and then recover. Transition/Press Defense The final element of Dixon’s defensive playbook is transition defense and press defense. Dixon will show you how to protect the rim in transition and trap ball screens in man-to-man. Learn how to apply a 1-3-1 press after a free throw and create traps to force turnovers. You will also see the Diamond Press, which extends pressure to the full court. Coach Dixon’s teams have been known for their defense throughout his career. He consistently produces lock-down defenses year-in and year-out. Learn how he does it in this excellent open practice video.
Perimeter Drills For The 4--out, 1--in Motion by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Perimeter Drills For The 4--out, 1--in Motion $15.99
Coach Dixon breaks down the perimeter section of the 4-Out 1-In Offense. The perimeter areas are the two wings, the two guard slots and the four spots above the lane line extended. All perimeter players must perform the sweep series to begin their workout. Dixon instructs players how to openly catch, catch, sweep, drive to the basket, or pull up to shoot. A 6-inch shot fake is an important teaching tool that makes it easier to get to the basket. Next, you can do a jump shot using the same sweep series cuts. Drive and drag refers to a baseline drive, followed by a dish to another teammate. This drill is all about finding the angle, getting to a spot, and being available for the catch. The 3 W's are a way for players to efficiently use screens. They represent widening, waiting for the screen, and watching the defense. The cutting sequence begins with the basket cut. Next, the curl high, backcut, pop, and fade cuts are followed. This defense focuses on penetration work and is done in a 2-on-2 environment. Multi-purpose transition drills are used to condition, penetrate positioning, read the court, and handle ball movement. A half court 2-on-2 drill is used to defend the back screen and ball screen. You can also develop your perimeter with 3-on-0 or 4-on-0 drills. 55 minutes. 2007.
Post Development Drills For The 4--out, 1--in Motion by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Post Development Drills For The 4--out, 1--in Motion $15.99
Coach Dixon's 4-Out-1In offense is anchored by good post play. Dixon shares drills that strengthen play inside the paint. McHale and Mikan drills are used to improve concentration, eye-hand coordination and finishing at the rim. Superman is an explosive drill in which the ball is moved from the floor to its destination. Dixon emphasizes the catch and whereabouts of the catch, patience and being able to locate the defense. He also stresses the importance of knowing your options and being comfortable before you make your move. Post Series teaches a variety of skills and concepts that are essential for successful post play. This is done through 1-on-1 competition. Playing in the post requires that you keep your feet on the ground and not get in the way. Dixon also discusses drills that help with defense and scoring. Dixon also teaches you how to get in scoring positions, catch the ball and use the inside jump hook to step through the paint. This DVD is the complete package for low post players! 42 minutes. 2007.
Skill Development & Shooting Drills by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Skill Development & Shooting Drills $18.99
Open Practice: Skill Development & Shooting Drills The TCU basketball program has experienced immediate success under the leadership of head coach Jamie Dixon. A big reason for the improvement is the player development that has occurred during Dixon’s tenure. In this video, Dixon shares with you how he enhances the offensive ability of his players with a collection of individual skill development drills. This entire practice video trains players to make simple and effective decisions like making the right pass at the right time. Get an inside view of what player development looks like. Passing and Shooting Team Drills Dixon and the Horned Frogs go through six passing and shooting drills that can be used by an entire team. Three passing drills focus on making accurate passes, catching the basketball under control, pivoting to find open passing lanes, and finishing at the rim. The Warrior and Maverick shooting drills are great for getting your team to compete. When each shot counts, players focus more on every rep. Pre-Game Shooting is another drill that simulates scoring in transition. Players catch on the move and use various moves to gain an advantage and score at the rim or create space for a pull-up jumper. Guard Drills One of the key’s to TCU’s turnaround has been guard play. Dixon builds complete guards with a series of four competitive shooting drills that force players to make shots in game-like situations. You will see how to simulate transition jumpers, drive and kick situations, passing out of double teams and setting up the defender to attack off ball screens. Dixon also has guards work on beating pick and roll defense. Guards learn to read what a defense is doing and look for counters, gaps, and open shots. Post Drills Dixon has developed a post progression routine to ensure that his players have good hands and are versatile. Posts develop a go-to move, a counter move, another counter move, and perfect their footwork in the paint. Being versatile means being able to score away from the basket, so posts work on their shooting range. The Circle Shooting drill is the perfect way to develop touch around the rim while also extending one’s shooting range. The final post drills are those that develop decision making skills when coming off a pick and roll. Players work through a progression of moves out of ball screens like short rolls, slips, pops, and more. The idea is to develop a well-round, complete post player. In 50 minutes, Coach Dixon gives you a wealth of information you can use to enhance the ability of every player on your roster.
