All Access:chris Mooney by Chris Mooney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Practice with Chris Mooney If you are finding it hard to carve out practice time for individual player improvement drills then this program is for you. Chris Mooney will explain each and everything in detail and will organize practice that will incorporate drills which will focus on improving team passing, ball handling and shooting skills. This ALL-Access DVD is what you really need and will give you a detail and in depth look into the four practices of the 2009-2010 season and this is also loaded with the coaching meetings, coach’s perspective on the practices and Mooney’s programs goals. So, there are lots of things that you are going to learn through this program by Coach Chris Mooney. Basketball Practice Warm Up You will learn the art of creating a quick-moving 30-minute warm-up for your practices. So, the warm-up organized by Mooney will be focusing on shooting, passing, spacing, hard cuts and many more things that will help the players big time. Rent this basketball practice video today.
Match-up Zone Defense by Chris Mooney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Match-Up Zone Defense with Chris Mooney Richmond University head coach Chris Mooney helps you discover easy to use concepts that can be used to build a matchup zone defense within your current system. Coach Mooney has been at Richmond for 14 seasons and has accumulated nearly 300 career victories using the matchup zone defense. Mooney’s 2010-11 team advanced the whole way to the Sweet Sixteen. In this match-up zone defense video, Mooney uses on-court demonstrations to show you how to install a matchup zone defense that allows you to keep man-to-man principles. Doing so allows for a much easier transition to playing matchup zone defense. To begin, Coach Mooney details the responsibilities of each player on the floor. He shows you how to use the matchup zone to bait teams into throwing the ball into the post resulting in easy steals. With an emphasis on being physical, Coach Mooney explains how to keep the ball out of the post and how most teams will try to beat the matchup zone. Match-Up Zone Defense Drills Coach Mooney then guides you through the different buildup drills he uses to teach and install the matchup zone defense. He places emphasis on defending in transition as many teams will try and beat the zone early in a possession. The drills you will see are: 3-on-3: Switching cutters 4-on-4: Defending the low post 4-on-4: Defending down screens 5-on-5: Defending “pass and cut” transition 5-on-5: Defending “roll and come high” transition 5-on-5: Defending “same side corner cut” (bumping the cutter) 5-on-5: Defending “motion offense” Each drill covers how to move on a ball reversal or when the offense uses a skip pass over the top of the defense. To finish his presentation, Coach Mooney takes you through three popular transition sets and how to defend each of their actions. You will see how to continually frustrate an offense by switching cutters, keeping post players inside, and keeping perimeter players on the outside. Even if you are a proponent of man-to-man defense, Coach Mooney’s video is worth a look. Incorporating man-to-man principles, this matchup zone can easily be implemented into an existing system. If you are looking to add to your defensive scheme, this video is for you. Rent this match-up zone defense drills DVD today.
Team & Individual Drills For The Princeton Style Offense by Chris Mooney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Make sure you are more precise with your passes Enhance your catch and shoot technique Encourage your players to make better game decisions Prepare your players for every situation that may arise during a game. Chris Mooney shows how to organize a practice that includes drills for improving team shooting, passing and ball handling skills. This video is ideal for coaches who want to improve their team's skills but have limited time to do individual drills. Coach Mooney starts with a quick warm-up that involves full-court dribble moves and lay-ups, as well as star passing. Mooney's version of the star-passing drill emphasizes spacing and hard cuts. He also encourages catches and catches, as players engage in bounce, over-head and chest passes. Mooney guides players through pass-and-cut lay-ups as well as driving lay-ups. Next, Coach Mooney demonstrates the three-line running drill. This requires total concentration as players sprint up and down the court to pass, catch, and score. Mooney continues the skill work with two additional shooting drills. Standing still 3's require players to shoot from specific spots on the floor while standing still. Mooney sets an 80-point goal in his 2-line shooting drills. These drills require three basketballs and two lines of players. Shots are taken from different locations on the floor. Mooney ends the video with 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 drills. These require players to create screens, slip screens, and communicate while they are not moving. Coach Mooney is a disciple of Princeton Offense and was a four-year starter under Hall of Fame coach Pete Carril at Princeton. These drills will make your players more efficient with the little time they have. 72 minutes. 2009.