(Rental)-Weight Room Code: Technique & Safety Protocols For Success


(Rental)-Weight Room Code: Technique & Safety Protocols For Success

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Weight Room Safety Code: Technique and Safety Protocols for Success

Only one college basketball program in America has a female strength and conditioning coach – Kansas. Andrea Hudy, the Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance, has been labeled the “secret weapon” behind the Jayhawks recent success.

In this weight room safety video, you will see how Coach Hudy organizes the weight room so that it is used in a safe and efficient manner and how she develops a culture of success. Following clear guidelines and expectations, players will use the weight room to maximize their potential and achieve their highest goals.

Coach Hudy starts by developing the weight room environment. It all starts with a practice mentality. Coach Hudy demands that players treat every weight room session the same way they approach a basketball practice. She also sets standards that she holds her athletes to at each training session.

Weight Room Safety Starts with Culture

One of the more important aspects of developing a weight room culture is following rules. Abiding by these rules helps to minimize injuries and keep players safe. Coach Hudy shows you how she acquaints each athlete with the weight room making sure that they are acquainted with the entire facility before beginning training. In the video, Coach Hudy and a number of athletes walk you through the weight room and show you all the key areas and procedures. They will show you how to maintain safety while going through a training session.

Coach Hudy and the student-athletes then begin demonstrating many of the lifts they use in their program. You’ll learn the difference between Olympic lifts and other weight room activity. Olympic lifts are the foundation to explosive athletic movement. Completing these lifts correctly will help athletes become more explosive, faster, and more powerful.

Each lift is explained in detail and Coach Hudy also gets into the importance of the spotter. A well-trained spotter helps to reduce the chance of injury and is of great importance in any weight room. Partners need to rely on each other just as they do in practices and in games.

Any coach that is taking over an athletic program must understand the importance of the weight room for training their athletes. This 30-minute video is great look inside one of the most effective training programs in Division I basketball. Coach Hudy will show you how to run and safe and effective strength and conditioning program at any level. Rent this Weight Room Safety Code DVD today.

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