4 Out 1 In Attack & React Motion Offense by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense Finally, there is an offense simple enough to learn and run at any level. Andrew Grantz, current head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida, introduces you to the Attack & React Offense in this video. Grantz, who served as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a graduate assistant at Pittsburg State, took the best elements of the Read and React and the Dribble Drive Motion offenses and created his own system – the Read & React. Coach Grantz begins by introducing the 16 phases of the Attack and React Offense. He starts with the most basic and shows you how you can use as many or as few of the phases as your program needs. Using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations, Coach Grantz breaks down each phase. The great thing is that the Attack & React system teaches players how to play basketball instead of simply running a bunch of set plays. Foundations of the Attack and React Offense Coach Grantz lays the foundation of the offense by presenting the initial three phases of the offense: Phase 1: The Dribble Drive Phase starts with the basics of attacking the basket. Coach Grantz explains the action above and below the drive line as well as the importance of 3-point line spacing, the pitchout, the lift, and other actions. Each player learns how to react to all ball movements. Phase 2: The Pass and Cut Offense is dominated by the Give-and-Go. This simple action provides double gaps which can lead right into the flow of the dribble drive. Phase 3: The Post Entry is the final piece of the basic set up of the offense. This includes not only the post-up, but also the high and low “Laker” cuts. The remainder of the phases consists of add-ons to the Attack and React offense. Coach Grantz explains rules for baseline drives, the dribble through, ball screens and other screening actions, and counters. As an added bonus, you will also see how to advance the ball quickly up the court in transition and how out-of-bounds situations can flow right into the Attack & React offense. The best part of the Attack & React Offense is that you can pick and choose which phases to include in your own variation of the system. Fit the offense to your personnel in this player-friendly offense that can break down any defense. This 176-minute video can help any program create a fun, effective offense. Rent the Attack and React Offense today.
Attack & React Motion Offense Volume 2 by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense, Volume 2 Andrew Grantz, creator of the Attack & React Offense, provides this update to the offense to help simplify coaches’ and players’ understanding of how to react. No longer is the offense restricted to varsity level teams. The offense can be taught at lower levels and adjusted as players develop through the system. Coach Grantz, now the head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida, spent several years developing the Attack & React offense while serving as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a head coach at Our Lady of Providence HS in Indiana. The offense is based primarily on the dribble drive concept, but Grantz expands and simplifies the offense by changing alignments, spacing aspects, and more in this updated version of the offense. 188 Minutes of the Attack and React Offense In this 188-minute video, Coach Grantz uses whiteboard diagrams and 5-on-5 demonstrations to lay out all 18 phases of the Attack & React offense. He starts with the foundational phases again, but goes into greater detail. This updated version of the offense features various screening angles, cut types, and other components that are all designed to put more pressure on a defense. You will see four different cut spots that create better decision making habits among your players. These cuts spots also help maintain NBA level spacing and create better attacking lanes. Coach Grantz has also changed his driving line, which will now create even more backdoor opportunities. The whole three-hour-plus video is designed to enhance and expand your knowledge of the Attack & React offense. Imagine keeping the same base offense each year but changing the additional phases based upon the strengths and weaknesses of your players. Imagine developing your players and their offensive capabilities because the offense is so simple. Now, all of that is possible with Coach Grantz’s video. Rent the Attack and React Offense Volume 2 today.
Attack & React Offense Drills & Skills by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense: Attacking Drills & Skills Andrew Grantz, current head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS (FL), is the creator of the Attack & React Offense, one that has taken the basketball world by storm. This video helps you discover how to incorporate skill development into the basic phases of the offense. Coach Grantz developed the system while serving as an assistant at Indiana University Southeast and as the head coach at Our Lady of Providence HS (IN). He will help you build your players’ confidence in a wide range of offensive skills all geared at attacking opposing defenses. In the video, Coach Grantz will show you perimeter-based drills that focus on footwork, ball handling, shooting, and passing. Drills for post players include training their ability to finish high and strong at the rim. They will also work on the power dribble, the jump hook, and the up-and-under. In the end, Coach Grantz wants to help you develop players that have an attacking mentality by passing quicker, shooting with more confidence, and handling the ball against any defense. 5 Phases of the Attack and React Offense There are five basic phases in the Attack and React Offense. Coach Grantz places all of the skill development into these five phases. He offers insight into each drill in an effort to help you and your players learn how to successfully run it. The five phases of the offense are: Phase 1: Breakdown Drills. Develop the habits needed to run the offense effectively. These drills work on the 4-out actions but also reinforce the fundamentals covered earlier in the video. Phase 2: Pass and cut. Players learn to read defenders and decide if they should use a backdoor cut. Phase 3: Post Entry Drills. Features three versions of the Laker cut. Phase 4: Baseline Drive (C Gap). Works on baseline penetration and a lob pass at the rim to the post player or drift to the opposite wing. Phase 5: Backdoor. Teaches players to recognize opportunities to make backdoor cuts. In 105 minutes, Coach Grantz does an excellent job of showing players how to play the game and be more effective as an offensive player. Players learn to read off of one another and they pass, cut, and look to create scoring opportunities. If you are looking to increase your team’s overall offensive efficiency, Coach Grantz’s video is a step in the right direction. Rent this Attack and React Offense Drills DVD today.
