George Barber's The System for Basketball by George Barber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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George Barber Basketball System – Create More Possessions, Score More Points In the 2018-19 season, Dr. George Barber’s Greenville University basketball team set the NCAA Division III record for scoring offense when it averaged 135.1 points per game. Greenville also led the nation in a number of offensive categories. In this video, you will learn Barber’s “System” and how its fast-paced style of play has helped his teams consistently rank in the top five in college basketball (all divisions). Coach Barber details his system in this video using whiteboard diagrams as well as on-court demonstrations in an actual practice setting. Beginning with his philosophy, Coach Barber shares with you his system of offense, defense, and how to plan practices to succeed. Offense The offense is predicated on getting a shot off within 12 seconds. Once the shot is off, Barber preaches a smothering defense designed to get the ball back as quickly as possible. When an opponent scores, players are taught a three-step method for getting the ball out of the rim and getting up the floor in transition. Players are also taught to get to certain spots on the floor and get into the offense as soon as possible. Barber’s offense can easily be combined with any other offense like the dribble-drive or read and react. Defense In Barber’s style of play, after every made basket players immediately get into attack mode on defense. Coach Barber likes to use a variety of trapping full-court presses, which help to force opponents to speed up. It also makes them uncomfortable. The same is true in the half-court where Barber likes to trap all over the floor. By forcing the ball to a side, opponents set themselves up for the trap and fall into exactly what Barber wants. Practice Planning The System is played at a frenetic pace with 12 to 15 players getting quality minutes throughout the course of a game. Practices have to be designed to prepare those 12 to 15 players for what is to come on game day. Barber has his players engaged in some form of shooting drills for at least 30 minutes each day. Every drill is designed so that players get as many reps as possible in a short amount of time. This simulates game pace. Players will spend another 30 to 40 minutes on defense in practice. They must learn to trap, rotate, and continually put pressure on opponents. If you are looking to build your program around a philosophy that lives on fast-paced offense and pressure defense, Coach Barber has exactly what you need! Rent the George Barber Basketball System DVD today.