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HeavyTrainer 2 Pack



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Skyrocket Your Basketball Skills with Our Elite Training Weighted Basketball 2-Pack

Transform Your Court Performance

Step up your basketball game with our specially designed training equipment pack. Tailored for athletes who are serious about elevating their dribbling, passing, shooting, and overall conditioning, this pack is your key to unlocking unmatched performance and dominating every game.

Superior Training Equipment Benefits

This exclusive training pack is meticulously assembled to provide you with the tools necessary for enhancing your basketball skills:

  • HeavyTrainer Basketballs: Choose between two (2) 3 lb (29.5") or two (2) 2.75 lb (28.5") basketballs. These heavy-duty balls are designed to be over twice the weight of standard basketballs, offering a unique challenge to strengthen your game.
  • Online Training Video Access: Upon purchase, receive an exclusive link to the HeavyTrainer Online Workout led by the esteemed Jay Hernandez, offering expert guidance through exercises that leverage the HeavyTrainer basketballs for maximum improvement.
  • Exclusive Savings: Secure a $10.00 discount (vs. buying 2 weighted balls individually) with this package, combining exceptional value with top-notch training tools.

HeavyTrainer Basketball: Elevate Your Training

  • Heavier for Strength Training: Officially sized yet heavier, these basketballs are intended to intensify your training, encouraging you to exceed your current limitations.
  • Optimal Grip and Feel: Crafted with a composition rubber cover to ensure an excellent grip and a comfortable feel, perfectly mimicking the bounce of a regulation basketball.
  • Skill Enhancement: Specially designed to bolster arm, wrist, and finger strength, extend your shooting range, and improve your power moves and rebounding techniques.

Online Training Video: Your Digital Coach

Led by renowned trainer Jay Hernandez, the online video provides:

  • Targeted Training Drills: Including one-ball dribbling, two-ball dribbling, passing, shooting, and conditioning to comprehensively develop your skills.
  • Convenient and Accessible: With the video link emailed directly to you after purchase, train whenever and wherever suits you best, ensuring you can make the most out of your HeavyTrainer basketballs.


How does training with a HeavyTrainer basketball enhance my skills? The heavier weight engages more muscles than a standard basketball, improving strength and control. This leads to enhanced performance when you switch back to a regulation ball.

Can I use HeavyTrainer basketballs in regular games? They're primarily designed for training due to their weight. For gameplay, switch to a standard ball to notice the significant improvements in your handling and shooting.

Is the online training video suitable for all skill levels? Yes, it is! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, Jay Hernandez's guidance is structured to be beneficial for everyone, ensuring comprehensive skill development.

Transform your gameplay and become a powerhouse on the basketball court. With our training pack, you're not just practicing; you're revolutionizing your approach to the game. Incorporate the HeavyTrainer basketball into your regimen and witness substantial advancements in your basketball abilities. Unlock your true potential today!

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