Attack & React Transition And Zone Offense by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense: Transition and Zone Offense Attack and React Offense founder Andrew Grantz provides an inside look at how his unique style of offense can be used in a multitude of ways. In this video, Coach Grantz – now the head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida – uses on-court demonstration to show you how his offense can break a press, be used in transition, and serve as a highly effective half-court zone offense. Coach Grantz spent several years as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a head coach at Our Lady of Providence HS (IN) while creating the Attack & React. You will see in this video how his attack can serve as an entire offense simplifying your playbook all while making your players more efficient. Transition Offense The ease of the Attack and React offense allows players to create scoring opportunities at any time. When flowing from the offense into transition for example, players do not follow a set pattern. Instead, players fall into five positions – any player can fall into any position – in an effort to create a scoring chance. Coach Grantz will also show you how to flow right into the secondary break so you do not have to install more plays for your offense to remember. Delay Game One aspect of the game that many coaches often overlook is the delay game. Coach Grantz shows you how to implement a delay that uses the same principles as the Attack & React Offense. Grantz also shows you two simple rules for creating more offensive rebounding opportunities. Attack and React Zone Offense Teams that have adapted to the Attack and React Offense attempt to slow down the offense by playing zone. In this segment, Coach Grantz shows you how to attack both the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses with the Attack & React. You will see how to attack gaps in the defense and look for pitch outs and open jumpers. Coach Grantz also shows teams how to use the dribble, the ball screen, and the shuffle cut to attack these zone defenses. When teams overplay on defense, Coach Grantz demonstrates the effectiveness of the backdoor cut. Proper backdoor cuts will earn the respect of opponents and prevent them from overplaying. You will see in this 61-minute video that Coach Grantz has an answer for anything a zone defense can throw at him. His Attack & React offense is full of the tools necessary to put up points against any defense. Rent this Attack and React Offense DVD today.
Attack And Pack Defense by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Attack & Pack Defense Andrew Grantz wanted to combine the elements of the best defenses and combine their principles into an unstoppable force. He did it with the creation of the Attack and Pack Defense, which takes the best of full-court pressure and trapping defenses and combines it with the half-court mentality of the Pack Line defense. Grantz is the head coach at Our Lady of Providence (IN) HS in Indiana and has developed a style of defense that forces opponents to the sidelines and baseline. In this video, Coach Grantz breaks down every half-court possibility as he teaches a defense that is very boxer-like – it punches when aggressive and looks for places to jab. Basic Principles of the Attack & Pack Defense Coach Grantz explains the foundation of the defense, which is to prevent opponents from getting shots in the lane and forcing contested mid-range jump shots. He begins with the basic defensive stance and teaches players how to take away touches in the paint. The emphasis is on proper technique in closeouts and forcing shooter to put the ball on the floor and got to the baseline. Closeout Drills The closeout is so important Coach Grantz spends time discussing stance, footwork, hands, and lateral quickness related to technique. He shows the Continuous Closeout drill and a full-court 1-on-1 drill. Players learn to pressure and contain an opponent anywhere on the floor. Shell Defense Everything builds up to the shell drill which helps to demonstrated help side rotations on a drive and how to close out on a skip pass. The Blackhawk Drill teaches players to jump from the pack to on-ball defense and then back again. Attack & Pack vs Various Actions Using a 5-on-5 half-court setting, Coach Grantz demonstrates every possible action that could be used to beat the defense. This will help the defense take away what the offense does best and prevent drives into the middle. Pressing You will also see how to use an aggressive press that can transition right into your half-court pack defense. You’ll see three versions of the full-court press that combine principles from a 1-2-1-1 and the run-and-jump. Coach Grantz also shows you a press designed to keep the ball away from a good point guard. Coach Grantz’s defense is aggressive and combines the best of many defensive concepts into one that can make your team one opponents will dread.