Speeding Up Your Basketball Offensive Transition by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Speeding Up Your Basketball Offensive Transition $18.99
Speeding Up Your Offensive Transition TCU head coach Jamie Dixon’s teams are known for their high level of effort and toughness. Coach Dixon has studied statistics and efficiency ratings in order to develop a transition offense that makes a difference. In this video, he explains the basics of his transition game, how he looks to put players in the best positions possible on the floor, and how his team’s score early in their possessions. Setup With a rebound in hand, your team immediately goes on the offensive. Players must be taught to run wide quickly and stretch a defense. It helps when players can play any spot in the transition offense as this can create mismatches in the open floor. Coach Dixon shows you how your point guard and post can team up to use any number of screening angles to score as long as your wings get wide and to the baseline. Attacking the Defense In order to attack defenses, you must know what an opponent will do to counter your transition game. Coach Dixon demonstrates a number of scoring options with the post and point guard. You will see a step up screen, a drag screen, and a hit-ahead wing screen where your players can attack the paint quickly to put the defense in a mismatch situation. Drills To help his players make better decisions in the open court, Coach Dixon loves to use advantage/disadvantage drills. You will see 3-on-2 and 5-on-4 drills that put post players in situations where they have to figure out where is the best screen. As a result, the offense keeps the defense moving and unbalanced giving your team the opportunity to find success in the open court. Coach Dixon continues to elevate his program’s game in transition. His video gives you the tools necessary to do the same in your program. If your team can run the floor correctly and keep a defense moving and unbalanced, the opportunity to score more points and get more wins will come.
Spread Motion: 4 Out, 1 In Offense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Spread Motion: 4 Out, 1 In Offense $15.99
Jamie Dixon, 2009 Naismith Men's College Basketball Coaches of the Year, offers offensive insight Philosophy and instruction regarding the 4-out 1-in motion offense Discussion of the various options available within the offense Taken from several coaches, Coach Jamie Dixon's "4 out, 1 in" motion is difficult to defend and places great pressure on the defense. This motion prioritizes spacing, screen for driving opportunities, and post isolation. Two-guard fronts guarantee ball reversal which is essential for extending the defense's reach. The 3-on-3 formation is the best way to teach offense. The diagonal screen is created by the guard to guard pass. The diagonal screen's key features are keeping your feet wide on the ground and reading the defense. Based on the defense's position, seven reads can be used for the cutting. Flare screen is another weapon in perimeter motion. The screen is removed from the wing by the passer, leaving the area for his flare to be cut. There are many cuts, such as the basket cut, curl/screen, re-screen/fade and back cut. The back screen is a good option in a post-and-wing situation. Perimeter players can cut into the open area of the post and become back screeners when ball reverses. This allows for flexibility. It is easy to screen action that involves perimeter and posts. Dixon also addresses the options available after the ball has been passed to the post. 53 minutes. 2007.
The Attacking 4--out 1--in Drive Motion Offense by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-The Attacking 4--out 1--in Drive Motion Offense $19.99
Jamie Dixon, 2009 Naismith Men's College Basketball Coaches of the Year, offers offensive insight Philosophy and instruction regarding the 4-out 1-in Drive Motion Offense Discussion of the various options available within the offense Jamie Dixon's 4-Out Drive Motion Offensive is energetic and focuses on drawing the defense to ball to create opportunities for others. It is important to target specific areas on the floor including the elbow and middle, in order to weaken any man-to person defense. Dixon explains his strategy for spacing the floor so that there are many opportunities to penetrate and pass. This offense is all about penetration. It leads to great shots, passing to open players, and constant defensive rotation problems. The offense includes driving angles, fill cut and high cut, split action, drive and drag, drive and drag, and fill cut. Dixon uses a variety screen that puts pressure on the defenders and keeps them from being balanced. Dixon's post rules ensure good spacing, screening, and isolation. Dixon includes more than 15 motion breakdown drills to map out the 4-out attack. This offense is flexible enough to accommodate all players and can be tailored to suit your needs. 122 minutes. 2008.
Transition Into The 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense & Special Situations by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamie Dixon (Rental)-Transition Into The 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense & Special Situations $18.99
An attacking offensive mentality can help generate points early in possessions. TCU head coach Jamie Dixon shows you how to run a transition offense that will create more early scoring opportunities. Dixon won two Big East titles and was the 2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year (2009) at the University of Pittsburgh. Coach Dixon opens up his practice for an in-depth look at how he instills an attacking mindset into his transition and motion offense. In rebuilding the TCU program, Coach Dixon uses a spread 4-Out, 1-In attack that suits his current roster. You will see how Coach Dixon uses this set in his offensive attack as well as the movements and key coaching points of his transition and motion offense. Transition Offense Coach Dixon emphasizes getting the ball up the floor as quickly as possible. Four of his players are what he calls “bust-out” guys, meaning any of the four can handle the ball and push it up the floor. The others fill their positions while always looking ahead for an open man. The point guard and the trailer’s role in transition is critical. If the trailer is ahead of the point guard, he is taught to set a ball screen. If not, the trailer looks for a pass from the point guard. This mentality of getting up the floor quickly often creates early scoring opportunities. When the offense doesn’t score in transition, the opportunity to flow right into the secondary offense or motion is still available. Half Court Sets Coach Dixon also presents a number of half-court sets that can jump start your offense. He uses screens, dribble hand-offs, and constant motion out of a 2-Out, 3-Down set to start. The offense starts with an open wing with screens to that side. These sets can be disguised by starting them from different areas of the floor making the offense less predictable. You will see a variety of elbow options with screens as well as how you can switch right into a Horns look. Full Court Quick Hitter It is imperative that any basketball program have the tools to get a full court basket as quickly as possible. Coach Dixon shows you a number of plays for all situations, including the full court quick hitter. You will see options that involved a long pass down the floor as well as short options that include screens and pushing the ball up the floor quickly. Coach Dixon also adds a few full court plays to use with more time available on the clock. He demonstrates a press break that runs into his motion offense. For coaches looking to add some spice to their offense, Coach Dixon’s 72-minute video offers a wide array of information as well as an inside look at how his team practices.