20 Cone Agility Set


20 Cone Agility Set

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Agility Cones for Speed & Agility Drills & Much More

The HoopsKing Agility cones basketball training equipment help develop great feet in your athletes and have many uses. You'll find these agility cones indespensible as a coach.  You will use them for just about any basketball drill you will do with your team.  Our agility cones are better than standard cones because they don't get knocked over and players can step on them without damaging them.

Use Agility Cones to Speed Up Teaching Your Offense

Teaching Offensive Spacing is key to running a successful offense.  Use the agility cones to mark the spots on the court so your players keep proper spacing.  For example, if you are teaching a 5 Out Pass & Cut Offense place 5 cones on the 5 spots and then put a 6th cone under the basket and make players step on it so they are cutting properly.  Agility cones are good reminders for getting players to run your offense properly.

Another example would be a 3 out 2 In Zone offense where you have a high post and short corner.  Typically the two inside players will go from high post to short corner.  So place cones in those spots so that players learn where they are supposed to go in the offense.  Using the agility cones as a visual refernence is a great way to speed up your team learning the offense.

Agility Cones for Improving Dribbling Skills

HoopsKing Agility Cones are great for dribble drills.  Place the cones close together and have the players dribble in and out of the cones.  This teaches your player to handle the basketball in tight and small spaces.  They can also be used to mark the spots you want players to dribble to or around.

Agility Cones for 1 on 1 Drills

Agility cones are great markers to put on the court for one on one drills.  One drill we really like is where there are two cones at the elbows and and offensive and defensive player underneath the basket.  The offensive player will dribble around one cone and the defensive player has to run around the other cone.  This is a great finishing drill and creates a game like drill for your players to improve their finishing skills.

Agility Cones for Agility Drills

Of course you can do agility drills with the cones and these cones are really good because if a player hits or steps on the cone you won't need to set it back up.  There are many agility drills you can do on the court with your players.

You will receive 10 Black and 10 Orange agility cones.

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