Full Court Trapping System by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills Indiana University Southeast was one of the top defensive and scoring teams in the nation using a full-court pressure system that created havoc for opponents. In this video, coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham lay out the entire full court trapping system by demonstrating White, 22, 1 Up, Face, and Double Face presses. The use of each will leave opponents guessing what’s coming next. White Press White is a full-court 1-2-1-1 press that looks to trap when the ball is in the short corner. You will see where to place players on the floor to maximize havoc with deflections and steals. The coaches place an emphasis on getting a good trap at the start of the defense and they expain what to do if the trap is broken. 22 Press The 22 Press is a soft 2-2-1 full-court defense that can lull your opponents into a false sense of security. The idea is to bait the offense toward the sideline where an unexpected trap is forced on them. You will see how to pressure the ball handler, force him to pass the ball backwards, and keep the ball out of the middle of the floor. 1 Up Press This is a man-to-man press designed to keep the ball handler under control and in front of the defense at all times. Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham then take it a step further and execute the run-and-jump out of the 1 Up Press. This helps to gain a defensive advantage and keep offenses on their heels. Face & Double Face When facing a team with an outstanding ball handler or a player that is extremely hot, Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham go to another form of the man-to-man press - Face and Double Face. These presses isolate an opponent’s best player and attempt to force a weaker ball handler into traps to force turnovers. Each of these schemes is broken down and detailed with drills included. There is a series of buildup drills that teach players the most important elements of trapping defenses. You’ll see how players are taught to have their ear to the chest of their opponent, how to have active hands, and how to transition into defense right after a made basket. With a pressing system that constantly changes where traps occur on the floor, Indiana University Southeast achieved a high level of success and won over 100 games in five years. Using this system, your team can do the same. Rent this full court trap DVD today.
How to install the Dribble Drive Motion Offense
Andrew Grantz (Rental)-Installing The Dribbling Drive Motion Offense $15.99
Rental Term Highlights  We only rent DVDs in the USA.  No rental DVD orders will be mailed outside the USA. This DVD is for rent only and is not for sale.   Before you can rent a DVD, you must download and submit a Rental Membership form. This is a one time requirement. No monthly subscription fee is required. 5 Day (Single Titles) or 10 Day (DVD Sets) Viewing Period FREE Shipping! The price of the rental includes shipping and return shipping. There are no shipping charges added on either way. FIRST TIME RENTER? Submit Rental Membership Agreeement if this is your first time renting from us we need you to fill out our Rental Membership Agreement form before we can send you DVDs. Just click the button above to fill out the short form, submit it online, and then order away! The Rental Membership Agreement form has all the details of renting DVDs from us but if you still have questions feel free to contact us. Learn America's favorite offense! The Dribble Drive Motion Offense has taken the country by storm with its success at all levels. Learn the key concepts and essential terminology associated with this high paced, attacking offense - including the breakdown drills for each part of the offense that will allow your players to quickly learn the offense and get valuable skill development in, as well. Indiana University Southeast has enjoyed much success since installing the dribble drive motion offense. The have become one of the top scoring teams in the country at the NAIA level. In the 2011-12 season they averaged 49.5% field goal percentage in the dribble drive motion offense. See how the coaching staff breaks down the system and how they teach their players to play within the offense. Assistant coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham take turns breaking down the offense and teaching the essentials so that any coach can easily install this player friendly attack. They demonstrate how to properly use NBA spacing to take full advantage of their "attack hard to the rim" mentality. The coaches break down the zones where the attacks begin and discuss how the players work into these areas and then quickly pass out of these areas. Watch as the coaches diagram how to implement their dribble drive offense into your practice session. They demonstrate how to start out teaching your players the basic elements of the kick up/kick back movements of the offense. They use several build up drills to teach their players how the action and drives are supposed to look. By moving their players to different spots on the floor, they are able to demonstrate the kick out. By the time you are at your fifth or sixth day, you have added all five offensive players into the mix and demonstrated how they are to move depending on where the drive comes from. With each day, they progress their offense a little more. This action is fantastic for high school coaches that are limited in the amount of time to implement an offensive system. The coaches also run through a number of breakdown drills that emphasize their attack, attack, attack mentality on offense. Break out your guards and post players to maximize the time needed to teach the basic skills a player needs to thrive within the dribble drive motion offense. Their warm-up drills are great for players to get loose, get a lot of shots up, and understand how the drives are supposed to develop. Their post player drill is great for any post that wants to dominate at his position by keeping the ball high and relocating once a guard drives to the rim. All of these drills simulate game action and truly make a good use of your practice time. This comprehensive DVD includes quick game clips that demonstrate how each piece works and will truly make a believer out of any skeptic. Bring this aggressive and fun attacking offense to your gym and see the amazing results both on the court and with your players. This is really a player friendly offense that constantly keeps your opponents on their heels. 100 minutes. 2012.