(Rental)-Zone Offenses & Set Plays For Attacking Any Zone Defense


(Rental)-Zone Offenses & Set Plays For Attacking Any Zone Defense

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Zone Offenses & Set Plays vs Zone Defense

Teams struggle against zone defenses because offenses become passive and settle for jump shots. Toledo head coach Tod Kowalczyk has other ideas for attacking zone defenses. Attacking a zone is the key to success for Coach Kowalczyk who led the Rockets to the 2014 MAC regular season title and a school record 27 wins.

Using the motion offense and set plays, Coach Kowalczyk shows you the weaknesses in any zone defense. The offense and each set play are simple to introduce at any level and Coach Kowalczyk also includes drills on how to not turn the ball over.

Ball Security Drills

Coach Kowalczyk starts off with four ball security drills that teach players the value of a possession. “Be the Boss with the Ball” is the mantra Coach Kowalczyk looks to get across to his players. Perfect Passing and the 60-Pass Drill force players to execute smart passes while staying aggressive. The 60-Pass Drill is competitive and gets players active and thinking about being smart with the ball. Turnovers almost always determine a game’s outcome. 

Set Plays vs Zone Defense in Basketball

The next segment of the video covers the zone offense. Coach Kowalczyk is a big believer in attacking a zone defense. He likes to find ways to get the ball into the high post and use ball screens to create scoring opportunities.

Coach Kowalczyk has three ways to play offense: continuity, motion, and set plays. He likes to use all three against any type of zone defense.

  • White Offense: This is a continuity offense with four different scoring actions. Watch how post players set screens and look to roll for shots around the rim.
  • Zone Attack: This is a 4-Out 1-In motion set up. When the ball moves, perimeter players must cut as the post player looks for high post touches thereby creating numerous scoring opportunities.
  • Set Plays: Five different set plays are demonstrated against the zone defense. Coach Kowalczyk discusses how to blend the set plays into your motion offense.

The Short Corner

When the ball gets to the short corner, you really get to see how Coach Kowalczyk’s offense has success against the zone defense. You will see the ball in the short corner and two actions based on the point guard cutting or the wings cutting through the zone. The results are either a great look near the basket or a wide open jump shot when the ball is reversed.

In addition to demonstrating his offensive actions against zone defenses, Coach Kowalczyk demonstrates five set plays versus the 2-3 zone that result in either a low post look or an open 3-pointer.

With zone defenses looking to disrupt offenses, the offense must take action and go on the attack. Coach Kowalczyk shows you how in this video. If you struggle against zone defenses, struggle no more and add this presentation to your collection. Rent his Set Plays vs Zone Defense DVD today.

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